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Thomas Crockett (bef. 1611 - bef. 1679)

Thomas Crockett
Born before in Stoke Gabriel, Devon, Englandmap
Ancestors ancestors
Son of [uncertain] and [uncertain]
Husband of — married [date unknown] [location unknown]
Husband of — married [date unknown] [location unknown]
Descendants descendants
Died before at about age 68 in Kittery, York, Mainemap
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The Puritan Great Migration.
Thomas Crockett migrated to New England during the Puritan Great Migration (1621-1640). (See Great Migration Begins, by R. C. Anderson, Vol. 1, p. 495)
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Thomas was the son of Thomas Crockett and Alse Churchward and is believed to have been born in England about 1608-1611,[citation needed] while a history of Kittery, Maine lists 1606. He married Ann Gunnison probably about 1630.[citation needed]

Thomas died in or before 1679, his widow Ann administering his estate in that year. Then, sometime before 1683, "Ann, widow of Thomas Crockett", married Diggory Jeffreys at Kittery Point. She was still living in 1712.

His death was before March 20, 1679. This was the date of the inventory of his estate.


Thomas arrived in 1630 with the other employees of John Mason's Laconia Co. and lived at David Thompson's house at Little Harbor before going to Newichawannock House in 1633 where he and the others suffered from insufficient clothing and food. In a report to the powers that be in London dated 13 July1633, Ambrose Gibbons stated that Thomas would be one of four men who would remain with him.[1] On 23 Apr. 1634 Thomas received £6 from Ambrose Gibbons for one year of service rendered to Capt. John Mason probably at Portsmouth, NH where he had "3 weeks diet" of John Pickering at a cost of 12/ while working at Sander's Point.[2]

Occupations / Public Positions

Thomas was the ferryman at Brave Boat Harbor 27 June 1648 and was to charge 3d for a freeman and 4d for a foreigner. On 4 July 1659 “Thomas Crockett is allowed to keep the ferry over Pischataqua River from Hugh Gunnisons to Capt. Pendletons for which he is to have six pence a p'son for his ferriage and to have the use yr of for his life tyme provided he fitt conviently for itt for the doing we'of the Town of Kittery is to take effectual care upon penalty of the losse of five pounds for yr neglect." In 1666 this ferry was entrusted to Abraham Corbett.[3]

Thomas was the Constable in 1657 and in 1667 he had built his house upon Crockett's Neck and was living there. He signed the petition that Thomas Wells be permitted to preach among them 10 Nov. 1673.[4]


Thomas seems to have had close ties with Hugh Gunnison who left Boston in 1651 and arrived in Kittery where he kept a tavern. Ann Crockett deposed that “she being several times at the house of Mr. Hugh Gunnisson in his lifetime & near his death, the said Gunnisson charged me the deponent & my husband, that we should not see the two Gunnisson’s wronged of the neck of land & island belonging to it”. Thomas and Ann, and the Gunnisons, each named a son Elihu (before the Gunnisons left Boston). Each family also used the name Joseph and the Crocketts named their youngest son Hugh. All this leads one to believe that the families were related in some way. Thomas and Hugh were about the same age so perhaps their wives were sisters or one may have married a sister of the other. Unfortunately, without more information the connection will remain a mystery.[1]

Court Records & Politics

Thomas took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts at York 23 Nov. 1652.[5]

He was evidently not satisfied with the Massachusetts government as he did not sign the petition to Cromwell which referred to the complaints presented to the Protector by "some gentlemen of worth" (ie. Godfrey) for restitution of their right of jurisdiction and asked that they be not heeded, intimating that they are instigated by "professed Royalists whose breathings that way... have been so farre stifled."[6]

As one of the workmen, Thomas was involved in a land dispute his deposition being taken 22 Apr. 1654.[7]

On 28 June 1655 Sylvester Stover and his wife were presented by the Grand Jury "for Complayneing of one another on a Lords Day in the morneing In saiing that his wife did abuse him & Badd him goe to Thomas Crocketts to his bastard & Carry some bread & Cheeze, & the sayd wife of Stover said that her husband did ‘commonly call her hoore'. Witnesse Peter Weare."[8]

At the court held in York on 3 July 1660 “evidence came into the court which gave just cause of suspicion of too much frequent familiarity between Joseph Davesse & Ann Crockett” and “it is therefore ordered & an act of separation is passed between the said Davisse & Ann Crockett upon the penalty of ten pounds”. Thomas was none too pleased with this situation and “in the behalf of his wife Ann Crockett” he sued Richard White for defamation and he won. [1] Looks like poor Ann had a bit of a reputation in town.

