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Y-DNA Haplogroup I-M253 (Y-DNA Haplogroup I1)

Before a reclassification in 2008, the group was known as Haplogroup I1a.

I1-DF29+ represents 99% of all I1 lineages.

  • Edmund Rice, an early immigrant to Massachusetts Bay Colony and a founder of Sudbury and Marlborough, belonged to haplogroup I1.
  • Alexander Hamilton, through genealogy and the testing of his descendants, has been placed within Y-DNA haplogroup I-M253.
  • Birger Magnusson - Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm the modern capital of Sweden, according to Andreas Carlsson at The National Board of Forensic Medicine of Sweden, belonged to haplogroup I1. Birger Magnusson was the ancestor of a line of kings of both Sweden and Norway, starting with his son Valdemar Birgersson.
  • Leo Tolstoy - Leo Tolstoy, the Russian writer, belonged to haplogroup I1
  • Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett - Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett belong to Y-DNA haplogroup I1 which is most common in and around Scandinavia. However, they are not closely related.

If you are a male descendant of anyone in the list below, you belong to dna haplogroup I (I-M253). You may also belong to a subgroup of haplogroup I.

  1. CREWS- Y-DNA Connections: There are 228 DNA test connections to people named Crews.
  2. HAMILTON- Y-DNA Connections: There are 1277 DNA test connections to people named Hamilton.
  3. RICE- Y-DNA Connections: There are 228 DNA test connections to people named Rice.
  4. TATE- Y-DNA Connections: There are 64 DNA test connections to people named Tate, but no Y-DNA.
  5. ANDERSON- Y-DNA Connections: There are an ever changing number of DNA test connections to people named Anderson.


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  • Rudolf Assmann 23 Dec 1888 Alexandrowka, Volhynia, Ukraine
  • Waldemar Assmann 17 Jul 1911 Alexandrowka, Romanovetskoy volost, Nowograd-Volynski district, Volhynia, Ukraine








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  • Edmund Rice 1594 Stanstead, Suffolk, England - 3 May 1663



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