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The Williamite War in Ireland (Irish: Cogadh an Dá Rí, meaning "war of the two kings") was a conflict between Jacobites (supporters of Catholic King James II) and Williamites (supporters of Protestant Prince William of Orange) over who would be King of England, Scotland and Ireland. It is also called the Jacobite War in Ireland or the Williamite–Jacobite War in Ireland.

For a list of King James' Regiments and commanders, see The_Stuart_Army

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abt 1659 Doe Castle, County Donegal, Ireland - abt 1749
1653 - 1696
21 Mar 1652 - 18 Jun 1740
abt 1671 Kilcash, Tipperary, Ireland - abt 1738
1670 Killyhevlin, County Fermanagh, Ireland - 1742
Ireland - 12 Jul 1691
abt 04 Jan 1669 France photo
abt 1655 - abt 22 Jan 1747
1630 Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland - 14 Aug 1691 photo

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