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Jennifer C. Fulk
Born 1990s.
Ancestors ancestors
Daughter of [private father (1960s - unknown)] and [private mother (1960s - unknown)]
Sister of [private brother (1980s - unknown)] and [private sister (1990s - unknown)]
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Crown of St Edward

Jennifer was born in 1992 at Stevens Memorial Hospital in Edmonds, Washington, United States to J. (anonymous mother) Cooper and T. (anonymous criminal, no contact allowed) Fulk. She has two anonymous siblings, a brother born in the 1980's, and a sister born in the 1990's.

She has lived in:

  • Everett, WA for 19+ years
  • Bothell, WA for 8 years
  • Mountlake Terrace, WA for 1 year
  • Aniwa, WI for 4 months

She has no spouse (no desire for relationships), but her child/cat is a coffee black Tonkinese-tabby cat (born June 2011).

She is an unpublished Fantasy writer who has been working on a large-scale project for 16 years. Since the destruction of all of her writing in 2010, she has made a comeback and finished the first draft of two books (not in order, long story).

Career-wise, she has worked as an industrial aerospace engineer, a library page, and a library assistant/shelver.

Current hobbies include, but are not limited to: Writing; acrylic painting; D&D (currently new to and learning); comedic photo editing; filming and uploading videos for own YouTube channel; video and handheld gaming (mostly Pokemon, Minecraft, Skyrim, and assorted early 2000's games); photography; and WikiTree (new and learning).

In high school, she was a founder and vice-president of a creative writing club, later becoming its president for one year. She also volunteered as a peer tutor and a school library helper, as well as participating in after-school choir concerts and various club meetings, events, and fundraisers.

Her interest in geneology started when her maternal grandmother and an aunt were doing research and discussing geneology, showing her a family tree. Her interest grew when she attended family reunions.

This, however, was nothing compared to learning about a young distant cousin who was dying from lung cancer. Never having met her, heard of her, and not being allowed to meet her was upsetting. Her cousin's death a month later had a heavy impact on her, but it ultimately set in motion the goal to finding out the existence of other cousins and contacting them.

Thanks to WikiTree, she is finally able to pursue her long-yearned goal of uncovering her roots and branches.

She also wrote this half-awkwardly in third person.

Timeline of life (significant events):

