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Elizabeth Dixon (1784 - 1862)

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Elizabeth Dixon
Born in , North Carolina, USAmap
Daughter of and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Wife of — married in , Lincoln, North Carolina, USAmap
Descendants descendants
Died in , Pontotoc, Mississippi, USAmap
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Name: Elizabeth /DIXON/
Given Name: Elizabeth
Surname: DIXON
Name: Elizabeth /DICKSON/
Given Name: Elizabeth
Surname: DICKSON

Found multiple versions of NAME. Using Elizabeth /DIXON/.


Source: #S112


Reference: 42401


Source: #S645
Note: Robert (Bob) McDonald, 2634 Arroyo Dobbie, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 396-3210.
1860 US Census, Pontotoc County, Page 13, line 24
Source: #S369
Source: #S620

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Note: @NI2390@
@NI2390@ NOTEIt is said in Hawthorne File that Elizabeth Dickson (Dixon) was from North Carolina, however, Bell Family state that she was from Tennessee. Both could well be correct as Tennessee was formed by slicing off part of western North Carolina.
1860 US Census, Pontotoc County, Mississippi. Page 13 line 24. Shows Elizabeth Dixon living with her son Thomas J. Kennedy.
LETTER1 says "Robert Kennedy's family came from England and went down the Mississippi River from St. Louis to the New Orleans Country. He was married to Elizabeth Dixon, whose sister married Andrew Jackson's father. The Dixon's lived in Tennessee. Our grandmother, was Elizabeth Dixon Kennedy.."
Robert Kennedy is probably Gilbert Kennedy II. Sources contain no information about siblings of Elizabeth Dixon, though it does mention her father.
It does not look very likely. Andrew Jackson I (father of the president, Andrew Jackson) died in SC in 1767. His wife lived until 1791. It's hard to see how, even an older sister could have married him.
JDS (15856)
LETTER2 says "My maternal Grandmother, Elizabeth Dixon Kennedy, was out of English roots who settled in Virginia and then came to the south. She was an aristocrat and was always called Elizabeth. She had an older brother, Tome [?], who went to war, a sister, whose name was Jane, and two younger brothers. The sisters were at home when the battles of Tuka [?} and Corinth were fought [. T] they listened to the gunfire. And when the battle was over, the two women went to look for the younger brothers, 14 and 15. They found the bodies, took what they could find to dig the grave and buried the boys together. The family were cousins of Andrew Jackson and the Donaldsons. "
Thus, LETTER2 suggests that she was born in VA.
'Tome[?] in LETTER2 is probably John H. Kennedy (3277)
LETTER2 does not mention the son William G. Kennedy (3280) whom this data base indicates was killed at the Battle of Murfreesboro (TN) in 1863.
Sources are also inconsistent with the account of the deaths of the two youngest sons in LETTER2. This data base shows both marrying ah having several children. In any event, according to this data base, they would have been in their 30's at the time of the war.
JDS (15856)
Regarding, LETTER2, "The family were cousins of Andrew Jackson and the Donaldsons.", it is likely that the 'Donaldsons' refers to the family of Rachel Donaldson, wife of Andrew Jackson. Both the Dixons and Doanldsons were prominent and large families living around Nashville TN in the late 18th early 19th century. Theat these families intermarried is likely. The Jackson family was there too, but less numerous. How Elizabeth Dixon fits into the nexus of families is not evident.
Identifying Elizabeth Dixon's parents and siblings may well lead into this. Some one should pursue this.
A candidate for Elizabeth Dixon's father is John Dixon (19707). He and some information about his family are included here for this reason.
JDS (15856)


Husband: Gilbert Kennedy
Wife: Elizabeth Dixon
Date: Dec 1810
Place: , Lincoln, Tennessee, USA
Source: #S669
Reference: 16453
Child: John H. Kennedy
Child: Jane Kennedy
Child: James L. Kennedy
Child: Elizabeth Dixon Kennedy
Child: William G. Kennedy
Child: Sarah Kennedy
Child: Robert Finley Kennedy
Child: Thomas Jefferson Kennedy
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Date: 10 Dec 2008
Time: 16:10


Source S112
Abbreviation: Bell Family
Title: Bell Family
Author: Smith, June
Note: The web version is excerpted from a longer document provided by June Smith who appears to be the author, though this is not certain. I lot of the material in it also appears in Fred Hawthorne's data base.
