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Caroline Bull Grannis used to say, "There is a special place in hell for people who don't write on the back of pictures."

Robert Keith Hathaway 1986
Robert F. Hathaway
Hathaway Point
Robert K. Hathaway
Kaylan J. Hathaway & Jarrit K. Hathaway
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badge-image Keith Hathaway is a Military Veteran
   Served in the Vermont Army National Guard from 1986 to 1992 as a 91A Medic.
2nd Service 2007 to 2012


Robert or Keith?

Either works for me. Since my father and grandfather were also named Robert, I was called Keith growing up. The Army called me "Hathaway, Robert K. 8015" and in my daily life I am called by my last name. i do not take offense to any version of my name and am happy to respond.

Wawizid Migakawinno Sabagwilhaid

Abenaki for "Robert Keith Hathaway of Hathaway Point".

Wawizid Migakawinno, pronounced "wah-we-zeet me-gah-kah-we-know", is the name given by the Abenaki Nation to Robert Keith Hathaway on May 20, 2016. Some translations include "Disciplined Warrior", "Practiced Master of Fighting", and "Learned Instructor of Battle". The name was chosen and awarded by Brent Reader with the authority and support of the Abenaki Tribal Council and Chief Moose Lampman.

Sabagwilha, pronounced "saw-buh-gwee-luh", is the Abenaki name for Hathaway Point. It's meaning is "Sea Duck". Adding "aid" or "id" on the end indicates that one lives at, is at, or is from the place noted. The suffix is pronounced "eat". Sabagwilhaid "saw-buh-gwee-luh-eat" is one who is from Sea Duck / Hathaway Point.

Current WikiTree Projects I'm Working On

November 6, 2015 Today I'm helping FaceBook friends to learn about their genealogy.

Founding Fathers of St Albans Vermont is a freespace page that ties together the history of St. Albans with the genealogy of the founding families. The goals are to show relationships between the founders in their ancestry and descendants, to prove that over 50% of the founding fathers were Revolutionary War Patriots, to provide a source for descendants of founders to learn about their ancestors as well as a repository to share information, and to connect any descendants of long-time St. Albans families to their ancestry.

The Hathaways of Hathaway Point is a freespace page that records the genealogy of my family that have lived on the property called "Hathaway Point".

I was mentioned in the WikiTree Newsletters for February 2015, March 2015, April 2015, May 2015, and June 2015.

I've been heading up the Weekend Chat on the G2G forum. Chats can still be viewed and added to... please respond with an "answer" if motivated and don't forget to up-vote the Chat post itself! Add the G2G Tag: Weekend_Chat to your list of followed tags to receive notification of future posts.

As an Integrator I help link information from G2G posts to proflies. I monitor and help maintain all G2G activity. This includes re-categorizing and re-tagging posts, editing posts for content and clarity, and monitoring for appropriateness, as well as responding to questions.

As Project Leader of the Integrators Project, I have been working diligently to bring the project to the next level. One of our newest Integrator pages is called G2G Tag-Talk.

I attended the Global Family Reunion in New York with my wife and sons and had a fantastic time helping people at the WikiTree tent. I met lots of current members and helped encourage many more to become members. We participated in the world's largest family reunion photo holding signs up that said "I am a cousin". Video recordings of the live-feed from the WikiTree tent can be viewed on YouTube: WikiTree at the Global Family Reunion and Be a Part of the Global Family Reunion - Live!

Earliest Years 1-4

My mother was a college student who went to the beach in California one day by herself to tan and study. My father was a sailor in the navy who's submarine docked nearby for leave. They met on the beach and struck it off famously. He shipped out soon after but they maintained contact by sending letters. About 6 months later he sent her a package from the far east. She opened it to find a puzzle box that had been hand-made in Japan. Constructed of the finest woods, intricately detailed and carved, one had to make 27 correct movements in the right order to open it... such as turning the side panel a tiny bit clock-wise which would allow the bottom panel to slide forward a fraction of an inch, etc. She smashed it with a hammer. Inside she found a perfect little diamond mounted on an elegant, simple setting. She responded with a yes, but insisted that they set the wedding date for after her birthday so that she would be 21 years old. Her birthday was the 5th of November; they wed on the 9th. My father finished his service with the Navy, and they resided in Seattle Washington where my mother was raised.

