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Jasper Gunn (1606 - 1671)

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Dr. Jasper Gunn
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Name: Jasper Gunne
Gender: Male
Baptism Date: 9 Aug 1607
Baptism Place: Great Burstead, Essex, England
Father: Henry Gunne[1]


Jasper arrived in Boston, Mass. October 8, 1635 in the ship "Defense" that sailed from London July 14, 1635 when he was 29 years old.
He settled in Roxbury, Mass. and was made a "freeman" of that place at a General Court held in Boston. In 1639 he had lot #24 in Milford, Conn.

Marriage and Children

Jasper Gunn and Mary Christian Baldwin were married on 08 Oct 1635 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut. She died between 6 May 1690 (date of will) and 31 October 1690 (date of inventory).
  1. NATHANIEL GUNN, b. say 1637; m. Springfield 17 November 1658 Sarah Day [Pynchon VR 57], daughter of ROBERT DAY {1634, Cambridge} [GM 2:2:325-29].
  2. JOBAMAH GUNN, b. say 1639; m. (1) Milford 30 October 1663 Sarah Lane [Milford VR Barbour 79, citing "1:6"]; m. (2) about 1689 Mary Bristol [FANH 310].
  3. MEHITABLE GUNN, bp. Milford 2 May 1641 [Milford ChR 2]; m. (1) Milford 20 December 1660 Benjamin Fenn [Milford VR Barbour 79, citing "1:4"]; m. (2) by 1690 Nicholas Camp (in her will of 6 May 1690, Christian Gunn included a bequest to "my daughter Campe namely Mehetabell" [NHPR 2:1:69]), son of NICHOLAS CAMP {1639, Milford} [Parke-Gildersleeve 51-52].
  4. ABEL GUNN, bp. Milford 19 June 1643 [Milford ChR 2]; m. Milford 29 October 1667 Mary Smith [Milford VR Barbour 78, citing "1:8], daughter of John Smith [TAG 25:102].
  5. DANIEL GUNN, bp. Milford [blank] [blank] 1645 [Milford ChR 3]; m. by an unknown date Deborah Coleman (in her will of 2 December 1703, "Deborah Gunn of Milford" included bequests to "my beloved brother John Coalman" and "my brother-in-law Jobamah Gunn," and in the inventory of her estate, taken 3 January 1703/4, she is described as "Deborah Gun of Milford deceased sometime the wife of Daniell Gunn deceased of Milford" [NHPR 3:4]).
  6. SAMUEL GUNN, b. say 1648, m. by an unknown date Hannah Sanford, daughter of Andrew Sanford [FOOF 1:516-17].
Jobamah is usually given as the eldest son, followed by Nathaniel [Botsford-Marble 43]. However, inasmuch as Nathaniel was married five years before Jobamah, and we have no other evidence to go by, we have reversed this order. In view of this five-year difference, we may even have slightly underestimated the age of Nathaniel.


He was Milford's first physician, a mender of brass and copper vessels, schoolmaster, sealer of weights and measures, a deacon of the church and generally a man of importance in the community.
About 1647 he moved to Hartford, Conn. where he continued his medical and other activities, also operating a mill.
Moved to Hartford as early as 1648.
In 1641 he was admitted to the church in Milford, "having been admitted and dismissed from the church in Hartford".
In 1649, he was "freed from watching during the time he attends the service of the mill". In 1656, he was "freed from training, watching, and warding during his practice of phissicke". Was a deacon in Milford, a schoolmaster, and appeared as an attorney in court on at least one occasion. Was the representative of Milford to the General Court.


2 Jan 1671, Milford, Connecticut
In his will, he left his land and stock to his sons. To Mehitable, he left "one of Mr. Hooker's books and my Aynsworth Communion of Saints".


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    pp. 316-7. "Jasper arrived in Boston, Mass. 8 October 1635 in the ship "Defense" that sailed from London 14 July 1635 when he was 29 years old ... He settled in Roxbury, Mass. ... 1639 ... The same year he was given lot # 24 in Milford, Conn. as a freeplanter ... Gunn was Milford's first physician, a mender of brass and copper vessels, (for medicine alone could not support a family in those times), schoolmaster, sealer of weights and measures, a deacon of the church and generally a man of importance in the community."


The following information on Jasper Gunn in America is from Great Migration Begins V3:164-169. (I have rearranged the sequence to put it into chronological order.)

