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Robert Harrington (abt. 1616 - 1707)

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Robert Harrington
Born about in Somerset, Englandmap
Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
Husband of — married (to ) in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bay Colonymap
Descendants descendants
Died in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusettsmap
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The Puritan Great Migration.
Robert Harrington migrated to New England during the Puritan Great Migration (1620-1640).
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Cross Reference

The following persons are closely identified either in fact or in error, and a quick cross reference to their respective biographies will assist the reader.

Disputed Identities and Spouses

Uncertain Origin

Robert Harrington, who lived his adult life in Watertown, Massachusetts, was born in 1616, a date that can be calculated from his tombstone, which indicated he died in 1707 at the age of 91.[1]

Beyond his calculated 1616 birth year, nothing else is known of Robert Harrington of Watertown until 1644, when he is listed as a proprietor of Watertown.[2]

Various parents have been named for Robert Harrington but there’s not yet enough evidence to determine if any of them are correct. Y-DNA testing can be used to narrow down the possibilities. So far, that’s shown that Robert Harrington of Watertown, MA, and Benjamin Harrington of Providence, RI, are not of the same line of Harringtons in England. [3]

Robert Harrington of Watertown is often shown to be the son of Robert Harrington (1578-1622) of Southwold, Sussex, England, and his wife Joan Jentilman (1595-1630). This relationship is unproven -- see below for discussion.

Was he the same Robert Harrington who was born in Southwold, England?

Robert Harrington of Watertown is often shown as Robert Harrington who was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, England, on October 1, 1616,[4] the son of Robert Harrington II and Joan Jentilmann.[2]

Frederick Lewis Weis, in his book on Robert Harrington's family, gives the best summary of this account:

The best clue to the parentage of Robert Harrington of Watertown, Massachusetts, is that he came from Southwold, co. Suffolk, England. His father, if our surmise is correct, died before 1622 and his mother died in 1630, but he probably lived with his mother and step-father, the Reverend John Younges, between 1622 and 1630, and perhaps with his step-father until 1634. By 1634, he would be 18 years of age (he died at Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1707, aged 91 years, thus he would have been born in the year 16I6) and in those days at 18 he would have been considered able to support himself.[5]

Applications to lineage societies have reflected this understanding.[6]

Frederick Lewis Weis in his book on Robert Harrington's family asserted this view, but acknowledged it was not proved:

While we have not seen positive: proof that Robert Harrington Watertown, Masssachusetts, is identical with the Robert Herrington. who was baptised at Southwold, co, Suffolk, England, it is highly probable that he was.[5]

These arguments support the view:

  1. The 1616 dates in both locations make it plausible
  2. No records have been found of the English Robert in England after 1644, or the colonial Robert in Massachusetts before 1644 to render the view implausible.
  3. Other accounts of family and immigration support that the two are one and the same. Unfortunately, these accounts have their own problems!

These arguments oppose the view:

There is "no evidence proving that the Robert HERRINGTON of Suffolk is the Robert HARRINGTON of Watertown. You can't "cross the pond" based solely on the name and birth year.[7]

The lack of proof of the other supporting accounts throws the relationship into greater doubt than if the supporting accounts had not existed.

Did Robert Harrington have siblings?

Eugene Harrington's "Harrington Family in America" gives Robert some brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, doing this required giving Robert a different set of parents, as well!

John Harrington, with his wife, Ann (Clinton) Harrington, and two young sons, and evidently a daughter, Rebecca, later of husband, John Watson, sailed from England for America, arriving in Boston Harbor about 1630. John, the head of the family, was drowned in Boston Harbor soon after their arrival, and before 1640, the year in which the Massachusetts Colony law was passed requiring registration of vital statistics under penalty of twenty shillings. His death seems not to be of record. The younger son, Abraham, of wife, Rebecca Cutter, and the daughter, Rebecca of husband, John Watson, both settled in Charleston, Mass., where there is record of both marriages and their deaths, together with the death of the mother, and these deaths show the relationship between the mother and the two children. The date of the birth of Abraham is indicated in his desposition under date of April 15, 1673. He was ten years old at the time fo the arrival of the family at Boston in 1630 and about 12 years was then the age of his brother, Benjamin, who went into Rhode Island with Roger Williams and was among the first settlers in that Colony. He settled in Providence, R.I., where he took the oath of allegiance on Nov. 19, 1645. He married Elizabeth White, daughter of William and Elizabeth White of Boston. They reared a family of nine children whose names, together with those of both parents, appear on many pages of the public records of Providence. When John Harrington arrived in Boston Harbor in about 1630, with his wife and two young sons, Abraham, then aged 10 years, and Benjamin, then aged about 12 years, there was another Harrington boy, Robert, still in England, and who came to America some four years later in 1634, on the ship "Elizabeth," when he was 18 years old, probably at the expiration of a contract of apprenticeship. He disembarked at the same harbor in Boston, and settled in Watertown, Mass., a neighboring town to Charleston, and we find his name there on a list of land proprietors as early as 1642, and where, in 1649, he married Susannah George. It is thought that this Robert Harrington, was a brother of Abraham of Charleston, Mass., and Benjamin of Providence, R.I.[8]