  • July 1992: Had a cold at only a month old, stopped breathing a few times during the night at the hospital.
  • 1999: The selfish, stupid, disgusting, porn-loving, thieving, hacking, immature, cowardly, sneaky, drugging, abusive father went to prison.
  • 2000: My brother had increasing mental issues (ADHD, borderline Asgerger's, anger, hitting, running away, etc.), and some DSHS people promised my mom he would be able to get the help he needs, so my mom gave him up to the state, where he would later live in countless boys' homes and adult homes, never getting the help he truly needed, instead serving as asort of lab rat for psychiatrists, going through many medicines and getting used to them until need for different medicines to suppress his anger/frustration reactions (unhealthy ways to cope and express his feelings) and habitual behaviors. Meanwhile, Mom met a guy, and we moved in with him.
  • 2001: The guy lost his job, we turned an old school bus into a motorhome, we travelled with 2 circuses (His son was a ringleader of a small circus, and he helped set up tents. On the side at Sterling & Reed, he made cotton candy, and I got to help out opening popcorn boxes and filling them. We shortly left because they didn't pay several people, including the guy. That's why we called Sterling & Reed "Stealing & Greed").
  • Shortly before leaving Stirling & Reed, we lost our pet bantam rooster we had acquired at some point, and about a week later, someone heard him crowing inside one of their motorhome outer compartments. Little Wilbur/Wilbert was terribly thirsty and hungry, but he fully recovered.
  • Tornado warning = mad rush to put everything away + released elephants (better chance of them surviving, they'd get hurt from panicking inside their travelling trailers, and they can sense where to go). Later recieved calls of elephants in people's yards or alongside roads. We fetched them. Normal procedure. This was the one-ring circus (the more rings, the bigger it is), so their animals were more loved and better cared for than the bigger circus, therefore calmer around humans. Barbara (Asian elephant, sweet personality) and Connie (African elephant, naughty personality) were their names.
  • One time, the guy who was supposed to be watching the elephants at Culpepper Merriwether fell asleep. Connie came up to our bus and stepped her huge foot inside the doorway, reaching her trunk for my mom, who was napping in the driver's seat (FYI: not the driver, merely napping there). As the bus was tilting and creaking from the weight, and there being an elephant reaching out at her face, my mom cried out in panic, "James/Jake!! Get this dang elephant out of here!!" He woke up in alarm and shooed Connie away. Although I was nervous about the situation, I was laughing because here was this big, ol' elephant trying to get on a school bus to check on or play with my mom.
  • One night, for the umpteenth time, the school bus broke down. We were somewhere in probably southern Minnesota, in a small town recently damaged by a small tornado. A mostly full silo nearby was still spilling corn from its ripped-open side. It was an unnerving sight. My mom's boyfriend found some folks who would fix the bus in the morning, but declined their offer of letting us stay in their storm shelter with them that night, telling us something like, "If a tornado touches down, we go down with the bus." In the dusky horizon, I counted what seemed to be 30+ funnel clouds. I went to bed, imagining a tornado picking the bus up like Dorthy's house in the wizard of oz, spinning it and breaking the windows, and tearing the whole bus apart. My mom and the guy went outside for a bit, then she brought me outside to show me a dark ring in the clouds directly above us. It was very windy all around us, but when the guy flicked his lighter on to show me, the flame was totally still. I went back to bed crying and praying until I cried myself to sleep. That morning, the sky was so blue and beautiful, and the birds were singing so beautifully, I still fondly look back at it as one of the most beautiful mornings I had ever seen. No sign of the nightmarish scene the night before one bit.
  • In Aniwa, WI, we stayed in a trailer on the property of Wilbert (yes, the rooster was named after him) and Martha Behn, an elderly couple with a huge assortment of animals, ranging from common to the exotic. There was an Egyptian goose and silkie chickens, Eyore the sweet donkey (his fur felt just like a soft, wet sponge in the rain), a funny goat who stood up hanging her front legs out her door "window" just to greet us, a goat who loved to climb a tower to pull a clothesline so she could eat out of a can we filled with corn; lions and tigers; super tall jungle chickens (fun and easy to catch by their long legs and carry them around) , swans, singing dogs (eerie, yet beautiful harmony), wolves, longhorn bulls, grey geese, a flirtatious emu named Big Boy, a half-wolf Alaskan malamute dog named Tia (very sweet, yet protective — she saved Martha and I when a wolf got loose and sped snarling in our direction); and more. I can't say half of them had good living conditions, especially concerning the mud in most enclosures, but that's a downside to getting old. The "game farm" didn't last much longer after we left. We stayed there for four months. Naturally, I was a lion for Halloween that year, so Mom used a cloth-corded, noodly mop for my mane. The village of Aniwa was tiny, however, so I only went to a few places for trick-or-treating, including the tavern that let kids be in there (just as long as I don't drink or sit at the bar— I think that's the place where I got to play pool ). Martha and Wilbert are gone now, as is their old property (on Google maps, it's all grass now), but the memories will live on. I miss Martha's cooking.
  • 9/11: School was dismissed early. I went to Martha's kitchen, and she was watching the news on their little TV of the attacks. I thought it was a movie, so I asked who was winning. She said sorrowfully, "Bin Laden...." I said something stupid out of not understanding (being a city folk, I was too used to cartoons), until she said he was the bad guy, and that was New York, and explained a little more. I was horrified. I can't remember the rest of the day, only that I and everyone else were somber and quieter than normal.
  • On the way back ... To be continued

