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Join us in our 2020 photo sharing challenge! Each week there is a new theme to inspire us to share an old family photo.

You can join us any week of the year. Anyone who participates gets the 2020 "52 PHOTOS" badge. There are special achievement badges for those who meet challenge milestones.

To participate:

  1. Reply to this week's 52_photos G2G post, and
  2. Add your photo to the collection.

Below are more details. You might also be interested in the 52 Ancestors sister challenge.

52 Ancestors and 52 Photos sharing challenge badges.


First: Reply to this Week's G2G Post

Every week we post a theme in G2G (Genealogist-to-Genealogist) forum, such as "New". The themes are usually open-ended prompts that can be interpreted in different ways. For example, for "New" members posted photos of new babies, newly-married couples, new cars and houses, etc.

Click here to see this week's post and previous posts. To see future posts, follow the tag 52_photos.

To reply to a post, click the "answer" link below it.

How can you include a photo in your post?

If you would like to include the photo in your G2G post:

  1. Copy the URL of your image. On the image details page (what you see after uploading it a WikiTree profile, or if you click on the photo from a profile) right-click on the photo and select "copy image address."
  2. In the editing toolbar of your G2G answer select the icon that looks like a mountain landscape picture. Right-click and paste the image URL in the URL field. All other fields in the form, e.g. to change the display size or alignment, are optional.

You don't need to include the photo in your post. You can just add it to the free-space profile for the week. See the next section.

Is this your first week participating? Or your 52nd?

In your G2G reply you may want to mention how long you have been participating.

If it's your first week and you plan to keep participating, say so and we will award you the participation badge. If it's your 13th, 26th, or 52nd consecutive week, let us know and we will award you the achievement badge.

Second: Add Your Photo to this Week's Collection

Every week's G2G post is linked to a free-space page where we collect the photos in a gallery.

If your photo is not already on WikiTree you can add it to the page by clicking the "Images" tab and then the upload link.

If your photo is already attached to a profile:

  1. Go to the image details page that appears after you upload the image or when you click on an image from a profile page.
  2. Scroll down to the "Edit Image Details" section where it says "Add person or free-space profile:".
  3. Enter the name of the free-space page, e.g. "Space:52_Photos_Week_1_New".
  4. Scroll down and click "Save Changes".

What if it's not your photo?

Most members share photos from their own collection or photos that were uploaded to WikiTree by a close family member.

If someone else uploaded the photo to WikiTree, be sure they don't mind seeing it shared. Never upload a photo to WikiTree if it is copyrighted by someone else.

More Ways to Participate


Sharing a photo on Facebook is a great way to involve more family members.

Be sure to include #52photos and #wikitree. [More instructions and links to come.]

Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks

Can you think of a way to use Instagram or another social network for this challenge? If you do, let us know how you do it and we will add instructions here so that others can follow your lead.


Some WikiTreers with blogs will be using their blogs for this.

If you write a blog post, be sure to include a link to it in your reply on G2G so we can all read it.

Put the Sticker on your profile

There is a "Sticker" that participants can add to their WikiTree profile. See Template:52_Photos.

Achievement Badges

Anyone who participates gets the 2019 "52 PHOTOS" badge. There are also three challenge milestone badges for the most active participants:

Can you earn badges if you don't start in January?

Yes. You do not need to start in January to earn any of the badges, even the 52 in 52 badge.

The only requirement for the achievement badges is that you participate in 13, 26, or 52 consecutive weeks. It doesn't matter when you start. If we continue the challenge in 2020 you can continue participating with us until you reach the milestone.

What if you are late to post?

You can post a reply to a week's theme at any time. You can go back and post on weeks that you missed at any time during the year.

However, in order for it to count as one of your consecutive weeks of participation, you should post your reply within 14 days of the original post date.

What if you don't have a photo for a theme?

The photo themes are intended to be open-ended and inclusive. You can interpret the theme however you like. Be as creative as you need to be in order to participate.

History of the Challenge

2020 Archive

2019 Archive

52 Ancestors

The 52 Photos sharing challenge runs parallel to the 52 Ancestors profile sharing challenge.

The 52 Ancestors challenge was brought to WikiTree by Robynne Lozier in 2018. Robynne was inspired by the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge that blogger that Amy Johnson Crow has been operating for a few years.

Family History Photo of the Week

The 52 Photos challenge replaces the old Photo of the Week Project. See Eowyn's post in G2G for the story.

We will still be featuring one photo every week, as we have since 2013. (See our archive here.) The featured photo may sometimes come from the shared photo collection from the previous week's 52 Photos challenge.

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