COMMENTS: Several writers on this family are uncertain with respect to the sequence of the family's removes, and in particular are not sure whether they went straight from Roxbury to Hartford, or went first to Milford. But the records are quite clear. Jasper Gunn and his wife were admitted to Milford church in 1641, and he was given several parcels of land in the early 1640s.

Jasper Gunn was certainly in Hartford by 1648 [CCCR 1:172], and had perhaps already been there for a year or two. The return to Milford would seem to be placed firmly in 1659, as he both sold land in Hartford and was readmitted to Milford in that year [HaBOP 380-82; Milford LR 1:45, 54]. This last move may have been a delayed reaction to the arrival at Hartford in late 1657 of John Winthrop Jr. Apparently Hartford was not big enough for two physicians.

How many wives did this immigrant have? He was accompanied on his voyage to New England by Ann Gunn, who may have been his sister, or a first wife. The suggestion has even been made that this is actually his wife Christian, represented here only by the last syllable of her given name. At his admission to Milford church in 1641 his wife's name was given as Mary, but most writers have considered this an error. For the purposes of simplicity, we join other writers in giving Jasper Gunn only one wife, realizing that this position may need to be corrected [Botsford-Marble 42].

BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1933 Donald Lines Jacobus prepared a brief account of this family [Botsford-Marble 42-44].

ORIGIN: Unknown. MIGRATION: 1635 on the Defence (on 18 July 1635, "Jasper Gonn," aged 29, and "Ann Gonn," aged 25, were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the (ship) Defence [Hotten 107]).

FIRST RESIDENCE: Roxbury. REMOVES: Milford by 1641, Hartford by 1648, Milford 1659.

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admitted to Roxbury church as member #136, in the middle of those admitted in 1635 [RChR 81].

ESTATE: On 1 June 1639, the town of Roxbury granted to "Jasper Gunn 5 acres and a half of meadow and upland lying at the end of Bear Hill" [RBOP 1].

On 25 April 1641, "Jasper Gunne" and "Mary his wife" were admitted to Milford church (annotated "dismissed to the church of Hartford") [Milford ChR 2]. FREEMAN: 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:371].

In a listing of Milford landholding of 22 November 1643, "Jasper Gunn" held a homelot of one acre and three-quarters, twelve acres of upland and five acres and thirty-two poles of meadow [Milford LR 1:4].

In the 1646 inventory of Milford landholding, "Jesper Gunn" held five parcels: homelot, three roods; "the Mill Neck, the Pond Shot," ten acres; "Adding Plain, the North Shot," six acres; "Great Meadow," five acres and thirty-two poles; and "New Meadow," three roods [Milford LR 1:79, 89, 93, 96, 97].

On 28 December 1648, "Jasp[e]r Gunn" sued Nicholas Olmstead for an unknown cause [CCCR 1:172; RPCC 57]. (This lawsuit may be related to the five parcels of land which Jasper Gunn purchased of Nicholas Olmstead about this time [HaBOP 397-98].)

OCCUPATION: Miller (on 13 September 1649, "Jespar Gunn, of Hartford, is freed from watching during the time he attends the service of the mill" [CCCR 1:197]; on 3 March 1658/9, three prominent men, as a "committee for the affairs of Hartford mill," sued "Jasp[e]r Gun ... for unjust detaining the possession and improvement of the said mill," and the jury "unanimously find that the defendant shall surrender the possession of Hartford mill to the committee" [RPCC 197-98]).

