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Categories: Wheeler-10589

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Cordilia Bandy

The 1870 census lists "Cornelia A" (with an 'n') age 7 (b. 1863) in the home of "Barna" and Martha, along with siblings, John R 18, William B 15, Lorinda B 12, Emily A 10, George T S, 5

The 1880 census lists "Cordelia" (with a 'd', but no middle initial) age 17 (b. 1863) in the home of "Barna" and Silvia (step-mom), along with siblings, George T S 15, and Elvira 9.

Delia's death certificate (which also says she was born in 1863) says her middle name is Ann. (which correlates with the 1870 census).

There are a number of Cornelia/Cordelia profiles in the Bandy family. Barney's brother Silas has two daughters, one named Cornelia (with an 'n') and one named Cordelia (with a 'd') who were born two years apart, and about 10+ years after Barney's daughter Delia Ann.

Cornelia is also the name of Barney and Silas' sister, as well as the name of their grandmother.

I have 8 children for Barney (so far, that I've been able to determine), but only one named Cor[n/d]elia. And based on the death certificate, I'm going with Cordelia, and betting the 1870 census taker misheard and misspelled the name.

William Hardy family

There are a lot of duplicates and data inconsistencies in the William Richard Hardy family, needs research and merging of several children: Family Group sheet

See also Mary Rachel Isham's Family Group sheet (wife of Thomas Vincent Hardy) before merging children (i.e., Nancy Hardy)

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abt 1764 - abt 1835
1783 North Carolina - 1850

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