Pierre Chastain Sr.

Pierre Chastain Sr. (1659 - 1728)

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Dr. Pierre "Peter" Chastain Sr.
Born in Chârost, Province de Berry (Indre), Francemap
Ancestors ancestors
Husband of — married 28 Jan 1687 (to 1701) in Issoudun, Province de Berry, Francemap
Husband of — married 1 Nov 1701 (to 3 Apr 1723) in Manakin-Town, Goochland, Colony of Virginiamap
Husband of — married after 3 Apr 1723 in Colony of Virginiamap
Descendants descendants
Died in Manakin, Goochland County, Colony of Virginiamap
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Pierre Chastain Sr. was a Huguenot emigrant.
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Pierre Chastain Sr. migrated from France to Jamestown, Virginia Colony.
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"Pierre Chastain immigrated to the colonies from France in 1700, and is the father of most Chastains and Chasteens in America. Pierre was born into a Huguenot (French Protestant) family in 1659 near the village of Chârost in central France. The Chastain family had fled to this rural area from the city of Bourges when French Catholics massacred Protestants on St. Bartholomew's Day (August 24, 1572). After French King Louis XIV revoked the edict of Nantes, which had offered Protestants limited toleration since 1598, Pierre, his wife, Susanne, and their five children fled France completely, emigrating to the Protestant-run British Colony of Virginia in 1700. Today, Pierre Chastain's American descendants number in the tens of thousands. For further details, see Pierre Chastain."[1] Information provided by Chastain Family Association.

Pierre Louis Chastain was baptized on April 7, 1659 at Issoudun, Province de Berry (Indre), France, the son of Estienne Chastain[2] and Jeanne Laurent. The family were residents of the city of Bourges (Cher) with a country home near Chârost, just 12 kilometers (8 miles) from Issoudun.


For centuries the Chasteigner family had lived in the province of Béarn (Pyrénées-Atlantiques/Gers) in southwestern France. Their name indicated that they were chestnut-farmers & millers. Chestnut flour was widely used in France during the Middle Ages. During the 100 Years War (1337-1453) between France and England, which devastated the area, they became scattered around France. Some went to Province de Dauphiné in the southeast. This is where Pierre's family, whose name evolved into "Chastain," originated. His great-grandfather eventually settled in Bourges, capital of the Province de Berry in central France. He was a notaire, or legal official, in a nearly-hereditary post, there. In the early 1500s, the family converted from Roman Catholicism to the "religion chrétienne réformée" (Reformed Christian religion) as preached by Jean Calvin, a French-born theologian who lived in Protestant-run Geneva, Switzerland.
After French King Louis XIV revoked the 1598 "Edict of Nantes" that guaranteed limited religious tolerance to French Protestants in 1685, three of the Chastain family: Pierre, Estienne and Jean (Peter, Stephen & John) fled the country, seeking religious freedom, taking their families with them. They had crossed the Jura mountains into French-speaking Switzerland, where Protestants were in power, by 1696. Then they continued north to the Netherlands, a leading power run by Reformed or Presbyterian Protestants. [3]From there, after September 1698, they emigrated to London, England, where Pierre helped organize a large group of French Reformed Protestants, now called "Huguenots," to found a new settlement in the British Royal Colony of Virginia. Their first ship, "Mary and Ann," set sail from Gravesend, Kent, England, bound for America, in April 1700. It arrived at Jamestown, Virginia in late July, the same year.
Among the 207 passengers listed aboard that first Huguenot ship:
  • Dr. Pierre (the immigrant) Chastain, his wife and 5 children.
  • Jean Chastain, wife and four children.
  • Dr. Estienne (Stephen) Chastian and wife.
  • John Chastain (maybe a cousin or a younger brother of Pierre ?).

