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Laurie Cruthers
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I'm a retired book editor and children's author who still dabbles in indexing.

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Laurie can you go ahead and merge George Forsyth born 1808 husband of Elizabeth Snyder,,,,
Laurie re the merging of the George Forsyth profile ,,,Thankyou so much,,,,but I need to consult first and would offer the trusted list option to you if you can accept
Sent you a private message, Maggie.
posted by Laurie Cruthers
Thank you Laurie for contacting me regarding the duplicate Jno Geary profiles. I'm not sure how I got through the GEDCompare process without seeing Geary-393 but I hope that the only Geary I missed. I will be reviewing others to see if there were any more misses. Antoinnette and I are DNA matches. I just pulled up the profile to see how it looked and see that Russell Butler did this merge today??? And the bio is very different from what I saw when I previewed it before confirming the merge. Don't hesitate to let me know if I've done something wrong.

Thanks again, Claire

posted by Claire (Reiner) Piltz
You're welcome, Claire. I've never been through the GEDCompare process, but I know it's onerous, so missing the odd duplicate is to be expected.
posted by Laurie Cruthers
Hi Laurie,

Thanks for your updates to Chris Spencer (my great uncle). Curious as to your connection.

Victor Spencer

posted by Victor Spencer
Thanks for the thanks, Victor! No connection, just came across the photo and some info and thought I'd add them to his profile.
posted by Laurie Cruthers
Hi Laurie,

Thanks for doing the update on Mark Coe recently, in particular adding the ‘gardener’ detail connected with his death registration. Happy hunting! Vaughn Thurman

posted by Vaughn Thurman
Thanks, Vaughn. I'm always interested in finding information about early Toronto area settlers. I recently discovered that a house I've passed many times in my neighboourhood was the gatehouse to a railway magnate's estate. Fun stuff. Happy hunting to you as well!
posted by Laurie Cruthers
Hi Laurie I am interested in the art of Donald McKay Houstoun from several towns in Ont. He died in 2004. Have you heard of him?
posted by [Living Mason]
Hi Sallly,

No, I hadn't heard of him. You can find a bio of Mackay Houstoun (1916-2004) on the Roberts Gallery site I can see why you're interested in his art. I like it, too.

He had an older brother, William Scobie Houstoun, who was also an artist.

Father: Donald Horatio Houstoun (1886-1956) Mother: Lulu May Grant (1888-1975) Lulu's father, William Jonathan Grant, has a profile on WikiTree. Grant-17238 if you're interested in connecting Mackay Houstoun to the tree.

posted by Laurie Cruthers
edited by Laurie Cruthers
Hi Laurie,

I am a relation of Frank Hyde D'Arcy and his brother Joseph William D'Arcy - both attended the Strickland school in Lakefield and Frank built the Grist Mill later sold after his death to John Hull. I see you have a photo of Strickland family at that time and I was wondering if you know of other photos that might show the D'Arcy boys. Best Tim C D'Arcy Anderson

posted by Tim Anderson
Thanks for getting in touch, Tim. I've always been interested in the Stricklands, thanks to a family connection, but don't have any photos of the D'Arcy brothers. I did search a few archives (Trent, LAC, etc.) with no luck I'm afraid. Best of luck with your search.
posted by Laurie Cruthers
Hi Laurie.

Thanks for your quick response. Out of interest, My grandmother was a Harriet Heighington. Coincidently, the village of Heighington is only 1 mile from where I live. The Heighington name was originally written as Heckington or Hecklington. A descendant (Hecklington) was tasked with delivering Mary, queen of Scotland to the Tower of London on the orders of Queen Elizabeth 1`st many moons ago. This information was unearthed by my 2nd cousin Frank Heighington when he researched his family name. regards John This was

posted by John Fenwick
Hello again,

Such an interesting family history! The Heighington whose photo I found was Angus Comston Heighington, born in Ontario in 1881. His parents, Joseph and Clara, were both born in England according to Family Search.

posted by Laurie Cruthers
Hi Laurie.

I have just received a notification concerning my grandfather Jacob Fenwick that you have addressed. If you go into my profile on Family Search, you will see that I have added much more family history. I believe that I have managed to go back to the early 1800`s I presume that you are doing some investigation into my family line so please email me for any assistance that I can offer. Nice to see you have found another challenge. Regards John Fenwick

posted by John Fenwick
Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch. I've been matching public domain University of Toronto yearbook photos with WikiTree profiles (my latest obsession on WikiTree) and stumbled across Jacob Fenwick's profile while looking for a Heighington. If I come across a source in trying to trace a person, I add it to a profile. So as you can see, I'm not investigating your family line, but am impressed you've managed to go back to the early 1800s -- not an easy feat in many families! Laurie

posted by Laurie Cruthers
Hi, Laurie!

