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Cynthia M. Rushing formerly Edgemon
Born 1950s.
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Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Isaac Allerton.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Mary (Norris) Allerton.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Mary (Allerton) Cushman.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Degory Priest.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Joan (Hurst) Tilley.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger James Chilton.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Susanna (Furner) Chilton.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Mary (Chilton) Winslow.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Samuel Fuller.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger John Tilley.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger John Billington Sr..
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Ellinor (Lockwood) Billington.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Francis Billington.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Francis Eaton.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Sarah (Unknown) Eaton.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Samuel Eaton.
Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger John Howland Sr..
Descendant of Mary (Allerton) Cushman, last surviving member of The Mayflower voyage.
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Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a Magna Carta Project affiliate.
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Descendant of several Magna Carta Surety Barons.

Cynthia (Edgemon) Rushing is a descendant of Magna Carta Surety Barons: Roger le Bigod, Robert (Ros) de Roos, Hugh le Bigod, Saher de Quincy, William d'Albini, Henry de Bohun, Gilbert de Clare, Richard de Clare, John (Clavering) FitzRobert.

Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Robert Cushman .
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Thomas Cushman Sr. .
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM John Coombs.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Sarah Priest.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Edmund Littlefield.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Annis Austin.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Arthur Warren.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM John Calkins.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Hugh Calkins.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Robert Royce.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Thomas Harvey Jr..
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM William Harvey of Taunton.
Descendant of PGM migrant PGM Walter Woodworth.
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Cynthia (Cindy) Marie (Edgemon) Rushing was born in California, United States of America during the 1950's and lived during times of national disturbance and transformation. One of her earliest childhood moments was watching the death of President John F. Kennedy live on the families black and white tv. She recalls looking up as her mother cried out at the moment President Kennedy was shot. Cynthia has often said she never forget seeing her mom's tears of sadness and shock. It was likely at that moment the foundation was laid for Cynthia to live a life of making a tangible difference.

She was the first born child of James (Jim) Richard Edgemon and Vivian (Viv) Marie (Jensen) Edgemon-Hendricks. It was in their home she learned by example that living a life of peace and respect always wins in the end. There were no raised voices or yelling in the family home during Cynthia's youth. While this style may appear to create passifists it was in fact the opposites. She and her sisters learned to be strong, stand up for themselves and others, as well as being gentle in the process. Cynthia's parents divorced in 1977 breaking the groundwork they'd worked hard to create. While this change happened as Cynthia was going off to college, keeping her experiences in tact, her sisters were left to deal with the breakups fallout. Thus the four sisters have different memories of their childhoods. The family stayed fairly close through the years although everyone lived in different states. Cynthia's mother died rather unexpectedly November 28, 2015 of Pancreatic Cancer. Her father continues to live into his 80's.

Of note, Cindy rarely used her given first name Cynthia during the course of her adult life with a couple exceptions, when she briefly went by Cynthia and later her middle name Marie. Otherwise according to Cynthia (at registration) she was always known by the commonly used nickname, Cindy. This eldest child of Jim and Vivian had three siblings, Sandra Kay (Edgemon) Theus, Jacqueline Sue Edgemon and Judi Anne (Edgemon) Richards, who were all later born in a different state than her.

Even in her youth Cynthia was very involved in her neighborhoods development, her church and community, where she learned leadership skills, the sense of service to others and the value of hard work. It was then she participated in programs like missionary community outreach in Mexico as well as locally. She was one of the youngest counselors in her regional Big-Sister Little Sister program. Cynthia routinely volunteered with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the United Way, participated annually in many charitable walk-a-thons. In her school years Cynthia was consistently an honor roll student, participated in student government, in multiple clubs and activities, including community outreach, and was on her school's dance squad and later a cheerleader. It was during high school years she was employed in her first television commercial, this time for a national fast food company. She later in adult life continued to be employed making commercials, alongside her career. While still a student balancing school obligations, it was at her part time jobs where she further developed strong values of hard work and leadership.

In college she studied Broadcast Communication and Journalism landing several positions in the television industry. She was a reporter, producer and a tv news anchor in multiple markets. She began in this industry when it was male dominated, in fact the first station had only its one token female, the secretary, until Cynthia entered the building. She was often challenged by the males in the building, some who went out of their way to set her up reportedly because they didn't want change in the status quo. But Cynthia's hard work, ethics and adherence to journalistic values won them over in time. Over the course of her tenure in the communications industry more and more women entered the field and those who knew Cynthia's story understood she'd paved the way for them. Cynthia found the work in the news industry exciting, challenging and enjoyed how every day was unique. She simultaneously enjoyed the hard edged investigative stories and the softer ones where local citizens where highlighted for their good works. Through the experience she increasingly became aware how young people were often scapegoats in the news for all that was wrong in society. Cynthia vowed that if she ever had the opportunity, she would pro-actively work with young people. She wanted to intervene and help at a time in a child's youth, before their story became news. While employed in broadcasting, it was at one of the television stations where she met her decades long husband Robert Joe Rushing, jr. He was a television news director and manager.

Cynthia loved her chosen profession but her true preference was education, and later pursued that avenue during her adult life. After leaving the news industry, although she always planned to return later, she was drawn into teaching. It was here she made her true mark on society, having the opportunity to directly help young people. Cynthia was known to mentor many young adults as they faced their life challenges. She'd help them set a new course, assist them to see their own self worth, find their passions and always teach the values of respect, community participation, and giving back. Cynthia was nominated for the school districts staff of the year and awarded this honored title in March of 2010. She was in fact the first district employee to receive this award in her area of teaching.

