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Philip Fowler
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The Puritan Great Migration.
Philip Fowler migrated to New England during the Puritan Great Migration (1620-1640).
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He married Mary Winslow, daughter of John Winslow and Elizabeth Paddy, circa 1614 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Philip Fowler died on 24 June 1679 at Ipswich, Essex, MA; Age 88?


Mary Winslow b. c 1592, d. 30 Aug 1659


Samuel Fowler b. c 1618, d. 17 Jan 1711
Hester Fowler b. 16 Mar 1619, d. 29 Oct 1666
Joseph Fowler b. 16 Sep 1626, d. 19 May 1676

Philip FOWLER was born about 1591 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.[1] He immigrated from England to America, on the ship Mary & John. Philip Fowler is named among "the men who took the oath of supremacy and allegiance at Southampton to pass for New England on the Mary & John of London."[1] He took the Freeman Oath on the on 3 SEP 1634. He died on 24 JUN 1679 at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. (SOURCE: Early Vital Records of Essex County, Massachusetts to 1850 for Ipswich.) He was a Clothworker.[1]

THE PURITAN FAMILY by Edmund S. Morgan Even when a master's commands were righteous, he could not enforce them by cruel methods. With servants as with children the Puritans discountenanced harshness where softer means would avail. As Willard put it, "Extreme Rigor here is extreme wrong...we are not to make Asses of our Servants, whilst they may be treated as Men. Cotton Mather pointed out that the punishment of a disobedient servant should be so "moderated with Humanity that he may not be thereby Killed, or Maimed: Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth, and Life for Life, will be demanded, by the Righteous God, the Judge of the Creepled Servant. And before God demanded justice, the courts might do so.

When Philip Fowler was presented at the Essex County Court for abusing his servant, the court affirmed that they "justified any person in giving meet correction to his servant, which the boy deserved, yet they did no approve of the manner of punishment given in hanging him up by the heels as butchers do beast for the slaughter, and cautioned said Fowler against such kind of punishment." If a master's punishments maimed or disfigured his servants, the law required that they be set free--and many servants were set free when they proved that their masters had beaten them excessively.