Research Notes

Ancestors and Cousins: Magna Carta Surety Barons

24 people

Ancestors and Cousins: Mayflower Passengers

9 people

Ancestors and Cousins: US Presidents

  • 4th cousins 8 times removed, Millard Fillmore (1800-1874)
  • 7th cousins four times removed, Warren Gamaliel Harding (1865-1923)
  • 6th cousins 6 times removed, Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822-1893)
  • 6th cousins 7 times removed, Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901)
  • 9th cousins twice removed, George Herbert Walker Bush (1924-2018)
  • 7th cousins 7 times removed, James Abram Garfield (1831-1881)
  • 8th cousins five times removed, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945)
  • 9th cousins three times removed, William Howard Taft (1857-1930)
  • 8th cousins five times removed, John Calvin Coolidge Jr. (1872-1933)
  • 9th cousins 7 times removed, William Henry Harrison (1773-1841)
  • and 22 others

Surnames, 20 generations

My Surnames

Click on Surname to view EKA - Earliest Known Ancestor
Adams, Adcock , Adcocke , Albert , Alcock , Alley , Ally , Althaus , Amados , Andersen , Andrews , Anne , Anniston , Anstye , Archer , Ardouin , Arnaud , Arnold , Arnold , Aston , Audley , Austin
Badin, Bailleterre , Bailleul , Baker , Ball , Ballyson , Bardin , Barette , Barnard , Barnard , Barnett , Beamer , Bearcliffe , Beaumont , Beauregard , Becham , Becker , Beeler , Beer , Belcher , Bennett , Bennett , Besly , Bidaut , Bills , Bilodeau , Bird , Bishopp , Bithouzay , Blake , Bland , Bodley , Bodley , Bodley , Boisdon , Bonar , Bosworth , Boten , Boucherot , Boulet , Bourdais , Bowman , Bradbourne , Bradford , Bradley , Breton , Brisson , Brooks , Brosdal , Brouche , Brown , Brownson , Buckingham , Bucknam , Buckton , Butler
Carpenter, Carrey , Caverly , Cavill , Chadwick , Chalakatha , Chalumel , Chapelier , Chapelier , Charnould , Chickering , Choret , Christover , Clark , Clark , Clarke , Cole , Collins , Collins , Colt , Colwell , Combes , Contant , Cooper , Corbet , Courtenay , Crawford , Creste , Cromwell , Cromwell , Crosnier
Da Cruz, Danvers , Dauphin , Davis , Day , Dearstone , Denslow , Desante , Deslandes , Destroismaisons , Deweese , Dexter , Diacre , Dievertie , Dillorne , Dispanet , Dobson , Dodier , Dolbere , Douglas , Downing , Dresler , Drouet , Drouin , Du Puy , Dubois , Duval
Edmonds, Edwards , Eggleston , Eldred , Enberg , Escotière , Esten , Evens , Everdin
Fafard, Fagert , Fagert , Fauntleroy , Filley , Fischbach , Fiske , Fiske , Fleury , Forget , Formager , Fougère , Fredry , Freeman , Fremillon , Friesenhagen , Fulk , Fuller , Fullman , Fulneau
Gaillard, Gallagher , Gamage , Gardner , Gaufreneau , Gaylord , Gaylord , Gaynsford , Genet , Giddens , Gignard , Giguère , Gillett , Ginsay , Giraud , Giroux , Glossop , Glossop , Goad , Godare , Gould , Goulet , Goverts , Graham , Gratessac , Green , Greenhill , Grenier , Gresham , Griswold , Grossenbacher , Guillocheau , Gulley , Guérin
Haeger, Hall , Hannigue , Hansen , Hanson , Harding , Harker , Harris , Harvey , Hasse , Hawkins , Hawkins , Hawkins , Hayne , Heimbach , Heller , Heneage , Hermansdr , Hersan , Heslarton , Hills , Hirsbrunner , Hobbe , Holland , Holland , Holt , Honeychurch , Hooper , Hopkins , Hopkins , Hovel , Hulins , Humphrey , Hyncleye
Inman, Iverrie
Jackson, Jacobsen , Jacquet , Jans , Jenison , Jennings , Jobin , Johnson , Joosten , Jordan , Julien
Kelly, Kelsey , Keupfer , Kirton , Knower , Kreables
Lacherer, Lacon , Lancaster , Langelier , Larsdotter , Lawter , Le Duc , Le Roux , Le Walleys , Lecerf , Leche , Leigh , Leroux , Leroy , Leroy , Lessard , Letartre , Levert , Leveson , Lieuwes , Littleton , Loignon , Longchamps , Loring , Loyer
Macé (Mace) , Mainwaring , Malavery , Martin , Martin , Martin , Mason , Maudet , McKenny , Meade , Mercier , Merry , Merry , Messenger , Meusnier , Michel , Mikkelsdatter , Milborne , Mills , Mitchell , Moore , Moreau , Morel , Morgan , Morgan , Morin , Mychell , Mühlemann
Nee, Negus , Niess , Northover , Noyer , Nyeulle
Oberli, Offley , Olivier , Omant , Owen , Owen , Owens , Ozenberger
Paddocke, Paine , Parker , Pasquier , Pasquier , Payne , Pearles , Pechey , Pedersdatter , Pelletier , Pemberton , Perier , Petersdr , Petitpas , Pfister , Phelps , Pichon , Poole , Pooler , Poulin , Powell , Punandeau , Purchase , Pury , Pye
Qualls, Quilleron , Quinn
Rainsford (Raynsford) , Raison , Randall , Rector , Reeve , Renault , Revell , Richard , Richards , Richardson , Ripple , Roberts , Robinson , Robyn , Rodrigue , Rolland , Rolland , Rosalien , Rotrau , Rouel , Rouelle , Roulant , Rousseau , Roussel , Roussin , Rowley , Roy , Russell , Ryse
Sadler, Salisbury , Sampson , Sampson , Sanderfer , Sanshan , Scadding , Seebach , Serre , Serré , Sevenoak , Sevestre , Sevier , Seward , Shepard , Shifflett , Skinner , Skinner , Slaughter , Smith , Smith , Smith , Smittle , Sorin , Spencer , Sprague , Sprague , Sprague , Stedman , Steele , Stokes , Stuttever , Svensdatter , Sweet
Talcott (Taylecoat, Tailcote) , Taverner , Taylor , Taylor , Taylor , Thomas , Thomas , Tibou , Tomlin , Towne , Treat , Tree , Trelawney , Trew , Trotter , Trudel , Tudor , Turcot , Turnor
Underwood, Underwood , Underwood , Upham
Vaquemoulin, Veillon , Venet , Verieul , Vernon , Viette , Vye , Vézina
Walton, Warner , Warnsted , Warren , Watson , Webster , Weeks , Welle , Welles , Wellyfed , Wellyfed , Westland , Wheeler , Wheeler , Whipple , Whirret , White , White , White , Wilkinson , Williams , Williams , Williams , Wilson , Wilson , Winsor , Winsor , Winterfloord , Woodbridge , Woodward , Worgg , Worth , Wraske , Wright , Wycliff , Wymbish , Wynn - Crowley
Yardin, Yeates , Young , Yumbert
de Azpileuta, de Lago

