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Join us in our 2021 profile accuracy challenge. Each week we review and improve one profile.

Every week we post a theme, such as "First". The themes help you choose the profile to review and improve. They are open-ended prompts that can usually be interpreted in different ways. For example, "First" could be a first-born child, an immigrant ancestor, the first to go to college, etc.

Check out this week's post in our G2G (Genealogist-to-Genealogist) forum and follow the tag to see future posts: 52_accuracy.


How to Participate

Anyone can participate, any week!

Simply choose a profile (an ancestor, relative, or any profile on our great big tree) and review its accuracy. Improve it if possible.

Ideally, every profile will be "genealogically defined" with:

  • At least one primary source to support the person's basic data (name, dates, locations).
  • At least one primary source to support each of the person's relationships (parents and each spouse and child).

When you're done, reply to this week's G2G post to let us know which profile you improved. What you write is entirely up to you, but please do include a link to the profile. You can also include why you chose the person or something about them, what you did to improve their profile, or anything else you want to share.

How do you link to the profile in your reply?

To create a link:

  1. Copy the URL for the profile. You can get by clicking the "URL" icon next to the person's name on their profile, or from the address bar in your web browser.
  2. Paste the URL in your G2G post using the icon that looks like a chain link.

If you want to illustrate your post, see the instructions for including a photo in a G2G message on the 52 Photos page.

Make It a Challenge

We encourage all members to participate in any week.

We also encourage interested members to participate in 52 Weeks of Accuracy as a challenge! How many consecutive weeks can you post?

Anyone who participates this year gets the 2021 badge:


There are also three challenge milestone badges for the most active participants.

Thirteen profiles reviewed and improved in 13 consecutive weeks:


Twenty-six profiles reviewed and improved in 26 consecutive weeks:


Fifty-two profiles reviewed and improved in 52 consecutive weeks:


Click on the badge to see who has earned it.

How do you put the Profile Sticker on your profile?

There is a "Sticker" that participants can add to their WikiTree profile.

Coming soon ...

Can you earn badges if you don't start in January?

Yes. You do not need to start in January to earn any of the badges, even the 52 in 52 badge.

The only requirement for the achievement badges is that you participate in 13, 26, or 52 consecutive weeks. It doesn't matter when you start. You can have even started in 2018 and continue into 2020.

What if you are late to post?

You can post a reply to a week's theme at any time. You can go back and post on weeks that you missed at any time during the year.

However, in order for it to count as one of your consecutive weeks of participation, you should post your reply within 14 days of the original post date.

What if you don't have a relative that fits the theme?

The themes are intended to be open-ended and inclusive. You can interpret it as creatively as you like in order to participate.

The profile that you choose does not need to be a close family member or ancestor, and you don't need to be the profile manager. You can choose any profile on WikiTree as long as it is Public or Open.

More Ways to Participate


Sharing a link to a profile on Facebook is a great way to involve more family members.

Be sure to include #52weeksofaccuracy and #wikitree.


If you are on Twitter, you can either post a link to your blog, your post on G2G or the link to the WikiTree profile you are mentioning.

You also want to make sure you include these hashtags: #52weeksofaccuracy #WikiTree #genealogy - also feel free to mention us in your Tweet with @WikiTreers!


If you write a blog post, be sure to include a link to it in your reply on G2G so we can all read it.

52 Weeks of Photos

Check out the 52 Weeks of Photos sister challenge where we share family photos.

History of the Challenge

52 Ancestors

The 52 Weeks of Accuracy challenge is a variation of the 52 Ancestors challenge, led by blogger Amy Johnson Crow. WikiTreer Robynne Lozier brought the challenge to our community in 2018. See Help:52 Ancestors for our 2019 and 2020 challenge archives.

2021 Archive

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