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Jack Day is a Military Veteran.
Served in the United States Army 1967-1970 as a Chaplain in the rank of Captain
He served at Fort Eustis, VA, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam, Fort Lee, VA. He then served as chaplain for the 115th Evacuation Hospital of the District of Columbia National Guard.
Rev. Dr. Jack Day served in the United States Army in the Vietnam War
Service started: 1967 (Commissioned)
Unit(s): First Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
Service ended: 1971
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Jack has written and improved ten profiles for the Biography Builders Challenge.
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Jack is the Gateway Guardian for Giles Brent
Descendant of Robert Harrington of Watertown
Jack Day is a member of the US Southern Colonies Project.
US Black Heritage PATH Graduate
Jack Day is a graduate of the US Black Heritage Project's PATH.
US Black Heritage PATH Graduate
Jack Day is a graduate of the USBH Heritage Exchange Track on the PATH.



Crown of St Edward
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I've been a WikiTree member since February 3, 2013. I'm a member of a number of Projects which reflect my interests--feel free to contact me in connection with any of them!

WikiTree Advance Directive

In the event of my untimely demise I want to be sure that none of my hard work on WikiTree ends up being deleted. Therefore in the event of my incapacitation or death I hereby give permission for all of my private profiles to be transferred to my cousin Gene Walker, whether or not he is currently on their Trusted Lists.

Major Roles in Major Projects

Team Leader

I'm Team Leader for the Province of Maryland Team of the Southern ColoniesProject and welcome new team members.

Project Coordinator

  1. Disproven Existence Project I'm Project Coordinator and resident early medieval/pre-medieval expert as well as Maryland liaison. I coordinate efforts to evaluate simple Disproven profiles (with the research box) or Uncertain profiles/groups and the various steps to get them added to the project (or by another interested project).
  2. Medieval Project I'm Project Coordinator for the Ancient Royals subproject covering profiles of persons born prior to 742. I'm working with John Atkinson, the project Leader, to find ways we can add manpower to developing these very early profiles.
  3. Maryland Project. As Project Coordinator I lead this subproject of the United States Project. I have been working on my Maryland roots for many decades and maintain a significant personal library of Maryland resources
  4. Indonesia. Having spent part of my growing up years in Indonesia, I founded this project which is now a full-fledged project with a Leader. As Project Coordinator I help volunteers with bilingual and trilingual profiles and categorization.

Minor Roles or Minor Projects

  1. Wales Project I work extensively with profiles of pre-1500 Welsh nobility.
  2. Ranger Project. As a member of the "Saturday Shamrock" team I take my public service turn helping monitor potential harm to our site.
  3. Categorization Project. As a former Project Coordinator for this project, I continue to be liaison for some of the other projects I'm involved in.
  4. Magna Carta Project. I highly value the rigor of the Magna Carta project which has affected everything I do on WikiTree. I appreciate the chance to document early English nobility and am "Gateway Guardian" for Giles Brent. As a former Project Coordinator and emeritus member of this project, I hope to find time to do another Magna Carta trail some time in the future.
  5. England Project I help with very early profiles and have a special interest in Marcher counties like Shropshire and Cheshire because of their proximity to Wales.
  6. Early Scandinavia Project I joined this project because of ancestors in extraterritorial Scandinavian entities like the Kingdom of Dublin
  7. Asia Project. I helped found this minor project at present which does not have a Leader, but hopes to become an umbrella project related to various Asia Projects such as Indonesia and India.
  8. Profile Improvement Project I joined the Profile Improvement Project because of my interest in well researched profiles.
  9. King Arthur Legends Project I helped found this small project which engages others in linking together real and legendary people associated with King Arthur.
  10. One Place Studies. I really haven't done anything with this, but I have a particular interest in Llangollen, Wales and Damascus, Maryland.

Personal Projects

  1. Sampson Waring Ancestors Project. I've created a "personal project" for this that others are welcome to join: Sampson Waring Ancestors Project (August 15, 2018). This project traces the ancestry of Sampson Waring, born in Shrewsbury in 1616, back to his possible Norman and extensive Welsh nobility roots. (So far, nobody has!)
  2. I am tracking my own other ancestral lines at Space: Jack Day's Ahnentafels.
  3. King Arthur Legends.

Genealogy Publications

  • The Story of the Maryland Walker Family, 1957 (15 pages, mimeographed). Produced when I was 15 years old, and I was thrilled when the Library of Congress, New York Public Library, and Montgomery County (Maryland) Historical Society accepted copies of it for their collections.
  • James Day of Browningsville and His Descendants: A Maryland Family. Columbia, Maryland, 1976. Softcover. Out of print, but several hundred copies in circulation. Over 2000 descendants of James Day, my great-great grandfather who guarded British prisoners of war in Frederick, Maryland during the American Revolution.
  • Three Sisters Went West: An Essay. https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Three_Sisters_Went_West:_An_Essay&public=1. Looking at the human story behind the dry facts.

Available Databases

As a lifelong genealogist, I've developed "databases" of a pre-1800 information on a number of Maryland families. These databases are in MS Word files. They arrange bits and groups of bits of information according to the actual or guessed birth date of an individual, so that contemporaries are grouped together. There are footnotes giving source wherever possible. These databases aren't perfect, of course, but they often contain more information than one can find elsewhere in one place. I'm glad to share these databases with anyone who agrees not to post them intact on the internet -- they contain some coding (such as G in front of a date to indicate it's an educated guess) that would not make sense out of context! But I'd be delighted if anything I've done contributes to enhancing the profiles you work on for WikiTree. So just send me a note! Here are the family names for which I have databases. The focus is on Maryland families before 1800.




My father's family came from upper Montgomery County, Maryland, and many trace back to colonial Maryland. My mother's family came from upper New York State and trace back to New England. My sister is a member of the DAR and other lineage societies. I have joined First Families of Maryland.

Cousins on WikiTree

I've re-arranged the list of my cousins on WikiTree in order of their closeness!