Paranthetical: Y
Source S369
Abbreviation: LETTER 1
Title: LETTER 1
Author: Mrs. Winfred A. Salter (Cammie Elizabeth Atkison))
Publication: to Mrs Dabney W Sneed (Sallie Bell Atkison)/
Text: LETTER from Mrs W. A. SALTER to Mrs D. W. SNEED [Transcribed from typescript by Joseph D. Sneed, 07/17/2004]
Gilbert Allen Bell came from Ireland with his parents and settled in Virginia. He married Elizabeth (don't know last name) and they moved to Tennessee. Robert Allen Bell, his son, was born in Tennessee and was one of the first lay preachers of the Cumberland Branch of the Presbyterian Church. His work was among the Choctaw Indians in Tennessee, and later in Mississippi, where he went as a young man, He farmed near the town of Randolph.
Robert Kennedy's family came from England and went down the Mississippi River from St. Louis to the New Orleans Country. He was married to Elizabeth Dixon, whose sister married Andrew Jackson's father. The Dixon's lived in Tennessee. Our grandmother, was Elizabeth Dixon Kennedy. Her brother, Tom, lived in Bonnam, Texas in later life. Her older sister married a Ridings. Jane's son Louis Ridings used to visit us. Louis's daughter Laura Duckworth used to live in Durant. His daughter-in-law or great-daughter- in-law is Hope Ridings. She is a writer.
Robert Allan Bell and Elizabeth Dixon Kennedy lived in Mississippi after they were married. They had twelve children, some dying in infancy. The children were:
Emma Bell married Ellis Perkins. Their children were:
Anna married John Henry Salmon
Don(na) Bell married W. R. Perkins
Lena never married
Beaula married Asby
Fanie Moss Bell marries but don't know who
All lived in Mississippi
Robert Donald Bell married Martha Woods. Their children were: Gertrude, Clyde, William, Robert, and Mattie, now living in Texas City
Elizabeth Bell married Jesse G. Williams. they came from Mississippi to Boue [?] County, later Bryan, and were farmers in the Roberta and Utica area. She dies of tuberculosis. their children were:
Gilbert Allen married a Condit girl who died, later married Salle, no children
James married Ella; two boys (Elsa, Texas)
Castilla marries Will Neely; one son Will Jr. (New Albany, Miss)
Elizabeth marries George Hubbard; three children, died of flu in 1917
May married Jeff Turner; three children; warden of Miss state prison until his retirement
John Ellis married Mabel Howard; two children; killed in auto accident while scheriff [?] of Bryan County
Robert Peyton (Pate) married Maude Yourney; three or four children (Roberta)
Jack French married Maude ....; some children one died when their house burned
Mary Emma married George Hubbard; one child Ambrose (Mississippi:)
Lewis Clark married Greenwood: after she died married he sister (California)
Leila Forrest married Enis Hayes: one child; died in California
Hugh Allen Bell married Ollie (last name unknown). Their children were:
Thrace and twins Clevlon [?] and Clyde (a girl)
All lived in Mississippi
Thomas Ellen Bell (Duck) married James Peyton Donaldson (kin to Rachel Donaldson who married Andrew Jackson). Their children were:
Robert Peyton Donaldson married...
Sallie Irene Donaldson never married.
Melisa Merle Donaldson married Will Corbin
Cora Emma Donaldson married Marshal Jamison
Lelia Bell married Willis R. Collins. They moved to Texas and later to Durant. Their children were:
Jettie married Homer Glen
Jessie married to Ingram Calhoun
Ivy last marries John Burnett (Oklahoma City)
Ernest married Merle ... from Florida
Elizabeth married Albert Sidney Johnson, divorced (Merkel, Texas)
Robert married...
Forrest May ... married three times
Horton dies as child
A girl died as child
Bailey married......
