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Richard Corbet (abt. 1451 - 1493)

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Sir Richard Corbet
Born about in Moreton Corbet, Shropshire, Englandmap
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Died in Moreton, Corbet, Englandmap
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Ancestor of Hannah Corbet, wife of Henry Acton (Nancy Redman).

Birth and Childhood

Sir Richard Corbet was born 1451 in Moreton Corbet, Shropshire

Richard Corbet, the heir, was still a minor, and we find the King appointing his Guardian "May 30th 1468 West: " " Grant to the King's knight, Walter Devereux lord Ferrers, of all the Castles, lordships. Manors, lands, rents and possessions with knights' Fees, advowsons, Courts Leet, Views of Frankpledge, Fairs, Markets, privileges and franchise, late of Roger Corbet knight, and in the King's hands by reason of the minority of Richard Corbet, his son and heir without disparagement during minority, and so from heir to heir." " By Privy Seal." The minority was a short one, for Richard was already nineteen at the time of his father's death. [1]

Marriage to Elizabeth Devereux

In 1469, in Chartley, shortly after her mother's death, and certainly before 1478, Sir Richard Corbet married Elizabeth Devereux,

In 1469 in Chartley, upon Richard’s 18th birthday and shortly after Elizabeth Devereux’s mother’s death, and certainly before 1478, Elizabeth Devereux, daughter of Walter, married Sir Richard Corbet, b. 1451 in Moreton Corbet, Shropshire

Ancestry of Elizabeth Devereux

The document below is the Prerogative Court of Canterbury copy of the will, dated 4 October 1518 and proved 10 June 1519, of Thomas Trentham, the great-grandfather of Oxford’s second wife, Elizabeth Trentham (d.1612). The testator married Elizabeth Corbet, the daughter of Sir Richard Corbet (b. 1451, d. 6 December 1493) and Elizabeth Devereux (d.1516), the daughter of Walter Devereux (c.1432-1485), 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley, slain at the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August 1485, and his wife, Anne Ferrers (1438-1469), the daughter and heir of Sir William Ferrers of Chartley, Staffordshire. After the death of Sir Richard Corbet (b. 1451, d. 6 December 1493) Elizabeth Devereux (d.1516) married, before 1495, Sir Thomas Leighton (1443-1519) of Wattlesborough in Shropshire, knight of the body to King Henry VII. She was interred in Burford church in Shropshire with this inscription[2]:

Here lythe Elyzabethe Devroke, dowg'tur unto Sr Wa'ter Devroke off Webbeley Knygth off ye most noble order off ye Garter & Lorde Ferrers off Charteley, wch Elyzabethe was wyff unto Sr Rychard Corbet off Morton Tyrytte [sic] Knygth, & affter maryed unto Sr Thomas Lyghton Knygth off Stretton in le Dale, wch Elyzabethe dep'ted owte off thys transitorie worlde ye yere off owre Lorde God mccccc & xvj whose sowle Ihu have.

Time Line

1471. Richard Corbet, Sheriff in the County of Salop, receives a " Commission of array." [3]

1473, Aug 18. Richard Corbet is already knighted, named as such in a commission of that date. [1]

1474, Feb 26, Another commission is sent to several persons including Richard Corbet, knight, “to array the King's lieges of the County of Hereford against William Herbert clerk, John Herbert bastard, etc. who did not appear before the King and Council ' when summoned to answer for divers offences committed by them in Wales and the Marches but withdrew to Wales and there stirred up insurrection, and to arrest them and their aiders and abettors and put them in safe custody and give assistance against them to the King's first-born son Edward Prince of Wales, when required by him or his Council." [1]

1474. In the midst of all the changes and the searchings of heart of these troubled times, it appears that certain papers of Trust concerning the young Richard Corbet's estate were lost by his Guardian, Sir Walter Devereux. An entry of the year 1474 [4] records "Exemplification, at the , request of Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers, of the tenour of the enrolment of letters patent dated May 30 granting him the custody of the possessions of Roger Corbet knight, and the custody and marriage of Richard Corbet his son and heir. These letters have been lost by accident, as Richard Moton has taken oath in Chancery, and will be surrendered, if found."