2nd Cousins

4th Cousins

  • Molly King and I are straight fourth cousins with John Duckett King as our common ancestor. We are also alumni of the same college in Maryland.
  • Dennis Barton is my fourth cousin, with Peter Beyer, born 1760 in the Duchy of Wurttemburg, Holy Roman Empire, as our common ancestor. Peter Beyer migrated to Browningsville, Maryland, where the farm he started is still owned by his Walker descendants.
  • Andrea Greene, born 1970's, is my 4th cousin, once removed, Our common ancestor is Joshua Purdum, born in Montgomery County, Maryland, 1767.

5th Cousins

8th Cousins

10th Cousins

Dave Finster is my 10th Cousin, through our common ancestor on my mother's side, Francis Kendall immigrant from Hertfordshire, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. We have known each other for many years, but only recently discovered this relationship through WikiTree.

11th Cousins

  • S J Baty is my 11th cousin twice removed with my mother's ancestor Peter Foster as the ancestor we share.

16th Cousins

  • Adrienne Tomkins is my 16h cousin with [[Epes-14|John Epes as our common ancestor. She was previously my 17th cousin, with Sir Thomas de Peyton, born in Cambridgeshire, 1417, as our common ancestor. As lines are added to WikiTree, closer relationships can develop1

19th Cousins

  • Paige Sgrignoli is my nineteenth cousin, twice removed, with Walter Bromley, born 1320 in Cheshire, England, as our common ancestor! Later on 10 January 2020, Paige is now my 20th cousin once removed, with William Bromley, born 1320 in Cheshire, England, as the common ancestor.

Relationship to Presidents

Every so often I go through and recalculate. These relationships include those which are marked "uncertain" on WikiTree. As WikiTree adds more good data and removes questionable data, sometimes the relationships change!

3rd cousins

Initially: No relationship.
September 2016, Jan 2017: 17th cousins, 5 times removed. Common ancestor: Hugh le Despencer via Norwoods.
July 2017 -- No relationship.
June 2018 -- still no relationship.
November 2019, May 2021: 3rd cousins, 7 times removed. Common ancestor: Samuel Basse. On mother's side.

5th cousins

7th cousins

  • 30. John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. - 1872-1933. July 2017. 7th Cousins, Once removed. Common ancestor: John Harrington

8th cousins

Initially: 18th Cousin, 5 times removed. Common Ancestor, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth.
September 2016, Jan 2017: 11th cousin, 9 times removed. July Common ancestor William Gascoigne IX, via Norwoods.
July 2017 16th cousin, 7 times removed. Common ancestor Ralph Boteler.
November 2019: 8th cousin 8 times removed. Common ancestor: Edmund Sutton.

10th cousins

12th cousins

  • 32. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 16th cousins, twice removed. Common Ancestor: John Giffard. July 2017: 12th cousins, 5 times removed. Common AncestorJohn Bird
Initially: 21st Cousin, twice removed. Common Ancestor, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, ancestor of Sampson Waring.
January 2017: 11th cousins, 8 times removed. Common ancestor: Roger Wentworth, via Norwoods.
July 2017. 22nd cousins. Common ancestor: Willilam ap David, ancestor of Sampson Waring.
June 2018: 13th cousins, 6 times removed. Common ancestor: Hugh IV de Venables.
November 2019: 11th cousins, 8 times removed. Common ancestor: Ralph de Neville (Magna Carta Descendant)
May 2021: 12th cousins, 6 times removed. Common ancestor: Ellen Hawkeston, ancestor of Sampson Waring.

15th cousins

16th cousins

17th cousins

18th cousins

  • 10. [[Tyler-150|John Tyler, 1790-1862. 14th cousins 5 times removed. Common ancestor: Thomas Mowbray de Mowbray Julyu 2017 18th cousins once removed. Common ancestor William Bromley
  • 15. James Buchanan, 1791-1868. 12th cousins, 9 times removed. Common ancestor: [[Plantagenet-66|John Plantagenet of Gaunt. JULY 2017: 18TH cousins, 5 times removed. Common ancestor: Llywelyn ap Iorwerth.

19th cousins

  • 5. James Monroe, 1758-1831. 19th cousin, 4 times removed. Common Ancestor, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth Same in July 2017.
  • 21. Chester A. Arthur - July 2017: 19th cousins, four times removed. Common ancestor: Ralph Boteler
  • 23. Benjamin Harrison. 1833-1901. Jujly 201: 19th cousins, once removed. Common ancestor is Iorwerth Foel ap Iorwerth
  • 40. Ronald Reagan - 1911-2004. 19th cousin twice removed. Common Ancestor is Ednyfed Gam ab Iorwerth. July 2017: No change.
  • 28. Thomas Woodrow Wilson - 1856-1924. July 2017. No relationship. January 2020. 19th cousin 4 times removed; common ancestor is Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, born Wales 1173.

20th cousins

  • 4. James Madison, Jr, 1750-1836. 16th cousin, 4 times removed. Common Ancestor, Iorwerth Foel ap Iorwerth July 2017 20th cousins twice removed. Common ancestor: ]]Malpas-131|William ap David]]
  • 17. Andrew Johnson, 1808-1875. 15th cousins, 5 times removed. Common ancestor William Gascoigne IX, via Norwoods. July 2017: 20th cousins, 3 times removed. Common ancestor: Ralph Boteler
  • 19. Rutherford B. Hayes - Juily 2017: 20th cousins, twice removed. Common ancestor; William ap David

21st cousins

  • 29. Warren G. Harding - 1865-1923. July 2017. 21st cousins, twice removed. Common ancestor: Ralph Boteler

22nd cousins

  • 22 and 24. Grover Cleveland - July 2017: 22nd cousins. Common ancestor: William ap David
  • 26. Theodore Roosevelt - 1858-1919. July 2017: 22nd cousins. Common ancestor: William ap David
  • 39. Jimmy E. Carter - 1924 - Living. No relationship. July 2017: 22nd Cousins. Common ancestor: William ap David
  • 42 William Clinton -- 1946 - Living. No common Ancestor. July 2017: 22nd cousins, 3 times removed. Common ancestor: William ap David

23rd cousins

No Relationship Found -- Yet

  • 7. Andrew Jackson, Jr. 1767-1845. No relationship. July 2017 No relationship.
  • 8. Martin Van Buren. 1782-1862. No relationship. July 2017 No relationshop.
  • 25. William McKinley - 1843-1901. July 2017: No relationship.
  • 34. Dwight David Eisenhower - 23rd cousins. Common ancestor: Common Ancestor, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth. July 2017: No relationship. January 2020: No relationship.
  • 45. Donald Trump. No common ancestor. July 2017: same.