In the Hartford land inventory, "Jesper Gunn" held eleven parcels: "one parcel on which a dwelling house standeth which he bought of Thomas Lord Jr. containing by estimation one acre" (annotated "sold Jarraett Spencer"); "one parcel of meadow lying in the North Meadow which he bought of Nehemyah Ollmsted containing by estimation ten acres & seventy & one perches of meadow & six acres of swamp" (annotated "sold Ensign Jarratt Spencer," and annotated in the state copy "February 1649"); "one parcel lying in the Old Oxpasture which he bought of Nehemyah Ollmsted containing by estimation eleven acres"; "one parcel lying in the Neck of Land which he bought of Nehemyah Ollmsted containing by estimation six acres"; "one parcel lying in the Cowpasture which he bought of Nehemiah Olmsted containing by estimation ten acres, one rood & twelve perches"; "one parcel lying in the Neck of Land which he bought of Nehemiah Olmsted containing by estimation three acres, three roods & twelve perches"; "one parcel which he bought of Richard Goodman lying in the Old Oxpasture containing by estimation fourteen acres" (annotated "1651"); "one parcel which was parcel of Samiwell Kicherell's houselot containing by estimation [blank] perches"; "one parcel lying in the Old Oxpasture which he bought of Richard Goodman containing by estimation thirteen acres" (annotated "Aprill the 18th 1655"); "one parcel lying on the east side of the Great River which he bought of Thomas Woodford containing by estimation four acres"; and "one parcel lying on the east side of the Great River which he bought of Thomas Woodford containing by estimation four acres" [HaBOP 397-99]. On 29 September 1659, nine of these parcels were sold to John Norton, who soon sold them to Jarrett Spencer [HaBOP 380-82, 385-87].

OFFICES: Connecticut petit jury, 4 December 1651, 19 May 1652, 1 December 1653, 11 October 1655, 5 May 1658 [RPCC 106, 109, 119, 153, 188]. Coroner's jury, 9 November 1652 [RPCC 114-15].

Hartford selectman, 15 February 1655/6 [HaTR 110-12].

Physician (on 21 May 1657, "Jasper Gunn is freed from training, watching & warding, during his practice of physic" [CCCR 1:298]; on 28 December 1657, John Winthrop Jr. included in his medical records an entry for "Gun Daniel, son to Jasper, 10 years old," followed by a description of the medication "his father gave him" [WMJ 77]; his inventory included "physic books" valued at 4lb. and "one chest & physic in it" valued at 6lb. [NHPR 1:2:36]). (Jasper Gunn used a 1652 almanac, now deposited in the library of Trinity College, in which he kept his medical records [Morris W. Abbott, Medical Men of Milford (Milford 1965), pp. 1Deputy for Milford to New Haven General Court, 6 May 1663 [NHCR 2:477]. Committee to divide land, 16 January 1643[/4] [Milford LR 1:6].His inventory included "1lb. of shot, lead & powder" valued at 5s. 6d., "a chair & powder horn" valued at 5s., "a fowling piece & carbine" valued at 2lb. 15s., "a pistol & old musket" valued at 1lb., and "2 swords & belts & a rapier" valued at 1lb. 3s. 5-22].)

EDUCATION: Sufficient to serve as a physician, and maintain the appropriate records for that profession. His inventory included "divinity books" valued at 4lb. 2s., "physic books" valued at 4lb. and "2 pair of spectacles & case" valued at 2s. [NHPR 1:2:36]. His widow's inventory included "one Bible & a box & other small things" valued at 12s. and "2 small books & some starch" valued at 1s. 6d. [NHPR 2:1:70].

On 7 November 1659, "the town [of Milford] declared themselves by a vote that they were willing to give to Jesper Gunn fifteen acres of land [above?] Timothy Baldwin's lot in the plain and also five acres [of] land more next unto that ten acres which was given [to] Ensigne Bryant provided he settle with us then they [are] willing to give to the said Jesper Gunn these two parcels of ground for his own propriety and the proper use of him and his heirs forever and also it is granted to the said Jesper Gunn liberty to choose his homelot amongst any of those lots that are yet undisposed of in the Mill Neck" [Milford LR 1:45]. In 1659 "Jesper Gun" was granted eleven acres of land [Milford LR 1:54]. In 1660 "Jesper Gunn's land that was given him by the town formerly being given upon this condition that if he settle with us he desiring that now the expression might be amended so the town considering that he was come to us and had been with us some space of time and he also expressing himself that he had no thoughts to remove, did grant his desire" [Milford LR 1:56].

Jasper Gunn appeared in New Haven court on 27 May 1661 and 16 October 1661 as attorney for Mrs. Joanna Prudden of Milford "concerning a horse taken up & detained by her" [NHCR 2:390, 424].

In Milford section of 1669 Connecticut list of freemen [CCCR 2:524].