1475, May. This looking-up of business matters was probably occasioned by the projected absence of Richard Corbet from England, as in May 1475 he was given " Licence, for Richard Corbet knight, who is going to cross the sea with the King on his voyage and service, to enfeoff Thomas Monyngton, Thomas Thornys, Hugh Stepulton, John Plowden, and Thomas Cowley, of the Manor of Morton, Sawbury, a third part of the Manor of Sipton, the Manor or reversion of Hopton, Fythys, Eton Constantine, Co Salop, a moiety or reversion of a moiety of the Manor of Rycardiscastell, the Manor or reversion of Staunton, the Manor of Beverley and Hurtesley Co Hereford, a moiety or reversion of the Manor of Goderyche, and Homecastell Co Worcester, a moiety or reversion of a moiety of the Manor of Dalynton, Wapnam and Slapton Co Northampton, a moiety or reversion of a moiety of Gledley and Pottysgrave, Co Bedford, a moiety or reversion of a moiety of the Manor of Lenchelade and Southcote, Cublynton Stutley and Chlmyscote Co Buckingham, a moiety or reversion of a moiety of Wodam Mortymer and Howbregge Co Essex, and a moiety or reversion of a moiety of Newton Co Kent, with knights' Fees, advowsons, Leets Courts, views of Frank-pledges, faurs, markets, warrens, fisheries, free customs, rights, waifs, strays, chattels of felons and fugitives, escheats, liberties, franchises, profits and commodities, held in chief by knight service, without fine or fee according to the form of an Act in the Parliament at West. 6. Oct. 12 Ed. IV."

Commissions of the Peace were issued from time to time to Sir Richard Corbet up to this year of his going over seas with the King. The Pedigree gives the name of a younger brother, viz. a younger son to Sir Roger Corbet and Elizabeth Hopton, and he was probably their youngest child. I have an entry to his name in 1477 : — " General pardon to Robert Corbet late of Hopton by Clonne Co: Salop, gentilman of all offences committed by him before 18 Nov:" " By King."

Sir Richard Corbet was married to Elizabeth Ferrers, daughter to Sir Walter Devereux, Sir Richard's Guardian. Her mother being the only child of the then Lord Ferrars of Chartley, Sir Walter Devereux whom she married assumed the title in her right, and their daughter Elizabeth Ferrars of Chartley married the young Sir Richard Corbet ; but I find no date given. The Pedigree gives them several children, two sons. Sir Robert the eldest. Sheriff for Salop in 1501, who suc- ceeded his father, and a son George, of whom no further mention is made. The daughters were Maria, who married Thomas Lacon, of Willey ; Anna or Juliana, married Sir Thomas Cornewall, of Burford ; Elizabeth, married Thomas Trentham of Shrewsbury. [1]

There are still one or two more events to record in Sir Richard's life. We last wrote of him as he was about to cross the seas. The King passed over to Calais with an army of 1,500 men-at- arms and 15,000 archers, and the chief nobility of England who thought to emulate the past glories and successes of the English arms in France. In this they were doomed to disappointment ; no English successes awaited them, no friends and allies made common cause with them, and after a while the Army returned to England. [1]

In the beginning of 1481 Sir Walter Devereux Lord Ferrars of Chartley and John Devereux, knight, James Baskerville knight, Richard Corbet knight, John Lingen knt, Thomas Cornewayle, knt, John ap Richard clerk, Thomas Mornyngton esquire, and William Wykes, gentilman feoffees of the said Walter, of and in the lordships or Manor of Sutton Courtenay Co Berks : and the advowson of the Parish Church of Sutton Courtenay, obtained Licence to grant the said advowson to the Dean and Canons of the King's free Chapel of St. George within the Castle of Wyndesore in frank almoin, and for the Dean and Canons to appropriate the said Church in mortmain " By King." [1]This act was confirmed the following month of February by another similar Deed.

The King died in the April of the following year, 1482, leaving the Prince of Wales a stripling of 13. — George Duke of Clarence had already met his untimely fate in the Butt of Malmesey wine ; thus power seemed almost to fall unsought into the hands of the unscrupulous and cruel, however brave and clever, Richard Duke of Gloucester, and he, after clearing his way to the throne by a few cold-blooded murders, was proclaimed King. [1]

1483. A Commission was issued this year 1483 to Richard Corbet knight, Roger Kynastone knt, and Richard Ludlowe (all closely connected together by marriage) to assess certain subsidies and appoint collectors of the same, so that the sums should be answered for at Michaelmas. In the following year two Commissions of Array were issued, one in May and the other in December, to John Gray of Powis knight, William Stanley knt, Richard Corbet knt, Richard Lacon knt, and Roger Kynastone knt. [1]

1484. It was in this year too that Peter Corbet of Lye was arrested. Enquiries were set on foot by a Commission to Humphrey Stafford and Richard Corbet etc. to learn what persons in the County of Hereford " have committed treasons, insurrections and rebellions, and of what castles, lordships etc: they were siezed or possessed at the time of their forfeiture . . . and to take the same into the King's hand." These records do not convey the thought of peace, which surely the country needed ; the clouds were gathering afresh, and Richard the King, with his hands already so deeply dyed in blood and treachery, turned with the savagery and courage of the wolf to pursue and crush his enemies. [1]