June 2018 -- Because Donald Trump is living, his profile is hidden, and new calculations cannot be made.

Relationships to Other Notables


United Methodist Pastor living in Catonsville, Maryland. Married, two children (one living), 8 grandchildren. Career has involved roles including:


BA, History, Western Maryland (now McDaniel) College, Westminster, Maryland, 1963.
M. Div, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D. C. 1967.
Master of Public Health, University of North Carolina School of Public Health, Chapel Hill, 1987.
Doctor of Ministry, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C., 2010.


  • Chaplain, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam., See Article
  • Pastor of United Methodist Churches from 1964-1971 ands since 2003, most recently (jan 2021-June 2022) St. John's UMC - Baltimore City, MD
  • Coordinator of Council of Family Planning Agencies
  • Manager of health-related projects for several US government contracts while employed at consulting firms in Columbia, Maryland
  • Deputy Director for Management Services at a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Chief Administrative Officer for a partnership of community health centers in Maryland
  • Program Director, Health and Wholeness, and Consultant, Health Care Advocacy, for United Methodist Board of Church and Society, Washington, DC

What a Public Search Reveals!

Everything here is apparently public information, which anyone can search for and find on the internet! Space: Public Records on Jackson Day

Working Spaces

Current Family To Do List

Digital Afterlife

To aid WikiTree in the administration of my account should I be incapacitated, or in the event of my death, I hereby give permission for all private person -profiles and free-space profiles I'm managing to be transferred to the following WikiTreers, whether or not they are currently on the Trusted Lists: Vivia Tatum Gene Walker


Only the Trusted List can access the following:
  • Jack's formal name
  • full middle name (H.)
  • nicknames
  • e-mail address
  • exact birthdate
  • birth location
  • images (3)
  • private siblings' names
  • private children's names (2)
  • spouse's name and marriage information
For access to Jack Day's full information you must be on Jack's Trusted List. Please login.

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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Jack or other carriers of his ancestors' Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage of DNA with Jack:

Have you taken a DNA test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.

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Hi Jack, I have added a reference to your Space:Legendary Scottish Stewart Ancestry into the Stewart Name Study.

Many thanks for your exceptional work in this area.

Best Regards Allan Stuart

posted by Allan Stuart
Thanks, Allan. It's been a while since I worked on those. Would you like to be added as co-profile manager?
posted by Jack Day
Many thanks It would be a pleasure
posted by Allan Stuart
Click on the link to be added to the trusted list and I'll bump you up to PM.
posted by Jack Day
Hi Jack,

I feel I know this answer, but thought I would leave this for you anyhow.

This is the time for the 2023 annual check in with members of the US Southern Colonies Project. Have you been active during the last six months in this Project? Note that it is a Wikitree requirement to respond to the US Southern Colonies Check-ins. Please reply to this message by clicking the reply button below this message, to post your answer. I look forward to hearing from you..

Many thanks,

Mary~ Project Coordinator, Membership, US Southern Colonies

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi, Mary! Yes, I would hope you do know the ancestor. I've been extensively active with Province of Maryland profiles combining my work with Southern Colonies with parallel work on the same profiles for Black Heritage. I'm taking a breather from all that for the moment and doing some work on medieval profiles...


posted by Jack Day
Thanks for the reply. I marked you Active as usual. Have fun with the Medieval profiles. Mary
posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Jack, Wondering if you know if The Germanna Foundation database and related publications are considered very reliable sources, based on original records? For 1700s German immigrants to Virginia / Maryland.

I am researching the Yowell family, in particular David Yowell and seeing some discrepancies between what the Colonial Settlers website has for him and what has been posted to his profile sourced from a Germanna people's book and wonder which one might be most likely to be correct. On Wikitree someone has posted a huge amount of info from Germanna publications to the early Yowell profiles.

One has to pay a yearly fee of $50 to be able to view their database -- not sure it is worth it for just a few profiles. Their publications are also only available thru purchase.

Many thanks!

posted by J. West
edited by J. West
I'm much stronger on Maryland than on Virginia, not very strong on German immigrants, and I'm not familiar with the Germanna Foundation or the Yowell family. I AM familiar with Mike Marshall's Early Colonial Settlers website and use it frequently because he posts original documents or their summaries which themselves would be quite reliable so long as they have been transcribed properly. The top material on his site giving dates and family relationships is generally useful and correct, but it is often not specfically sourced, so when he gives a particular birth year for someone, you really don't know where it came from unless there is a supporting document under his notes.
posted by Jack Day
Hi Jack

I have recently updated the profile of https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Mao-6 to the best of my ability as he now has a Wikipedia page. However, I do not have the linguistic ability to record the place names and any other relevant details in the correct Script. I am there enlisting your assistance to do this if you think it necessary to enhance the profile as I don't want to get it wrong! I would be most grateful for your consideration of this request.

Thank you. Shoshanah Luckie

posted by Shoshanah Luckie
edited by Shoshanah Luckie
Hi, Shoshanah -- you honor me too much! My father was both fluent and literate in Mandarin, but I forgot most of my Chinese when we returned to the states in 1951. It's perfectly acceptable to do his profile in English, using the spellings in Wikipedia. Someone who is literate in Chinese may come along later and create a Chinese language version, making it a bilingual profile.
posted by Jack Day
Cool. From somewhere in the past (I set up Mao originally and it was a bit of scrappy set up back then!) I thought that there was a plan afoot that Chinese profiles were to be in Mandarin (where poss, the names etc) and that you were the man to do that. It was a while back now. So maybe I got it confused. Anyway, glad to get this cleared.
posted by Shoshanah Luckie
Dear Jack,

On behalf of the England Project, I would like to thank you for your commitment to the project's goals. Every single contribution you make helps improve English profiles!