Land Records

  • About the year 1641, Thomas had a gift of land from Thomas Gorges containing approximately 147 acres on the east side of Spruce Creek which was called "Crockett's Neck".[9] Thomas lived at Warehouse Point and had land extending to the north shore of Kittery Point. He sold a house and a few acres near Warehouse Point to Abraham Corbett.[10]
  • I Robert Mendam of Pascataquacke have bought the House & 4 Accors of Ground of Thomas Crockett wch he bought of William Wormwood And I the sd Robert Mendam am to give to the sd Thomas Crocket… the Sum of Nine Pounds & Ten Shillings to be paid the next Springe Three Pounds in Money & the Rest in Comodities at Mikellmus next in the year 1648… the 21th of Septembr 1647…

The Mark of Thomas T Crocket
John Seely
Thomas Bestone[11]

  • Thomas also bought 8 acres of land on Spruce Creek from Joseph Miles, and leased another 20 acres, on 11 Nov. 1647 and then sold it to Rice Thomas in Dec. 1647.[1]
  • "Janv: 10: 1653 at a Towne meeting at yorke Given & granted unto Thomas Crockett by the Towne of yorke a pcell of planting ground which lyeth next to ye sea side betwixt the bounds of Mr. Ed : Godfrey & Mr. ffran : Raynes wch proportion of ground is to runn backe into the Countrey… till the full quantity of ffourty acers of land be Completed & Confirmed by the sd Towne unto Crockett… John Allcocke, Richard Bankes & Arthur Bragdon in ye behalf of ye rest."[12]
  • In 1656 Thomas bought from John Billing Jr. and his mother Mrs. Rice Thomas a house and land on the point near the harbor's mouth where Maj. Shapleigh's storehouse stood:
  • This Confirmation of a bill of sale made this 12th of August 1661 : & wras I John Billine with the Consent of my Mother Elizabeth Tommass did make sale of an house & Land… in ye yeare… 1656 on the eleaventh day of Octobr & wras I was then in my minority & Could not make Legall sale of the sd Land for wch I was fully satisfyd according to condition by the partys yt I sould it unto wch was namely to Thomas Crockett & Rice Tommass, I do now being of full years Continue the same… I John Billine of Kittery… have… sould unto Thoms Crocket… an house & Land… at the place Comanly Called the Poynt neare the Harbours Mouth a part of yt necke of Land on which Major Shapleighs store house stands on Which house & Land I had possession of a Inheritance after ye decease of my father John Billine Senjor the former husband of my Mother the abovesd Elizabeth Tomass which house & Land I have really sould… unto Thomas Crocket… for… Twelve pounds already payd unto mee… six pounds by Tho : Crockett & six pounds by Rice Tomass… this twelveth day of August… 1661…

the marke of W John Billine
In Presence of us
Jos : David
James Pheelps

Samll Davis…
Further each of us do allow of the saile of yt Land formerly sould by our father unto our brother Ephraim Crocket onely hee is to allow unto the Estate seaven pounds mentioned in the Inventory unto all which Wee do here unto sett or hands…
The marke of Ann Crocket X
The marke of Ephraim Crocket E
the marke of Hugh Crockett X
The marke of Joseph Crocket I
Josua Crockett C[13]

A deposition of Nicholas Frost aged about sixty yeares… sayth that about sixteen or seaventeen yeares since, Thomas Crockett had possession of a necke of Land in Spruse Cricke lying on the Northside of the Cricke against his field that hee now hath. His possession was had by falling Tymber & Clearing ground and made preparation to build an house upon the sd Land… Taken upon oath before mee Nicholas Shapleigh this 30th of the 4th 1658…