The next September I was born in Seattle, King County, Washington, United States of America. We lived there for two years. I was told that I have dined in the top of the Space Needle built there during the World's Fair.

When I was two, my sister Lisa was born. About a year later, we moved to Apalachin, New York and stayed for about a year. I know very little about Apalachin. I was told it had a population of less than 500. I would like to find out more.

My father, mother, sister, and I moved to Hathaway Point in St. Albans by the time I was four and my sister was two... about 1972.

Growing Up 5-15

I grew up on Hathaway Point. Generations ago it was farmed by my grandfathers, but now it is primarily in the business of leasing land. It's been in our family for 230 years, since before Vermont was a state. There are over 70 houses and camps located on the farm now, most on small lots along the 1.7 miles of shoreline. My father manages the leases and oversees the business of the tenants.

in the summer there are lots of people walking up and down the road looking at the lake views. Campers come and go, holding bar-b-qs and washing their boats. We are always around to help them with the water pumps in their camps, flat tires, or anything else they might need a hand with. We also maintain the dirt roads, fields, and wooded areas. There is never a shortage of things to do.

Many of the summer residents would have their children and grandchildren visit so there was always enough kids around to play kick-the-can or capture-the-flag. It is a very friendly, safe, and naturally beautiful place. My mother likes to say we live inside the painting because so many artists render images of the Point.

In the winter there is almost nobody around within a mile aside from our family. The only reason the town plow pushes snow off our private road is so that they have a place to turn the school bus around. The only vehicles that pass are driven by people I am related to or know. It's very quiet. In the spring and fall we use the paved road for games.

I attended the St. Albans Bay Elementary School (renamed the James P. Callagan Memorial School, now owned by Project Soar). When in the cubscouts I purchased an official scout eating tool with a fold-out fork, spoon, and knife. I was so excited that I brought it to school with me to show my fellow troops. Of course it was confiscated by a teacher who noticed the blade. She promised I would get it back at the end of the day. When the day was over she could not find it. I was distraught, and was brought to see the principal Mr. Callagan. He was incredibly nice, genuinely sorry for the loss of my prized possession, and wrote me a personal check with which to purchase a new one. He was an incredible man who is missed by many.

My middle school was called St. Albans Town Central School, which is now named the St. Albans Town Educational Center or S.A.T.E.C. (said as saytec). The building has been much improved and expanded upon since I attended as a student, and now my wife works there part time in the pre-school as a para-educator and my youngest son attends as a 7th grader.

Somewhere in there I took 4 years of archery lessons at Pelkey's Archery, went to summer camp at Camp Missisquoi at least four times, and took piano lessons for several years from Mr. Evans the music teacher. I watched TV, climbed trees, caught frogs, swam, boated, and enjoyed the outdoors. I owned an Atari. Our first home computer was an ADAM with a tape cassette drive. I had a paper route for years, delivering to about 35 families on the Point.

My first regular job was underage working in the bottle room at Gerri's Country Cupboard (which we always called the Bay Store). It paid $1.50 an hour. The way it usually worked out was: I would ride my bike the 3 miles to the store, work for two hours, buy a sandwich to eat and a drink during my 15 minute break, work two more hours, and ride my bike home broke.

At age 15 I had a great job installing vinyl siding on houses, working for a man I only know as Dante. He did not need a helper but wanted company so he hired me. The pay was well above minimum wage at the time and the perks were super. He used to pick me up in the morning and drop me off when done. He paid cash. When it was too rainy we did not work, but also when it was too nice out he would give me the day off and pay me anyway. One time we did not work at all but instead went to his rich friend's house and we went flying in a sea-plane all day. I took pictures as we flew and banked over my house and got paid for it. Dante taught me everything about installing siding, including invaluable ladder and hammer tricks. I hope he is still doing well.

