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Y-700 DNA R-M222 >> R-DF104 Conn Cétchathach Ceadcatha (-0157) >> R-S588 - Eógan (Cenel n Eogain) mac Néill (abt.0400-0465) > BY11432 >> FGC30690 > A10530 >> A10531 >> FT89134 >> John Devlin Sr. (abt.1812-abt.1860)


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Richard Devlin is a member of the Devlin Name Study Project.
Richard Devlin has Irish ancestors.
Richard Devlin has French origins.
Richard Devlin has German Roots.
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Richard Devlin is a Military Veteran.
Served in the United States Navy 1972-1995
Naval Flight Officer
Richard Devlin is a Project Member of the Main and all subprojects of the Military and War Project.
Richard was a U.S. Navy NFO.
Richard was an EMT. Join us at First Responders Project

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Born in Chicago, grew up in Pelican Lake, Wisconsin attended University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee studied bronze sculpture and architecture. After receiving draft notice joined the Navy. Served with VP-22 and VP-90, recalled to active duty and served with United States Navy Reserve Staff as Recruiting Computer Systems Officer. Retired as a Commander after 22 years of service.

Places I've been to: U.S. 48 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Azores, Scotland, Germany, France, Monaco, Midway, Wake, Guam, Korea, Japan. Okinawa, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Diego Garcia, Oman, Iran.


  • Y-Chromosome haplogroup R-M222 R-M269 This is the ancestral lineage of the Uí Néill and Connachta dynasties.
  • Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup V18 This lineage attains its highest frequency (about 50 percent) in the Skolt Saami of Scandinavia, a group of hunter-gatherers who follow the reindeer herds seasonally from Siberia to Scandinavia and back. However, the Skolt Saami population has a lower diversity compared with that observed in West Europe, making it likely to have been introduced into this population within the past several thousand years.

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  • Richard Devlin: Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Test 700 markers, haplogroup R-FT89134, FTDNA kit #B216114, MitoYDNA ID T15674 [compare] + Y-Chromosome Test 300000 markers, haplogroup R-M222
Maternal line mitochondrial DNA test-takers:
  • Richard Devlin: Mitochondrial DNA Test Other, haplogroup V18
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Hi Richard

Every time that I receive the WiKiTree News e-mail I get reminder how bad the family tree links are in Ireland compared to South Africa! Again, with today's WT News update, there are 12 featured connections listed for me, and again all 12 are through my late wife's South African heritage! This happens nearly every time.

I am trying to help with this at the moment. I have a made list of 714 Holohan marriages in Kilkenny and Laois (between 1756 and 1920), that I obtained through research on When I have the time, I confirm the marriage details on civil records, and then raise new profiles in WiKITree to record the details, using the source details (only 1 up to now has involved people already in WikiTree - in my own tree). Only managed to match & create 66 new people so far (none linked to me), so I still have a long way to go. Maybe when I stop work at the end of this month I will find more time!


Sean Holohan (Holohan-304)

posted by Sean Holohan
edited by Sean Holohan
Hi Richard,

I'd like to join the Irish Diaspora team. I'm working on my third gr grandfather Drinnin-10, who left County Laois and settled in Illinois, United States. I have expanded my research to the surname Drennan/Drennan/Drinnin.

Thank you

posted by Victoria English
Hi Victoria,

Thanks for your interest in the Diaspora Team. If you would please answer the G2G question at We can get the paper work started for you to join the team.

Thanks, Rich D.

posted by Richard Devlin
Hi Richard

This is the time for the annual check in with members of the Military and War Project. Have you been active during the last six months in the Military and War Project? Note that it is a requirement to respond to the Military and War Project Check-ins. Please respond to this message by clicking the reply button below this message, to post your answer. I look forward to hearing from you..

Many thanks,

Mary, Project Coordinator, Military & War

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Mary, Most of my work as of late has been adding Pre-1500 wars and battles in Ireland. See with a few updates to Irish_Military_Diaspora
posted by Richard Devlin
Hi fellow leader!