The Deposition of Robert Mendum… sayth twelve or 13 years since Thomas Crockett & Thomas Beeson did fall Tymber to Saw upon the necke of Land over against Thomas Crocketts field… the 29th day of the 4th Moenth 1658…

The Deposition of Nicholas Frost aged about seaventy yeares Testifyeth that Mr. Thomas Gorges did give unto Thomas Crockett the Necke of Land that lyeth over against the field of Tho : Crockett with in Spruse Cricke… Which Land was given by Mr. Gorges eighteen or nineteen years since… this 16th of Aprill 1662…

The Deposition of Joane Andrews aged about 40 yeares… sayth that about 15 or sixteen years agone having occasion to bee at Thomas Crocketts when his wife was ready to ly down of one of her children & shee being In want of helpe at that tyme, desired this Deponent to Call her husband who was at worke In his ground wrupon she went into Tho : Crocketts field & Called over to him who was chopping of wood & burneing of brush on the Necke of Land on ye other side spruse Cricke over against his field on this side of sd Cricke & this Deponent demanding of him what hee was a doeing hee answered hee was clearing that Necke of Land for a field & if hee lived Intended to sett an house there… Taken upon oath this 25 : of February 60…

The Deposition of Richd Burgess Who testifys that before Mr. Thomas Gorges went out of this Countrey for England hee heard the sd Mr. Gorges & Mr. Richard Vines give & grant unto Thomas Crockett the Necke of Land Which is over against the sd Crocketts planting field Which Necke of land lyeth over ye North side of Spruse Cricke & likewise they have Mr. Gard order to record the aforementioned Neck of land for the aforesd Tho : Crockett. Taken upon oath… this 4th of the 8th 61…

I William Palmer testifie that I Came to fetch Thomas Crockett to worke with mee about eighteen or 19 years since & I found him Cutting of wood in spurse Cricke upon a Certen Necke of Land wch is in controversy between Ryse Tomass & Thomas Crockett this is what I William Palmer testifieth & hee tould mee William Palmer that hee would Cleare Land & plant there. Sworn this 6 : of the 7th 61…

That wras there was a Certen Necke of Land granted by the Select Townsmen for Kittery in the yeare 1652 : unto Ryse Tommass & was not Recorded; it was therefore again granted by the select Townsmen for Kittery the 4th day of Decembr 1655 unto the sayd Ryse Tomass… the Necke of Land lying within the Spruse Cricke & upon the South West side & it is the Necke of Land that lyeth on the further side of the Cricke that runs behind Mr. Gunnissons house provided it bee in no former grant… [14]

Looks like Rice Thomas’ grant was on the SW side of the creek whereas Thomas’ land was on the NE side. From the looks of the depositions it appears that everyone in town saw Thomas cutting trees on his lot!

This Indentre made the Nine and Twenteth of May [1667]…Betwene Thomas Crokett of Kittary… husbandman… and Abraham Corbett of Portsmouth in the River of Puscattaqua distiller… Thomas Crockett for… the sume of Two & Thirty pounds… paid… by… Abraham Corbett… do… sell… all that dwelling howes scytuate… in Kittary… at a place there Called the point… with all Tract… of land… adjoining unto the said house Extending… unto land now in the Possession of ffrancis Morgan… land of Capt Lake… Conteying… Two acres and half…
Thomas Crocket T
ffran : Champernowne
Henry Greenland
The marke E of Ephraim Crokett…

Acknowledged by Thomas Crockett and Anne his wife… a True Coppy… 16th day of Novemb 1669[15]

Allexandr Joanes aged fivety two years… sayth that hee… about 4 years since being desired by Capt Bryan Pendleton to fetch wood at or upon the Necke of Land wron Thomas Crockett now liveth according to wch desire hee this deponent did cut & carry away some wood… but as soone as ye sayd Crockett understood the same hee tooke an occasion to meete this Depont & discharged him from Cutting any more upon wch discharge p the sd Crockett this Deponent being unwilling to loose his labour desired the sd Crockett to give him leave to cut one boate Loade & hee would desist & come there noe more upon wch promiss the sd Crockett tould him that If hee… would cut It upon his Accompt should, but should cutt none upon Capt Pendletons wch this Deponent did accept, & cutt & carried away… Taken upon oath the seaventh day of ffebru… 1667 before mee ffrancis Champernown…

