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Mary E. Gossage
Born 1940s.
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Hi Mary,

I sent you a check-in message a week ago about the Military and War Project to ask you about your continued involvement but have not yet heard back from you. Do you still want to be in the project? If I don’t hear from you by the same time next week I’ll assume that you’ve moved on to other things but you’re most welcome to re-join the project at any time.

Best wishes,

Mary~ Project Coordinator, Military and War Project

posted by Mary Richardson
So sorry, Mary. Only got back online today after the most recent long lasting disconnect problem.

Got a new computer and there has been nothing but trouble from it. It has repeatedly disconnected after I spend time undoing the configuring it has done, to get my connection back. Back on my old, slow computer, for now without any disconnect problems.

I have a very strict firewall set up on the new computer - no incoming - but that makes no difference. The OS reconfigures firewall on a daily basis, and all other configurations too, plus continues to try to do a wireless connection even though I do not connect wirelessly and all the wireless services are disconnected - and reconfigured, and I disconnect them again. Two months of nonsense. Of course I had pressing finance stuff to do on the day the connection was so compromise it was not possible to fix it, finally, without calling my internet provider to get it back. I found that the particular Intel model (10 from a number of years ago) has hardware built in that allows remote access something called AMT/ME a HUGE security risk easily abused. Got a refurbished computer because I've always been fortunate with refurbished computers including the one I was changing from after 15 years and it was at least five years old at the time I got it. Have needed a technology upgrade for a while. Built in hardware used for remote access is no "upgrade"! I must return it - and first spend time backing up all the data moved over to the new one and put back on the old one! First time since 82 I have had a Intel. Never again. Should have stayed with AMD.

Was talking with a friend a few days ago who does genealogy research too and realized how much I wanted to get back to Wikitree. However, the barking dog problem within feet of my back door that has been happening since September 2020 is not resolved yet. I've never met the tenants because they started their noise violations the second day. I figured I should wait a bit, to introduce myself at a good covid distance from over the back wall - in the event the noisy partying (during covid lockdown of course!) was not a one time thing. It was not a one time thing. The barking violations, too, started the next month. (The owner told me she would not allow renters to have a dog. Ha!) So I have never introduced myself nor spoken to them. And the HOA is totally useless. They have done nothing they should do throughout the entire community since covid started. And the city, I am told direcly by the PD, does not like to come into a "private HOA property" area to enforce. (Which sounds like a bad excuse to me.) The noise next door didn't calm down to near "normal" from noisy gatherings until the past month or so. No guarantee it will last.

It has been impossible to plan anything since their barking is not on any predictable schedule. When I'm working on Wikitree frantic barking every five to 10 minute sometimes for hours - never at a predictable time - makes it useless to try concentrate, Wikitree or anyting else. The barking is so loud and close it isn't possible to talk on the phone. Can't go outside to water, feed the birds, or enjoy the garden without the barking. There has been some improvement the past week or so with no guarantee it will last.

The only permanent solution is for the slum landlord to not allow her property management people to use the house as a business annex. Our local laws are such that a business can not move into the community and be disruptive to residents. This is a case of that. IF a business is already in a community and someone buys a house nearby, then the homeowner has to live with the problem. Needless to say the noise frequent violation (not just inconveniences but actual violations according of city code) screws up scheduling, including sleep, it interfere with anything that requires concentration. Exhaustion from sleep deprivation has set in too. Enforcement in the city has been a huge problem since covid started. Hope it isn't the same everywhere. But it wouldn't be surprising if it is - at least to some extent.

So! For now it is best for Wikitree folks if I do not commit, then seem like I am choosing to neglect the commitment, when I have little control over my environment. The houses are minimal distance apart and that makes the facing front doors 13 feet apart, sidewalks 18" apart.

That is the long and short of "the absence of my presence" (lol) at Wikitree. I am just going to leave this here, so anyone who wonders about my inactivity will be able to see it. It is not by my choice. I miss Wikitree and researching.<sigh>

Stay safe, Mary G.

posted by Mary Gossage
Thank you Mary, for the reply to the Military and War check in. I am sorry about the computer problems and even more so for the noisy neighbors. The leader will remove your badge. BUT we value your contributions. When you have computer access and neighbor problems are ironed out, you can rejoin the project at any time. Just go to g2g, to the Military and War posting, and reply there with an ANSWER.!


posted by Mary Richardson
Greetings from the Military and War Project. We are doing the six month check-in with members.. Have you been active in the last six months? Please note that it is a requirement for membership in the Military and War Project that you respond to these check-ins. To make bookkeeping easier, just click Reply to this message on your own page, add your reply, then SAVE. I look forward to hearing from you..