High School

I went to Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans. My grades were terrible, I was disruptive, and did not conform well. I partied daily and broke the law regularly. Eventually i was expelled. Soon after expulsion I took my G.E.D. test and passed in the 97th percentile. Several years later I attended one semester at Missisquoi Valley Union High, then went back and completed my final semester at B.F.A. without incident.

Entering the Army National Guard at 18

I took the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery twice, scoring in the 89th percentile then in the 92nd percentile. My A.F.Q.T. score was 129.

i enlisted in the Vermont Army National Guard and was sent to Fort Jackson South Carolina in August of 1986. The heat and humidity were extreme for a Vermont boy, but I thrived in the structured environment. They buzzed my shoulder length hair the third day we were there, taking it right down to 1/16 of an inch on top and nothing on the sides. I now wear it longer than that but sport what is still considered a short army-legal cut. The Army taught me many things that have stuck with me for life. i valued my time in boot camp and look back at those memories with fondness. It was brutally hard and I loved it.

In 1987 I was sent to train as a front-line medic at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. In just shy of 5 months they taught us what we needed to know to do our job. Our instructors liked to run so we alternated 5 and 7 miles every morning. When i got back home to Vermont I could (and did) run from town to town sometimes just for fun. The Army had a way of making one feel like Superman. We combat-medics felt as if we could fight and heal. It was a very patriotic time for me in my life.

Champlain College in 1991

I attended Champlain College in Burlington Vermont in 1991, residing in the Rowell building on Summit Street. I studied computer programming for one year. I was the only student there who was a totally self-supporting independent so when the school dorms closed for holiday breaks I was temporarily homeless until classes started again. When the school closed down for the summer I rented an apartment and never returned.

Bouncing 1991-1999

in the fall of 1991 when I first got to Burlington for college I applied for a position posted in the newspaper looking for bouncers (security) for a nightclub called Bambino's. I sent in my application and was called in for an interview along with dozens of others. After speaking to each, they hired two of us. My regular station was the main door to the nightclub where I would check IDs, collect cover-charges, and remove undesirable patrons. I protected people who were out to have fun from the ruffians and hooligans.

I generally don't bore with war-stories, but to give a basic idea I will say that I have had a hole poked in me with a knife, I've taken guns from people pointing them at me, saved police officers who were being beaten, given first medical attention to wounded people (one who later got over 90 stitches), and I've choked well over 100 people to unconsciousness.

For over 8 years I worked six or seven nights a week bouncing at Bambino's, Sha Na Na's, Nectar's, Club Metronome, Champions, 3-Needs, and other hot-spots in Burlington and nearby.

While working in the spotlight I met a lot of people who wanted self-defense training. I started teaching groups of bouncers in the clubs during daylight hours and giving private lessons to people at their homes.

First Martial Arts School in Burlington 1995

The first martial-arts school I opened was in a rented space on Main Street in Burlington. The basement level cafeteria of the Edmonds Elementary School was mine to use for 2 hours 3 nights a week. I advertised to and taught mostly students from Champlain College just blocks away. After classes each night I went in to work at the bars.

Hathaway's TaeKwon-Do in Essex Junction est 1996

With the guidance and assistance of Master Richard Dion, I opened Hathaway's TaeKwon-Do in Essex Juntion. The space was a small gym in the First Congregational Church, rented for 2 hours two nights a week. Most times I rode the bus from my residence in Burlington to teach in Essex.

The first student was 4 year old Jordan Gray who was soon joined by Ethan Harlow. They both later went on to great success in martial arts, achieving their Jr. 3rd Dans, and in life. Jordan went on to wrestle on a scholarship from Stanford University and was nationally ranked. Ethan played soccer at a high level, representing Vermont, New England, and National teams. Both did very well in school and are perfect citizens. My son Kaylan's middle name Jordan was chosen to remember Mr. Gray (his BlackBelt name).

At this location the school grew to about 25 regular members.