The Deposition of Barnard Squire aged 40 years… this Deponent witnesseth yt wras I was cutting wood with William Woolfe in Spruse Cricke aganst Tho : Crocketts field wrof severall tymes the sd Crockett forewarned us from cutting wood, & after wee came to understand that It was the sd Crocketts Land wee left off cutting… the 17th day of June 1672 before mee John Cutt…

The Deposition of John Whitte aged 66 years… This Deponent… sayth that about nine or 10 years agoe wn Thomas Crockett did brew for Capt Pendleton being Present at his brew house did heare Capt Pendleton & Thoms Crockett discourse of Land & the sd Crockett did desire Capt Pendleton that he would not meddle with that Land that hee was about to buy of Ryce Tomass because it was the sd Crocketts Land & It would breed a great difference between them & then Capt Pendleton replyed God forbid that I should do any man wrong, I will not meddle with it… this 24 : of June 1669 before mee Rogr Playstead…[16]

Death & Probate

An Inventory of the Estate formerly Thoms Crocketts… 20th day of March 1678/9
.........................................................................£ - s - d
Imprs one Necke of Land, near unto Spruse Cricke,
bounded at the head with a Little Ysland, & doth
Containe as we do judg one hundred eighty eight
Acres, or yr abouts at 15s p Acre............141 00 0
It one horse 50s, one Heffer at three
pounds.......................................................005 10 0
It To six acres of Marsh or yr abouts at
tenn pounds................................................10 00 0
It to Iron potts, a pott hooke, & Crookes
at....................................................................01 00 0
It 3 Chests & things in them 12s, Earthen &
wooden ware 13s.........................................01 05 0
It a spit, two ould axes betle rings and
other Iron......................................................00 10 0
It a friingpann 4s, & other severall ould
Calkes 6s........................................................00 10 0
It 4 pewter dishes, one Cupp, bason & Candlesticke
at.....................................................................00 11 00
It one Gryndstone & too baskets 3s 6d,
a Cubbard 2s 6d............................................01 06 00
It too Wedges 2s 6d, Cloathing lining and
Wollen 40s.....................................................02 2 6
It a debt due from Ephraim Crockett.........07 00 0
It an ould Connow [canoe] at 16s...............00 16 0
......................................................................170 10 06

Apprised by us… Francis Hooke William Scrivine Ann Crocket give in upon her oath in Court that this is a true Inventory… [17] Administration of the estate was granted to Ann and their son Ephraim on 1 Apr. 1679.

On 13 June 1683 Anne along with her sons Elisha and Ephraim joined together in the sale of some land and on 20 May 1688 in consideration of money which had been given to her deceased husband and her daughter Mary Barton she deeded land to her son Ephraim.[18]

I Elihew Crockett of Kittery… fisherman with the Consent of Ann Geffrey formerly the wife of Thomas Crockett deceased & now the wife of Dygory Jefferys & with the Consent of my brother Ephraim Crockett for… the sume of Twenty three pounds… do… sell… unto… Aron ferris of the great Ysland In ye Province of New Hampshyre fisherman Twenty Acres of Land… in Spuse Cricke something neare the mouth of the sd Cricke… and begins about foure foot from Joseph Crocketts West Corner of his field… this Thirteenth of June one thousand six hundred eighty & three…
Elihew Crockett A
In the Presence of
The marke of Ephraim
Crockett E
Elizabeth Hill[19]

I Ann Jeofrey Relict and Administratrix to ye Estate of Thomas Crocket late of Kittery… for the consideration of ye Motherly love and dear affection I bear unto my beloved Son Epraim Crocket… for… fifteen pounds & eleven Shillings paid for my Deceased husband Thomas Crocket as alsoe for twelve pounds in Money paid to my daughter Mary Barton for her Legacie as alsoe twenty pounds in Money paid to my Son Joshua Crocket by my… Son Ephraim Crocket… doe… Sell… unto my Son Ephraim… all that tract of Land on lying Crockets Neck being bounded in part by Spruce Creek and the lands of my Son Hugh Crocket and ye lands of William Roberts and John Parrot containing all that tract… as it was formerly laid out and bounded by Capt Wincoll… May ye twentieth one thousand Six hundred Eighty and Eight…
the Signe of
Ann A Jefory
In present of us
Henry Barter
Wm Godsoe…