1485. The leader of them was the young Earl of Richmond ; he landed August ist, 1485, at Milford Haven, in Pembrokeshire, and he determined to march straight to Shrewsbury, which would give him the command of the Severn and where he also hoped to find adherents. The indignation of the good townspeople had been greatly stirred by the murders of the young Princes, the elder of whom they looked upon as their fellow townsman, as he was born in Shrewsbury. [1]

"Sir Richard Corbet of Morton Corbet, who had been a stout Lancastrian and evinced his attachment to the Earl on a former occasion by rescuing him from imminent danger at the Battle of Banbury, joined the Earl immediately on his entry into Shrewsbury. He even went the hazardous length of taking the oath of allegiance . . . and collected a band of 800 gentlemen, who accompanied the Earl to the field of Redmore, or Bosworth." Blakeway then quotes a letter from Sir Richard Corbet advancing the claims of his services after Henry had been duly invested with the regal dignity. Sir Richard's mother Elizabeth Hopton was already married to Sir William Stanley, and thus we realise somewhat of the strength of the party waiting for Henry to set foot in England and declare himself. [1]

1485. On 22 August 1485, at the Battle of Bosworth Field, Elizabeth’s father Sir Walter Devereux was killed fighting for Yorkist King Richard III, who was defeated. Opposing him, on the side of Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII, was Elizabeth’s husband Sir Richard Corbet. [5]

Henry was wise and his throne was soon assured him ; but History does not describe him to us as generous or rewarding those who risked so much to place him there, with a great alacrity. I think the Petition sent him by Sir Richard Corbet has a savour of this:

" The Petition of Sir Richard Corbet to King H. 7." [1]

" In most humble wise sheweth unto your most noble highness . . . your true and faithful subject and liegeman, Ric. Corbett knight for your bodie, to consider the true faithfull service that he hath doun and hereafter entendeth for to doe to the uttermost of his power . . .

" First. Pleaseth your Grace to call to your remembrance the first service, that after the death of the Lord Herbert after the Field of Banbury, hee was one of them that brought your grace out of danger of your enemyes, and conveyed your grace unto your towne of Hereford, and there delivered you in safety to your greate Uncle now Duke of Bedford : — and then at your comynge into England, hee was one of the first came unto your Grace at the towne of Shrewesbury, and there was sworn your liegeman, and went from thence unto the Field of Boseworth, and there jeoparded with your Grace his life, lands, and goods, and the gentlemen and others his friends that came with him in company, takinge your parte and rightwise quarrell to the number of 800 men ; and at every field and jorney since hee hath byne reddy to do your Grace service to his great costs and charges, and hee, ne non of his that were with him at your first fielde, or at any other insurrections or tumolts were never noe cravers for noe rewardes nor offices as yet. The which GOD knoweth best, and your Highness."

In 1491 Sir Richard was retained with George Earl of Kent to serve one whole year in the wars of France : and I think his death took place a year or two later. [1]


Sir Richard Corbet died in 6 December 1493 in Moreton Corbet. Elizabeth, his widow, then married Sir Thomas Leighton of Wattlesborough, Sheriff of Shropshire. [1]

Sir Richard must either have died in France or very shortly after his return, and I should judge about 1493. There was a Writ announcing his death dated 7 Feb. Hen. VII, and the Inq. P.M. followed on the 28th Oct. 10 Hen. VII. He is said to have died 6th Dec. 8 Hen. VII, and was siezed of the undermentioned Manors in Fee. Robert Corbet is mentioned as his son and heir, and aged sixteen years and more. Manor of Condover, worth £2() 14s., held of the King by knight service ; Manor of Moreton-Corbet, worth £s 13s. 4d., held of Roger Whetelane by knight service ; Manor of Preston Brockhurst, worth £10, held of Roger Whetelane, service unknown; Manor of Peynton, worth £8 13s. 4d., held of Nicholas Segrave by knight service ; twenty messuages, 200 acres land, 40 acres pastures, 50 acres meadow, and 10 acres wood in Lawley, Bowley, Eggebald, "The Heth Howse," Harecote Parke, Harecote Myll, and Bromfield, with the Park of Shawbury, worth £30, held of the said Roger Whetelane, service unknown. [1]


Sir Richard's wife, Elizabeth Ferrars, outlived him for many years and remarried. Her second husband was Sir Thomas Leighton of Stretton-le-dale.