Surnames, 6 generations

My Surnames

Click on Surname to view EKA - Earliest Known Ancestor
Collins, Cooper
Fagert, Fagert , Fulk
Gallagher, Giddens , Grossenbacher
Hansen (Mikkelsen, Hanssen, Jenssen) , Hooper
Jacobsen (Bardosen) , Jordan
Lancaster, Larsdotter
Parker, Pooler
Sanderfer, Smittle


  • First-hand information by self.

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the "thank you" on I was working on the Van Schoonhovens and added Joseph just because it fleshed out his wife's profile. If he is in your direct line, I'd be happy to add you as Profile Manager if you wish.


Claire - fellow D&D fan and long time fantasy, mystery, history reader. When we're done remodeling the house, I can get back to painting minis.

posted by Claire (Chapel) Nava
I'm not in his direct line that I'm aware of, but I am related to other Rector's. I'm facing multiple generations with lots of kids, so it's quite possible. For now, I'll just edit his profile and add to his sources, as well as add profiles of other Rector's related to him, with what I can find via FamilySearch. Perhaps I can see if his ancestors or decendants are related to my Rector ancestors. Meanwhile, feel free to continue adding sources, profiles, etc. wherever you please. I don't mind. It's all one ginormous collaborative effort! ^_^ Like digging up dinosaur bones.... *laughs*

Sweet! My cousin is currently on D&D hiatus due to her job over-working her (but she's put in to quit soon and will need a vacation from everything afterwards). My D&D mentor being out-of-order, I'll have to wait a few weeks before resuming our adventure.