The England Project Leaders like to touch base with each of our members periodically to make sure everything is going well. This is our formal annual check-in with you.

Are you happy to with your current project team choices? Would you like to join any other teams?

Also, we would really like to hear which team is currently your highest priority. If you are a member of more than one team, could you please rank them from highest priority to lowest? Thank you! If you don’t see yourself as being part of a team, please let us know.

We also welcome any feedback on things you would like to see the project do more of in the future.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message.

On behalf of all the Leaders, thank you again for all you do and we look forward to you continuing to be a part of our collaborative and fun Project!

Kind regards,

Susie, England Project Leader

posted by Susie (Potter) Officer
Hi, Susie. I believe I'm on the England Project team focused on pre-1500 profiles, which is where I make my contributions. I'm already overbooked, so will not want to be part of other teams. Thanks for asking.
posted by Jack Day
Thanks for responding Jack - much appreciated.

We have you in the King Arthur Legends Topic team. Hopefully that's appropriate and where you think you are.



posted by Susie (Potter) Officer
Thanks, Susie. My primary involvement with England is pre-1500 profiles. I looked at the England Project pages and see nothing with such a focus, so I supposes King Arthur Legends is as good a parking place as any. While my primary time focus at the moment is US Southern Colonies, where I'm Province of Maryland Team Leader, I have a personal project on the ancestry of my ancestor Sampson Waring, born in Shrewsbury in 1616. Over 5 years I have developed https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Sampson_Waring_Ahnentafel, containing Waring's extensive ancestry in England and Wales. One of Waring's ancestors is King Alfred the Great and my next effort will be to do whatever profile improvement and documentation I can to the trail of profiles between Waring and Alfred. One of the unresolved WikiTree issues especially in Waring's Welsh ancestry is what to do with legendary ancestry, especially in a pedigree that reaches back from a documented ancestor, to plausible ancestors, to ancestors with names only, ending at the top with a god. We're clear in Wikitree that we won't have a profile for the god, but where do we stop in the pedigree? That brings us back to the King Arthur Project, with which I haven't done anything for years. Most characters in that legend never actually existed, so no new person-profiles will be created; existing ones are legacy profiles that really should be in the Disproven Existence Project (for which I am Project Coordinator). Anything we added was via a free-space profile. Since any additional work would be via free-space profile, there is really no need for persons interested in King Arthur to be pre-1500 certified.
posted by Jack Day
Van Weert-15 here. Re the name Sweringen, not patronymic, so refers to trade or place most likely. Google "Weringen" and you get a Germanic / Austrian response. Wering is a common Dutch word, meaning barrier, like in Dike. Plural is weringen. The massive sea dikes built since the Flood of 1953 are called Zeeweringen. In older Dutch: Seeweringen. Hope this helps.
posted by Gus Van Weert
Hi, Jack I tried to find your Free Space Project to no avail...

here is the profile Day=9846 that I did the work up on their 1790 census... 2 of them John and Edward.............. same image


posted by Carole Taylor
Rev. Day, After looking over your profile, Just Wondering if you have any DNA matches to back up your being related to Edward III, or any other Kings in Europe past. I do the oldest being, Judith de Normandy (987-1017), Grandmother of William I of England. I have matches thru all 4 of her children then and some of her descendants now. You just have to know who they are. Shared DNA 0.3% (23.1 cM), Shared segments: 2, Largest segment: 17 cM. (with Judith (Rennes) de Normandy) As they say DNA don't Lie. Take care and have a nice DAY ! RJM
posted by Robert Mitchell
Sorry, I don't! And there's a chance DNA wouldn't back me up anyway -- I read that on the average, every 10 generations there is a "non-paternal event" in which the y-DNA totally changes, and some poor woman's secrets, which she thought she had taken to the grave with her, are on display!
posted by Jack Day
Hi Jack,

On behalf of the England Project, I would like to thank you for all your contributions towards the project's goals. Every single contribution you make helps improve English profiles!

I'd also like to share our annual Newsletter with you. You can read it here: England Project Newsletters. We hope you enjoy reading a bit about what has gone on in 2022 and what our Project has achieved.

The England Project Leaders like to touch base with each of our members every 6 months just to make sure everything is going well. There's no need to reply to this message unless you have something you'd like to let us know about (e.g. if you would like to change your team choices or provide other feedback). We will be in touch with you again in the middle of next year when we do our annual check-in with project members.

On behalf of all the Leaders, I wish you a peaceful and productive 2023.

Best wishes,

Ian, England Project Leader

posted by I. Speed
Hello Jack, Dave Finster here. It's November 16. Happy St. Margaret's Day (Wessex-26)! Queen of Scots as the wife of King Malcolm Canmore (Appears on WikiTree as Malcolm Dunkeld), and second patron saint of Scotland. I used the relationship finder and see that you are her second cousin 30 times removed. And she is my 27th Great-Grandmother.
posted by David Finster
And Happy St. Margaret's Day to you, my cousin! It appears we have 23 common ancestors, some on my mother's side and some on my father's side! We are truly cousins in so many ways! Hope you're well.
posted by Jack Day
Hi Jack,

Wales Project Semi-Annual Check-In

Thank you for being a member of the Wales Project. You may recall membership requires at least one contribution to project goals during each 6-month period. A contribution includes creation of and modification to Wales related profiles.

Have you been able to contribute?

To all our active members, thank you for your work.

Please consider these questions:

- Do you desire to stay on your current project team(s)?

- Which teams are you most active in?

- Are there other teams you would like to join or become more active in?

- Also, do you have any feedback on what the project is doing well and anything we could do better in the future?