In her personal life, Cynthia met Robert Joe Rushing, Jr. in Abilene, Texas. The couple married in Cynthia's home state on January 22, 1983. They later had two sons Steven Craig Rushing in 1985, and Jordan Michael Rushing in 1989. The children benefited from the couples chosen profession that resulted in frequent moving. In retrospect all felt it made them stronger, and well rounded citizens of their communities. Steven studied astronautical and mechanical engineering in college, going on to become a Patent Attorney at premier law firms. The couples youngest son Jordan studied Business Administration, then computer science languages. He used his skill set to become a software engineer at a few successful start ups, and several national icon companies, including Google. Although typically quite busy with some commitment or family activity, Cynthia enjoyed a wide ranging variety of hobbies and activities. She loved gardening, crafting, boating, the beach, nature walks, family game night and volunteering to name a few. Yet on the other side of the spectrum in her free time she enormously enjoyed participating in politics, researching global issues, understanding the stock market, advocating for others and was fascinated by science. If one didn't know Cynthia, the variety of interests would often surprise them.

Cynthia (Cindy) may have been born in California, USA but didn't settle there. She and her family moved often for work, living in a number of the United States. She learned to deeply appreciate and respect the cultural differences around the country, jumping right in wherever she moved. She took advantage of moving by touring and visiting the many historical places in her new regions. Often neighbors would comment they'd never visited a fraction of what the Rushing family had seen. Indeed she and her husband immersed their family in the countries history via first hand experiences and nightly dinner table talks. In addition when her kids were teenagers the family and their grandfather went on a world trip, increasing the love of history, as well as a love of traveling.

Being very outgoing and nurturing by nature, Cynthia made many life long friends along her winding journey. Cynthia (Cindy) was known by everyone as giving, extremely kind, loving, generous of spirit and a loyal friend. Cynthia would often speak up for those who had no voice, pay it forward annomously, stand up for the less fortunate, and strive to correct injustice when others either didn't see it or chose to do nothing. She was fierce and not afraid to stand up to anybody or anything. But she also was a big nature lover, and finding gratitude wherever she was at any given moment. She lived a life of "living present in the moment" before it was a cultural trend. Cynthia could find joy and blessings in even the toughest of experiences and she experienced some harsh realities of life at an early age. Some who knew of her experiences at times found it hard to understand why she would forgive her aggressors and experiences, and continually find blessings in her past. But Cynthia would live her adult life using what she'd learned to help others navigate their lives, avoiding the obstacles and find happiness.

She'd repeatedly give up lucrative employment opportunities to help mentor youth, assist those disadvantaged, and be a soft shoulder for others, even strangers, who experienced similar challenges. While each passing year she prepared to return to the broadcasting industry for employment her heart tugged her to "just stay one more year" in teaching. Ironically it was when she actively planned to return to television that she experienced a disabling auto accident. Her injuries kept her away from her love of mentoring, teaching as well as retuning to the news business. Just as she was improving she was once again injured in another car crash keeping her permanently from her two professions. It was during this time of upheaval when profound insights and growth were experienced by Cynthia. She determined the first half of her life, as wonderful as they were, needed to be viewed only in a rear view mirror. She used those memories as the foundation to propel her into a life well lived in the second half. Giving back and paying it forward would be realized through out her life.

It's easy to see that Cynthia made a positive impact and a big difference in the world with her life. Yet to the end she strove to help others finding their pathway, a teacher to the end.


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3. HISTORICAL (not listed elsewhere)


5. The Mayflower

•Mary (Allerton) Cushman, last survivor of The Mayflower. Allerton-6
Mary is Cynthia's 9th Great Grandmother.
•Isaac Allerton, Sr. Allerton-3
Isaac is Cynthia's 10th Great Grandfather.
•Mary (Norris) Allerton Norris-75
Mary is Cynthia's 10th Great Grandmother.
• Degory Priest Priest-39
Degory is Cynthia's 11th Great Grandfather.






Sir Thomas "of Kinlet" Blount

Thomas is Cynthia's 15th Great Grandfather.

King Edward I of England

Edward is Cynthia's 23rd Great Grandfather.

Llywelyn Fawr, Llywelyn the Great. Prince, Ruler of Wales

Llyelyn is Cynthia's 23rd Great Grandfather.



•John Adams Adams-10
18th cousins, 5x (uncertain)
•John Quincy Adams [[Adams-12]
13th cousins, 6x
•Chester Alan Arthur Arthur-49
15th cousins, 4x
•Bill (Blythe) Clinton III Blythe-6
22nd cousins, 2x
•James Buchanan Jr. Buchanan-787
14th cousins, 8x
•George W. Bush Bush-4
17th cousins, 2x (uncertain)
•George H. Bush Bush-7
17 cousins, 1x (uncertain)
•Jimmy Carter Carter-1086
17th cousins, 1x
•Stephen Grover Cleveland Cleveland-110
15th cousins, 5x
•John Calvin Coolidge Jr.Coolidge-13
14th cousins, 1x


14. All the rest!

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So, I guess I'm related to your husband. George Washington Trail would be my great great great grandfather. Sarah Jane is my great great grandmother Juliet Trail's little sister.

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