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There is a basic API available for any WikiTree member who wishes to contribute to the community via their coding skills. It supports queries for various data elements contained in WikiTree profiles. You can view the API documentation on GitHub.

If you have any questions, please add yourself to the WikiTree Apps Google Group and ask there. Thanks!


How to Access the WikiTree API

The WikiTree API can be accessed via HTTP calls to port 80. Calls should be made to

This isn't a full-featured public API. The API is read-only. To see what functions it supports visit the API documentation on GitHub.

To have a directory on the apps server created for you — whether you want to upload a real application or just experiment — join the WikiTree Apps Project.

If you don't know where to begin, email <> and the community will help you.

Data on Apps Server

The API calls data from WikiTree's apps server. This ensures that apps can't interfere with the normal operation of WikiTree.

The Apps data should be essentially concurrent with the live data. It uses a read-only replicating copy of the primary WikiTree database. There are times when heavy changes are made to the live server that the Apps copy falls behind for a short time (it's a less capable machine), but it is usually within seconds or less of being fully up-to-date with the live data.


The WikiTree API extends the existing Trusted List security model of the WikiTree website. Information returned by the API will be limited to only what is available to the currently logged-in user.

Any WikiTree member can log in to an app running on unless you hide your application.

Examples & Resources

Examples of the API functions in use are available at:

See also:

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