Dan...married died number of years ago
Sarah Francis Bell married John F. V. Carrell a Methodist Circuit Rider who had served as a drummer boy in the Confederate Army
Mary Caroline Bell married General Forrest Atkinson. They cam from Ponotoc Miss. to Durant. Their children are
Don Ellis married Anne McDonald
Cammie Elizabeth married Winfred Salter; one son Forrest
Robert Pratt married Allie V. Adrian; one child Mary Alice
Walter Forrest died in infancy
Sallie Bell married Dabney W. Sneed; one son Joe
William Leonard married Lucille Walsen; one son Bill
Lottie married Otto M. Morse both died; one son Jim
Thelma married Robert T. Daniels; two sons Billy Bob and Larry
The Atkinsons or Atkins came originally from England to Alabama and then to Southern Mississippi. Giles Manuel Atkinson marries Margret Grey whose mother was a Forrest. Their children were:
Cammie burned to death as a child
Mary married several times; children called Johnson
Sallie married William Boeckmann (DeLeon, Texas)
General Forrest Atkinson
born during the Civil War when the guerillas were following Sherman's march to the sea. Their house was burned and his mother with it. Mary who was seven took Forrest and Sallie to the home of neighbors as the father was in the army. A family who had a small boy took Forrest with them to Alabama. When his father came home he found the house burned. After burying the bones and things he found Mary and Sallie with another family who later came to Texas. When Forrest was fourteen he came back to Mississippi and found his father who had married his aunt Mary Larrimore whose husband had been killed in the war. She had two sons Ubioe [?] and John and they had a daughter Eunivecce. Forrest's father lived with her in his old age.
Note: There are two texts of this document, one in my possession and one in the possession of Fred Hawthorne. The latter appears in Sources as "Letter written by Aunt Sis Atkinson"
What I have appears to be a transcript of a letter written to all the author's siblings in the 1950's. I think it was transcribed by my father, Dabney Whitfield Sneed, since it is typed on a typewriter with unusual type. He was the only one I knew with such a typewriter.
JDS 07/13/04
Paranthetical: Y
Source S620
Abbreviation: LETTER2
Title: LETTER2
Author: Mrs Winfred A. Salter (FH424)
Publication: to James Otto Morse (15096)
Text: LETTER 2 Letter from Mrs. W. A. Salter (15866) to James Morse (15889)
Transcribed from handwritten original by Joe Sneed (15856) 07/15/2004
[no date]
Dear Jim -
I have no records when Grandma died [.] One of the sons, the oldest one, took the family bible. We never heard of it again [.] What I know is what Grandma had told me. She was old and lame and sat in a rocker. I had to read to her, which at times was a chore. I read through the Bible, she pronounced the words and I got so tired of the "Begats" [.] But some of the things that I read, I remembered.
In the Bell side of the family our Great Grandfather, Robert Bell, came out Ireland [?] [;] he was supposed to have married an Indian woman. There are Bells all over Mississippi and Tennessee. One taught in Old Mss at Oxford and lived near the school [in a house] which long ago became a part of the Campus and the house, when I saw it, was a sort of Student Center. My Grandfather , Robert Allen Bell, was born in Tennessee and was a "Goodley [Godley?] Man" [,] held services in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church - (that's a sort of primitive Baptist) and when war was declared he was left at home to look after the women and children.
My maternal Grandmother, Elizabeth Dixon Kennedy, was out of English roots who settled in Virginia and then came to the south. She was an aristocrat and was always called Elizabeth. She had an older brother, Tome [?], who went to war, a sister, whose name was Jane, and two younger brothers. The sisters were at home when the battles of Tuka [?} and Corinth were fought [. T] they listened to the gunfire. And when the battle was over, the two women went to look for the younger brothers, 14 and 15. They found the bodies, took what they could find to dig the grave and buried the boys together. The family were cousins of Andrew Jackson and the Donaldsons
Tome [?] came home and went to Texas, place called "Ivanhoe" [.] Jane came with him and his wife. She married a man whose name was Riding - and they were writers [?] and fruit farmers.