Disputed Wife

Some 20th Century researchers have suggested that a woman named "Magdalene de la Rochefoucauld" was Pierre's first wife. This has been disproven. Descendant Tim Chastain examined the registers of Vevey at the cantonal archives in Lausanne, Switzerland. Vevey is the town Pierre stayed in Switzerland after his initial escape from France before 1696. Secondly, Tim Chastain consulted the original French Huguenot registers of the town of Issoudun (Indre), France in 1985.
From these primary sources, Tim found considerable information on Pierre Chastain and his ancestors. Pierre's parents were Estienne Chastain (1625-aft 1694) and Jeanne Laurent (aka Laurante). Estienne's parents were Jacques Chastain (ca. 1599-bef 1675) and Jeanne Audet. Jacques' father (or grandfather) was Estienne Chastain. Cameron Allen states categorically that Pierre's first wife was Susanne Reynaud (aka Renaud), not the mythical "Marie-Madeleine de la Rochefoucauld" foisted on the Rev. James Garvin Chastain by an unscrupulous French entrepreneur and so-called "genealogist," seeking to curry favor by linking the Chastain family, who were of the bourgeoisie, to a well-known noble aristocratic family, who included several notable Huguenots, but who were never related to Pierre Chastain. [4]


Marriage #1

Susanne Reynaud (aka Renaud) was Pierre Chastain's first wife. She was born ca. 1665 in Issoudun, Province de Berry, France. They were married at Issoudun Saint-Cyr on 28 January 1687[5].
Sussanne and Pierre had 5 children:
  1. Jean Chastain, born before 1690, in France; d. 1701 in Virginia
  2. Pierre Louis Chastain, born ca. 1690, in France - m. Mildred Archer
  3. René Chastain, born 1692 (in Vevey, Switzerland); d. 1701
  4. Judith Chastain, born 1696 in Vevey - married Mr. Ballew in Virginia
  5. Susanne Chastain, born ca. 1698 in Holland or England; d. 1701
Susanne (Reynaud) Chastain and her children, some still quite young, sailed to Virginia with Pierre-Louis and the other Huguenots in 1700. On arrival, they were taken to an abandoned Indian village called Manakintown, 25 miles into the wilderness beyond the nearest English settlement, and told this was where they had to settle. Alas, it was already too late in the season to plant staple food crops, plus the group were more bourgeois city-dwellers than rural farmers. Thus, many starved or became very weak during their first winter in America. Susanne Chastain and 3 of her 5 children were among the victims, all dying at Manakintown before November 1701. New arrivals from France in 1701-02 helped the settlement to survive.

Marriage #2

Pierre's second marriage was to immigrant Ann Soblet who died in April 1723 at Manakintown, Goochland, Virginia.
They married about November 1701 in Manakintown, Goochland County, Virginia.[6]
Pierre and Ann (Soblet) Chastain had 8 children, all born in Virginia:
  1. Pierre Chastain
  2. Rene Chastain
  3. Judith Chastain
  4. Mary Chastain
  5. Susanna Chastain
  6. Janne Chastain
  7. Elizabeth Chastain
  8. Marie-Mary Magdalene Chastain

Marriage #3

Pierre's third marriage was to Marie Madeleine Verrueil, the widow of Manakin immigrant, Antoine Trabue. They had no children together. [citation needed]


Pierre was trained as a Physician and Surgeon in France.[7][7][8]
As the British government sponsored the French Huguenots to settle in Goochland County, Virginia, mainly to grow grapes for wine, to begin silk-worm cultivation and silk-production, and to see if the local soil was suitable for growing rice, Pierre was expected to be a farmer as well as being the settlement's doctor and a civic leader. The new settlement was also expected to be mostly self-sufficient.
Pierre was granted 111, acs. (N.L.), Henrico Co., on the South side of the James River, adj. Anthony Maloone, his own land, and the widow Gory's line, [recorded as of 23 March 1715, p. 266]. This was part of the first 5,000 acres surveyed for the French refugees. [9]
Monacan Farm - Pierre's home
The Monacan farm was once the site of an abandoned Monacan Indian village (Manakin). It was the first tract of land surveyed by the Huguenot settlers. This may be the oldest house in the county. Huguenot settler Peter Chastain received a patent here in the early 1700's. The frame part of today's main house was built in 1720 by Peter Chastain.