  • May 1634 - Philip was one of the founders of New England. He embarked with his family, in the "Mary and John," of London, Robert SAYRES, master, and which lying in the river Thames, they "were made stay of untill further order" from the Council, 28 Feb. 1633/34, owing to misrepresentation of the colonies, by its enemies, which had then reached England, and the master was required, among other things, to give a bond of 100 Pounds, that the service of the Church of England should be said daily on board, and attended by the passengers, also that they should take the "Oathes of Allegiance and Supremacie," which were taken by the passengers, the 24th of March 1633/34, when they were allowed to proceed on their voyage, and arrived in New England, in May 1634.
  • 1634 - He received a grant of land in Ipswich, Essex County, MA., the same year, on which he settled, and where he resided until his death. In 1882 it was still occupied by one of his descendants, bearing the family name.
  • 1634 (3 Sept.) - He took the Freeman's Oath.
  • In 1634/35 (5 Jan.) - It was, by the town of Ipswich, "Given and granted unto John WEBSTER, and unto Mathias CURRIN (CURWEN), and unto Philip FOWLER, and unto William MOODY, and unto Thomas DORMAN, and unto Christopher OSGOOD, and unto Joseph MEDCALF, to each of them, four acres of meadow and marsh ground asit will arise in 20 poles or rods, by the land side, unto them, their heirs or assigns, lying northward of the Town, the marsh is not limited unto them."
  • In 1634/35 (26 Jan.) "Given and granted unti Mr. (Richard) WA(TTLES), Mr. (John) FAWN and to Philip FOWLER, and to Goodman ANDREWS, and to Christopher OSGOOD, a Hill of ground containing 30 acres of land, unto each of them 6 acres of land and unto their heirs forever."
  • In 1635 (20 April) "Granted to Philip FOWLER, thirty-four acres of land lying on the northwest side of the mile river, having the land of Richard JACOB on the northeast, and Mr.WOODMANSEY's farm on the southwest. Likewise ten acres in Jeffries neck, lying between John HASSAL and Robert ANDREWS. Likes six acres of meadow lying towards the neck, having the little neck on the northeast, Christopher OSGOOD on the northwest, and Mr. Thomas BRESEY on the southwest. Likewise six acres of planting ground on the hill north side of the town, having Christopher OSGOOD's towards the northwest, and George VARNHAM southeast. Also an house lot in High Street, having Michael CARTWRIGHT on the northwest, and John HASSALL on the southeast, to enjoy to him, his heirs and assigns forever."
  • In 1636 "Granted Philip FOWLER, one house lot in the cross street called the meeting house lane, about one acre of ground, having John GAGE his house lot on the southeast, and Thomas SCOTT's houselot on the northwest. Also ten acres of upland lying beyond Muddy river, within the common fence, having ten acres of the like land of John WEBSTER's on the southeast, and tenn acres of Christopher OSGOOD's on the northwest. Also six acres of meadow near the highway to Jeffries neck, having a parcel of meadow of Mr. (John) TUTTLE's on the south, and a parcel of meadow of Christopher OSGOOD's on the north."
  • In 1636 (13 July) Philip FOWLER, with Thomas DUDLEY (Governor of MA.), and Robert LORD, all of Ipswich, witnessed the Will of Sarah DILLINGHAM; 1st, 12th mo., 1641/42 he witnessed a deed of Christopher OSGOOD's (his son-in-law); 24 Feb. 1650/51 the agreement between Thomas ROWELL of Salisbury , and Margary OSGOOD (his daughter), in a marriage contract; 26 July 1661, a deed of William WILD of Ipswich, to Robert ANDREWS of Topsfield.
  • In 1642 (29th, 1st mo.) he was on jury of Trials at Ipswich Court; and 29th, 7th mo., 1657, om Grand Jury.
  • In 1643 (15th, 2d mo.) he owed 18 pence to William NEVILL, as mentioned in his Will, it is to be paid to William Robinson.
  • In 1646 at a meeting of Freeman, he is chosen with William ADAMS, to judge of defaults; and the 27th Feb., 1648/49 Surveyor, also 27 Feb., 1654/55, 25 Feb., 1655/56, and 17 Feb., 1656/57; also Surveyor of fences from the common fence gate to Jeffery's neck, 7 April 1662.
  • In 1647 he was allowed by the town, 7 shillings 8 pence, for his work at the watch-house, to be paid by the constables; 6th, 12th mo., 1647/48, he with John WOODAM, to build the chimney at the watch house and do what clapboarding was needed, for which they were to have 3 Pounds-6-8, and to have half their pay, when they began it, and the rest, when they finished the work. They each received 1 Pound-13-4 on the 23d, 11th mo., 1647/48; it was voted 23 Dec., 1656, to build a wharf for the town's use, and as a surveyor, he was to see to it.