It is once again time for our annual Ireland Project check-in. Please respond within the next three weeks to let us know:

  1. If you would like to continue as an Ireland Project member. If your answer is yes, please tell us if you are happy with your current team, or if you would prefer to join a different one. If you are currently participating in more than one team we would appreciate you ranking them in their order of importance to you, from highest priority to lowest. This information will be helpful as we consider possible future changes to our team structure.
  2. In the past, the project has had a very minimal membership requirement (one contribution per year) for badged members to meet. Do you believe this is adequate, or should this requirement be increased? What do you believe would be a reasonable commitment to expect from all project members?
  3. How active have you been in the Ireland Project over the past year? Please choose one of the following options: a) I normally spend 1-5 hours per month helping achieve my team’s goals. b) I normally spend 6-10 hours per month helping achieve my team’s goals. c) I spend over 10 hours per month helping achieve my team’s goals. d) I am not able to contribute every month but have spent approximately ________ hours during the past year improving Irish profiles.
  4. Please provide feedback on any things you’d like to see the project do more of in the future.

You can respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. If we don’t hear from you within the next three weeks we’ll assume your interests have changed or you no longer are able to participate in the Ireland Project at this time, and your badge will be removed. If your circumstances change later you will be welcome to reapply for membership.

Many thanks for all that so many of you have contributed to the project in the past year, and very special thanks to those who answered the project’s call and gave generously of their time to be part of Team Seanchaithe during the most recent connect-a-thon. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

le dea-mhéin, Jen Hutton, Ireland Project co-leader

posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton
Dear Germany Project member,

it's annual check-in time 2023. If you still wish to remain a member of the Germany Project, please reply to this post, by stating this intention. If we don’t hear from you in the next 30 days, your membership badge will be removed. In this case please don't be offended ... you're welcome to rejoin at any time. Please also note, that in order to receive help, with researching your German ancestors, membership is not mandatory. Just ask your questions in the G2G forum and tag them with Germany in order for knowledgeable people to see them.

If you wish to remain a member, we would like to learn more about your perception of the Germany Project in order to achieve a future development according to our members needs and wishes. For this, we created a survey, which we kindly ask you to fill-in.

In case you want to communicate, discuss and receive help about WikiTree in German, you might want to check out the WikiTree category at Compgen’s Discourse as well as the German Discord server Ahnenforschung.

Of course there’s still the official WikiTree Discord server, where we usually talk English. Feel free to learn more about Discord and the server at Help:Discord.

Kind regards from Black Forest

Flo (Project Coordinator Research/Resources)
posted by Florian Straub
Hi Flo, Yes I get back to s.w. German Profiles every 2 or 3 months
posted by Richard Devlin
Now I'm curious: which area do you work in then?
posted by Florian Straub
Here are the 3 ONS that I work on

Wurttemberg Feuerstein

Baden-Württemberg Jorsch

Scheer,Saulgau,Württemberg Bertler

posted by Richard Devlin
edited by Richard Devlin
Hi Richard, you recently added an Estimated Date template to several profiles, however the parameter is incorrectly spelt, so it is causing a red incorrect category to be added to the profiles. i cannot edit them as they are pre 1500. See:

The parameter of the template should be: Birth and Death

These are the profiles: and and and and

Many thanks for your help, regards Margaret, Categorization project.

Opps!!! Sorry, They're fixed. I used the Wikitree+ app and assumed it worked. And I didn't realize it created a cat.
posted by Richard Devlin
Thanks Richard, much appreciated. :)
Thanks for replying to the Great War check in (subproject of Military and War), Richard. All of the space pages you sent to me would apply to Military and War. For the Great War (World War I) this probably applies

I am marking you as active.

Mary, Project Coordinator, Military and War

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Richard,

It is time for a July 2022 check in for the Great War Project. I am sending this message on the behalf of the leader of the Military and War Project. Have you been active in the Great War project in the last six months?

Please note that it is a requirement for membership in the Military and War Project that you respond to these check-ins. To make bookkeeping easier, just click Reply to this message on your own page, add your reply, then SAVE or post reply. I look forward to hearing from you..


Mary~ Project Coordinator, Military and War Project

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Mary, I'm not sure if I did anything within the WWI area in the last 6 months. I have a few projects that involve the diaspora Irish and Devlins in different wars that i work on from time to time as I come across their profiles.

posted by Richard Devlin
Welcome to WikiTree and DNA.

When you have your part of our One Big Tree fleshed out and you are ready to supplement it with DNA test matches, please check out the DNA Help category page to see all the DNA help that is available, and the How to Get Started page in particular.

You may see some relatives show up in your list of "DNA Connections" if they have added a DNA test to their profile. These DNA Connections are possible DNA test matches, they are not sufficient for marking parental relationships as "confirmed with DNA" without providing a DNA Confirmation source citation providing details of the DNA match.