Mama was the youngest of the 12 children. She was born in Toccopola, Miss [.] She taught school and finished the Pontotoc Female Academy. Some of the relative[s] had a Baptist School in Blue Mountain near there. She was one of the first females to attend "Old Miss". Some of her Classmates have dined here.
Papa's name was General Forrest, as Granpa was in Forrest's Army, the 1st Mississippi Regiment. His home was near Emory. Grandmother's name was Grey [Gray?]. She had a little girl, seven years old when my father was born. She was very ill and when the Salfies [soldiers] [?] came for what they could find, she sent the little girl with this tiny boy through the brush to a neighbor. The woman took them and gave papa to a second neighbor, who had a nursing baby. That family moved to Alabama. The ones who kept the little girl moved to Biloxi. When Papa was 14 he set out to find his family. His father of course looked for the children. Papa could neither read nor write, but he took the name Grandfather gave him. He was an handsome man and when he met Mama they decided that the name would be Atkison, not Adkins, nor Atkinson. She taught him to read and write. Salabels writing looks like his. And he was a shark in math. He taught me how to work percentage problems in my arithmetic.
I'm sorry I have no permanent records.
Paranthetical: Y
Source S645
Abbreviation: Robert (Bob) McDonald, 2634 Arroyo Dobbie, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 396-3210
Title: Robert (Bob) McDonald, 2634 Arroyo Dobbie, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 396-3210
Note: Source Media Type: Book
Repository: #R1
Paranthetical: Y

Repository R1
Name: Not Given
Address: Not Given
Name: Not Given

Source S669
Abbreviation: Marriage Records of North Carolina, by County II
Title: Marriage Records of North Carolina, by County II
Author: Nichol, Margaret
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Marriage Records of North Carolina, by County II
Posted by: Margaret Nichol (ID *****8191) «tab»Date: October 15, 2002 at 18:27:18
«tab»of 8730
Marriage Records of North Carolina, from Guilford to Wilkes County
Guilford, formed in 1771, from Rowan and Orange Counties
28 Sep 1772, Jacob Kennedy to Sarah Boothe
Nov 1793, William Canady to Mary Cannady (widow)
27 Aug 1778, Jacob Kenady to Jean Green
20 Jan 1790, Margory Canaday to Joel Harris
2 Apr 1791, Henry Canaday to Nancy Armfield
21 Apr 1794, Charles Canaday to Sarah Russel
9 Sep 1801, Samuel Kenneday to Margaret Smith
6 Feb 1802, Sary Canaday to Joseph Ross
22 May 1802, Hannah Kanaday to George Rayl
26 Nov 1814, William Canaday to Ann Hunt
16 Jun 1818, Mary Canada to John Clark
26 Oct 1829, Charles Canady to Sarah Stafford
15 Oct 1836, John Kenneday to Betsy B. Burton
7 Jul 1840, Sherwood Kenneday to Margaret Nugent
9 Jun 1842, Harman Canady to Louisana Stanley
13 Aug 1844, Nathan Canady to Ann White
13 Sep 1854, Lydia Cannaday to Joseph Stevens
22 Oct 1857, Alpheus Kenaday to Lydia McGee
13 Apr 1857, John Canady to Harriet Hoskins
5 Oct 1857, Joseph Kenadey to Etney C. Spencer