I Ann Jeofrey Relict & Administratrix of the Estate of Thomas Crocket late of Kittery… in consideration of a Sum of Money paid unto my Deceased husband Thomas Crocket by my Deceased Son Ephreaim Crocket which… was for a… certain tract of Land and Marsh Lying in Braveboat Harbour containing Eighty acres… the sd… Sale was made…in the Year… one thousand Six hundred Seventy and three June ye third the… whole money then paid and… given for ye Same but ye Deed of Sale… was Neglected… which should have then ben given Therefore I… doe… Set over… all that tract of Land and Marsh… unto my beloved Daughter in Law Ann Crocket Relict of my said Son Epraim Crocket… and lies on ye Western Side of Braveboat Harbour… from ye Bridge and soe backward into the Woods… July one thousand Six hundred Ninety and five…
the mark
of A Ann Jeofrey
ye prests of us
Samll Winkley
Samll Palmer[20]

I Joshua Crocket sone to Thomas Crocket some times of Kittery Deceased have sometime since the Death of my said father Laid Claime to some part of a neck of land at the mouth of Spruce Creeke Comonly called Crockets Necke… and was in the possession of his said Father Thomas Crocket when he Dyed and now is in the possession of my Elder brother Ephraim Crockett and for as much as I have some right unto the said neck of land… not only by Inheritance but also by a promise of my father… to the Intent that there may arise no controversye betweene my said Elder brother Ephraim Crockett and my selfe… I Doe by this… in Consideration of twenty pounds… I doe Disowne and Disclaime any right… in the said Necke of land… and… from henceforth never to trouble… or molest my said brother Ephraim Crocket… in the peaceable and Quiet possession of the… Necke of land… this tenth Day of July 1688…
the marke of
Joshua C Crocket
In the presence of us
Francis Hooke
Mary Hooke[21]

I Anne Jeffry Relict and Administratrix of Thomas Crockitt… with the ffree Consent of my husband Digory Jeffry… to fulfill ye mind of my Late Husband Thomas Crockett… Have given… unto my Son in Law William Roberts and Anne his Now wife… all that Tract of Land… Called Crockets Neck Near unto ye Homestead of ye sd Crockett & is bounded by… John Parrott & of Lands of my Deceased Son Ephraim Crockett… with an adition of Land Six acres… by my free Consent… & Likewise by ye free Consent of my sons Hugh & Joseph Crockett & my Daughter in Law Anne Crockett… this Twenty second day of June one Thousand Six hundred ninty five
ye Sign of
Anne A Jeffrey
In presents of us
Nicholas Tucker
ye Sign of
Joseph I Crockett

Wm Godsoe… Anne Jeffrey Came & acknowledged this within Instrumt… Recorded… March 12th 1715/6 [22]


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Anderson doesn't supply any place of origin, nor parents. He also gives Thomas only one wife, Ann ____.

Detach parents? Or is there proof that the stated birth in Devon is the same man? Merge the two wives into one?

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Added maintenance category, needs inline citations. Hopefully it will be tended to before all the "ibid" references are separated.
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Is there any solid source for the attached parents, or his wife's last name as Gunnison? According to the bio there appears to be a connection between the couple and Hugh Gunnison, but the exact connection is unknown.
posted by M Cole
Crockett-1745 and Crockett-35 appear to represent the same person because: Same death date, location, approximate birth date
posted by M Cole
wiki tree states there is no tree for Crockett-1745
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That's because -1745 was already merged into -35.
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Crockett-914 and Crockett-35 appear to represent the same person because: same parents, need merging
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this merge has been completed according to wiki tree
posted by James Braun
Crockett-582 and Crockett-35 appear to represent the same person because: same dates, same son Ephraim
posted by Robin Lee
this merge has been completed according to wiki tree
posted by James Braun

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