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Here's how to add links to WikiTree pages and profiles.


Links to Other Websites

You can easily add links to the body of any page or biography.

Link to a website, page, blog, video, or photo anywhere on the Internet like this:

[ here's a link to a YouTube video]

The link will appear like this: here's a link to a YouTube video.

As you can see above, you simply enclose the URL in a single set of [brackets].

If you include a space after the URL and then text, e.g. "here's a link to a YouTube video", that becomes the "anchor text" in link.

Please do not use URL shorteners such as Bitly or TinyURL.

See Help:Links to External Sites and Services for more information.

Links to Other Profiles

To link to another profile simply enclose the WikiTree ID inside a double set of brackets like this:

[[Franklin-1|Ben Franklin]]

If you include a vertical "pipe" (the pipe is above the backslash on most keyboards) the text after it becomes the anchor text for the link, e.g. Ben Franklin. (You can use just the WikiTree ID, e.g. [[Franklin-1]] but you cannot use just the name, e.g., [[Ben Franklin]].)

There is a shortcut for copying-and-pasting links to profiles: Windows users can click Link at the top of a profile or in a profile preview and then use Ctrl+V or right-click to paste it.

Links to Free-Space Profiles

It's just as easy to link to Free-Space Profiles about the important pets, places, events, and other things in your family history.

Simply enclose the WikiTree ID (prefixed with "Space:") inside a double set of brackets like this:

[[Space:Edward D. Whitten's Model Ships|Edward's Model Ships]]

If you include a pipe the text after it will become the anchor text for the link, like this Edward's Model Ships.

Advanced tip: If you haven't already created the page, the link will appear red and you can click on it to create it.

Links to Categories

Linking to a WikiTree category requires a colon at the start of the tag, like this:

Check out the [[:Category:World War II|World War II category]]

Otherwise you'll be categorizing the profile in the World War II category instead of linking to the category page.

Links to the Relationship Finder

You can link to find the family relationship between any two profiles like this:

[ Click here to see the relationship] between [[Pierce-4|First Lady Barbara (Pierce) Bush]] and [[Pierce-177|President Franklin Pierce]].

The links will appear like this: Click here to see the relationship between First Lady Barbara (Pierce) Bush and President Franklin Pierce.

Links to Google Maps

When adding a geographic location, it's easy to make a Google Maps link like this:

[ Amsterdam]

You can enter almost any string after the "q=" and Google will find it.

Links to Wikipedia

You can make any word a Wikipedia link like this:

[[Wikipedia:Chicago]] or [[Wikipedia:Chicago|Chicago]]

This will appear as Wikipedia:Chicago or Chicago.

Links Inside Comments

You can include links in profile comments, photo comments, memories, comments on followed tags, and comments on DNA tests. They are done with wiki links just like inside a profile, for example:

The [ WikiTree website] is great. Check out [[Franklin-1|Ben Franklin's profile]].

The links will appear like this: The WikiTree website is great. Check out Ben Franklin's profile.

Link Templates

There is an advanced method for creating links to some frequently-used websites and pages called "link templates."

For example:

{{FindAGrave|364}} is for Ben Franklin

Will appear as: Find A Grave: Memorial #364 is for Ben Franklin.


Category:External_Link_Templates has more, but these may not be officially-approved.


Don't be afraid to experiment. Things are easy to change or change back on a wiki.

Ask on G2G if you have any trouble.

See also: Sources.

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