I partly blame myself, though. Being a newbie, I made an unwise choice to attack someone far stronger (I didn't think he'd be level 38!) than my character (level 2), but I saved my character by cutting a deal with the leader that made her one of the bandits until my character is trained enough to challenge the leader to a fairer match. (But hey! I survived, right? And how's for a free, quick way to level up? But maybe "harsh teacher" isn't a good sign. *laughter + whimpers*)

Oops. I'm being a wordy birdy again. I ramble most during hours I should be writing, like letting a drunk person go on Facebook. LOL (P.S. I don't drink.)

Oof. I've a few friends doing just that right now. So much work, but incredibly satisfying.

What kinds of paintings do you create? I've painted dragons, birds, and forest scenery, but I have a talkative, foolish mom and sister who both excell at creating distractions and interruptions, so I do mostly abstract. I require all day silence and calm concentration to produce an average-sized, detailed painting otherwise, but you give me an idea: Maybe I'll try my hand at miniature paintings.

posted by Jennifer Fulk
Not paintings. I wish I knew how. Just painting minis for people in our group. Right now I'm working on a lime-green Beholder with purple-tipped spikes.

My first time out, I created a female warrior named Helga Frankisdottir who got cut in half almost immediately by an ogre. Alas. My daughter created a small, monkey-like creature who got us into a tavern brawl by jumping on the face of a big, mean bartender to get at his cashbox. *Grin* I guess we're overdue for a game!

posted by Claire (Chapel) Nava
Sorry for the super late reply. Errands and work schedule has me pooped, and I couldn't remember where your reply was. I just got a new laptop today, so once I get everything set up on it, I'll be able to play D&D via Discord and some map thing my 1st cousin has made. I'm most available in the evening after 7pm on most days, and afternoon/evenings on Sundays and Mondays (depending on errands and what time my 1st cousin decides to have our Sunday sessions. Do let me know if you want to play. And I'll ask my 1st cousin if there's an opening in the campaign we're currently in. I'm still a newbie and not good at interrupting people (politeness has its flaws), but I'm trying.
posted by Jennifer Fulk
No worries!

I can't actually remember the conversation, but I do remember painting the Beholder... I'm something of a perfectionist, so I'm still not happy with it.

From now until Christmas is going to be pretty busy, but maybe we could try a short campaign after that? It would be fun. None of my characters is very high. Level 2-3, maybe? I have to ask our DM because he collects our character sheets and stores them in his dungeon between games and we've been averaging 2-3 a year.

I am working with a sweet lady of 83 from our church on developing her branch of the WikiTree family tree. She still mutters, "Ctrl-V ... Ctrl-C" while adding sources. So brave of her to venture into this with little prior computer knowledge!



posted by Claire (Chapel) Nava
That reminds me of my drawings and paintings, except I seldom finish them!

Speaking of which... I need to finish that little wooden spoon I swore I'd finish in 2020 (a joke, pointing out that everybody was bakind bread and making stuff, "and all I made was a little spoon!" Well, it didn't work out, but I did do a collaboration acrylic pour painting with my sister on New Year's Eve). It's smaller than my hand, the bowl of the spoon the size of a quarter. I gave my mom a dremel tool, and I tested it out some on it. It works quite well! Especially for getting in the bowl of the spoon, which I couldn't get with my hand carving tools and sandpaper. I just haven't had much time or thought of it since. Soon!

Yeah, that would be great! I'm looking forward to it. One of my characters is level 2 from the campaign from my immediate cousin, and the others, whom I've never used in a campaign (stored on DndBeyond . com), I've set as: Level 5, level 1, level 1, level 2, and level 1.

Oh, that's so nice! Tell her I'm cheering her on! *waves* :D

posted by Jennifer Fulk

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