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"Anonymization" is an alternative to deletion. It's the best way to prevent someone's information from being shared on WikiTree.

Anonymization converts a profile into an anonymous placeholder. It shows that a person exists but reveals no information. It thereby helps to ensure that no information will be added about the person in the future.

If a profile is deleted there is nothing to indicate that the person doesn't want their information on WikiTree. It's likely that someone will add them back eventually.

For example, let's say Joe Schmoe had two children, John and Jill. If Jill is deleted someone may see that Joe Schmoe is listed as having only one child and will add the missing daughter. However, if John has a sister named "Anonymous Schmoe" members will know that Jill or her family members don't want her information to appear on WikiTree.

Anonymization should only be done for living people or recently-deceased nuclear relatives of living people. Anonymization of profiles of long-dead people who are not nuclear relatives of living people is prohibited.



Click the Edit tab on the profile.

Change both first name fields to an initial or Anonymous.

Leave both last name fields intact.

Clear out all other name and date fields.

Clear out all sensitive information from the biography. Replace it with a message like "This person's information has been removed and should never be added back. They wish to remain private."

Leave the family relationships intact.

You must leave the last name fields and family relationships. Doing otherwise would defeat the purpose of creating an anonymous placeholder. If that's what you want to do, you need to do a deletion.

If someone else created the profile

If you did not add the profile to WikiTree you will need to request Trusted List access in order to follow the instructions above.

However, you may just want to ask the Profile Manager to anonymize it. You can send them a private message through the link on the profile and point them to this page (

It's important to contact them either way. If they are sharing information on WikiTree there is a good chance they are sharing it elsewhere.

Note that all Wiki Genealogists have signed an Honor Code that says they will respect the privacy wishes of others. They should be helpful. If they're not, see our policy on privacy conflicts.

If you created the profile

If you will remain an active member

If you will continue to manage the profile on WikiTree you may want to change the Privacy Level to Unlisted in addition to or instead of following the instructions above.

Note that being Unlisted is not an option for Wiki Genealogists.

If you are closing your account

If you will not be using WikiTree in the future see Closing an Account.

When closing an account, anonymization should only be done for your own account profile and/or profiles of non-living people born in the past 100 years who have connections with living people.

Profiles of living people other than yourself will need to be deleted instead of anonymized if nobody will be left to manage them.

After anonymizing a profile of a non-living person, click the Privacy tab and set the Privacy Level to Public. It can only be left as Private or Unlisted if someone else will be managing the profile after you close your account. Private profiles cannot be left unmanaged.

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