Please respond to this message by posting a reply in Comments below or sending me a private message. I look forward to hearing from you.


Stuart Awbrey, Membership Coordinator

posted by Stuart Awbrey
Hi, Stuart -- I'm sure I've made one modification to a Wales-related profile in the last six months! Although at the moment most of my time is being spent on profiles related to freed slaves in colonial and post-colonial US.

As you know, my main Wales interest is in medieval and pre-medieval Welsh profiles. The managed profiles team seems to be the best team at the moment, although since dissolution of the Cymru Project there is no really good place for Welsh medievalists to live. There is an overlap with the England and Wales team of the Medieval Project, but since there are so few people active on these profiles at the moment, it is an overlap on paper only. The medieval project has more competence in the medeival area, but the Wales project has a much greater passion for Wales, so I don't see the matter being easily resolved, and there's little energy for it. So hail to the status quo!

posted by Jack Day
Thanks for responding. We are pleased to have you as a member.
posted by Stuart Awbrey
We are related:

WikiTree: Where genealogists collaborate First Name

Last Name or ID

Name on Watchlist My WikiTree Nash-9215 Add Find Help Relationship Found Jack and Dennis William are 18th cousins once removed Jack Day and Dennis William Nash are both descendants of Gwladys ferch Llywelyn (1295-).

1. Jack is the son of Jackson Wesley Day (1910-2005) [confident] 2. Jackson is the son of Rachel Vivia Cochel (Walker) Day (1874-1957) [confident] 3. Rachel is the daughter of Rachel Browning (Purdum) Walker (1835-1910) [confident] 4. Rachel is the daughter of Jemima D. (King) Purdum (abt.1805-1892) [confident] 5. Jemima is the daughter of John Duckett King (1778-1858) [confident] 6. John is the son of Rebecca (Duckett) King (abt.1742-) [confident] 7. Rebecca is the daughter of Sarah Haddock (Waring) Duckett (abt.1721-abt.1784) [confident] 8. Sarah is the daughter of Basil Waring Jr (1683-1733) [confident] 9. Basil is the son of Basil Waring (abt.1650-1688) [confident] 10. Basil is the son of Sampson Waring (bef.1616-abt.1668) [confident] 11. Sampson is the son of Basil Waring (1584-1647) [confident] 12. Basil is the son of Margery Hosier (bef.1569-) [confident] 13. Margery is the daughter of John Hosier (1523-1591) [confident] 14. John is the son of Thomas Hosier (abt.1490-aft.1538) [confident] 15. Thomas is the son of Edward (ap Llywelyn) Hosyer (abt.1460-aft.1496) [confident] 16. Edward is the son of Llywelyn ap Deicws (abt.1430-) [confident] 17. Llywelyn is the son of Deicws ap Hywel (abt.1400-) [confident] 18. Deicws is the son of Hywel ap Ieuan (abt.1360-) [confident] 19. Hywel is the son of Ieuan ap Ednyfed (abt.1315-) [confident] 20. Ieuan is the son of Gwladys ferch Llywelyn (1295-) [confident] This makes Gwladys the 18th great grandmother of Jack.

1. Dennis William is the son of Frederick William Nash (1922-2016) [unknown confidence] 2. Frederick William is the son of Martha Marie (Wolf) Nash (1888-1927) [confident] 3. Martha Marie is the daughter of Lucinda Katherine (Bowles) Wolf (1867-1901) [unknown confidence] 4. Lucinda Katherine is the daughter of Willis W Bowles (1836-1882) [unknown confidence] 5. Willis W is the son of Celia Sally (White) Bowles (1797-1850) [unknown confidence] 6. Celia Sally is the daughter of Rhoda (Arthur) White (1767-) [unknown confidence] 7. Rhoda is the daughter of Martha (Talbot) Arthur (1740-1811) [unknown confidence] 8. Martha is the daughter of Matthew Talbot (1699-abt.1758) [confident] 9. Matthew is the son of Thomas Talbot (1652-abt.1720) [uncertain] 10. Thomas is the son of Frances (Arundell) Talbot (1614-aft.1652) [confident] 11. Frances is the daughter of Thomas Arundell (abt.1560-1639) [confident] 12. Thomas is the son of Matthew Arundell MP (abt.1533-1598) [confident] 13. Matthew is the son of Margaret (Howard) Arundell (1515-1572) [confident] 14. Margaret is the daughter of Joyce (Culpeper) Howard (bef.1480-aft.1527) [confident] 15. Joyce is the daughter of Isabel (Worsley) Leigh (abt.1460-1527) [unknown confidence] 16. Isabel is the daughter of Rose (Trevor) Worsley (1400-) [confident] 17. Rose is the daughter of Edward Trevor (abt.1380-1448) [unknown confidence] 18. Edward is the son of David (Edynfed Gam) ap Ednyfed (abt.1345-) [unknown confidence] 19. David is the son of Gwladys ferch Llywelyn (1295-) [unknown confidence] This makes Gwladys the 17th great grandmother of Dennis William. Note: Dennis William is descended from Gwladys in more than one way (2). Help

posted by Dennis Nash
Hi Jack,

On behalf of the England Project, I would like to thank you for all your contributions towards the project's goals over the past year. Every English profile we improve helps!

The England Project Leaders are currently doing our six-monthly check-in with all project members.

Are you happy to with your current project team choices? Are there other teams you would like to join or become more active in?

We also welcome any feedback on things you would like to see the project do more of in the future.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message.

Many thanks!

Amelia, England Project Leader

posted by Amelia Utting
Dear Jack,

The Profile Improvement Project (PIP) is performing its first annual check-in with our project members. Please review the following and let us know if you are content where we have placed you or would like to be more involved.

We are in the process of transitioning to a team structure. There will be three participant PIP Teams to start -- The Maintenance Category Team, the Unknowns Team, and the Biography Team. There is also the Voyage Team who guide new Voyagers. See the Profile Improvement Project Teams for a brief outline of each team. You're currently identified as a member of the Biography Team Level 1, working on profiles from your own watchlist and whatever else you find. Biography Teams Levels 2 and 3 will work on designated profiles for notables (Level 3) and everyday people (Level 2). Please let us know if you would like to help with another Team.

