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Here is information related to using AncestryDNA and WikiTree.


Entering an AncestryDNA User ID

When you enter or edit an AncestryDNA test on your WikiTree DNA Tests Page, the optional field for AncestryDNA user ID will appear.

This is your AncestryDNA member name. It can be a combination of letters, numbers, and underscores. For example: ciwhitten, Joe_Schmoe2013.

To locate you AncestryDNA on AncestryDNA, log in to your AncestryDNA account. and click on your name (top right). In the drop-down, click on "Your Account", click on "Update Username and Preferences". Your user name will be in the top box on the left under, "User Name".

Editing the ID

On your WikiTree DNA Tests page you can add or edit AncestryDNA user ID on an existing test by clicking the "Edit or Enter Details" button to the right of the test.

AncestryDNA Frequently Asked Quesitons

Downloading your Raw Data

Downloading your Raw Data File is an important step in being able to upload it to a third party site (GEDmatch, DNA.Land, Etc.) where you can do deeper analysis on your results.

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