In 1516 Elizabeth died and was buried in the church at Burford, Shropshire. Other accounts give her death date, in Moreton Corbet, as 1541, when she would have been aged 99: “She died in 1541, and was buried in the beautiful Church of Burford, in Shropshire. Her tomb is on the floor in the north-east corner of the chancel. It bears her effigy in metal, and the inscription, which is rather elaborate, records that she was the daughter of Sir Walter Deverok of Weobley, lord Ferrars of Chartley— that she married first Sir Richard Corbet of Morton-Corbet, and secondly Sir Thomas Leighton. [1]

One of her daughters, Anna or Juliana, lies buried in the same Church. She was the wife of Sir Thomas Cornwall, and was mother of the Sir Richard Cornwall who is the central figure on the beautiful Elizabethan triptych in that Church : the triptych forms one of the remarkable and interesting Cornwall monuments found in Burford Church. The central figure commemorates Anna's son, Sir Richard Cornwall, who died in 1568. On his right is his wife and on his left his son Edmund, who died in 1585 and who was known as the strong Baron. On the eastern wing of the lower panel is the record of Anna : " Dame Anne Cornwall lies here, the daughter of Sir Richard Corbet and the wife of Sir Thomas Cornwall." She died in 1548. On the other wing is a small figure of her husband. Sir Thomas. He died in 1537, and was buried, it appears, at Acton, near London. [1]

Children of Richard Corbet and Elezabeth Devereux

The children of Elizabeth Devereux and Richard Corbet, were enumerated in their son Robert’s will which indicates that the testator Robert’s parents, Sir Richard Corbet (b. 1451, d. 6 December 1493) and Elizabeth Devereux (d.1516) had two sons (the testator, and another son, George), and five daughters, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Katherine, and Margaret: [6]

  1. Elizabeth Corbet, b. Abt. 1472, m. Thomas Trentham of Shrewsbury. (d. 1518/9.) (for his will, see TNA PROB 11/19, f. 136); “The testator’s sister, Elizabeth Corbet, and her husband, Thomas Trentham (d.1518/9), were the great-grandparents of Oxford’s second wife, Elizabeth Trentham (d.1612).” [6]
  2. Sir Robert Corbet, b. 1477, Hatherton, Cheshire, England. Sheriff of Salop. He m. Elizabeth Vernon, daughter of Sir Henry Vernon of Haddon and Anne Talbot. He died 11 Apr 1513 at Morton Corbet and is buried there. Elizabeth - survived her husband by fifty years (d. 1563) and was called the "old Lady Corbet of Shawbury." Sir Robert’s will indicates that he, “the testator was the eldest son and heir of Sir Richard Corbet (b. 1451, d. 6 December 1493) and Elizabeth Devereux (d.1516), the daughter of Walter Devereux (1432-1485), 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley, slain at the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August 1485.
  3. George Corbet, dsp., named in brother’s will
  4. Mary Corbet, who married Sir Thomas Lacon (d.1536) of Willey, Shropshire (for his will, see TNA PROB 11/25, ff. 252-3); [6]
  5. Anne Corbet, who married Sir Thomas Cornwall (1468-1538) of Burford; [6]
  6. Katherine (or Catherine) Corbet, who married Thomas Onslow of Rodington;
  7. Margaret Corbet (d.1573), who married Richard Clyve (d. 22 May 1562) of Walford, Shropshire. [6]

In addition, the following children who were not named in their brother’s will are sometimes attributed to Elizabeth Devereux and her husband Richard Corbet:

  1. Richard Corbet, b. Abt. 1471 – not mentioned by brother
  2. Roger Corbet. (not named by brother’s will)
  3. Dorothy Corbet. (not named by brother’s will)

Ancestry of Richard Newport

Richard Newport had a distinguished ancestry, presented below in an ahnentafel. [7] 1. Sir Richard Newport, 1511-1570 2. Thomas Newport, Sheriff, 1549. 3. Anne Corbet 4. John Newport, Sheriff, 1491, 1501, 1510 5. Alicia Swynnerton 6. Sir Robert Corbet (died 1513 of Moreton Corbet, Sheriff 1507 7. Elizabeth Vernon 8. William Newport of High Ercall, High Sheriff of Shropshire, 1473. 9. Elizabeth de Burgh 10. Sir John Swynnerton of Swynnereton and Hilton, Staffordshire. 12. Sir Richard Corbet (died 1493) of Moreton Corbet 13. Elizabeth Ferrers 14. Sir Henry (Harry) Vernon of Haddon and Tong, Treasurer to Arthur, Prince of Wales. 15. Anne Talbot 16. Thomas Newport of High Ercall, Shropshire. 17. Eleanor Grey, daughter of henry Grey, 3rd Baron Grey of Codnor 18. Sir John de Burgh of Dinas masddwy 19. Jane Clopton of Rdbrook, Gloucestershire. 24. Roger Corbet (died 1468) of Moreton Corbet 25. Elizabeth Hopton, heiress to her brother, Walter Hopton of Hopton Castle, Shropshire (remarried John Tiptoft, 1st Earl of Worcester) 26. Sir Walter Devereux, 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartley 27. Anne Ferrers, 7th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley 28. Sir William Vernon of Haddon and tong (1418-1467) 29. Margaret Pype or Swynfen of Pipe Ridward 30. John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbry (c. 1417-60) 31. Elizabeth Butler, daughter of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde


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