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Category descriptions:

The Tree House - This is the WikiTree club house. For sharing anything of interest to WikiTreers or the larger genealogy community. If you're new, introduce yourself. If you're an active member, post about what you're working on or your new discoveries. All genealogists are welcome.

Genealogy Help For genealogy research questions. If there is no WikiTree profile, include as many details as possible -- names are not enough. It's best to include SURNAME, PLACE, and TIME in the question. Then, in the question details section, add everything else you know. Since all questions are public DO NOT DISCUSS LIVING PEOPLE.

Requests for Volunteers Volunteers Needed. This category is for requests for help in a WikiTree Project.

Policy and Style - 1,918 For the finer-points of WikiTreeing. Ask for help on the hard decisions or discuss WikiTree's policies, procedures, standards, categorization, collaboration methods, etc.

WikiTree Tech - For questions and suggestions about the website itself and how it works. This is not for questions about people or genealogy.

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