  • In 1648/49 (25th, 11th mo.) he gave in his testimony at Court, in regard to the land of Humphrey BROADSTREETE of Ipswich, and in his behalf.
  • In 1649/50 (22d,12th mo.) Henry SILSBYE had 4 acres at the west meadows by Goodman FOWLER's, granted him, if it be there to be had.
  • In 1650 (26th, 1st mo.) he "in regard of age, is freed from ordinary Trayning," which shows he was the sixty years of age.
  • In 1650 (19 April) in Will of Christopher OSGOOD of Ipswich, mentioned as "my father Phillip FOWLER, to be overseer," (his son-in-law, husband of his daughter Margaret).
  • In 1651 " Phillip FOWLER the elder, of Ipswich, did come before me, and in the presence of Joseph his sonne, & Martha his wife, & with their full & free consent, did adopt as his sonne, Phillip, the sonne of sd. Joseph & Martha, to be as his sonne. Samuel SYMONDS."
  • In 1652 (7 May) the northeast boundary of the land of Solomon MARTIN of Andover, was upon his land, and in 1659 (1 June) Thomas Thomas BRIGDEN of Charlestown, Sells to John WOODDAM, house, barn, etc., in Ipswich, bounded on "south by Goodman FOWLER."
  • In 1656, the Selectmen of Ipswich were to divide their town into classes of five, six and ten, and appoint a class-leader for the purpose of spinning. They were to assess each family a quarter, half or whole spinner, according to its other occupation. Each family which could furnish one spinner, should spin for thirty weeks in a year, three pounds of linen, cotton and woolen (monthly and so proportionally), for a half or quarter spinner, on fine of 12d a month, for each pound short. The commons were to be cleared for sheep. The seed of hemp and flax to be saved. Under this division, the 13 March, Philip FOWLER was assessed for half a spinner 45 Pounds.
  • In 1658/59 (16 Feb.) "Voted by the Town, to choose a Committe, and give their apprehensions and reason (to the Selectmen), who have a right to Commonage, and who not, and what else they conceive may conduce to the good of the Town, and when they are ready, the Selectmen to call the Town together, to hear what they what they conceive. This Committee, Are as followeth viz:---Our two honored Magistrates, our teaching and ruling Elders, Mr. WADE, George Giddings, Philip FOWLER, Joseph MEDCALF, Thomas HART."
  • In 1658/59 (17 Feb.) Francis URSELLTON of Topsfield, sold his dwelling house there, to John GODFRY of Andover, Half of the price "in marchantable indian corne, at twoe shillings eight pence pr. bushell (to be delivered) at the now dwelling house of Phillip FOWLER, in Ipswich," etc. Witness "the marke of Phillip FOWLER."
  • In 1658/59 (3 March) clothworker, he buys of Samuel YOUNGLOVE, and Margaret his wife, for 10 Pounds, land which he bought of George PALMER, "6 acres in comon field on north syde of the river," etc., bounding on land of said Philip on the southwest. On March, "atourney Phillip FOWLER," gave in an additional inventory of the estate of Humphery Gilbert, Amt. 53 Pounds-0-11.
  • In 1659 (30 August) Mary, his wife and the mother of his children, died.
  • In 1659/60 (27 February) Philip FOWLER married, second, Mary, the widow of George NORTON.
  • In 1660/61 (19 Feb.) the town granted Philip FOWLER five acres of marsh; and 10 Feb. 1661/62 land at the west meadow.
  • In 1660 (22 Nov.) the Court issued a writ against " Philip FOWLER, and Mary his wife, executrix to the estate of her late Husband, George NORTON,. . . for 30 pounds, on complaint of Mr. William NORTON, aturney to Mr. Emanuel DOWNING." The case was continued 23 Nov. 1665, when a case was made by Phillip FOWLER, and Mary his wife, as plaintiff, against Roger PRESTON, defendant, in an action of debt of 8 Pounds, due for rent, and damages, according to attachment, dated 13th, 9th mo., 1665. The jury found for the plaintiff, 19 Pounds damages, and 24 s. 8d., cost 29th 9th mo., 1665. Robert LORD his atorney, acknowledged a judgment of 18s. 2d., due to Mr. William NORTON, 28th, 9th mo., 1665. It seem that 4 Aug., 1656, Lucie DOWNING of Salem, with consent of her husband Emanuell DOWNING, let and farmed, unto George NORTON, sometime of Salem, carpenter, her farm called Groton, in Salem, near to Gov. ENDICOTT's for the term of ten years, from 1 March 1655/56, for 18 Pounds per annum. 14 March 1658/59, an agreement was made between George NORTON and Roger PRESTON, for the lease "of the farme the said NORTON now dwelleth on," he to enter 15 March 1659/60. Witness Joseph FOWLER.
  • In 1661 (19 Oct.) he with wife Mary, gave in testimony at Court, in regard to a defect in the highway.