Robert Harrington (in some early Watertown records it is spelled Herrington) of Watertown, is not related to Abraham Errington of Cambridge[9] Robert was from southeastern England, while Abraham was from northern England. There is no conclusive evidence, as yet, that Robert was related to Benjamin of Providence[5]

Robert Harrington of Watertown did not have this set of brothers and sisters.

1634 Did he arrive on the Ship "Elizabeth?"

Weis did believe that Robert Harrington crossed the Atlantic on the ship "Elizabeth" out of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, embarking on 10 April 1634. [5] He was preceded by Frederick Adam Virkus in the belief that Robert arrived on the "Elizabeth" in 1634.[10]

However, Diana Mathiesen writes,

I have consulted three different transcriptions of the passenger manifest for this voyage, and none list Robert Harrington as a passenger. It's of profound importance whether he is or is not on this voyage because it's the foundation of Weis's claim that Robert's origin is in Suffolk.[7]

1634 Did he accompany Deacon Hastings to Watertown?

In Weis' 1958 account:

Deacon Thomas Hastings, perhaps a kinsman, at all events a friend, appears to have paid his passage to America, on condition that Robert would be his helper for six vears. We know that Robert and the family of Deacon Hastings embarked in the ship ~Elizabeth," William Andrews, Master, at Ipswich, co. Suffolk, on 10 April 1634, with many other Suffolk county families. Also we know that Watertown was settled by pioneers nearly all of whom came from Suffolk and Essex counties in England. Bond's History of Watertown names more than forty prominent Watertown families who came from Suffolk county alone. Furthermore, when Robert's time was up in 1640, Mr. Hastings gave him a homestall in Watertown.[5]

Diana Gale Matthiesen notes that:

whether or not Robert Harringtron of Watertown came to America with Deacon Hastings on the "Elizabeth" is of considerable genealogical significance (with regard to his origins), so I decided to document the fact, rather than just accept secondary sources.[11]

Matthiesen notes that:

Peter Wilson Coldham, in his "Complete Book of Emigrants,"[12] gives the passenger list of the "Elizabeth," which embarked from Ipswich for New England -- William Andrews , Master -- on 30 Apr 1634. We do find Thomas Hastings and his wife, Susan Hastings, on the list. What we do not find is Robert Harrington.
It is not the case that Robert was too young to be listed (he was 18). But even if he were, this ship's list includes, not just adult males (as is the case with many ship's lists), but women and children, including infants (with ages for all). I wondered if Coldham had erred, so I checked several other transcriptions of the same passenger list. None included Robert, or any other Harrington.

Matthiesen concludes that:

we should: (1) stop making the totally false statement that Robert HARRINGTON came to New England on the "Elizabeth" in 1634 with Thomas HASTINGS; and (2) stop asserting that Robert HARRINGTON of Watertown is even remotely proven to be the Robert HARRINGTON who was baptized 1 Oct 1616 in Southwold, co. Suffolk, England, son of Robert & Jane (JENTILMEN) HARRINGTON.These *may* be the same individual, but it never was proven, and now it's a good deal further from being proven.

Did Robert Harrington accompany his stepfather Rev. Yonges to New England in 1637?

If Robert Harrington did not accompany Deacon Hastings on the "Elizabeth", perhaps he crossed the Atlantic in some other fashion. In fact, since he was born before the crossing of the Mayflower, it is a certainty that he was not born in Massachusetts.

An alternate theory is that he crossed the Atlantic with his step-family.

Robert's widow Joan married John Younges the same year, July 24, 1622. She had at least one more child by Younges and died young in England.[2]

If Robert Harrington, the child, was born 1616, he was aged 6 at the time his mother remarried, and would have grown up in the Yonges household.

Reverend John Younges emigrated to America and was an original founder of Southold, Long Island, New York. He founded the First Church (then Congregational, later Presbyterian) in Southold, Long Island, New York, where he was the minister until his death there on February 24, 1671/2, aged 74 years.[2]
Rev. Younges came to America very shortly afterward and landed in Salem but soon moved to New Haven and then Long Island, New York and helped found Southold, Suffolk County, Long Island. He became the minister of the first church of Southold. Naturally it was Congregational.[2]

This alternate theory requires that one believe Robert Harrington stayed with his step family long enough to cross the Atlantic, but stayed in Massachusetts while the rest of the family went on to Long Island, New York.