When you are ready to start documenting that your genealogy sources are confirmed by DNA test matches, be sure to follow the guidance at the DNA Confirmation help page. A profile should not be marked "confirmed with DNA" without source documentation for both genealogy and DNA test matching. Also, please try out the DNA Confirmation Citation Maker app, it can simplify the job of creating and/or validating source citations for DNA confirmation.

If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to ask on the G2G Forum using the Tag "DNA" and/or "DNA_Confirmation".

John Kingman -- A Coordinator with the WikiTree DNA Project

posted by John Kingman

Greetings from the Military and War Project. We are doing the six month check-in with members.. Have you been active in the last six months? Please note that it is a requirement for membership in the Military and War Project that you respond to these check-ins. To make bookkeeping easier, just click Reply to this message on your own page, add your reply, then SAVE. I look forward to hearing from you..

Many thanks,

Mary~ Project Coordinator, Military and War Project

posted by Mary Richardson
Hi Mary, I haven't been too active in M&W profiles as of late. Only 4 or 5 profiles of Devlins from the civil war, US. rev, or the Irish Military Diaspora.
posted by Richard Devlin
Richard thank you for replying to the Check in. (Your checking in is an activity). Besides 4 or 5 profiles of Devlins from the civil war, US. rev, or the Irish Military Diaspora require watching, updating, etc.) The project page shows this for profiles with no sources that could use work: Use Unsourced Profiles to find profiles that need sources and add them


posted by Mary Richardson
edited by Mary Richardson
Thank you so much, Richard! --Gene.
posted by GeneJ X
Hello Richard,

I have worked on improvements to Comparative Analysis of the Descendants and DNA of Conn Cétchathach Ceadcatha as well as beginning a workspace of sorts to construct Descent of Mael Ruanaid Mor. I still need to dig deeper to see if Mael Ruanaid's tree has been developed, especially the very early Mac Diarmait clan.

I went ahead and posted links in the comments on a few existing profiles if that's okay.

I appreciate your input! Mike

posted by Michael Rowley
Hello Richard;I am currently working on my family Tree which includes My sister's tree which has Maureen Elizabeth Devlin as her mother in law:Maureen's New Zealand Birth registration 1914/1242 has her fathers given name as Joseph Henry Devlin and her mother as Pauline.

Maureen married a John Donald Morris and their child Jim (James) Morris married my Sister Alice (Gielen) Morris. Does John Henry Devlin have a wikitree profile ?woulkd be obliged for your help.

posted by Joe Gielen
Hi Joe,

Without some better dates and/or locations, I'm not sure how much help I can be. I take it that John Henry Devlin was the father of Joseph Henry Devlin. I did find some John Henry Devlins in Australia.

posted by Richard Devlin
Greetings from the

We're doing our semi-annual check-in with members to see if you have been active in the last six months? Please note that it is a requirement for membership in the 1776 Project that you respond to these check-ins.

Please post your reply as a reply to this message here on your page, for convenience of our record keeping.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mary Richardson ~ Project Coordinator,1776 Project

posted by Mary Richardson
Greetings Mary, My main interest is [Space:U.S._Revolutionary_War, Devlin_Name_Study] but I have only been able to make minor additions in the last year.

Good hunting, Rich D.

posted by Richard Devlin
Hi fellow co-leader :)

It’s time for our annual Ireland Project check-in! Please respond within the next two weeks to let me know:

  • If you are happy with the team you’re on or if you’d like to make a change. It is now required that all members with an Ireland project badge work on at least one of the project’s team(s), so if you’ve not yet signed up please do so in your reply to this check-in.
  • What you think the project is doing well, and what (if any) changes you would like to see us make? Are there any teams you would like to become more active in?
  • Would you be interested in helping to work on an Ireland Project newsletter?
  • Please give us some feedback on the use of google group and discord. Do you use one or both of these? If you don’t use either of them, what is the best way for us to ensure you receive project communications? If you would like to join us on either one, just let us know in your response and we will get you signed up.

Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. If we don’t hear from you within two weeks, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating in the Ireland Project, and your badge will be removed. If you wish to reapply for membership later, we will be happy to have you back. Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Jen Hutton, on behalf of the Ireland Project

posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton
Hello Richard fantastic to write to you. I have done extensive research into my natural family (im adopted) and have discovered that my lineage goes all the way back to the O'Rourkes. I have traced back to Aed crown prince of Breifne to Duach the 5th Christian King of Connacht to Eoghan Sreibh to Muiredach then Fergus son of Muiredach to Feargna son of Fergus. Needlesstosay its a fascinating journey. I am the descendant of the king of Ireland !!
posted by Kate Collins
Hi Richard,

I recently discovered that my son-in-law has deep Irish/Scots roots in a few prominent families, which was pretty exciting. I haven't put any of that line on WikiTree yet, I'm planning to do it for the upcoming Connect-a-thon. However, I have not been able to source the generation around when the line jumped from Scotland to Ireland. If you ever get bored, I'd love some help with that! The guy who allegedly made the transition was Rev. James Gordon of Comer b Nov 22 1614 Salterhill, Draine, Morayshire, Scotland, d Oct 14 1691 Comber, Newry, Down, Northern Ireland. Christening: 22 Nov 1614, Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland. 1. Immigration; 1646; Northern Ireland. 2. Occupation; FROM 1645 TO 1656; Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland. chaplain. 3. Education; FROM 1641 TO 1645; Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. chaplain.

There is a lot of conflicting info about Rev James's parentage, and that is what I'd really like to nail down. My info is that his father was Alexander Gordon of Newton Garie b Mar 5 1580 Lesmoir, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d Oct 1649 (at age 69) Salterhill, Drainie, Morayshire, Scotland, and his mother was Marjorie Geddes (Gordon) b 1580 Estill, Auchinveath, Essil, Moray, Scotland, d 1650 Inverey Abergeldie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, but I have not been able to find any evidence of Marjorie, and the info on Alexander Gordon is all over the map, including his own parentage.

Anyway, if you happen to run across any pertinent info, I'd love to hear from you! If you're not interested, no worries! Just thought I'd give you a ping. Thanks! Nina

posted by Nina Bruhns
Hi Nina.

I'll keep my I out but the records are few for that time frame. Let me know when you have created the profile for him and I have another look.

posted by Richard Devlin

I am checking in on behalf of the 1776 Project to announce the new project membership requirements and to verify that you are still interested in being a member of the project. All project members are being asked to join one of the project teams and also to make at least one project contribution every 6 months. We are also asking all project members to join the project's Google Group for project communications.

If you are interested in remaining with the Project, please reply to this comment or send me a message, request to join the Google Group, and let us know what team you would like to participate on.

We really appreciate your contributions on WikiTree, and thank you for all your hard work. If you have any questions, please ask. We would also love to hear any feedback you may have for the project.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

SJ - 1776 Project Leader

posted by SJ Baty
Hi SJ,

I don't see a Team that I could fit into. I've been working on Irish Military Diaspora United States - U.S._Revolutionary_War

posted by Richard Devlin
Thanks for the quick response! I've added you to the Profile Development team with a note that you're working on the Irish Military Diasopora.

thanks and best regards,


posted by SJ Baty

I am descended from a William McCamish who is found in the American colony Virginia in the 1770's and Greene County, Tennessee later. I have been a FTDNA member for a long time, and I and several distant cousins test as you do from the O'Neils. We have some distant matches to Australia from people who emigrated around 1850. However, we have no link to anyone in Ireland by name and I've given up on using DNA to connect. Bridging the pond has been tried by a professional genealogist and she gave up and so have we. I do not have experience searching Irish records. Bottom line: I'm trying to understand how my participation would help the Irish project or me. Doug McCammish

posted by Doug McCammish
Hi Rich,

Would you please take a look at this profile ( to see if you can find a first name or any details. He is the grandfather of MP Joseph Devlin and the 3x great grandfather of my mother-in-law. The family has been trying to work this one out for decades.

posted by Deborah (Smith) Talbot
Hi Deborah,

In the past, I have tried to find information on him with no luck. I'll try again next week, after the Thon.

posted by Richard Devlin
Richard, I'm interested to know the names in the photo of the Mathias Jorish family. Nellie Parworth married John Peter Jorsch on 28 November 1897 in Manitowoc.