In his will, dated 25 December 1670 and proved 27 January 1670/1, "Jasper Gun of Milford" bequeathed to "my son Jobamah a piece of land in the New Field ... I suppose 10 acres more or less"; to "my son Abell Gun," 10lb., also "my physic chest with all physic and chirurgery things in it, also ... all my physic books, ... also ... my best cloth cloak and the divinity books he hath now of mine, and one of Mr. Hooker's"; to "Daniell Gun my son half all my lands & meadows, except Dreadful Lot & my homelot, only my will is that Daniell shall have a piece of my homelot two rods wider than his brother Jobamah's orchard is"; to "my son Sam[ue]ll my house, housing, orchard, gardens & Dreadful Lot, with half my other lands & meadows equally divided between Daniell & Samuell, also ... my Great Bible & fowling piece" and some furniture; to "my sons Daniell & Samuell all my cattle, horses, cart & all implements" equally divided between them; "my loving wife shall have her dwelling in the house" and be provided for by Daniel and Samuel, they to be sole executors; to "my daughter Mehitabell Fenn one of Mr. Hooker's books & Mr. Aynsworth's Communion of Saints"; "my loving brothers Jno. Smith & Joseph Pecke" to be overseers [NHPR 1:2:35].

The inventory of the estate of "Jasper Gun deceased," taken 22 January 1670[/1], totalled 288lb. 10d., of which 102lb.10s. was real estate: "5 acres of swamp," 5lb.; "10 acres of meadow," 10lb.; "land 12 acres," 14lb.; "18 acres & 3 roods," 14lb.; "5 acres," 3lb. 10s.; "2 acres," 8lb.; "homelot," 12lb.; and "housing," 36lb. [NHPR 1:2:36]. (This inventory is very detailed and includes a number of items not often seen, such as an eel spear and a chalkline.)

In his will, dated 19 May 1688 and proved in early 1689, "Abell Gunn of Derby" bequeathed to "my loving wife Mary Gunn the use & improvement of all my housings, lands arable, woodlands, meadow, during her natural life, ... & at her dispose all my moveable estate except one small gun and all my physic books & my alembic"; "if my wife dieth before my heir attaineth age of one & twenty years, then my brother Jobamah to take and improve the estate till he be of age"; to "my cousin Abell Gun, son of Jobamah Gunn, ... after the decease of my wife all my housings, lands arable, woodlands, meadows, ... [and] all my physic books of all sorts with my alembic as also one small gun which I had of Goodman Denman"; if "Abell Gun son of Jobamah Gun" dies before age twenty-one, then all goes to "Nathaniell Gun son of Jobamah Gun" [NHPR 2:1:2].

In her will, dated 6 May 1690 and proved 12 November 1690, "Christian Gun of Milford" bequeathed to "my son Jobamah Gunn," furniture; to "my son Daniell Gunn," thirty shillings, and clothing for his wife; to "my grandchild Sam[ue]ll Gunn, son of Jobamah Gunn, one acre of my homelot which he is possessed of half of it already & the other half is to join unto it, & in case he die without issue, then the said lot to return to his brother Nathaniell"; to "my grandchildren Benjamin & Joseph Fenn ten shillings apiece to buy two Bibles which I have done myself for them & delivered them"; to "my grandchild Sam[ue]ll Gunn son of Nathaniell Gunn of Hatfield," moveables, already delivered; to "my grandchild Christian Gunn, daughter of Jobamah Gunn," 40s. at age eighteen or at marriage, and "my least box"; to "my daughter Campe namely Mehetabell," moveables; to "my grandchild Mary Hine," moveables, including "my Bible"; to "my daughter Mary wife to Jobamah Gunn," moveables; to "my grandchildren Hannah Fenn, Martha Fenn & Susannah Fenn, some linen & other things which I shall lay by for their mother to distribute among them"; to "my grandchildren Elisabeth Gunn & Sarah Gunn each of them a sheet"; residue to "my son Samuell Gunn," he to be executor; if he die without issue, "the land which I have given him shall return to my son Jobamah's children, ... they paying out of it ten pounds to my daughter Mehetabell's children"; "whereas my son Daniell was by my husband's will to allow me a sum of money yearly, which he hath failed of payment, my will is that neither my executor nor no other shall come upon him nor trouble him for it during the said Daniell Gunn's life," but they are to use their discretion after his death [NHPR 2:1:69; New Haven County Court Records 1 (1666-1698):183].

The inventory of the estate of "Christian Gunn of Milford, taken 31 October 1690, totalled 56lb. 4s. 6d., including 20lb. in real estate: "a homelot," 20lb. [NHPR 2:1:70].

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