Diana Matthiesen noticed this and observed:

Families usually stick together when they immigrate, so geography argues against a connection. I discuss the HARRINGTON/HERRINGTON/ERRINGTON immigrants to New England on this page: descend from Robert HARRINGTON of Watertown, so I would love to have "crossed the pond" and discovered his origin, but I don't believe we have.[13]
Further, the passenger list of the ship “Mary Anne” out of Yarmouth, England bound for New England, May 1637 lists John Yonges, his wife Joan and six children. Robert Harrington, age 21 in 1637, is not listed.....I cannot find any record of which ship Younges actually sailed on. I checked all published passenger lists between 1637 and 1639. Robert Harrington II may have come over sooner, of course. He was 21 years old in 1637. However I cannot find him on any passenger list between 1630 and 1640. Many passenger ship lists have never been published.[2]

Biography of Robert Harrington of Watertown, Mass.

1642 Proprietor of Watertown

Robert Harrington's name is the last on the list of proprietors made out 1642-44. He then owned a homestall, “given him by Thomas Hastings.” This gift renders it probable that he was a kinsman of Dea. Hastings. He was adm. freeman, May 27, 1663. ... Robert Harrington took the oath of fidelity, 1652. He was selectman 15 years, 1679-1700. [14]

Bond reports:

Robert Harrington is last on the list of proprietors in Watertown (1642-44). He then owned a homestall given to him by Thomas Hastings. The gift renders it probable that he was a kinsman of Thomas Hastings."[4]

Matthiesen reports:

I’ve studied the genealogy of the Hastings family and find no Robert Harrington listed. At this time in Watertown, there was a huge influx of new immigrants and it was ruled by the town that no land or homestall in the original town lots was to be sold to the newcomers. This resulted in a lot of hanky-panky. Original settlers were “giving” land and homestalls to the newcomers. Quiet deals were made. This may be how Robert Harrington came by his “gift” from Hastings.[2]

However the land was acquired, there is an unanswered question -- how did Robert Harrington, now aged 26, and with no prior documented history of family or work, come by the resources to acquire property?

Maybe this is part of the answer. Robert C. Anderson, in the Great Migration series, reports that on 4 March 1656/7, "Thomas Hastings of Watertowne ... yeoman" confirmed the approximately 1643 verbal sale to "Robert Harrington of the same place, servant," of six acres of Township Land [MLR 2:13-14].[15] If Thomas Hastings paid the passage for Robert Harrington in exchange for indentured servitude, maybe he also sold him the six acres at the end of the term.


Robert Harrington of Watertown married October 1, 1649, Susanna, daughter of John George. They had 13 children.[2]

Robert HARRINGTON, married 1 Oct 1648, Susanna, dau. of John George. [16]

On October 10, 1648[17], he married Susanna George, daughter of John George[18].

On 10 Oct 1648 Susanna married Robert Harrington in Watertown, MA. He was born abt 1616 in England and died on 17 May 1707 in Watertown, MA., with burial at Arlington St. Cemetery, Watertown. Occupation: Miller.[19]

"Robert Herington & Susan George Maryed the first of october" [1649], in Watertown, Massachusetts[20][21]

Susanna George was born ca 1631 in Wrentham, Suffolk. Susanna was baptized in Wrentham, Suffolk, on 4 Dec 1631. [19]

1652-1707 Town leadership

Harrington took the oath of fidelity in 1652, was a freeman May 27, 1663. And also became a town officer as well as mill-owner.[22] He was a selectman selectman, 1697, 1681-83, 85, and from 1691 until his death. [23]

Wife's Death

Robert’s wife, Susanna, died on July 6, 1694, in Watertown[24][25]

Will of Robert Harrington III of Watertown

Provisions of the Will of Robert Harrington of Watertown. [26]