posted by Wayne Lee Parworth
Hi Wayne, I'll have to dig up the picture, I know the picture has the names on the back. It is over 50 years old and reproduced from one that was over 100 years old. I beleive John is in the second row, on the left. If you're related to Nellie, I would love to connect to you. If you're having troubles entering your family, just let me know and i'll help you.
posted by Richard Devlin
Richard, Thanks for the reply. I've been working on the family history for almost 20 years. Like most people who research their family, I wish I would have asked my father more about what he knew regarding his immediate family. As for Nellie, she lived a rather common life along with her Parworth family. Her grandfather came from Boxworth, England. His father and sister died less than a month apart. Having no income he and his mother moved in with her sister & husband, the Kemptons. They sailed to America when He was 10 having to use the Kempton name on the ships manifest; the reason it took a great deal of time finding him---Job was his name. Not knowing the name change from Kempton to Parworth was another challenge. Seplling of his real surname was Papworth. In short, he married and had two offsprings, Nellie & Lloyd. Nellie married John Peter Jorsch on 28 November 1897 at Saint James Episcopal Church in Manitowoc (Man it-to-walk), Manitowoc County, Wisconsin USA, Nellie was born 10 March 1870 in Manitowoc and died soon 03 June 1944 and was buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. John Peter was boron 12 July 1870 in the Town of Newton a few miles South of Manitowoc. He died on 30 September 1937 in Chicago and is buried next to Nellie. John was an engineer by trade. He worked for a company that constructed the Northside Pier in Manitowoc. The company liked his work so they invited him to work for them. Together they ha two Children, Frederick C and Geraldine. Frederick was born on 11 October 1898, married Genevieve Vraney, died in 25 December 1925 and Geraldine 18 December 1900 of whom I am presently working on. Frederick had one offspring that I know personally, Robert. We met several time for lunch and spoke of the Jorsch family. He gave me a picture of Nellie and John which I will send you if you'd like as well as Robert and his wife. Hope this helps a little.


posted by Wayne Lee Parworth
Dear Rich, I know you technically don't need a check-in message for Wales, but I wanted to take the opportunity of thanking you for your enormous contribution across the whole of WikiTree in the last six months. Thank you for stepping up big time and providing strong leadership and continuity during these crazy times in which we live. You are absolutely amazing and it is both an honour and a privilege to be able to serve you and the team as PC for Membership in Wales. Here's to the next six months! Olivia :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
Thank you so much for your assistance today.
posted by Gypsy (P) Pruitt
The Irish Roots Diaspora Team would be the best team for me I think since most of my Irish ancestors came to America, I can try to connect them to Ireland.
posted by [Living Bostick]
edited by [Living Bostick]
Hello Richard.

I'm already a member of the Irish Roots Project. I'd like to join the Topics Team.

Thanks, Bill Wright

posted by Bill Wright
Hi Bill, I've added you to the Topics team. If you would like to join one of the sub-team, feel free to add your name to it.
posted by Richard Devlin
Hi Richard, thanks a lot. I will follow your advice.
posted by Alan Chisholm
Hello, Richard, I would be interested in trying to help with the Wales project. Nearly all the more ancient among those of my ancestors whom I have been able to trace were Welsh people. The Welsh seem to have been particularly good at keeping tabs on their foreparents. Perhaps the fact that the Welsh used to use patronymics instead of permanent surnames has something to do with it.

What should I do next?

posted by Alan Chisholm
Hi Alan and thanks for your interest in the Wales Project. Could you answer the G2G That way we can get you into the process of joining the project.
posted by Richard Devlin

I applied to the Irish Google group. I like to join. I haven’t heard about joining it as of yet. I found stickers to put on my profile stating I have Irish ancestors. Just want to make sure I in Irish group correctly.


Hi Billie,

Thanks, I just got you in there. Have you picked a team from

posted by Richard Devlin
Hi there, Richard!

Thanks so very much for your participation in the spring Clean-a-thon! Every suggestion you cleared made our Tree that much better. The WikiTree community appreciates YOU!

Pip Sheppard WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

posted by Pip Sheppard
Hello Richard.

I would like to join the Irish Counties sub-team of the Irish Roots project. My specific interest is finding out more about my ancestors who migrated from County Cavan (i.e. James Jones) to South Australia in 1855.

Kind regards, Steve Thomas.

posted by Steve Thomas
Richard, your Felix Devlin (Devlin-1689) had a son Patrick born 1933 but my Felix Devlin had also a son Patrick but he born in 1893. So we can´t merge Elizabeth O'Neill as the spouse of your Felix and mother of your Patrick. The previous merge we have done must also be wrong.

But I believe that we are in the right path. Would you like to discuss this privately by email? We can exchange some information on our Devlins before doing public our research.

posted by Tomás Devlin
Hello Richard,

Sorry but I had that source and family wrong. She did die in 1888. I removed the source. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

posted by Marilyn Sanford
Hello, Richard! I am the great great granddaughter of Frank Devlin. I believe Frank is George Devlin's brother which would make us first cousins 3x removed I think. I would love to collaborate and find out more about our family!
posted by Emily Jaroszewski

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