You joined the Project before the Voyage started in late 2018. We would like to invite you to consider a "fast track" Voyage, especially if you would like to work at a higher level on the Biography Team. If you’re interested, choose a profile ‘’’from your own watchlist’’’ that you have completed to the best of your ability and compare it to the Voyage Biography Standards. If your profile is at Level 2 or better, include a link to the profile in your response to this check-in for a “fast track” review.

We would also like to invite you to join the email GoogleGroup and text chat Discord channel for our project. (When you request to join our GoogleGroup, please be sure to include your Wiki ID). Neither is required; we also use the Profile_Improvement tag in G2G for Project announcements. You will find more information on the GoogleGroup.

We thank you for all you do to help the Profile Improvement Project and WikiTree. The Project’s mission is to:

Make profiles beautiful! We clean up messy biography sections and sources, and try to set standards for attractive, useful, and well-written biographies, starting with those we manage.

We know you’re working on profiles *smile* We would like to hear about successes you’ve had toward the Project’s goals. We would also appreciate any feedback you might have to help us improve the Project. Please share your thoughts in a reply to this comment or privately via private message to either of us.


Debi Hoag and Robin Shaules Co-Leaders, Profile Improvement Project

posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
Thank y ou, Debi and Robin. I was pleased to be part of the Profile Improvement Project when participation requirements were looser. Now that WikiTree is moving to a more activist team structure on many of its projects, I must reduce the number of projects I participate in, so, regrettably, must resign from the Profile Improvement project. Although I continue to improve profiles daily!
posted by Jack Day
Thanks for getting back to me, Jack. Bio Team Level 1 is designed for busy members like you who are self-directed. That's where the "and whatever else you find" part comes in since, as you say, you're improving profiles daily. We'd love to have you stay but certainly understand if you think it is too much. Debi
posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
And there's another that we also share: We both appear to be 27th Great-Grandsons of Saint Margaret of Scotland, Queen of Scots and the secondary Patron Saint of Scotland, She was as famous for her kindness and good works as the various kings in our ancestries were for their ruthlessness. Since I see that you are a part of the Medieval Project, I suspect this connection may be of interest to you! Oh, and I appreciate the Disproven Existence Project! I have checked the information provided on those pages against my own lines, and so far, we're good!
posted by David Finster
edited by David Finster
And for those of us who have an interest in "wayback" we both seem to be 35th Great-Grandsons of Cináed mac Ailpín, King of Picts and Scots (MacAlpin-11), AKA "First King of Scotland".
posted by David Finster
Hey Jack, put you on my Trusted List as requested, and checked to see how you and I are related, and it seems we are tenth cousins by way of one Francis Kendall (Kendall-5). He is my (and your) ninth great-grandfather.
posted by David Finster
Thanks for the nudge on the Southern Colonies project - I just added a blurb to my team member description. I'm adding profiles from my mom's side gedcom, then I'll get back to that King line, so I expect I'll be looking at a bunch of your profile pages!
posted by Mollie King
When you get back to the King lines, enjoy your thousands of medieval Welsh ancestors!
posted by Jack Day

Here the Methodist project I made of you like to join just go to trusted group and I will add you.



Hi Jack, Please see a private message I am sending you.

Mary~ Project coordinator, Membershiop, Southern Colonies

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Jack,

I would to thank you for all your contributions towards the goals of the England Project during the past six months. We have achieved a huge amount during this period and we couldn't have done it without you and our other project members.

As the England Project Leaders, we are completing our six monthly check-in with all project members. Are you happy to stay in your current project teams? Which teams are you most active in? Are there other teams you would like to join or become more active in?

Also, do you have any feedback on what the project is doing well and anything we could do better in the future? Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks!

Mike Christmas, England Project Leader

posted by Michael Christmas
Hi, Michael -- I had offered myself as a resource on pre-1500 England profiles but don't see myself on any teams associated with them. I did discover, however, that I am shown as "Team Leader" for the King Arthur Project, one the topical activities. I"m quite busy with a number of things at the moment, but if what's shown is enough to keep me in good standing with England, I'm happy to re-enlist for another 6 months! Jack
posted by Jack Day
Thank you Jack.

Take care Mike

posted by Michael Christmas
Hello Jack!

I’m conducting the 6-month check in for the US Black Heritage Project. Because we are growing so fast, it’s not always possible for me to see what everyone’s working on.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on and if you are still happy being a part of the Slavery Team. Members can change teams at any time. If you need something to work on, we now have a master task list here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:US_Black_Heritage_Project_Tasklist

We now have a project badge! Hooray! As soon as I hear back from you that you’d like to continue with the project, I will add the badge to your profile.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Thank you Jack for helping me (novice) with cleaning up my Blizzards. It is looking good, thanks to you.
posted by Judy (Garris) Mauldin
Hi Jack! I just noticed that you've added the Magna Carta Project's Affiliate sticker to your profile. Does that mean you want to turn in your Magna Carta Project badge? The project has two membership levels: affiliate and badged (pick one, not both). Let me know.


posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Oh, I didn’t see the project badge and thought it had gone away and wanted to make sure I was still on as an affiliate! I’m happy to stay a badged member, although my time on Wikitree as a whole just took a hit – at the age of 79 I took on quarter-time responsibility for a church congregation, so I’m slowing down a bit. But I value the MC project, which was my entry into more serious responsibility on WikiTree. I’ll take the affiliate sticker off! Jack
posted by Jack Day
Thanks Jack! We've had so many wonderful project members and leaders over the years that when we added participation requirements in 2017 we "grandfathered" existing badge-holders. As a result, the majority of our members are inactive now, but their contributions - including yours - got us to where we are today! Thank you for your continuing interest in the Magna Carta Project :D

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi Jack,

Thank you so much for all your contributions to WikiTree in the last six months, and especially to the Wales Project. It’s been wonderful to have you as part of the team as we work together to increase the quality and quantity of Welsh Profiles.