Thank you for your participation in October 2020’s Source-a-thon. Your contributions helped us to clear over 57,000 profiles that needed sourcing. This makes our Shared Tree all that much better.

Keep up the great work!

Pippin Sheppard WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Hi Laurie,

You added a lovely photo of Muriel (Birnie) Miller to her profile. Was it one of the public domain photos you found? What a great idea to locate photos. They really add life to a profile. Concerning family puzzles, my most frustrating case is Muriel's husband's great grandfather, George Miller. Born in Poughkeepsie, New York May 5, 1809, died in Owen Sound, Ontario April 30, 1891 (Obituary) and I can't find his parents. Total brick wall for 20 years. Thank you, Pat Miller

posted by Pat Miller
Hi again, I'm so glad you like it. Yes, it's from Torontonensis, the U of T yearbook.

I have quite a few of those brick walls, too, mostly Irish. One just keeps plugging away and hoping that a new source will appear on one of the sites.

Thanks for all the "thanks", Laurie

posted by Laurie Cruthers
Hi Laurie,

Since you manage a number of Prentice profiles I invite you to check-out the new One Name Study for the Prentice surname.

Best - RP

posted by Ronald Prentice
Where did you find the photo of GHB Hooper?
posted by Dan Wilkinson
If you click on the photo, you'll see that it was published in the Canadian Electrical News. One of my quirky hobbies is finding public domain photos in out-of-copyright journals on and matching them to WikiTree profiles.
posted by Laurie Cruthers
Thank you for this information. When clicking on the photo, I was only able to open a page in WikiTree. Here I see that you uploaded the photo today. There is no reference to your source.

However, using the search, I found the source from the information you just provided me with.

posted by Dan Wilkinson
The source is in the Comments section of the Photo Page, but I see that I forgot to add Glad you found the source. Now the trick will be if you can figure out how that invention works!
posted by Laurie Cruthers
The way I see it is that the winding in the brake shoe induces a magnetic field that is attracted to the steel street-car wheel. Depending on the required braking power, I expect the electricity applied to the brake shoe winding would be designed to be variable.

But the patents were sold after his passing as were the manufacturing licenses. This created a legacy for his remaining family.

posted by Dan Wilkinson
I just received notice of changes made to Margaret Wright's profile. Thank you.

Margaret married my great grandfather Matthew White and her father, Peter Wright, had a farm in the same general area north of Havelock, ON. They were south of Round Lake while the White family farm was north. Curious about your relationship to Wrights. Thanks again.

posted by David White
You're welcome, David. No relationship. Was looking for another Wright and stumbled across some sources. Wonderful photos BTW.
posted by Laurie Cruthers

You do so much for wikitree and you have helped so many of us. I am happy to see all the well-deserved comments. I would like to echo all that has been written. As well, I would like to tell you that you are one of the reasons I decided to become so involved. Your encouragement and support have inspired me to do more research. Thank you, Laurie for helping me to discover a new passion.

posted by A. Creighton
Thanks for the note about the Rapson profiles. My interest is pretty distant. It is on the Porterfield surname. There is a Porterfield who married a Rapson and I guess built out the Rapson side at the time.
posted by Marty (Lenover) Acks
Hi Laurie,

I’m checking in with all Titanic Project Members to introduce myself and see how you are and what you are working on. I’m Lizzie and I’m honoured to be looking after the project in the role of coordinator. Please let me know what you are working on and if you need anything from me.

Looking forward to moving the project forward with you


Laurie, the Appreciation Team thanks for you for efforts toward making our Shared Tree the best it can be with your 1000 contributions during August 2019. You are an important part of what we are all about!

Pippin Sheppard

WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Regarding James Graham's profile (which I adopted), it looks as though there are two different individuals. I checked for a merge, but there was none. I can extract the U.S. James from the Canadian James by removing the parents.
posted by Connie Graham
Hi , Laurie. Not sure yet on what you changed for John Lewis MacDonald. I think you just added my great grandmother Flora Belle Cameron. still learning to navigate through this sight.If I am successful in finding out the names of Alexander MacDonald Parents as this is my wall I am blocked at. I have a lot more info about John Lewis as I am his decedent from his second wife Flora Belle. Mary Coady was his first. I have all the siblings. Lots of work to add. Thanks for helping.
posted by James MacDonald

I would like to see added a category for the Baloon Settlement. A settlement founded 1804 for Highland Scots. Baldoon existed until the War of 1812, when it was ravaged by the invading American army. It was formerly near Chatham, Kent, Ontario, where to day their is a Plaque.

posted by Lawrence Bailey

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