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To set up a category structure for a life event of a famous person takes several steps which involve nesting categories. If you get stuck or have questions about how this would work please ask on G2G.

We are going to use a fictional person (John Smith) that was a member of Frank Sinatra's Band as an example of how to set up this type of category.

Step One: You go to John Smith's profile and click on the edit tab. Scroll down to the text box. At the top of that text box is where we add categories. You would type in:

[[Category:Frank Sinatra Band Members]]

This is the "Life Event" that connects John Smith with our famous person, Frank Sinatra. Whatever the life event is, this is what you call this new category we are making.

(Another example: If your ancestor's connection to Abraham Lincoln was that he was a member of Lincoln's cabinet you would call the life event "Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet". Life events can be anything that connects our ancestor to that famous person. If you have any question on how to name a life event category please ask in G2G and use the tag "categorization".)

Save your work in the profile's text box and go to the public side of the profile. The category will be listed but it will be red. A red category name means that the category hasn't been saved.. it is not yet a real category. Click on that red link.

When you click on that red category link you will be taken to a new category page. At the top of that page you'll see a warning that you are on a page that doesn't exist yet. That is because the category has not yet been saved and isn't yet a real category. To make it a real category you must add something to the text box on this page and save your work.

In this case we are going to add:

[[Category:Frank Sinatra Life Events]]

To the top of the text box. This will make the category, "Frank Sinatra Band Members" a subcategory of "Frank Sinatra Life Events". Click save and look at the category page you have made.

Step Two: If "Frank Sinatra Life Events" is not yet a real category, you'll be able to see that because the link to that category will again be red . If someone has previously saved that category the category link will be colored green .

If the category link is red , you'll need to click on that red category link. This will again take you to a category page that needs saving.

In this case we'll want to add this new category as a subcategory to the category, "Famous Singers of the 20th Century". We do this by adding this to the top of the text box:

[[Category:Famous Singers of the 20th Century]]

and save our work. This makes "Frank Sinatra Life Events" a real category and makes it a subcategory of "Famous Singers of the 20th Century".

Final Steps: We know that category already exists so it will be green . But if it was a new category and showed up as a red category link you will have to go to that category page and make it a subcategory of the one above it which would be "Famous people of the 20th Century". You would make that category like this:

[[Category:Famous People of the 20th Century]]

As a final step you will want to go to the profile of the famous person add the Life Events category to their profile page. In Frank Sinatra's case this category would be written like this:

[[Category:Frank Sinatra Life Events]] .

This would make Frank Sinatra's profile show up under this category for his Life Events. No other profiles should be in his Life Events category. All other profiles linking to him should be in subcategories describing the event.

Remember, any category you make on WikiTree needs to be nested like containers in the one directly above it. Just think of it as a series of nested bowls:


leading from the smallest container or bowl to the one above it. This gives us a way to get to the smallest categories from the top of our category tree and a way to get back to the top of our category tree from the smallest category.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every category on WikiTree (with the exception of Personal Categories) must lead through the ones above it to the top of our category tree by making it a subcategory. You can not leave a category without a link to the one directly above it on the category tree. This is not optional. If we don't nest the categories as they are made the category tree will not work.

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