I have you down as being on the Managed Profiles Team. Is this right? How are things going? Do you have any questions? What can we do to support you? Would you like to change any of your teams? Do you want to continue in the Wales Project moving forwards?

Hope to see you on Discord soon.

I look forward to hearing back from you with all the above.

Thanks once again,

Olivia, Project Coordinator for Wales :-)

posted by Susie MacLeod
Hi Jack,

It's that time of the year again: check-in time! As England Project Leaders, we like to check in with you every six months or so to see how things are progressing. Back in May, we didn't ask for a response due to the rapid emergence of Covid-19 because we understood that people's lives were changing rapidly. While we are still living in a Covid world, we do need to hear back from you this time around.

First of all, how are you doing? What are you currently working on? Are you happy with the team(s) you're in, or would you like to change things up?

Secondly, we're looking for some feedback on the Google Group and our Discord server. Do you use either or both of these? If you don't use either, why not? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve participation and collaboration, either generally or for you personally?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Joan, Amy & Lizzie.

Hi Jack -- Am I remembering correctly that you once posted an idea in G2G about how to put Maryland land tracts on WikiTree and reference them in the owners' profiles? I have a vague recollection of such a post, and I'm 99% sure it was yours, but I can't remember whether you were suggesting categories or free spaces or something completely different. (I'm currently reading a Frederick County will that references a piece of land called "Mistake Rectified", which makes me wonder what the story behind that one is!)
posted by Sharon Casteel
Yes, I create clearly labelled categories for them, i.e. Something Land Tract or Something Else Plantation. Consistent with WikiTree policies, if there's significant descriptive material about the place, it gets an accompanying free-space profile. Because people associated with a land tract are often in the same family, it becomes a handy way of finding, linking and grouping family members. It's important to label them as a land tract, plantation, grant, etc so that they don't become part of the hierarchy of place names, i.e. town, county, state, etc.
posted by Jack Day
Hi, Jack. Thank you for reminding me that Maryland, even though the profile box does not give us that choice, needs to be typed in Province of Maryland (1634-1776) sometimes I am away from doing those years and then when I go back I forget. sure would be nice if "Province of Maryland (1634-1776)" could be added as a choice. thank you
posted by Carole Taylor
The profile box list is borrowed or leased from Family Search, so it's not easy to amend, but we did get them to remove "British Colonial America" from the options! But it's nice to be able to type in Province of Maryland, because that makes it stand out that (1) this was a colonial profile and (2) it's been worked on by someone who is aware of what the documents stated in that time period!
posted by Jack Day

Hi I need some help with this profile. I found marriage record on the Maryland.Gov but it limited information. I put few sources I found and need to have some help. Putting how the marriage should go in profile I just put it in for basics. Can you help me please.

Richard, m. by 1763, Jane Milburn, dau. of John and Mary Milburn of SM Co. (SMWB TA#1:623).




Hi Jack!

I need help. I haven't been able to make much of a dent in the hundreds of people profiles in Category: Virginia Colony (which should be top level - no people profiles), so I'm asking you & Lynden to help.

Could you please go to Category: Virginia Colony & for any profiles showing a "B..." county in the list of profiles, could you edit those profiles to not have Category: Virginia Colony but the appropriate County category instead? (And since they are pre-USA, they should only have "Category: A... County, Virginia Colony" not the corresponding Virginia category also. If they aren't pre-USA, they shouldn't be in "Category Virginia Colony.)

The B... County, Virginia Colony categories are

  • Bedford County, Virginia Colony
  • Berkeley County, Virginia Colony
  • Botetourt County, Virginia Colony
  • Brunswick County, Virginia Colony


P.S. Let me know if this is not something you can help with.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
I was surprised when you said "not your Days" so we would not be related, so I did a Finder, and we are "Carole and Jack are 10th cousins" thru my Hathaways ----
posted by Carole Taylor
Hi Jack, I live in Worcester County, Maryland and have ancestors that arrived in Colonial, VA and then migrated to what was then Somerset County, MD and also Sussex County, DE. George Truitt was the immigrant ancestor of note and his offspring are largely buried in Salisbury, MD at the Parson's Cemetery. I also have an immigrant ancestor, Charles Godfrey, who came here as a servant at 15 years if age although I have almost no other information on him. How do I become a part of the Maryland/Colonial America projects? I would be happy to help others who are looking in this area as well. It seems that in my retirement I unwittingly chose to live in the very area my earliest ancestors helped to settle and there is evidence of them everywhere I go!
posted by Leslie Wade
edited by Leslie Wade
Hi, Leslie -- welcome to the Province of Maryland and Maryland projects. Send me an email and I'll add you to the Province of Maryland page. It's great to have someone on the Eastern Shore -- my Maryland people are all Western Shore people.
posted by Jack Day
Thanks Jack for fixing the formatting of my name on the Province of MD page!
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
Hi, Jack

The Ambassadors project has been reorganizing and is looking for those who have a membership at a genealogical society, to help in spreading the word about WikiTree.

We're working on ways to improve how WikiTree connects and interacts with genealogical and local history societies. This is the kind of thing we want to do:

  • Liaise with societies: set up your local society with a free-space page and some WikiTree materials as part of a package.
  • Use social media to promote what societies are offering on WikiTree.
  • Encourage bloggers to blog about societies and the resources available to them on WikiTree.

Are you interested in participating in some way? Do you have some ideas to share?

Azure Rae ~ co-Leader of Ambassadors Project

posted by Azure Robinson
Hi Jack,

We are 18th cousins once removed through our common ancestor John Longland. I hope all is well, you certainly have made a lot of impressive contributions to WikiTree. Thank you! Best, Alex

posted by Alex Koch
Thank you. John Longland seems to be the ancestor to have -- see Beth's comments below!
posted by Jack Day
Hello, Jack!

