European Aristocrat Monarchs

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Kings and Queens of England, Scotland, Wales and the UK

Kings of England

Year Monarch House(s) Other Names
757-796 Offa Wessex Eafa
802-839 Egbert Wessex Ecgberht, Bretwalda
839-856 Aethelwulf Wessex "Ethelwulf, King of Wessex", Noble Wolf
856-860 Aetehlbald Wessex -
860-866 Aethelbert Wessex -
866-871 Aethelred I Wessex "King of the West Saxons", Ætheling
871-899 Alfred the Great Wessex "King of the West Saxons and Anglo-Saxons", Ælfred
899-925 Edward the Elder Wessex "Se Ealdr, King of England", Eadweard
925-940 Athelstan the Glorious Wessex -
940-946 Edmund I Wessex "Eadmund,the Deed-doer, the Elder, the Just, the Magnificent, King of England"
946-955 Eadred Wessex "Edred, King of England"
955-959 Edwy Wessex
959-975 Edgar Wessex
979-978 Edward the Martyr Wessex
978-1016 Ethelred II the Unready Wessex
1016 Edmund Ironside Wessex
1016-1035 Cnut Denmark Canute
1035-1040 Harold I Harefoot Denmark
1040-1042 Harthacanut Denmark
1042-1066 Edward the Confessor Wessex
1066 Harold II Wessex
1066-1087 William I Normandy William the Conqueror
1087-1100 William II Normandy
1100-1135 Henry I Normandie
1135-1154 Stephen Blois
1154-1189 Henry II Normandie, Plantagenet Curtmantle, FitzEmpress
1189-1199 Richard I Angevin
1199-1216 John Angevin
1216-1273 Henry III Plantagenet

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