20 Sep 1858, Jesse C. Kenneday to Sarah C. Bundy
24 Nov 1858, William C. Kenneday to Nancy Jane McGee
27 Feb 1865, William C. Kenneday to Cynthia A. Swain
22 May 1866, Harriet A. Canaday to John G. Gambler
27 May 1867, Matitia Canaday to David Wright
Halifax, formed in 1758 from Edgecombe County
8 Sep 1824, Cullen Canada to Eliza James
10 Sep 1864, Dick Caneda to M. Magee
Johnston, formed in 1746 from Craven County
27 Jun 1793, William Canady to Tabithey Bratcher
15 Sep 1807, William Kenneday to Ether Smith
25 Dec 1821, Jesse Kenneday to Dorcas Pittes
3 Oct 1832, Elizabeth Kennedy to Ellis Scrugs
29 May 1833, Susan Canada to Young Ryals
24 Mar 1835, Henry H. Kennedy to Pensey Whitington
15 Apr 1858, Williah H. Canady to Elizabeth J. Barker
14 Mar 1860, Joshua Canaday to Amy Ann Coats
21 Feb 1866, Eliza Ann Canada to John R. Barber
Lincoln, formed in 1779 from Dobbs County
7 Jul 1807, Isaac Keneday to Elizabeth Seine
1 Nov 1809, Robert Kennedy to Polly Eaton
Dec 1810, Gilbert Kannedy to Elizabeth Dickson
25 Oct 1814, Thomas H. Kennedy to Polley Jenkins
21 Ap 1830, Alexander Canaday to Mary Lutz
20 Mar 1837, Robert Kenady to Ann Baldwin
23 Jan 1840, Robert Kenedy to Eleanor Hovis
Mecklenburg, formed in 1762 from Anson County
5 Feb 1778, Thomas Kennedy to Rebekah Alexander
8 Feb 1788, Jane Kennedy to William Wells
9 Sep 1794, Hannah Kennedy to William McCord
30 Apr 1794, Martha Kennedy to Howel Smith
14 Apr 1803, David Kennady to Nancy Dowell
14 Feb 1804, Margaret Kennedy to James McCorkle
9 Dec 1805, James Kennedy to Nancy Milven
1 Jan 1810, Amelia Sophia Kennedy to James Leech
14 May 1816, John Kennedy to Jane Giffeth
27 Aug 1816, William Kennedy to Mary McGinty
18 Nov 1816, Marcus T.O. Kennedy to Pamelia Wilson
4 Dec 1827, Aaron A. Kanady to Jane N. Sloan
3 Mar 1832, James H. Kennedy to Jane Weeks
10 May 1843, William Kennedy to Eliza Mull
30 Oct 1845, A. J. Kennedy to Joseph H. McGinnis
16 Apr 1851, Martha Ann Kennedy to Samuel A. Moore
25 Oct 1855, Nancy R. Kennedy to John F. Sloan
29 Apr 1858, Henry Kennedy to Missouri Walker
9 Feb 1860, Robert Kennedy to Cresy Beaty
7 Mar 1861, Rebecca Jane Kennedy to Franklin Smith
Montgomery, formed in 1779 from Anson County
9 Mar 1864, Lucy Kennedy to James M.A. Strider
Nash, formed in 1777 from Edgecombe County
18 Mar 1864, Jane Canady to Epes Smith
New Hanover, formed in 1729 from Craven County
24 Apr 1856, Mary B. Canaday to Leander Moore
31 Jan 1860, Amelia Canady to Stephen Keyes
5 Dec 1865, Cornelia Canady to William L. Rogers
18 Oct 1866, Nancy E. Kennedy to George W. Rodgers
30 Jul 1866, William B. Cannaday to Julia Ann Harper
12 Nov 1867, Jane Kennedy to John T. Spreights
Northampton, formed in 1741 from Bertie County
30 Jan 1845, Mary Canady to Henry Walden
Onslow, formed in 1734 from New Hanover County
9 Feb 1830, James Canada to Polly Canada
5 Feb 1833, Joseph Canada to Anna Hardeson
6 Feb 1833, Kassandra Canada to John Pollock
25 Dec 1845, Emily Ann Canady to John William Brown
28 Jan 1845, Eliza Canada to Thomas Landen
12 Oct 1847, Elizabeth Canady to Elisha W. Freeman
