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Here is how to add family members on WikiTree. Add unrelated people here.


Adding Family by Creating New Profiles

Adding new profiles for family members is done step-by-step. That is, you add a parent, sibling, spouse, or child from your profile. Then you can add a parent, sibling, spouse, or child from their profile. And so on.

For example, to add your paternal grandfather, first add your father. Click the "[father?]" link from your profile or your family tree page. After creating your father's profile, create your grandfather's profile by clicking the "[father?]" link from your father's profile or tree page.

To add a family member to someone other than yourself, start at your Watchlist. This brings you to a list of all the profiles you have already created.

For trickier relationships, see the help pages on adoptions and multiple parents and multiple marriages.

Adding Family by Connecting Existing Profiles

If a profile of your family member already exists on WikiTree ... great! :-)

Don't create a duplicate. WikiTree is all about collaboration. We are creating a single family tree with one profile for every person. Duplicate profiles defeat the purpose of WikiTree. (If you accidentally create a duplicate, merge them.)

To edit the relationships of an existing profile you will need to be on the profile's Trusted List unless it's Open.

You will see a form to send a Trusted List request on the profile. In your request, be sure to let the Profile Manager know your relationship. For example, you might say "[This profile] is my great-grandfather, through his son John."

Once you're on the Trusted List you can add the profile as a family member using their WikiTree ID. You enter this at the top of the form for adding a family member. For more details on connecting existing profiles, see Editing Family Relationships.

If the Profile Manager doesn't respond, see Unresponsive Profile Managers.

Adding Living Family Members

If a family member is living and has an email address, include their email address when you create or edit their profile.

This will invite them to join WikiTree and become the manager of their own profile. They will have a Family Member account.

You will be invited to include a comment on the invitation and to add them to the Trusted Lists of family members' profiles.

Removing and Changing Family Members

See Help:Editing Family Relationships.

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