Doc:Big Annual Events

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We have four events that are run annually on WikiTree (one each quarter) - the Scan-a-Thon, Spring Clean-a-Thon, Connect-a-Thon and Source-a-Thon. This page explains how to run each event. The Scan-a-Thon, Clean-a-Thon and Connect-a-Thon are all run the same way. There are a few differences with the Source-a-Thon which will be explained when necessary.


The events are run around the same weekends each year as follows:

  • Scan-a-Thon: Second weekend of January
  • Spring Clean-a-Thon: Fourth weekend of April
  • Connect-a-Thon - Third weekend of July
  • Source-a-Thon - First weekend of October

They go from 8am (Eastern) on Friday to 8am (Eastern) on Monday.

Pre-Event Timeline

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