Jacob (Caudebec) Koddebeck
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Jacques (Caudebec) Koddebeck (abt. 1664 - abt. 1767)

Jacques (Jacob) "Jacob" Koddebeck formerly Caudebec aka Cuddebeck, Cuddeback, Koddebek, Cuddebek
Born about in Bolbec, Pays d'Caux, Haute-Nourmaundie, Francemap
Ancestors ancestors
[sibling(s) unknown]
Husband of — married 21 Oct 1695 in New York, NYmap
Descendants descendants
Died about in Machackmeck (Deerpark), Orange Co., New Yorkmap
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Jacob (Caudebec) Koddebeck belonged to the New Netherland Community 1614-1700.
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Jacques Caudebec

Jacques or Jacob caudebec was an early settler in the Minisink Valley. The "Minisink Valley or Minisink country" consists of the valley of the Neversink, west of the Shawangunk Mountains, and the Delaware valley, as far as the Delaware Water Gap. The first settlements of which authentic knowledge can be ascertained were made about 1690, at what was later called the Upper Neighborhood, near Cuddebackville. A few years later more families came, and the settlements stretched further down the Neversink valley, to the junction with the Delaware; in later years the valley between Huguenot and Port Jervis was known as the Lower Neighborhood. The Neversink river was then called the Machackemeck, and the valley between Cuddebackville and Port Jervis was often spoken of as Peenpack. The earliest Patents in this neighborhood were the Waghaghkemeck* Patent, Oct. 14, 1697; the Minisink Patent, Aug, 28, 1704, which confirmed the Indian deed of 1702, and several other patents of less importance, which need not be enumerated here. The Waghaghkemeck* Patent was granted to Jacob Cuddeback, Thomas Swartwout, Anthony Swartwout, Bernardus Swartwout, Jan Tys, Peter Guimar and David Jamison. The settlers in the Minisink valley were Dutch, French Huguenots and English. [1].


Jacques Caudebec was born ca. 1664, in Pays de Caux, Haute-Normandie, France. He was baptized on June 1, 1664 in Bolbec, Pays de Caux (Land of Chalk), Upper-Normandy, France. Baptism took place at the Lintot Temple, Pays de Caux, Normandy, approximately 4 miles to the east of Bolbec .

User ID: 519B9CA96C4E93ACF00130290F9ACCFC
Record ID Number: MH:IF622
Date: 31 MAY 1664
Place: Bolbec, Pays de Caux, Normandy

He resided in the region Pays de Caux, Haute-Normandy in northern France, on the Bolbec from May 31 1664 to 1685, or, possibly in Caudebec-les-Elbuef a textile manufacturing town in the department of Seine-Inf Crieure, .

There are two communes known as "Caudebec". Caudebec-en-Caux and "Caudebec-les-Elbuef", Seine-inf-Crieure, which is located on the south side of the Seine, about 40 miles south east of Bolbec and Caudebec-en-Caux. This commune is not in the Pays de Caux (the chalk plateau north of the Seine River), but rather in Pays de Bray (the marsh land located south of the Seine River). Seine-inf-Creure was a major textile area until the emigration of the Huguenots after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, on October 22, 1685, by Louis XIV, the grandson of Henry IV. This drove an exodus of Protestants, and increased the hostility of Protestant nations bordering France. Just a few days into the following year, on 17 January 1686, King Louis XIV proudly announced that from a population of nearly 900,000 Huguenots only 1000 or so remained living France. He was quite pleased until a severe dent in the country’s income was explained to him. Holland and England began exporting Hats to France.
Lintot Temple: Lintot is a small commune is located in the Pays de Caux, between Bolbec and Caudebec-en-Caux; approximately 4 miles from Bolbec and 7 miles from Caudebec-en-Caux. This is the site of the Huguenot Protestant Temple. Dès 1578, le culte protestant est célébré à Lintot par le pasteur Vallandry, puis par les pasteurs du temple de Mont-Criquet. Caudebec-en-Caux was the site of a catholic cathederal.
French Heritage monument to Lintot...Temple closed,
Description: Ground floor masonry, floor in wood shingles or coated pan. Seating an alternating brick and Flint barn. Outbuildings in timber. Charretterie frame. In 1578 the protestant worship is celebrated in Lintot by Pastor Vallandry, and then by the pastors of the Montrcriquet temple. In 1595 the Hague, sieur de the Moissonniere stone creates a sermon in his mansion. In 1623 Lintot protestants buy 200 pounds of sieur tare a barn, that they carry on a piece of land given by the sieur de Lintot, to build a sermon in lieu of his mansion. In 1639, the Council banned the temple of Montrcriquet, destroyed in 1659. Is then built the barn a temple, called the magnificent, despite opposition from the parish priest remonstrant is located at 54 toises of the Church and its cemetery and that the said temple voice disturb the divine office. A decision of the Parliament of Normandy from 10 March 1681 condemns the temple door is walled, but the building is not destroyed. It is transformed in 1702 (date range) in logis de farm, accompanied by agricultural buildings. Carousel barn is built in the middle of the 19th century.[2][3]
The surname "Cuddebec" suggests that Jacques' ancestor was born either in the tiny fortified commune Cuddebec-en-Caux, which is located about 12 miles to the southeast of Bolbec on the Seine River or possibly "Caudebec-les-Elbuef" about located 40 miles to the southeast.. Bolbec was a woolen textile center with mills and weaving houses, and Caudebec-en-Caux, at the time of the Huguenots was the felt hat center of France. Today Caudebec-en-Caux produce lace in a cottage industry, and lives off tourism. Bolbec, Caudebec-en-Caux and Caudebec-les-Elbuef were textile centers populated by Huguenot textile workers, until the exodus to Holland commencing in the 1600s. After the exodus the Textile industry of northern France collapsed[4].