Married Genevieve Chesna Grannis 1997

When I met Genevieve Grannis in 1997 I was a full time bouncer with a small martial-arts school and was teaching private lessons on the side. Gen had just graduated from Johnson State College with a 4 year business degree and was waitressing at Trader Duke's. Coincidentally we both had the same night off and ended up going out with friends, a rarity for both of us at the time.

We met at Sha Na Na's, one of the bars I often worked at, and danced for hours. We went to an after-hour party together and never parted. A week later we were engaged and on our way to get married, but her mother Viki pleaded for some time to make proper arrangements so we postponed it a month.

5 weeks after meeting we were married at the First Congregational Church in Essex Junction (the same church where I taught classes in the gym). All of our students were in attendance. Jordan Gray was the ring-bearer. All of the ushers were bouncers and the bride's maids waitresses. Gen's father Timothy Grannis made us custom wedding bands of our design, which went on to be duplicated for many others over the years. Timothy is a jeweler who owned Grannis Galleries in Burlington, then later Alchemy Jewelry.

For our honeymoon we used the cash gifts from our wedding guests to purchase camping equipment including a Coleman stove (so that Gen could have her coffee). We loaded up in her Jeep Wrangler and headed south with no plans other than to see the sun and ocean. When we reached the outer banks of North Carolina that was it. We spent at least a week camping on the beaches, visiting all-you-can-eat crab buffets, and playing mini-golf.

When we met we each had room-mates, but by the time we were married we were moved in with her mother Viki in Essex Junction. The building is now known as the 1820 Coffee House and is marked as an historical landmark. Viki is a successful educator in the public school system. She has been the principal for several schools and is highly respected and known in the field. She is also a very sweet and caring woman.

A few months later we struck a deal with my generous father and moved to Hathaway Point. Our home is what was known as the tenant house for the farm. It sits on one defined acre and borders hundreds of acres of family land. We mow about two and a half acres for our lawn. A farmer from up the road leases the fields right behind our back yard and plants alfalfa. When the wind is blowing it looks like a turbulent ocean of green.

When our first son was born in 2000 we needed to cut down our time spent on traveling the dangerous roads. Gen's mother had just moved to a new home on Old Stage Road in Essex Juntion, much closer to the phone company where Gen worked and to the school where I worked. We stayed with her for over a year before returning to Hathaway Point in 2002.

As of our upcoming anniversary in 2015, Genevieve and I will have been married for 18 years. We have two healthy, happy sons ages 12 and 14 who live with us in St. Albans.

Full Time as Business Owners in 1998

By 1998 our student base had outgrown our location. We decided to rent a full time space on Central Street and become real business owners. We started out paying just $500 a month to McLure Moving & Storage (owned by Peder Marcouson) for a 950 square foot section of his building. The band Phish had rented it just before us to store their musical equipment. When the movie Me Myself & Irene was filmed they included shots of the front of our school. At this location the student base grew to about 55.

We rented a larger space from Charlie Petrie on Main Street. It was in what was called the A&P Shopping Center. Over the years Charlie allowed me to expand until we occupied about 3000 square feet. He was a good man and allowed me to enter a half-million dollar deal with a handshake.

Our student base increased to over 150 active participating members.

Over the years the building was sold several times and our school was moved twice to different locations within the shopping plaza. The rent constantly increased until we were forced to move the business.

Hathaway's TaeKwon-Do is now located on Lincoln Avenue. The building is perfect and the rent is reasonable. The owners never miss a beat and are pleasant to deal with. It is finally a perfect fit. The school is positioned to remain functioning for many years to come.

The Year 2000

I became a father with the birth of my son Kaylan. He was a perfect baby. For the first year and a half of his life he slept on my chest.

I was promoted to 4th degree BlackBelt, and won my first tournament grandchampionship. Karen Gray notified the local paper and they were kind enough to print an article about "Master Hathaway".

The Year 2002

Gen worked full time at the phone company and was gone from 6 AM until after 7 PM daily. I brought Kaylan to work with me every day at the school. He had a nursery in my office and often played while I taught.