Thanks for all the work you accomplished during our Connect-A-Thon 2020. It is amazing how many more profiles were created and added to our Shared Tree over the weekend. We are proud of your efforts.

Kind regards,

Pippin Sheppard ~ WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

PS: I'm intrigued by your profile photo. What was the occasion?

posted by Pip Sheppard
Pip, I should replace the photo, I'm a bit older, now! But I like the photo. It was 2003, if I recall, and it was a rally outside Congress for health insurance for all. I was on staff at the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society at the time.
posted by Jack Day
Thanks Jack for improving the death place of John Smith (Smith-22641). I see that you're a Beall descendant, so wonder if you also have a connection to John of Mattapany Smith or were being a helpful wikitreer with the change. I'm also a Beall descendant, so hello cousin :D Thanks again!
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
Beth, I have a great-grandmother who was a Beall, but DNA has established that our "up-county" Bealls are a different family than the main group of "down-county" Maryland Bealls. But I've worked on Bealls for so long that I generally take all the colonial Maryland Bealls I find under my wing!
posted by Jack Day
So we're not blood cousins, oh well. Regardless, I appreciate your assistance with the colonial MD Bealls!
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
Well, we actually are. I just checked. 19th cousins via our connections across the pond. But not through the Bealls!
posted by Jack Day
Fun! hello Cuzn:D I just looked at our relationship and discovered a new ancient ancestor in our shared ancestry: John Longland. Cool!
posted by Beth (Brown) Golden
Thanks, Jack. We should get some African American feedback. I suggest adopting whatever the African American genealogy societies are doing. They have been very helpful in the past
posted by Paula J
Hi Jack! I'm starting to catch up with stuff. Sorry to have not sent you this coding earlier...

edited coding out... sticker didn't get turned into a sticker, but other coding was "translated" ... sending private message instead... still feel free to change how your name displays

Cheers, Liz
posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
edited by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Jack, thank you for intervening in the Lee-3470 matter. I thought my role had been to merge an empty Lee-27963 into Lee-3470. When I process a merger request, I always try to determine that the persons match up, and that the life facts line up. With these profiles, only the 1678 death date was off on Lee-27963, and it was before some of the known children were born, so I accepted the 1736 death date on Lee-3470. I did not add the Ancestory.com family tree to the profile. I only moved the reference to it into the Sources section. I am skeptical of unsourced family trees and never rely on any from Ancestor.com. However, as part of a GEDCOM cleanup in a merger, I will list all Ancestor.com sources, including family trees, as a courtesy to past contributors, if a suitable substitute has not been offered, and I do search for other sources to validate the story related in profile.

I offer my assistance if needed. David

posted by David Richards
Thanks, David. I'm trying to ascertain now if I can find any additional information on the various Thomases and their Elizabeths, which will determine how to proceed! If you think of it, come back to these profiles in a month or two and see if whatever I've done actually makes sense!
posted by Jack Day
Hi Jack,

Your England Leaders are completing the six monthly check in with all team members. I wanted to thank you for your work on English Profiles. These are unprecedented and difficult times, and we understand as Project Leaders that your situation may have changed somewhat in the last few months. What we are all able to/ wish to contribute on Wikitree has changed. Please let me know if you are happy with your current role and team choice or if you wish to do something additional or different. Thank you again on behalf of all the project leaders for everything you do!

Kindest Regards, Amy Utting

posted by Amelia Utting
Hi Jack

As you will have seen, we have been doing some restructuring in the Wales Project and are now organising ourselves into different teams. Please have a look at the new project pages, and let me know which team(s) you would like to be in.

Please can you also send me your e-mail address? I can then make sure you are introduced to your Team Leaders, are in the Google Group, and receive an invitation to join our Discord server.

Please note that it is a requirement for membership in the Wales Project that you respond to these check-ins.

Many thanks,

Susie, Wales Project Co-Leader

posted by Susie MacLeod
Hi Jack!

Thanks so very much for your participation in the spring Clean-a-thon! Every suggestion you cleared made our Tree that much better. The WikiTree community appreciates YOU!

Pip Sheppard WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard

well, the 10th was a week ago. does that still count?

posted by Phil Howard
Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

posted by Jillaine Smith
Hi again Jack, from a 20th cousin,

I just have a question about Henry Longe. I see from the Changes page that you changed the status of his parents to Uncertain. Is he still a "Sir"? If not, could you or James Allen kindly remove that prefix? It's a little confusing.

Thanks cousin, dusty

posted by [Living Boren]
edited by [Living Boren]
Dusty, I think I changed the parent status to uncertain because there are no reliable sources for that information , and parent status is a key thing people are interested in with respect to their genealogies/family trees. As for the "Sir", that's reported in some of the same sources, but it didn't seem to be that important. He could have been Sir by heredity or by being specifically honored. The key thing for the profile is to find more reliable information; then such questions go away.
posted by Jack Day
Hello Jack, I'm not on WikiTree often so I just saw a comment you left for me re: Mary (Beall) McPherson. I have spent a lot of time in Sinking Creek, VA. talking to "cousins" and folks that are familiar with our McPherson/Beall ancestors and of course I enjoyed our "Gathering" we had in May 2019 when we placed a monument to both Alexander and Mary. It was a wonderful event.

I would be interested in learning about and participating in your Beall research if you are interested. (FYI Mary Beall McPherson was my 5th ggm).

Best Regards Richard McPherson Kansas City

posted by Richard McPherson
Hi Jack,

On Collineau de Montaguerre, you left a note about her mega-spouses. She is found as ancestress for oodles of French immigrants to New France on certain trees on the net, none sourced. There are multiple G2G discussions linked to the profile that explain how her existence was disproven. Not much more can be done. The purported spouses are all tagged with uncertain existence and categorized with the appropriate categories. No children are linked. The spouses remain linked to show just how wildly improbable she is.

posted by Danielle Liard
Hi Jack,

Thanks for the Trevor merger. I'm removing myself as a Profile Manager because I have too many profiles. Best Wishes, dusty

posted by [Living Boren]