  • In 1663 his residence was in High Street, on the south side, adjoining the house lots of John WOODAM and Philip CALL.
  • In 1663 (11 May) an agreement was made, by which Philip FOWLER, Senior, delivered to Philip BILL of "Jubaque," "two young heifers, with him to abide and continue for the terme of seven years" etc. It appears that Philip BILL, "had gone out of this jurisdiction," and Philip FOWLER, Senior, entered a suit against him 8 Nov. 1668, in the case for security for a parcel of cattle, value 20 Pounds, and at the same time appoints his grandchild "Phillip FOWLER, to be his true and lawful atturney," when he signs "the marke P of Phillip FFOWLER" (and a greenseal), and acknowledged it, the same dated. Accordingly he 5 Nov. 1668, "Attached 3 cowes & 2 heiferes, & put into the hands James BILL, to be responsible, according to the tenour of the attachment, Pr. me Phillip FOWLER, Marshal deputy." The case was found for Philip FOWLER, senior, 24th, 9th mo., 1668.
  • In 1663/64 (4 Jan.) he was granted liberty to fell three white oaks; 18 Feb. 1666/67, "to fell for fenceing stuff for his meadow;" and 27 Nov. 1668 to fell trees for fencing.
  • In 1664/65 (14 Feb.) he owns single share four, on the "list of the inhabitants that have shares in Plum Island, Castle Neck and Hog Island."
  • In 1668 after having given trades to his children, and living to see them all settled in life, he selected from among his grandchildren to take care of him in his old age, Philip his namesake, as appears by the following deed of gift, the original of which is on file in the Clerk of Courts, Bk. 36: 18.
This present writing wittnesseth, and I Philip FFOWLER of Ipswich, in the county of Essex, clothworker, for and in considderation of that Naturall effection I doe beare unto my Grandchild Phillip FFOWLER, as also in considderstion of his being with me, and doeing my busines for me, as formerly, I doe by these presents freely give and grant, and by these fully confirme, unto him the sayed Phillip, My Grandchild, all that my now dwelling house and lands I stand now possesst off, after my decease (exsepting what by agreement with my wife upon marriage, wch is put in writing and recorded), for him, the sayd Phillip, my Grandchild, Imediatly after after my decease. To have & to hould, and quietly and peaceably to enjoy, unto him & his heirs & assignes forever, all that my sayd houses and lands, with all and every, the apptenances & prevaledges, thereunto belonging, exsept as aforesayd, what is granted to my wife, dureing her naturall life, and after her dexease, the whole to be and remaine unto him the sayd Phillip, my Grandchild, his heires and assignes, for ever, provided still, that if by the providence of God, I shall be forct for nesasary subsitance to sell any pt. thereof, wch in such case I reserve liberty to doe, provided, if he the sayd Phillip, dye without isue, then to returne unto his Brother Joseph, & if Joseph dye without isue, then to be & remaine his brother John, provided alwayes, that if my Grandchild Phillip, leaves a wife behind him when he dye, then she shall enjoy it dureing her naturall life, & then to be & reture, as above exprest. In wittnes whereof, I the sayd Phillip FFOWLER, have sett to my hand and seale, dated the 23 of December, anno Dom. 1668.
Signed Sealed & dl in the presence of us,
RICHARD KIMBALL (the marke of).
ROBERT LORD (the marke of with a green seal).
Acknowledge before me Apr. 29, 1670. Daniel DENISON.
Recorded May the 6th, 1670." Essex Deeds, Bk. 3: 152.
  • In 1669 (Dec.) it was ordered, that none shall ride upon the foot causeway with horses, that lead through the streets towards the meeting house, upon the penalty of 12 pence for every time, and Philip FOWLER, desired to see to the performance of this order and take the forfeits, for which he shall have the one half to himself, and the other to the town.
  • In 1671, the following is found:---
e whose names are under-witten, doe testtifle (that in ye case one thousand six hundred thirty & five), the building of a mill in Ipswich, (with all appertenances), was granted to Richard SALTONSTALL, and it was provided in the grant aforesayd, that the Towne of Ipswich, being duely served by the sayd Mill, shall imploy the same, by grinding their corne thereat. And as a preveledge annexed to the grant aforesd, It was ordered, that the sayd Richard, shall not be preiudiced, by the building of any other Mill within the bounds of Ipswich, And that if the ocasions of the Towne should require more mills (the sayd Richard being willing to serve the Towne as as aforesd), he shall have liberty in such case to undertake the same. All which is testified by