My second son Jarrit arrived in late August of 2002. He weighed the exact same 9 lbs 13 oz as his brother did. He looked identical. He behaved entirely different. He liked to choose his own schedule for sleeping and was picky about his food. He was also a super baby and we love him dearly.

September 27th was a tournament. I defended my grandchampion title at Yordan's Fall Open Martial Arts Championships for the second time.

September 29th I broke my leg. Two days after the tournament I was participating in a class led by my good friend Master Phillip Snyder. I did a flying kick on the provided targets. When I landed wrong my leg went in half the wrong way and a thunderous "SNAP" sound popped everyone's eyes open wide. I knew it was broken and did not want it bent so I quickly yanked it straight with my hands. That hurt. I was in shock but hopped in a car with a friend who drove me to the hospital.

The Doctor who spoke to me did not physically examine or touch my leg, and told me that she knew from the sound I described that I broke my ACL. She said it was fine to put weight on it and to go about my life, and in the future I could get it fixed if I wished. I went about my life.

8 weeks later I was still teaching classes with a knee the size of a football. I was glassy eyed all of the time and sweating bullets (I'm not big on pain killers). One day while I was teaching class with my youngest in a Snuggy on my Chest and a toddler swinging from my belt cooing, I couldn't take it anymore.

I went to Dr. Joe Haddok who immediately rushed me for an MRI and X-rays. Turns out my femur had smashed into my tibia, cracking one and breaking the other. The ACL was also gone. The cartilage was shredded. I went to surgeon Dr. Slaughterbeck who performed surgery including stitching all of the miniscus and building me a new ACL using a portion of my petellar-tendon. The scheduled 2 hour surgery took 4 and a half.

After many months of rehab and crawling up the stairs on my back, it healed. Now it is even better than my other leg. Dr. Slaughterbeck had asked what kind of result I was looking for and willing to work towards, to which I had said, "100%, I need my legs to do my job." He delivered in full. Thanks Doc.

It was a tough year but we made it through.

Round Two in the Vermont Army National Guard at 39

I enlisted again for a second round with the Army Guard in the spring of 2007. I served as a medic during drills and trainings, attached to a scout unit in the 10th Mountain Division. I exited the service in 2011.

Hathaway's Karate Academy est 2013

In 2013 we acquired a martial arts school in St. Albans from Master John Bilodeau. It was previously owned by Master Phillip Snyder, before that Master Richard Dion, and before that by Mr. Grenier. I opened it under the name of Hathaway's Karate Academy. It was located on Main Street for about a year, then we moved classes to Hathaway Point.

Most of the time we hold sessions outside. We also have two rooms of the house outfitted with matted floors designated as the dojo, complete with flags and equipment.

Currently in 2015

We still live on Hathaway Point, next door to my Aunt Jane and down the road from my parents.

I am a full time martial-artist teaching kids and adults six days a week for going on 20 years. We practice Karate, Taekwon-do, Jiu-jitsu, boxing, Chin-na, and other disciplines of self-defense. I have blackbelt ranks in different arts and associations, the highest of which is a 7th degree (or Dan). We still run both schools. We have a website for Hathaway's TaeKwon-Do and a YouTube Channel with over 100 videos.

Discovering WikiTree was one of my light-bulb moments and a turning point in our family understanding of our genealogy. Now I enjoy solving genealogy puzzles and helping others in a variety of ways. I'm a firm believer in WikiTree and a supporter those who are running it. I am making contributions in every way I am able, while I'm able.

I fish, ice-fish, and hunt fish with a spear. We enjoy northern-pike, perch, bass, and walleye. We watch NetFlix, plax ping-pong, and have a 4-wheeler. We have a 21 foot fishing boat with a cabin that we will put some nautical miles on this summer.

Relatives on Wikitree

I have found too many relations here on WikiTree to list all of them, and I find another every day. Below are listed some of my closest relations who are members here:

Genevieve Hathaway is my wife & 8th cousin. I invited her to WikiTree.

Lisa Pino is my sister. I invited her to WikiTree.

