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Categories: Hall, Parker 1784 - 1859, AncestryDNA Circle | Hall, David (1781-1847), AncestryDNA Circle | Dennis, Hannah (1784-1868), AncestryDNA Circle | Shepardson, Daniel 1775 - 1856, AncestryDNA Circle | Cook, Prudence 1780 - 1858, AncestryDNA Circle | Decotee, Ann 1752, AncestryDNA Circle | Pomeroy, John 1733 - 1810, AncestryDNA Circle | Kibbe, Esther 1730 - 1808, AncestryDNA Circle | Pomeroy, Oren 1799-1882, AncestryDNA Circle | Pomeroy, Lucinda 1801-1887, AncestryDNA Circle | Bucknell University | Dayton University | Broome, New York | Ukrainian Roots | Slavic Roots | MatchBot MPs | Rhode Island Project-Managed | Connecticut Project-Managed | Massachusetts Project-Managed.

Sue Hall is 1 US.
Sue Hall is 1/2 New England.
Sue Hall is 1/2 Eastern European.
Sue Hall is 1/2 New York.
Sue Hall is 1/4 Rhode Island.
Sue Hall is 1/4 Connecticut.
Sue Hall is 1/3 German.
Sue Hall is 1/4 British.
Sue Hall is 1/5 Ukrainian.
Sue Hall is 1/5 Polish.
Sue Hall is 1/5 Slovakia.
Sue Hall is 1/5 Hungary.
Sue Hall is 1/8 Massachusetts.
Sue Hall is 1/8 New Hampshire.
Sue Hall is 1/8 Maine.
Sue Hall is 1/8 Ohio.
Sue Hall is 1/10 Russian.
Sue Hall is 1/10 Czech.
Sue Hall is 1/16 British.
Sue Hall is 1/20 French.
Sue Hall is 1/20 German.
Sue Hall is 1/20 Balkan.
Sue Hall is 1/20 Swedish.
Sue Hall is 1/20 Baltic.
Sue Hall is 1/20 Ireland.
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Descendant of PGM migrant George Phelps, John Albro.
Descendant of PGM migrant Thomas Howard, Robert Lord, Richard Dana, Comfort Starr,.
Descendant of PGM migrant Robert Day, Gerard Spencer, Samuel Chapin, Henry Burt.


Ezra Cornell (founder of Cornell University) and Sue are third cousins five times removed. [Ezra]

Roger Williams and Sue are 7th cousins 11 times removed. [Roger]

Famous and Notorious Women

Sue is Anne Hutchinson's 9th great grand niece. [Anne]

Susan B. Anthony and Sue are fourth cousins four times removed. [Susan]

Harriet Beecher Stowe and Sue are fifth cousins three times removed [Harriet]

Lucretia Mott and Sue are fifth cousins five times removed [Lucretia Mott]

Hetty (Robinson) Green and Sue are 6th cousins three times removed. [Hetty]

Lizzie Borden and Sue are 7th cousins twice removed.[Lizzie]

Artists and Writers

Nathaniel Hawthorne and Sue are fifth cousins four times removed,[Nathaniel Hawthorn]

Emily Dickinson and Sue are 6th cousins three times removed. [Emily]

Louisa May Alcott and Sue are 6th cousins four times removed [Louisa May Alcott]

Robert Frost and Sue are 8th cousins three times removed

Samuel Clemens and Sue are 10th cousins [Mark Twain]

Politicians, Soldiers and Royalty

Stephen Hopkins and Sue are second cousins 7 times removed.

Ethan Allen and Sue are third cousins 6 times removed

Abraham Lincoln and Sue are 6th cousins four times removed

George Washington and Sue are 6th cousins 7 times removed

Franklin Roosevelt and Sue are 7th cousins once removed Franklin

Elihu Root (38th U.S. Secretary of State) and Sue are 7th cousins once removed

General William Tecumseh Sherman and Sue are 8th cousins four times removed

Barack Obama and Sue are 10th cousins three times removed

Queen Elizabeth II and Sue are 11th cousins once removed

Justin Trudeau and Sue are 20th cousins


Rick Pierpont and Sue are 8th cousins

Chris Whitten (founder Wikitree) and Sue are 8th cousins once removed

Abby (Brown) Glann and Sue are 8th cousins four times removed

Julie (Fiscus) Ricketts and Sue are 9th cousins twice removed

Bob Kenniston and Sue are 11th cousins

Mags Gaulden and Sue are 11th cousins once removed.

