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The definitions of whitesmith found today usually equate to tinsmith, or polisher or finisher of metal goods. Trade directories from the early 19th century in England provide a much broader definition. In the 1822 Baines' History and Directory, West Riding, Whitesmiths and Gunsmiths are grouped together, and some entries are specified as "brass founders & bell hangers". In the 1828-9 Pigot's Directory, Whitesmith is a category of its own, but one entry is annotated "(& machine mkr.)". And in 1837 White's Directory, West Riding the category is "Whitesmiths &c.", and it includes Brass Founders.

Brass founder should be obvious, but bell hanger may be less so. Its early meaning would have related to the hanging of large bells in churches and the like. By the 19th century it was more likely to be associated with the installation of bells used to call servants in private homes.

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07 Apr 1857 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England - aft 1946 photo
18 Dec 1816 Wooler, Northumberland, England - 31 Mar 1883
bef 04 Sep 1784 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England - abt 1850
bef 28 Jul 1751 Swillington, Yorkshire, England
bef 24 Apr 1790 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
bef 03 Feb 1781 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England - bef 22 Feb 1846
1840 Bradford, Yorkshire, England - 1903
bef 31 Dec 1819 Whitchurch, Dorset, England, United Kingdom - bef Apr 1908
1821 Ross, Herefordshire, England, United Kingdom - 1878
1843 Llangwm, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom - 06 Apr 1920
20 Jun 1792 Overton, Yorkshire, England - 30 Jan 1858

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