Paul Hathaway is my brother. I invited him to WikiTree.

Parker Young is my 1st cousin's son. I invited him to WikiTree.

Rebecca Grannis is my sister-in-law. I invited her to WikiTree.

Viki Graf is my mother-in-law. I invited her to WikiTree.

Andrea Almquist is my 3rd cousin. We met through WikiTree.

Ryan Marshall is my 1/2 1st cousin's son. We met through WikiTree.

Kim Stuart is my 3rd cousin. We met through WikiTree.


The Hathaways of Vermont fought in the Revolutionary War as Green Mountain Boys and played major rolls in the formation of Vermont as well as the development of many cities and towns in the state. My 4th great-grandfather Silas Hathaway, his father, and his 6 brothers were Patriots. Silas was known as Baron Hathaway and dubbed "The Mogul of St. Albans" due to the large tracts of land he possessed. He was also Judge Hathaway, and Judge Sil to some. His father Simeon Hathaway was on the Board of War.

Listen to the Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys on YouTube. This is one of the most popular Revolutionary War songs of all time.

My ancestors who were known to have fought in the Revolutionary War as Patriots include Silas Hathaway, Simeon Hathaway, Reuben Tullar x 2, Daniel Meigs, Cornelius Smith, Benjamin Babcock, William Bell, Roger Hibbard, Jedediah Hibbard, Mitchell Baskins, Cornelius Atkinson, Thomas Jewett, Samuel Todd, Jacob Hyde, Samuel Robinson, Thomas Hazen, Nathaniel Martin, John Taplin, Robert Lovewell, Nehemiah Lovewell, Timothy Brownson, Joseph Safford, Jacob Scagel, Abner Bickford, Joseph Corliss, and Lemuel Whitman.

My ancestors who were known to have fought in the United States Civil War were Martin Corliss and Josiah Easton.

My known ancestors who were passengers on the Mayflower are George Soule and Thomas Rogers.

Notable Relatives

President Calvin Coolidge - 8th Cousin to my father

President Chester A. Arthur - 4th Cousin 6xr

Public Records

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"Vermont, Vital Records, 1760-2003," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 December 2014), Robert Keith Hathaway and Genevieve Chesna Grannis, Marriage, 03 May 1997, Essex Junction, Chittenden, Vermont, United States; derived from Vermont birth, marriage, and death indexes and images, 1909-2008, ( : 2010); citing Vital Records Office, Vermont Department of Health, Burlington; New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston.

"Vermont, Vital Records, 1760-2003," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 December 2014), Robert Keith Hathaway in entry for Kaylan Jordan Hathaway, Birth, 26 Jul 2000, Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, United States; derived from Vermont birth, marriage, and death indexes and images, 1909-2008, ( : 2010); citing Vital Records Office, Vermont Department of Health, Burlington; New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston.

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"United States Public Records, 1970-2009," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 December 2014), Robert K Hathaway, Residence, Swanton, Vermont, United States; a third party aggregator of publicly available information.

"United States Public Records, 1970-2009," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 December 2014), Robert K Hathaway, Residence, Essex Junction, Vermont, United States; a third party aggregator of publicly available information.

"United States Public Records, 1970-2009," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 9 January 2015), K Hathaway, Residence, Saint Albans, Vermont, United States; a third party aggregator of publicly available information.

unkown Frances living at my home (faulty record) "United States Public Records, 1970-2009," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 20 January 2015), Francis Hathaway, Residence, Saint Albans, Vermont, United States; a third party aggregator of publicly available information.


In the event of my demise, please turn all of my profiles over to my closest WikiTree relative who is willing to manage them, or to any Leader if that is not possible. Please make all of my profiles as open as possible and appropriate including my own. Thank you, and God bless. - Robert Keith Hathaway

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Queen Elizabeth II Keith is 20 degrees from Kevin Bacon, 20 degrees from Lucrezia Borgia, 21 degrees from Emma MacBeath, 22 degrees from Charles Schulz and 21 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II Windsor on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.

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