Flags and DNA

Ethnic percentages are not the same at Ancestry and 23 and me, interesting though. What do you believe?

Since I have taken both Ancestry and 23 and me DNA tests, and the Ancestry tests changed, I don't know what I am, but I am having fun with flags. That is why there are more than one percentage for a flag.

It would be nice to have Anglo-Saxon stickers. I think my German is from early settlers of Britain. I have their DNA rather than what they are counting as British. genetic map of Britain

It would be interesting to study the DNA of the PGM descendants! Where were the origins?

New Ancestry: Eastern Europe and Russia 54% Germanic Europe 32% Baltic States 5% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 5% Sweden 4%

23 and me (9/16/2018) Eastern European 41.6% (Poland 3/5 ,Ukraine 2/5 ,Slovakia 2/5 ,Hungary 2/5 ,Russia 2/5 ,Czech Republic 1/5) British & Irish 25.9% (United Kingdom) French & German 14.6% Balkan 1.1% (Romania) Scandinavian 1.0% Broadly Northwestern European 10.1% Broadly Southern European 3.4% Broadly European 2.3%

Eurogenes K15 V2 now at GEDmatch (9/16/2018) using Ancestry upload Baltic 17.62, North Sea 23.45, Atlantic 26.58, East Euro 11.45, West Med 10.39, East Med 3.2, West Asian 6.79.

Eurogenes K15 V2 now at GEDmatch (9/16/2018) using 23 and me upload North_Sea 22.12 Pct, Atlantic 24.56 Pct, Baltic 17.88 Pct, Eastern_Euro 11.73 Pct, West_Med 11.32 Pct, West_Asian 7.75 Pct, East_Med 3.66 Pct

We have a confusing mix of time periods as well as geographic areas. (My sister's percentages were not the same, she got all the Irish as a major percentage while I had none.) Do I count my sister's percentages even though she got different DNA percentages, we still show up as sisters with the same ancestry. I am claiming a small percent Irish, because the DNA did come out that we were sisters. And there were the Mulloys and Gilpatricks (see below).

The overwhelming majority of my father's ancestors came from England. Some that did not: Peter Tallman (bef. 1623 - 1708) Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Ami Decotay (1726 - 1756) Genève, Switzerland Nicholas "The Swede" Alverson? (1620 - 1700) probably of Sweden Malcolm Downing (1620 - 1683) Scotland Dennis (Malloy) Mulloy (1750 - 1821) Ireland Thomas Gilpatrick (abt. 1720 - 1792) Ireland

Were the Leiden, Netherlands ancestors pilgrims from England? Phillippe (De Lannoy) Delano (bef. 1602 - 1681) Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Constant Southworth (abt. 1615 - 1679) Leiden, Zuid-Holland Province, Netherlands Moses (Simonson) Simmons (abt. 1604 - abt. 1691) Leiden, Netherlands Abigail (Baillou) Dunham (1600 - 1669) Leiden, Zuid-Holland Netherlands Nathaniel Morton (1613 - 1685) Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands Lydia Fenton (Cooper) Morton (abt. 1615 - 1673) Leyden, Holland Sarah (Morton) Bonham (1618 - 1691) Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands

My mother's parents came from the Western part of Ukraine near Poland.

Father's Family

Somers, Ct. and Portsmouth, RI. have several generations of ancestors including intermarriage between third cousins.

I have been doing genealogy since the 1990s. I started when I found books my father had on two of his family lines. I found out that all four of his grandparents had published lines. A lot of research was in libraries and at the Family History Center nearby, ordering microfiche. I travelled to the towns where his ancestors spent several generations and visited some of the cemeteries.

My father's family is all New England, except for one line that made it out to Ohio. A lot of the work on genealogy had been done in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Many of the ancestral lines go back to the Great Migration. When I got online I found that if someone has been doing extensive New England work we can usually find a common ancestor or two ten generations back.

