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This page is for profiles of people who were awarded the Wollaston Medal by the Geological Society of London.

'The Wollaston Medal is the highest award of the Geological Society. This medal is given to geoscientists who have had a significant influence by means of a substantial body of excellent research in either or both 'pure' and 'applied' aspects of the science.

It was established by William Hyde Wollaston (1766-1828), an eminent figure in British science credited with discoveries across the natural sciences, to promote ‘researches concerning the mineral structure of the Earth’ … ‘or of the science of Geology in general’ and to enable the Council of the Geological Society to reward ‘the researches of any individual or individuals, of any country, saving only that no member of the Council … shall be entitled to receive or partake of such aid or reward’.

The first recipient of the Wollaston Medal was William Smith in 1831.'

Person Profiles (2)

25 Dec 1800 Marden, Wiltshire, England - 24 Apr 1874
23 Mar 1769 Churchill, Oxfordshire, England - 28 Aug 1839 photo

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