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Viborg was founded in 1293 by the Swede Torgil Knutsson who let built a fortress by the Viborg Bay. There used to be an old settlement and business center there in the 900's. The town got its city privilages in 1403. Viborg castle played an important part in the Swedish eastern establishment, a gateway to Russia, and as defence against the same. It was the second most important city after Stockholm during the late middle ages.


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02 Aug 1842 Vyborg, Viipuri, Finland - 01 Jan 1906
abt 1457 Fågelvik, Tryserum socken, Småland, Sverige - abt 1495
10 Jan 1846 Viborg, Ryssland - 09 Feb 1902
abt 1262 Sweden - Feb 1306 photo

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