The Hall Family goes back to the 1630s in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Many of the family became Quakers. I haven't looked for them in Quaker records though. Some of the tombstones have Quaker dates and some are in the Friend's cemetery.

Mother's Family

I have only done limited work on my mother's lines, marriage and death certificates, cemetery. Her parents came over from the Ukraine around 1910 and married here in Rochester, NY. I don't speak or read Ukrainian or any other language any information would be in. So far I have found one possible cousin, with a shared surname of my great grandparents. My tree does not go back far enough for matching. My great grandparents did not come over and I only know their names from the marriage certificate.

On 26 Jan 2018 at 14:31 GMT Greg Lavoie wrote: 19th century Greek Catholic records were usually kept in Latin and in a tabular format, which makes them relatively easy to read. You can find very helpful information detailing this, as well as some example records, over at If you are unlucky, they will be in Ukrainian instead, though if you are patient you may be able to transliterate the material (made much easier by the tabular format). It's possible that they have translation services but I'm not aware of them.


  • Entered by Mary Hall at registration.
  • I have birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, Social Security card,...
  • I have a letter from my grandfather to my father listing the Hall line all the way back to the 1600s in two lines. It didn't have the third line I found later.

DNA cousins Wikitree/Ancestry/GEDMATCH/23 and me

There are 397 Ancestry 4th cousins (as of 4/13/18), one sister, one first cousin, one first cousin once removed.

  • Paternal relationship is confirmed with a AncestryDNA test match between Sue Hall and [Hall-33522|K Hall], sisters, Predicted relationship: Immediate Family from Ancestry "2,596 centimorgans shared across 70 DNA segments".
  • Maternal relationship is confirmed with a AncestryDNA test match between Sue Hall and [Hall-33522|K Hall], sisters, Predicted relationship: Immediate Family from Ancestry "2,596 centimorgans shared across 70 DNA segments".
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed with a 23andMe test match between Sue Hall and Erica Haile, first cousins once removed. Predicted relationship from 23andMe: "1st to 2nd Cousin based on 5.26% DNA shared across 14 segments."
  • Paternal relationship is confirmed with a AncestryDNA test match between Sue Hall and Erica Haile, first cousins once removed. Predicted relationship reported by AncestryDNA: 2nd Cousins based on 380 centimorgans shared across 17 DNA segments Confidence: Extremely High. (We share 25 4th cousin matches as of Jan. 20, 2018.)

AncestryDNA Circles

Three out of four of my father's grandparents are represented by DNA Circles (Hall, Pomeroy, Shepardson). Soule is the only one without a DNA circle.

Father's Hall lines (father, grandfather, great-grandfather and mother)

Hall, David and Dennis, Hannah were married.

Hall, David (1781-1847) David is the third great grandfather of Sue (8 members)

Dennis, Hannah (1784-1868) Hannah is the third great grandmother of Sue (8 members)

Hall, Parker 1784 - 1859 Parker is the third great grandfather of Sue (6 members)

Decotee, Ann 1752 Ann is the fourth great grandmother of Sue (no longer visible)

Father's Pomeroy lines (mother, grandfather, great-grandfather and mother)

Pomeroy, Oren and Pomeroy, Lucinda were married Pomeroy, John and Kibbe, Esther were married

Pomeroy, Oren 1799-1882 Oren is the second great grandfather of Sue (9 members)

Pomeroy, Lucinda 1801-1887 Lucinda is the second great grandmother of Sue (9 members)

Pomeroy, John 1733 - 1810 John is the fourth great grandfather of Sue (20 members)

Kibbe, Esther 1730 - 1808 Esther is the fourth great grandmother of Sue (19 members)

Father's Shepardson lines (mother, grandmother, great-grandfather )

Shepardson, Daniel and Cook, Prudence were married.