Thomas BORMAN a very old man, being before us at Ipswich, declared upon his oath, that he judgeth the words (Thomas BORMAN) subscribed, among others, in the testimony above written, to be his hand; and further upon his oath, he saith not, dated the last of ffebruary 1671.


Phillip FFOWLER, aged above 80 yeares, being before us at Ipswich, declared upon his oath, that the marke of Phillip FFOWLER, subscribed among others, in the testimony above written, is his marke,as also, that he above sayd testimony is the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth, and further (upon his oath), he saith not, dated the last of February, 1671.


  • In 1672/73 (2 Jan.) he sells for 100 pounds, to "Roger DARBY, sope boyler," of sme town, his "dwelling house and ground about it with a house thereon, and orchyards, yards & gardens, in all containe two acres, be it more or less, with the comonage, and all and every, . . . which sayd house & land is scittuate & lyeing in Ipswich, aforesayd, on the same syde of the streete, comonly called Hill street, bounded or lyeing on the west syde of Thomas LOVELL's pasture land, and on the north syde of Sanuell GRAVES, his pasture, and on the east syde of John BROWNE's house lott, together with four acres of land, out of my lott at Muddy River, on the Northwest syde Richard SHATSWELL's pasture.

Subscribed, sealed & dl in the presents of us,


Phillip FOWLER acknowledged the above written to be his act & deed and Mary FOWLER did surrender her right in the house and land herein conveyed, befor me, Feb. 14, 1676/77. Daniell DENSION." Recorded 14 Feb. 1676/77, Ipswich Series, Essex Deeds, Bk. 4: 74.

This was not his homestead. He usually made his mark, but if this deed is copied correctly by the recorder, it had his autograph signature.


The Court record states, that Philip FOWLER, senior, dyed 24 of June 1679" in Ipswich. During his long life, there is no record that we as descendants of Phillip FOWLER would regret to see.

He died intestate, and administration on what was left of his estate, he having previously disposed of most of his property among his children, was granted to his grandson Philip, 29 Sept. 1679.

Inventory of the estate of Phillip FOWLER, senr deceased, taken on the &th of July 1679. The Inventory was recorded, Ipswich Series, Essex Deeds, Bk. 4: 288.

Ipswich Deaths

FOWLER (Fouler, Fowler) Mary, w. Philip, Aug. 30, 1659. CTR

FOWLER, Phillip, Sr., June 24, 1679. CTR [a. 88 y. PR8] (p. 561)

Parents: Phillip FOWLER and Mrs. Phillip (FOWLER).

Spouse: Mary WINSLOW. Philip FOWLER and Mary WINSLOW were married in 1610 in Wiltshire, England.

Children were: Margaret FOWLER, Mary FOWLER, Samuel FOWLER, Elizabeth/Hester FOWLER, Benjamin FOWLER, Joseph FOWLER, Phillip FOWLER (his adopted grandson) [1], Thomas FOWLER.

Spouse: Mary MACHIAS. Philip FOWLER and Mary MACHIAS were married on 27 FEB 1659/60 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Research Notes and Documents

Marriage Contract with second Wife

Know all men by these presents, that I, Phillip FOWLER of Ipswich, in the county of Essex, clotherworker, for & in consideration of a contract of marriage with Mary NORTON, widow , doe grant unto her as followeth, viz: that if it plaese the Lord the marriage intended be compleated, and she the sayd Mary my intended wife do survive, I doe coventant & grant unto her, That she shall injoye all my house and lands, with the appurtenances & privilidges thereunto belonging, untill my sonn Phillip (provided I make him my heir), shall come of age, and when he comes of age, I do grant unto her, that she shall possess and enjoy the chamber over the hall, with the table forme & cabbin beds, as alsoe the garretts & halfe the orchyard, and halfe the grasse of the close, & my six acres of land upon the hill, and the inward cellar to owne proper use & behoofe, and alsoe liberty to make use of the lower roome for her necessary ocasions, with free liberty to make use of the well in the cellar to fetch watter, & all these to enjoye during the tyme of her naturall life, and then to return unto my children, or who of them, I shall dispose them unto, and further doe grant her liberty of barne roome to lay in her corne, and two load of hay, with roome in the cowe house for to sett two cowes, & grasse for to make two loads of hay a yeare, for the tyme of her life, as aforesayd. In wittness whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand & seale, the 27th of February 1659.
Signed, sealed and delivered, in the presence of us,


Phillip FOWLER acknowledged this wrighting, to be his act & deed, before me. Daniell DENISON. February 27th; 1659."

Inventory of Estate of Philip Fowler - 8 July 1679

The Inventory was recorded, Ipswich Series, Essex Deeds, Bk. 4: 288.

An Inventory of the estate of Phillip FOWLER, senr deceased, taken on the &th of July 1679, of weareing clothes of the sd Phillip,

*Imp 4 ould coates and an old cloke 01-15-0 *It a psell of old clothes 01-00-0 *It some old stocking 2 caps & a pr of gaiters 00-05-0 *It a paire of old gloves & an old hat 00-02-0 *It two paire of drawers & two old shirts 00-15-0 *2 caps & two bands, 3 old handcherdhered & 2 old wastecoats 00-04-0

*3-01-0 debts due to the estate 0-17-6

*3-18-6 debts due from the estate 3-19-7 1/2

* those things above mention prised by us, Simeon STACE, Nichols WALLIS.

Phillip FOWLER Aministrator dl this Inventory upon oath to be a true Inventory of his estate to the best of his knowledge, & if more appears to add the same. In court held Ipswich, 30, (7), 1679. As attest Robert LORD, cler."

