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Here is how to help grow our collaborative family tree by creating and improving profiles.

To add to WikiTree you need to be a full member — a Wiki Genealogist or Family Member — not a Guest. If you are a Guest, upgrade by adding your genealogy communication preferences.

Creating New Profiles

Add a family member by clicking a link (e.g. "add father", "add mother", "add child", etc.) from your profile or another family member's profile.

For trickier relationships, see the help pages on adoptions and multiple parents and multiple marriages.

If you've grown your tree elsewhere, you may want to utilize a GEDCOM.

Always include your sources. Citing sources is essential for positive, productive collaboration.

Add an unrelated person here.

Add a place, event, or thing here. You can add a profile for anything that's significant to your family history.

Adding to Existing Profiles

This is a wiki. Any profile can be easily edited and improved upon. You do need to be on the profile's Trusted List if the profile isn't Open because it represents a living person or recently-deceased family member.

To edit a profile, click the "Edit" tab or any "[edit]" link. This takes you to a page where you can edit the basic facts, biography, and a person's family relationships. Here are advanced editing tips and help pages on adding links and sources.

On the profile page itself there are sections to add personal memories and comments. You can also upload images and PDF documents.

See our other help pages for lots more info.

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