17 Feb 1852, Nancy Canady to Barfield Futeral
17 Sep 1856, Polly Canady to Newton Riggs
1 Jul 1856, Sabra Canady to James Smith
23 Jun 1865, Margaret Canaday to Alexander Moore
Orange, formed in 1752 from Johnston, Bladen, Granville Counties
9 Jan 1792, Mary Canady to Jesse Lynch
13 Aug 1793, John Kennedy to Elizabeth Sloss
19 Oct 1793, Margaret Canady to Ephraim Cate
8 Dec 1805, Jonathan Kennedy to Delilah Lovin
5 Jul 1855, Ruffin Canady to Mary Adams
13 Dec 1860, Isaac G. Cannady to Margaret L. Coggin
5 Sep 1865, Ruffin Cannada to Margaret Adams
28 Nov 1867, Nathaniel E. Cannady to Sala A. Faucett
Pasquotank, formed in 1668 from Albemarle County
7 Jun 1770, Mary Cannaday to John Barcliff
21 Jul 1770, Robert Canady, Jr. to Catherin Wallis
Persons, formed in 1791 from Caswell County
20 Dec 1793, Robert Kennedy to Lucy Barnes
10 Feb 1808, Robert Kennedy to Anna Evens
12 Mar 1814, Taby Canady to Elijah Obriant
22 Mar 1830, Robert Kenedy to Eliz Talley
28 Jul 1834, Harrison H. Kennedy to Sina Hill
2 Sep 1841, Guilford Canada to Nancy Y. Shaw
12 Dec 1842, James Kennedy to Sarah Philpot
29 Sep 1842, Sherrod Canada to Elizabeth Robey
23 Oct 1844, Bevely Canada to Martha Hill
30 Jul 1851, David Canada to Harriet J. Tucker
25 May 1853, Henry C. Canada to Sarah A. Younger
13 Oct 1858, Orren J. Kennedy to Dricilla E. Burton
14 Oct 1865, John P. Canady to Corinna F. Fradsher
Rockingham, formed in 1785 from Guilford County
4 oct 1804, Nancy Canady to James Cockram
31 Oct 1833, Betsy Kennedy to Robert Hulgar
16 Dec 1835, Absolom Cannaday to Sally Settle
12 Oct 1837, Rebecca Canady to Elijah G. Rice
11 Sep 1848, Jane Canaday to Livingston G. Cobb
14 Jan 1848, Joseph H. Cannady to Katherine Huenphreys
4 Oct 1861, Absolom Cannaday to Elizabeh Nunn
27 Mar 1881, William Jefferys Canaday to Francis Saunders
Rowan, formed in 1703 from Anson County
17 Nov 1784, Andrew Kennedy to Rachel Penny
27 Jan 1784, Agnes Kennedy to Mitchel Fleming
18 Sep 1810, Nancy Canady to John Hulan
29 Apr 1811, Mary Cannady to David Ensley
12 Nov 1813, John Kennedy to Maray Dannel
8 Dec 1814, John Kennody to Elizabeth Owens
18 Nov 1821, Sherwood Kenady to Phebe Wilson
20 Sep 1821, William Kenneday to Elizabeth Kenneday
20 Jun 1838, Maria M. Canady to G. O. Tarrh
3 Mar 1846, William G. Kenneday to Hannah Hill
166 Sep 1852, James Kennedy to Elizabeth Cotton
20 Jun 1852, Margaret Kennedy to Baswell C. Bunting
5 Apr 1854, John Kenneday to Eliz Hanson
28 Jan 1860, Elizabeth Kennedy to Albert Sears
27 Sep 1865, Elizabeth Kennedy to John Culver
Rutherford, formed in 1779 from Tryon County
4 Dec 1832, Levi Kennedy to Purddy Scruggs
11 May 1835, Mary Canady to Howel F. Westbrook
19 May 1836, Jane Canada to John B. Mince
29 Oct 1842, James Kennedy to Elizabeth Cooper
12 Jan 1843, John Canada to Narcissa Webb
21 Sep 1854, Thomas Kanady to Mary M. Webb
Stokes, formed in 1789 from Surry County
1824, Brison Canady to Elisabeth Tuege
12 Aug 1837, Adaline Canaday to Zacheus Watson
9 Jun 1862, Mary A. Cannaday to Isaac Huff
Surry, formed in 1770 from Rowan County.