Many thanks,

Mary~ Project Coordinator, Military and War Project

posted by Mary Richardson
Hello Mary! We’re putting out a call to all past USBH Connecting Challenge participants. We are only a few thousand profiles away from meeting our goal of 50,000 new profiles for 2021. I hope you’ll be able to join us by adding some new profiles in December. They sign up post is here:

Thanks for your contributions in 2021! Emma

Hi Mary! I'm doing followup on the January 2021 check-in for the US Southern Colonies Project, which was done through the Discussion Google Group, so you might have missed it. If you'd like to stay a member of the project, please reply to this comment. (The project's participation requirements are that you join a Team - you are listed as a member of the Colony of Virginia Team - and respond to the check-ins.)


posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Hi again! If ever you'd like to re-join the US Southern Colonies Project, just answer the G2G welcome post (see the link to it on the project page, as the posts are periodically updated).

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Oh, dear. Sorry about not responding. Life goes on for other folks when one has obstacles. Has been impossible to schedule anything on a regular basis for several months. Once in a while I have a block of time that is actually quiet and uninterrupted. Hoping it will become more frequent.
posted by Mary Gossage
Let me know what Team(s) you'd like to be on and I'll re-award your badge. The project’s participation requirements are to join a Team and respond to the 6-month check-ins. A list of all Teams is at

Also, please send me a private message so that I can ensure you're a member of the project's Discussion Google Group:

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Private messaged you Liz. Mary
posted by Mary Gossage
Hello Mary!

I’m conducting the 6-month check in for the US Black Heritage Project. Because we are growing so fast, it’s not always possible for me to see what everyone’s working on.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on and if you are still happy being a part of the Slavery Team. Members can change teams at any time. If you need something to work on, we now have a master task list here:

We now have a project badge! Hooray! As soon as I hear back from you that you’d like to continue with the project, I will add the badge to your profile.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Yes, Emma.

I know there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to get the project organized, while work is ongoing on a lot of projects. Thank you for all that you do. I would like to continue working on the slavery project. I haven't yet checked it out. But it sounds like it is past time for me to do so.

When working on the Slavery project, inevitably Abolitionists show up too. I don't know if there is an Abolitionist project with which the Slavery project intersects. Perhaps it is a part of American History, given there were Black and White Abolitionists. I don't know if there is an Abolitionist sticker that can be a added to profiles. As you know many folks who had been enslaved became abolitionists. I had family in Ohio and Wisconsin who were abolitionists. There had to have been a trust established between Black and White folks, and within regions, for effort to be successful, wherever the work of getting folks who escaped to safety, was happening. Escapees, as you know also included Free Black folks whose freedom was threatened during the worst times.


posted by Mary Gossage
Hi Mary, It's definitely on my list to add a team working on Abolitionists as well as Underground Railroad. We would like to add more categories and as you said, it would be great to honor those who worked so hard to free slave with stickers. If you're interested in helping put this team and work together, I'd welcome the help!


I am, Emma. Will message you. Mary
posted by Mary Gossage

Thank you for joining the March Connecting Challenge and helping us create 3850 new profiles!

You can add the participation sticker to your profile if you’d like. Connecting Challenge Stickers

We’ve started the April challenge here: April Connecting Challenge. We're now on the challenge tracker, so keeping up with total profiles is now even easier.


Hi Mary, I apologize. I just posted a message meant for someone else about the Connecting Challenge. Emma
No worries, Emma. Looks like you caught the mistake. I read your message in my e-mail, and was getting ready to ask you how you arrived at that total, because I knew I did not add that many people in March!
posted by Mary Gossage
Hi Mary, I agree that Adams-22592 and Adams-48494, John Adams son of William and Anne Adams need to be merged. They clearly are the same person. There is also Adams-21055, same John Adams. In 21055 John is listed as married to Catherine Farmer. Not sure where this info came from. Do you want to initiate the merge? I have been trying to clean up this family, listing those children who there is a record of their baptism in Welton, England. John Burke claims Francis is from Charwelton, but he clearly was baptized in Welton. Apparently William Adams, Sr is from Charwelton and Anne Newport from Welton according to Burke. They must of moved to Welton after their marriage and baptized all their children in Welton. Take care, Patrick
posted by Patrick Garcia
Hi  Mary

I noticed you chose our Integrators Challenge this month (November 2020), thank you!  

And if you can please add your question that you will be working on or the profile marked "needs profiles created" for the challenge. Thanks. 