  • Father: Guillaume Caudebec
  • Mother: Marie LeSueur b: BEF 5 March 1644/1645 in Bolbec, Caux, Normandy; bp. on March 5th 1644/1645 in Lintot Temple, Caux, Normandy.


He had one older brother, Jacques (who probably died young), along with two younger brothers, Guillaume (who probably died young) and Guillaume, and four younger sisters, Noemi (or Nahomi), Marie, Anne, and Jeanne[5].


He is said to have emigrated first to England, then to Maryland and finally to New York. It is thought that he worked for Benjamin Provoost in New York, New York[6].

Note: Emmigration date 1685 to Maryland from either England or Holland Note: aka Jacob Koddebeck, Jacob Cuddeback
Record ID Number: MH:N49


Jacques Caudebec, jm, van Normandyen married Margaretta Provoost (1675 - 1767), jd, van Kingstouwne on Oct 21, 1695. Marriage was recorded at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, New York[7]


Jacques Caudebec was father of [8]

  • Maria Coddebeck|Caudebec born 2 Aug 1696 in Kingston, Ulster Co. New York[9]. Marytjen Koddebek married: (1) Jurian Westfael on 20 Aug 1716 in Minisink[10], and (2) William Cole
  • Benjamin Coddebeck|Caudebec was bp on 19 Feb 1699. Baptism was recorded at the Reformed Dutch Church of Kingston. Ulster, NY.[11] in Kingston, Ulster Co. New York, mentioned in mortgage 15 Feb 1725/6.
  • Elsjen|Elsje Coddebeck|Caudebec was bp. at Minisink, Orange, New York on 19 Oct 1701, [12] Elsjen Koddebek's marriage to Harmen Van Garden, was announced on Jun 11, 1727[13].
  • Willem Koddebek|Caudebec was bp. on 21 June 1704 at New York, NY. Baptism was recorded at the Reformed Dutch Church of New York, New York[14]. He married Jacomyntjen Elting of Kingston, on 2 May 1733 probably at New Paltz, Ulster Co. New York, where they were living.[15].
  • Jacob Coddebek|Caudebec was bp. on 7 July 1706 in New York City, Kings, New York[16], married Neeltje Decker. He died before 1749.
James Caudebec born 7 July 1708 in Kingston, Ulster Co., New York [nothing found at KRDC. NYRDV or Minisink RDC] Nothing supporting the existence of this child found. James is the English translation for Jacques, Jacob or Jacobus. This child is probably Jacob Coddebek, bp. on 7 July 1706 at New York City.
  • Eleanor, [nothing found at KRDC. NYRDV or Minisink RDC]
  • Magdalena|Lena Koddebek|Caudebec was baptized on 30 Jan 1712. Baptism was recorded at the central Reformed Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster Co. New York [17]. She married Evert Hoornbeck .
  • Dinah Caudebec bp. on 19 Jan 1714 in Minisink, Orange Co. New York, Baptism was recorded at the central Reformed Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster Co. NY[18]. She married Abraham Louw on 31 May 1738 in Minisink, Orange Co. New York.
  • Abraham Koddebeck|Caudebec bp. on 19 Aug 1715 at Peenpack, Orange Co. New York. Baptism was recorded at the Reformed Dutch Church of Machackemeck (Deerpark), Orange County, NY. [This baptism record was one of several not recorded at the KRDC] [19]. He married Hester Swartwout 29 May 1751 in Machackemeck, Orange Co. New York.
  • Naomi Caudebec bp. on 16 Jan 1726 in Rochester ?, Ulster Co. New York, Baptism was recorded at the central Reformed Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster Co. New York [20]