"Will of Peter Chastain, the Emigrant, made Oct. 3, 1728, and preserved in the archives of Goochland Co., VA."[10]
Family named in the will of "Peter Chastain of the County of Goochland and Parish of King William":[10]
  • son John Chastain[10]
  • son Peter Chastain[10]
  • son René Chastain[10]

Death & Legacy

Dr. Pierre Louis Chastain died on October 3, 1728 in Manakintown, King William Parish, Goochland County, British Province of Virginia[12][7][7][13][14] He was buried in the family cemetery near his home and adjacent to the Manakintown Anglican Church. His surviving 3rd wife, Marie Madeleine (Verreuil) Chastain, died in the late spring of 1731 and was buried nearby. In 1982, Lowell Chastain, then President of the Pierre Chastain Family Association, erected a grave marker for Pierre Chastain and constructed a chain-link fence around his grave.[15]

Inscription Peter Chastain, the emigrant, born ca. 1663 France, escaped to Switzerland 1696 - in England 1699 - Arrived in Virginia w/wife & 5 children July 23, 1700, on ship, Mary & Ann - Died 1728 - Children - Judith, John & 3 unknown. 2nd wife Anne Sobet - D. Apr. 3 1723 - Children Susanna, Peter, Jr., Mary, Elizabeth, Rene, Jeanne, Mary M. 3rd wife Madeleine De La Rochefoucauld - children of Peter, Jr. & wife Mildred Archer - James, John, Rene, Abraham, Martha, Archer.[16]

Medical Anomaly

A significant number of members of the Chastain family have developed dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There’s no explanation why, but scientists at Emory University are studying the family to try to find the defective genome in their DNA. [17]


  • 1659 Pierre was baptised 7 April in Issoudun (Indre), Province de Berry, France[18][19][7][20] [21][16]
  • 1687Marriage to first wife Susanne Reynaud.
  • 1696 By 1696 Pierre had fled from Charost across the Jura Mountains to Vevey, Canton Vaud, Switzerland.[21]
  • 1698 Sep 1696 the family departed Vevey and was found at The Hague in The Netherlands.
  • 1698-1700 Arrived in Gravesend, England after Sep 1698 and before Apr 19, 1700
  • 1700 April 19, 1700 embarked from Gravesend, England to Jamestown Settlement.
  • 1700 July 12, 1700 arrived at the mouth of the James River near the Jameston settlement in the Virginia Colony after a voyage of almost three months on the London ship Mary and Ann.[22] Didn't stay in the settlement but continued on to the new Huguenot settlement called Manakintown.
  • 1701 Death of first wife Susanne (Renaud) Chastain and 3 of their 5 children after Feb 1701 and before Nov 1701
  • 1701 ca. Nov -Married second wife Ann Soblet
  • 1703 Manakin Town Grant for French Refugees 3 May 1704[23][24]
  • 1707 Son Peter born
  • 1723 Pierre's second wife Anne (Soblet) died April 3, 1723.[25]
  • 1723Married third wife Marie Madeleine (Verrueil) Trabue 1723 (no children). She was the daughter of Moise and Madelene Verrueil and the widow of Antonie Trabue.
  • 1728 Pierre died 3 Oct 1728 Manakintowne, King William Parish, Henrico County, Colony of Virginia (age 69)[16]
  • 1728 Pierre died 3 Nov 1728 and is buried at Manakin Farms, Goochland County[26][27] burial at [28], Manakin Farms, Goochland County, Virginia, USA.
  • 1731 Death of third wife Marie Madeleine in the Spring of 1731.


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