  • Item 1: To my eldest son John: 1/2 part of the Jeremiah Dummer purchase, 1/3 part of the Samuel Saltonstall meadow purchase.
  • Item2: To son Daniel: A farm of 105 acres purchased from Lawrence Waters; also 10 acres of the Saltonstall meadow.
  • Item 3. To son Benjamin: The 55 acre farm where his dwelling now stands; also 8 acres in Sudbury purchased from Roger and Benjamin Wellington; also 4 acres of the Lawrence Waters purchase.
  • Item 4: To son Samuel: 125 acres of farmland where his dwelling now standeth, being part of the Jeremiah Dummer purchaase, also the meadow therein, being known as Brown's meadow.
  • Item 5: To son Thomas: The 58 acre farm purchased of David Church; 1/3 of the Saltonstall meadow; 20 acres of the Lawrence Waters meadow.
  • Item 6: To son Edward: My homestead of six acres with one mansion house, 2 barns, mill house, and cyder works, and orchard lands; also one plowland on Watertown Little Plain, 18 acres; also 12 acres of upland meadow purchased of Nathaniel Treadway; also 5 acres purchased of Richard Norcross; also 8 acres purchased of Captain John .Sherman; also "all moveable estate within and without."
  • Item 7: To my eldest daughter Susanna Beers, £40.
  • Item 8: To Mary Bemis, ;£40.
  • Item 9: To Sarah Winship, £40.
  • Item 10. To my grandcnild Joseph, son of my son Joseph, deceased; about six acres of meadow purchased of Phebe Barnard, which with what I have given him by deed of gift is his full share
  • Item11: To my daughter-in-iaw, Joanna Ward, late wife of my son Joseph, 5 shillings
  • Item12: To Benjamin, 5 acres of the Phebe Barnard meadow; also 12 acres of the Samuel Hide purchase
  • Executors: sons Daniel Harrington and Edward Harrington.
  • /s/ Robert Harrington.

Death and Burial

He died May 11, 1707 [1] in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He is buried in Plot 98 of the Old Burying Place, Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. [27] You can see a picture of his gravestone at FindAGrave.

Here Lyes Buried ye Body of Robert HARRINGTON Aged 91 Years Died May ye 11th 1707[28]
Here Lyeth Buried ye Body of Susanna HERRINGTON ye Wife of Robert HERRINGTON, Aged 63 Years Dec'd July ye 6 1694"[28]

Robert Harrington’s inventory (in will) mentions 16 lots of land (642.5 acres) appraised at 717 lbs. He had purchased the Oldham Farm for 90 lbs (250 acres.) Some of his descendants still lived there at the time of Bond’s book writing, ca. 1859.[2]

Buried in The Old Burying Ground (Arlington Street Cemetery) Watertown MA:[2]

1649-1673 Children

They lived in Watertown, Massachusetts, and had 13 children[29][30][31][32]: Susanna, John, Robert, George, Daniel, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary, Thomas, Samuel, Edward, Sarah, and David.

Their issue were thirteen in number[28]

  1. Susanna, born Aug 18, 1649, who was thrice mar.;[33]
  2. John, of Lexington, born August 24, 1651, who was the father of twelve children; [33] He died Waltham August 17, 1741, age 90. [2] He married Hannah Winter Nov 17, 1681. Hannah was born in Cambridge Farms April 10, 1665. Cambridge Farms was that part of Cambridge which later became Lexington. She died July 17, 1741 in that part of Watertown that became Waltham, age 78. [2] John Harrington is mentioned in the will of Hannah Winter’s father, as guardian of Hannah’s sister Mary and receiver of their shares of John Winter’s estate. John Winter still lived at Cambridge Farms when he died.[2] John and Hannah Harrington had Lydia Harrington, born March 2, 1690, 4th child of 12. (last 2 were twins)..Lydia married John Cutter, son of William and Rebecca (Rolfe) Cutter. [2]
  3. Robert, b. Aug 31, 1653, d. young; [33]
  4. George, b. Nov 24, 1655, killed by the Indians Feb 1676; [33]
  5. Daniel, b. Nov 1, 1657, who left six children; [33]
  6. Joseph, b. Dec 28, 1659; [33]
  7. Benjamin, b. Jan 26, 1661;
  8. Mary, b. Jan 12, 1664, who bore fourteen children;
  9. Thomas, b. April 20, 1665;
  10. Samuel, b. Dec 18, 1666;
  11. Edward, b. Mar 2 1669, who left nine children;
  12. Sarah, b. May 10, 1671;
  13. David, b. June 1 1673, d. young.


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Also see:

  • Due to the many discrepancies I was finding on the web regarding the Harrington family, I contacted the Historical Society of Watertown and hired their genealogist to research the Harrington family for me. The following "story" is her final report, based on the references she listed at the bottom. She has also included some information on the Reverend John Younges family since Younges married the widow of Robert Harrington I. [2]
  • Source: PW 3: Weis, Frederick Lewis, Th.D., Early Generations of the Family of Robert Harrington of Watertown, Massachusetts 1634 and Some of His Descendants (Worcester, Massachusetts: Privately Printed 1958)(Available at
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See Sources - RWK ( for other sources.

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