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Categories: Personal Categories

Categories not covered by the WikiTree structure (e.g. locations, religions, occupations), and similar to how tags are used on my Ancestry tree:

  • artistic ability, athletes, bold women, criminal doings, curiosities, tragic events, fellow of means, globe trotter, good life, high achiever, historical connection, interesting job, linchpin, LBGTQ clues, mindblowing, mysterious, oopsies, renowned, romantic, tall tales, vanishing act, wanderers, wealthy background, wild child,
  • cause of death, unnatural death, casualties of war, mental illness, disability, abortions (& assoc. deaths), child mortality/maternal mortality
  • churching, adult baptisms, unmarried parents, honeymoon, isonymy, consanguinuity, double in-laws, -cousins, -DNA descendants; eponyms, namesakes
  • places of interest, High Bank House, NewFound England, Lovesome Hill, Redholme, Low Whita
  • bad records, excellent records, actively researching, archive search, doc reference, funny transcription errors, clean up biography, clean up GEDCOM

Other uses to be considered

  • signatures?, portraits?
  • 1918 influenza pandemic

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