He was a freeman, Massachusetts Colony, 3d Sept. 1634; settled at Ipswich, where he was a "clothmaker". His name is on a patent or charter from Lord Sheffield, 1623, to a body of settlers at Cape Ann. These planters afterwards removed to Salem and Boston, 'for a better soil'."


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See also:
  • [S11597], Information submitted by bmschmidt.
  • [S61] Unknown author, Family Group Sheets, Family History Archives, SLC.

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Images: 2
Great Migration Newsletter - evidence for Hester dau. of Phillip
Great Migration Newsletter - evidence for Hester dau. of Phillip

Philip Fowler' marriage contract to Mary Norton
Philip Fowler' marriage contract to Mary Norton


On 8 Oct 2018 at 15:48 GMT Chris Hoyt wrote:

There doesn't appear to be any source for the parents on this profile, they should likely be removed.

On 13 Sep 2018 at 21:47 GMT Chris Hoyt wrote:

Mary the first wife of Philip Fowler will be changed to LNAB unknown.

The connection to Samuel Winsley has been shown to be vague at best. Samuel's parents have been proven to be Mark and Benoni Winsley. (John and Elizabeth Paddy disproven) I think this all comes from old texts. Mark did have a daughter Marie b. 1598- but no further connection to Fowler is found. See: GM: II: 564 and NEHGR: 170: 125

On 11 Sep 2018 at 17:35 GMT Anonymous Nagel wrote:

Fowler-195 and Fowler-7366 appear to represent the same person because: same first name, last name, birth year, birth country, death date, death location.

On 20 Apr 2017 at 03:30 GMT April (Dellinger) Dauenhauer wrote:

Fowler-4003 and Fowler-195 appear to represent the same person because: they are clear duplicates, including duplicate wives and children. Could we please merge the two Philip profiles, using the evidence presented by Robert Charles Anderson in Great Migration, Vol II, C-F, page 562, that Philip died age 88, making his birth about 1591? Thank you for working to improve our tree, cousins.

On 29 Jul 2015 at 22:32 GMT April (Dellinger) Dauenhauer wrote:

You're right Chris. Another search found the image uploaded today, regarding evidence that Phillip Fowler had a daughter (Mary) who married William Chandler of Newbury. (The Hester in this image is her daughter). I found other sources to add to Phillip and all avenues should be exhausted before asking to remove any children.

On 25 Jul 2015 at 12:22 GMT Chris Hoyt wrote:

I think some of them will require extensive? research as there are various references of deeds, documents witnessed etc. such as land from Philip Fowler to Hester, wife of Jathnell Bird, or where someone is called brother/brother-in law/ uncle etc. referring to William Chandler. I have no idea as to the availability of those documents that are referred to... At a minimum this should be on G2G.

On 24 Jul 2015 at 06:02 GMT April (Dellinger) Dauenhauer wrote:

Listed as a children of Philip and his first wife, by Robert Charles Anderson in Great Migration Begins, see source/link on this page:
Margery - m. 1st Christopher Osgood
Hester - bapt. 16 March 1619/20 - no further record, no evidence to connect her to Bird/Rolfe/Collins.
Phillip - bapt. 1623, buried 1629
Joseph - bapt. 1626, m. Martha Kimball about 1649
Thomas Fowler - not a son, but a nephew
Samuel Fowler - no evidence, only secondary sources
Mary Fowler - no evidence, only secondary sources

If we are to go strictly by Anderson's Great Migration for our PGM project, we need to disconnect:

Elizabeth Randall-595
Mary Fowler-403
Samuel Fowler-133
Hester Fowler-965
Benjamin Fowler-382
Thomas Fowler-415

Esther (Hester) Fowler-228 needs to be disconnected from husbands.

Alternately, a primary source for any of the above.

Does this need to go to the G2G Forum?

(I feel the pain. Margery is my husband's direct ancestor, but I have had to disconnect other lines I valued, disproved because of faulty sourcing.)

On 24 Jul 2015 at 03:44 GMT Chris Hoyt wrote:

Is there any source for the second daughter Hester?

On 24 Jul 2015 at 00:38 GMT April (Dellinger) Dauenhauer wrote:

Daughters are all open privacy now.

On 15 Dec 2013 at 06:36 GMT Philip Smith wrote:


Please fix privacy settings for two daughters. They need to be open. Thank you.

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