To all Christian People to whom this present writing shall or may come Jacob Codebec of Wagachkameck in the county of Ulster[22] and Province of New York In America Sendeth Greeting Now know ye that the said Jacob Codebec for divers good causes and and considerations him thereunto moving, but more & especially for and in consideration of the sum of 170 pounds currant money of the province of New York to him in hand paid or secured to be paid by his three eldest children. That is to say the three eldest sons by name Benjamin William and Jacobus, the receipt whereof he the said Jacob Codebec doth hereby acknowledge and thereof and therefrom and of and from every part & parcell thereof doth acquit exhonerate release and forever discharge the said Benjamin William and Jacobus Codebec their heirs executors and administrators and every of them firmly by these presents have given granted bargained sold released ratified confirmed and by these presents doe fully freely clearly and absolutely give grant bargaine & sell release ratify & confirm unto the said Benjamin William & Jacobus Codebec their heirs and assignes for ever all that certain tract or parcell of land situate being and lying in the county of ulster at Wackachkemeck being one just seventh part of 1200 acres of land.

Said Jacob Codebec stands entitled (?) and possessor? by virtue of a patent from Governor Benjamin Fletcher. Relation thereunto had may more fully & at large appear.

So have & to hold said just seventh part of 1200 acres of land as it is devided & undivided with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any ways appurtaining unto them the said Benjamin William and Jacob Codebec their heirs and assignes and to the only proper use benefit and behoof of them the said Benjamin William & Jacob Codebec their heirs executors and administrators and assignes that whereas the said Jacob Codebec has mortgaged the above said land unto Peter Guymard the 14th inst for the consideration of the above said. Now if the above said Benjamin Codebec William Codebec and Jacob Codebec do pay and release said mortgage with the interest and what said land shall be balanced appraised by three men (indifferently chosen) to be worth more than said money Said Benjamin William & Jacob Codebec shall pay the releasing said mortgage and interest that that money or overplush shall be devided amongst all my natural children by name Benjamin William Jacobus Marytie Elsie Helena Abraham En Naomie In equal shares.

The said Benjamin William and Jacob paying the yearly quit due upon said lands then this deed of bargaine and saile to be in full power and virtue.

In testimony whereof the said Jacob Codebec has hereunto set his hand and affisced his seale this 15 day of February in the 12 year of his majesties Reigne Annoq Dom 1725/6.

The word (the 14th inst) was interhned between the 26th & 27th lines before execution of the presents. J Codebec SS Sealed and delivered in the presence of us Joseph Wheeler Jno Crooke June Jacobus Swartwout Jr.


Jacques Caudebec died ca. 1767[23], in Cuddebackville, Deerpark Twp., Orange County, New York and was buried at the Gumaer Cemetery, (aka Pioneer Knoll Cemetery), Godeffroy, Deerpark Twp., Orange County, New York. See marker/gravestone. Jacob and Margaretta are buried in the Pioneer Knoll at Godeffroy, Orange, New York. Peter Gumaer estimated that Jacob was about 100 years old at his death.

User ID: 519B9CA96C6C53AD000130290F9ACCFC
Record ID Number: MH:IF623
Date: BET 1764 AND 1766
Place: Peenpack (Deerpark), Orange Co., NY
Cuddebackville – A hamlet at the intersection of US-209 and NY-211, located about ten miles north of Machackemeck (now Port Jervis). Deerpark, Orange, NY. Godeffroy is a small hamlet south of Cuddebackville on US-209.