Got a question, see this page:   and ....   Also, you can put a sticker on your profile You can do so by adding the words Integrators Challenge with the {{ }} in front and back, in your biography.

Thank you and Good Luck!! Dorothy,  Integrators Project Coordinator.

posted by Dorothy Barry
I did sign-up, Dorothy, thank-you. I think I still do not understand about Challenges, in general.

"Question I will be working on"? So we are not doing Integration work in general? We are only focused on doing something specific in Challenges? Is this correct?

I also still do not understand about projects. I would like to participate in some projects, Integration being one after becoming more confident that I know what I'm doing and doing it correctly. But I do not understand the process of becoming part of a project.

Am I supposed to be invited? Is it advisable to volunteer to be part of a project? And when we are part of a project are there tasks that we record having done, or are we only supposed to be working from a list of tasks? And do we record having completed tasks for the project somewhere?

I am sort of perplexed because every project page I look at seems to be set-up differently.instead of there being a general framework that applies to all and also includes unique aspects of how each project is set-up to function.

Mostly I would like to be able to contribute more of value in an organized way with a team.

posted by Mary Gossage
I see you are adding Frederick Clifton Pierce books as a source on profiles. Mr. Pierce is the author of several fraudulent genealogies and should not be used as a source unless the information can be found/ confirmed in a reliable source. Please see:

posted by Chris Hoyt
Well, thanks for the heads-up Chris, also the "Frauds and Fabrications" link. Now I know where to look, routinely, or when in doubt!

I realize a lot of the old pubs are,if not outright scams, full of wishful thinking and in need of updating with verifying or new information. I did wonder about Pierce. I would suppose that someone like Gary Boyd Roberts may have done some work on the Field Genealogy - that at least NEHGS has published information. Mostly I was cleaning up the formatting when I accessed a profile that really needed it. Turns out several of the connected profiles needed it as badly. Some hadn't been touched after being uploaded via gedcom in 2011. <reference /> was even missing in some and most references were dead end citings anyway. I'm not saying the work I did can not be improved upon, only that the formatting that had been used - wasn't. It just did not connect to anything. Thing is Pierce was cited as a reference on all of them. I mostly just provided an online link and formatting to the source used when it was possible to find them online. That particular Pierce line needs some love - hopefully people whose ancestors those folks are will take an interest. There appear to be several duplicate profile issues and a lot of scewed up dates. Thanks, again!

posted by Mary Gossage
edited by Mary Gossage
You are certainly welcome. Those of us with New England ancestors are subject to Peirce's genealogies as well as a lot of Horatio Gates Somerby's frauds. Some of their texts do contain accurate information, mixed in with guesses and just made up stuff. It's hard to sort out which might be true or false, unless you find a reliable source that confirms the data. These were taken at the time as reliable, and repeated over and over again as the source, perpetuating their findings to this day. James Savage is another one, although not a fraud, his early genealogies are full of mistakes. And William Richard Cutter never sourced a thing, just rewrote new Genealogies Texts, from other people works, the good, bad and ugly.

I am also glad we have the link to the frauds on WikiTree as some I have etched in my brain and others not! Happy Hunting.

posted by Chris Hoyt
Hi, Mary,

Thanks for taking the Pre-1700 Quiz!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section of my profile.

Deb ~ Pre-1700 Greeter

posted by Deb (Lewis) Durham
What a great biography, we learn so much about you from what you wrote. Do not be concerned about not creating a GEDCOM file. Here it is better to get started by adding one profile and its sources at a time.

Do not mourn the days of the generosity of genealogists - WikiTree folks freely and happily share all their information. That is really the point of WikiTree, to share and build together one big tree, just one profile for each individual. Here is a link, in case you have not seen it, that will help you get started - Remember to go back to G2G with questions anytime.

Welcome Mary

I am pleased to confirm you as a full member, and welcome you to the WikiTree family, your contributions will go a long way to joining the world together.

I would suggest starting with the New Member How-To pages, they will save you a lot of time and frustration.

I am here to answer any question you have, no matter how trivial you may think it is. There is no such thing as a silly question. Please add as much information as you can, it all helps to turn a “name” back into a person. I hope you enjoy the site

Happy tree climbing

Karen ~ WikiTree Greeter

P.S. If links do not work in an email from WikiTree, try them from the comment section on your profile page.


This is just a note to say hi and to let you know that I'm available to answer questions about joining WikiTree.

To contact me, click the link to my name, then send a private message or post a comment on my profile page.

Karen ~ WikiTree Greeter

P.S. If links do not work in an email from WikiTree, try them from the comment section of your profile page.