30 Jan 1807, Elizabeth Canaday to John Winfree
18 Nov 1824, Phebe Kennedy to William Douglas
10 Jan 1831, Aaron Kenada to Tempy Marshal
16 Nov 1833, Midia Canada to Jesse Perkins
8 May 1840, John Kennedy to Margaret Armstrong
2 Dec 1844, Drury Canada to Sarah Waggoner
10 Dec 1844, Sarah Canady to David Shores
3 Jul 1848, Cynthis S. Kennedy to Robert Williams
29 Jan 1854, Pleasant B. Kennedy to Mary Thompson
30 Nov 1854, Marshal Canada to Josephine Raine
27 Jan 1855, A. W. Kennedy to Kizziah Cockerham
Feb 1860, Columbus Kennedy to Elizabeth Golden
12 Nov 1867, Bettie Kennedy to A. C. Hamby
Tyrrell, formed in 1729 from Bertie, Chowan, Curictuck, and Pasquotank Counties
7 Nov 1760, Sarah Kennedy to Benjamin Gainer
22 Jun 1764, John Kenady to Taffina Price
1 Dec 1780, Sally Cannaday to James Stubbs
20 Aug 1784, William Kanaday to Elizabeth Lee
29 Jul 1826, Morris W. Kenady to Sally Sprull
15 Mar 1845, Polly Cannady to Benjamin West
Wake, formed in 1771, from Johnston, Cumberland and Orange Counties
17 Nov 1810, Polly Canady to William Russel
1 Jan 1811, Peter Cannaday to Penny Pope
1 Dec 1812, Laney Cannady to Dennis Dial
7 Sep 1812, Dosha Kanaday to Isaac Glasgow
7 Mar 1815, Dorris Canaday to Nancy Jinkins
29 Aug 1825, Kiddy Canaday to Fellow Harris
4 Apr 1831, Gideon Cannady to Salley Castleberry
18 Dec 1832, Cynthis G. Cannaday to Anderson Bailey
27 Aug 1838, Nancy Cannady to Nathan Rhodes
18 Apr 1842, Calvin Canady to Martha L. Smith
10 Nov 1845, Duncan S. Cannady to Sarah K. Magnum
23 Mar 1848, Elizabeth Cannaday to Richard Mayno
15 Oct 1850, Mary Kennedy to Moses Woodruff
27 Dec 1852, Ann Cannady to William Haris
18 Feb 1852, Alvis Cannady to Mary Ann Crocker
26 Oct 1855, Mary Ann Canady to James Locklaer
10 Feb 1855, Duncan S. Canady to Mary s. Magnum
16 Apr 1856, Amelia Kennedy to William Cheatwood
7 Feb 1857, William Canady to Elizabeth Dorn
1 Jan 1858, S. A. Cannady to Yancey A. Bailey
15 Nov 1858, Nancy G. Canady to Jacob D. Turner
20 Jan 1861, Annie Canady to Washington Smith
21 Feb 1864, Mary A. Kennedy to Tristam L. Wallace
17 Jan 1865, Wyatt Cannady to Betsy Ann Chavis
2 Mar 1866, Abram Cannady to Rachel Henry
6 Jan 1866, Allen Canady to Thomas Smith
Warren, formed in 1779 from Bute County
21 Oct 1833, Hawkins Kennedy to Rainey King
7 oct 1843, Charles Kennedy to Martha Ann Rebecca Brodie
10 Jan 1852, Hawkins Kennedy to Holly Burrows
Wilkes, from in 1777, from Surry County
9 Jul 1780, Nancy Cannaday to Joel Stamper
12 Jul 1796, Samuel Canaday, to (?)
3 No 1800, Alie Canaday to Abraham Hains
27 Jan 1800, Elizabeth Cannaday to Jonathan Parkes
14 Aug 1801, William Kennady to Rachel Parkes
5 Oct 1897, Nancy Kennady to John Gilliam
29 Feb 1816, Susannah Cannaday to Daniel Carter
29 Feb 1816, Fanny Canaday to John Carter
7 Nov 1821, Polly Cannady to James Walls
19 Aug 1822, Hope Cannady to Joseph Wall, Jr.
29 Aug 1827, Jane Kannaday to Jacob Harris
4 Jul 1848, Fanney Canaday to William Green
2 Sep 1848, N. C. Canaday to Polley W. Tucker
6 Nov 1848, Churchwell H. Kennady to Susan Creed
16 Apr 1856, Amelia Kennedy to William Cheatwood
12 Feb 1862, Norwood Kennady to Lucinda Johnson
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Paranthetical: Y

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