Church records

  • 1695 Oct 17 Jacob Codebeck, j.m. Van Normandyen, en Margareta Provoost, j.d. Van Kingstouwne, d' Eerste woonende in Esopus, en twede alhier. Getrouwt den 21 Octob. [24]
  1. 1696 Aug 02 Maria, Jacob Coddebeck, Margriet Provoost.
  2. 1699 Feb 19 Benjamin, Jacob Coddebeck, Margriet Provoost. Wit.: Benjamin Provoost, Marritje Teunissen.
  3. 1701 Oct 19 Elsje, Jacob Coddebeck, Grietje Provoost. Wit.: Willem Provoost, Elsje Provoost. [25]
  4. 1704 Jun 21 Willem, Jacob Koddebek, Margrietie Provoost. Wit.: Elias Provoost, Barber Provoost.
  5. 1706 Jul 07 Jacobus, Jacob Goddebek, Margrietje Provoost. Wit.: Gerret Wouterse & Anthony de Mille, Magdalena Provoost. [26]
  6. 1712 Jan 30 Magdalena, Jacobus Koddebek, Margrietjen Provoost. Wit.: Elisa Van Buntschooten, Zara Jans.
  7. 1714 Jan Dina, Jacob Koddebek, Margrieta Provoost. Wit.: Thomas Swartwoud, Elisabeth Gardenier. Bp'd in Menissing.
  8. 1726 Jan 16 Naomy, Jacob Koddebek, Margriet Provoost. Wit.: Philippus du Bois, Ester Gomaar. Bp'd in Raysester. [25]

Jacob Caudebec was born 1670 in Caudebec, Normandy, France. He married Margareta Provoost on the 21st of October 1695, in most likely Kingstowne, Ulster County, New York. Their marriage date is listed in the Netherlands Marriage Index, but they are not listed in the Kingston Dutch Reformed Church Registers. And according to the Netherlands Marriage Index they were married and NDG or New Amsterdam - New York. At the time, Jacob was a resident of Esopus, Ulster County, New York, while Margareta Provoost was a resident of Kingstowne.

Other Spellings of the surname Caudebec = Codebeck, Cuddebeck, Coddebeck, Koddebek

The Union of Jacob Caudebec and Margareta Provost brought these children into the world.

  • 1. Maria, Bap.: 2 August 1696 at Kingston, m. 1st: Jurian Westfall and 2nd: William Cole
  • 2. Benjamin, Bap.: 19 Feb. 1699 at Kingston
  • 3. Elsie, Bap.: 19 Oct 1701, m. Harmonas Van Goden
  • 4. William, Bap.: 2 June 1704, in New York, m. Jemima Elting
  • 5. Jacob, Bap.: 7 July 1706, in New York, m. Jannetje Westbrook
  • 6. James, Bap: 7 July 1706, in New York, m. Neltje Decker
  • 7. Eleanor, Birth abt. 1709, m. Evert Hornbeck
  • 8. Magdalena, Bap.: 31 Jan 1712
  • 9. Dinah, Bap.: 19 Jan 1714, m. Abraham Louw
  • 10. Abraham, Bap.: 19 Aug. 1716, m. Esther Swartwout
  • 11. Noami, Bap.: 16 Jan 1726, in Rochester, m. Lodewyke Hornbeck


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Record ID Number: MH:I475
User ID: 519B9CA96C73F3AD200130290F9ACCFC

1695 Netherlands, Marriage Index, 1575-1938

  • Groom: Jacob Codebeck
  • Gender: Mannelijk (Male)
  • Residence: Esopus, Ulster County, New York
  • Bride: Margareta Provoost, young daughter
  • Bride's Birth Place: Kingstowne, Ulster County, New York
  • Marriage Date: 21 Oct 1695
  • Place of Marriage: NDG (New Amsterdam - New York)

Website: https://www.wiewaswie.nl/personen-zoeken/zoeken/document/srcid/20996832

1696 Baptismal and marriage registers of the old Dutch church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, by Kingston, N.Y. Reformed Dutch church, Hoes, Roswell, Randall, 1850-1921, Publication Date: 1891, Baptism, p. 47, no. 915

  • Daughter: Maria
  • Parents: Jacob Coddebeck and Margaret Provoost
  • Witnesses: [No Witnesses Names]
  • Date of Baptism: 2 Aug 1696
  • Place of Baptism: Kingston Old Dutch Reformed Church, at Kingston, Ulster County, New York
  • Baptism No.: 915
  • Page No.: 47
  • See uploaded page
  • Book Website: https://archive.org/details/baptismalmarriag00king/page/46

1767 Burial: Gumaer Cemetery, Godeffroy, Orange County, New York, USA, Jacques Caudebec - Tombstone Marker Birth year: 1670, Tombstone Marker Death Year: 1767. May be viewed at Find a Grave Website: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/9174479/jacques-caudebec

Other Sources

Caudebec in America : a record of the descendants of Jacques Caudebec, 1700 to 1920, by William L. Cuddeback, printed 1919, p. 53 - First Generation, "Jacob Caudebec"

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