Shepardson, Daniel 1775 - 1856 Daniel is the third great grandfather of Sue (23 members)

Cook, Prudence 1780 - 1858 Prudence is the third great grandmother of Sue (23 members)

Digital Afterlife Instructions

"This is my permission that upon my demise, for my family to have first priority , then if they decline the responsibility, the Wikitree staff, to manage the profiles where I act as PM, in any way they see fit, as long as this is in line with the Honour Code and preserves the privacy of living people. December 4, 2017."

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I have started entering these for Portsmouth, RI. Hopefully I am doing it correctly.
The Pomeroys were in Somers, Connecticut
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want to understand to work on Pomeroy cousins
I adopted some profiles of the Durfee family in Portsmouth RI. It looks like that is a confused area I wanted to look at more closely.
my husband's family
I started a page for Pomeroys so I could list links to groups studying the Pomeroy lines.

I added my Hall to the Hall project and added a reference.

Great Migration Project, many lines go back this far, want to mark them.
23 and me says some of my Ukrainian is Polish genetically
I have been entering the Joseph Pomeroy, son of Eltweed, tree.
Lots of Quaker ancestors in Rhode Island
The Halls were in Portsmouth Rhode Island for a couple hundred years.
My grandmother's mother's family back to Daniel Shepardson
Saw the new badge
I want to start using free spaces to describe sources and refer to them
I want to learn about this. Two of my grandparents were born in the Ukraine (Austrian Empire I believe at the time, late 1800's.)

DNA Tested
Sue Hall's DNA has been tested for genealogical purposes. It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Sue or other carriers of her ancestors' mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line:
  • Sue Hall: Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test HVR1, haplogroup H, FTDNA kit #n34323
It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with Sue:

Have you taken a DNA test for genealogy? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.


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On 8 Sep 2018 at 00:44 GMT Linda Barnett wrote:

Team Tennessee Volunteers would like for you to join their marvelous and fun team. Here is the free space page ;

On 12 Aug 2018 at 15:08 GMT Pegg Anderson wrote:

Thank you, Sue for finding two profiles for Olcott Dillingham. I agree they need to be merged and I contacted Jack Cook to share that John Dillingham, father of Olcott DOES NOT have the middle name Earl.

On 11 Aug 2018 at 16:46 GMT Theresa (Ferracci) Myers wrote:

not sure about the proposed merge of Eakin-352 and 380, the newer Eakin has a new wife I can't confirm with quick search and I don't have time to look further right now - what's next?

On 20 Jun 2018 at 13:22 GMT James Collins wrote:

Sue Thank you for all your work on the Soule Family.They are of great importance to me.I truly appreciate ALL your efforts.  :)

On 18 Jun 2018 at 03:55 GMT Liz Marshall wrote:

Hi, Sue! I was wondering about your source for the parents of Pomeroy-1867 (Henry Pomeroy) as Pomeroy-1870 (Phineas Pomeroy) and Clark-43328 (Susanna (Clark) Pomeroy). There doesn't seem to be a source on his profile for it! Thank you for finding his parents (?), though.

On 12 Jun 2018 at 01:13 GMT Morgan Campbell wrote:

Thank you Sue for catching the impossible birthdate for John Sheffield (Sheffield-3127)! I will be more careful with my midnight editing

On 3 May 2018 at 20:44 GMT Elizabeth Winter wrote:

About keeping the WatchList down: I got harsh about it awhile back. I hit the warning @5,000 after someone accidentally added me to the Trusted List not of just one profile, but his whole WatchList by mistake. Now, I regularly prune it down to keep it under 300. It does take effort!

On 24 Apr 2018 at 14:00 GMT Marty Franke wrote:

Hi Sue; I would be happy to be added to the Pomeroy Study. It seems that my ancestry is

originally from France (Pomerleaux), but I remain in the Quebec area.

On 24 Apr 2018 at 01:01 GMT Al Scott wrote:

Hi Sue Scott-1026 and Scott-27020 are not the same Person they are First Cousins There are some sources that confused the 2 of them and had the wrong Richard Scott (Born 1605) Married to Katherine Marbury the Correct Richard that was Born 1607 was the one that Married Katherine

On 6 Apr 2018 at 01:28 GMT Marsha (Cramer) Baker wrote:

Thanks Sue for the Esther Erb Naylor merge!

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