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Autosomal DNA tests, sometimes abbreviated auDNA or atDNA, are the most popular type of DNA test for genealogy. "DNA test" in casual usage generally means an autosomal test.


Testing Companies

Image:WikiTree_Images-16.png They are offered by these large companies:

These are all priced around $99. Sometimes they go on sale for as low as $60.

Note that Family Tree DNA offers a wide variety of tests for genealogists. The "Family Finder" test is their autosomal test.

Genealogists may also be familiar with the tests offered by National Geographic and BritainsDNA. These are not considered for use on WikiTree because they only provide you with information on your deep ethnicity. They don't provide you with matches or give you results that can be compared with other genealogists.

What's Tested

Unlike Y-chromosome tests, which test DNA inherited from a direct paternal line, and mitochondrial tests, which test DNA inherited from a direct maternal line, autosomal tests can — and almost certainly will — match you with cousins who share ancestors from across your family tree.

They test the 22 numbered chromosomes — the pairs of "autosomes" — not just the 23rd X/Y sex chromosomes.

Why to Test

The matches!

Matches with cousins are the primary reason that genealogists take autosomal DNA tests. These are exciting introductions to what may be hundreds or even thousands of distant cousins, many of whom may be genealogists. If you can convince them to collaborate with you on WikiTree the results can be powerful.

However, figuring out your relationship to these matches will not be easy. Since many genealogists still do not use WikiTree their genealogy may be on a private tree on another website, or on desktop software, or even just on paper. It can be challenging just getting them to share their tree with you.

See DNA Matches for more on how to share and collaborate with them.

Usage on WikiTree

See the DNA Features page for how an auDNA test entered on WikiTree is attached to profiles, and how you can use special WikiTree tools and widgets to collaborate with your matches.

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