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One of the functions that Project Leaders perform is to award badges for the projects they manage. This page describes how to do that.

Awarding Badges

Start at Special:AwardBadge

In Step 1, click the down arrow next to Select Badge and choose the badge from the list. The list is in alphabetical order.

In Step 2, enter one or more WikiTree IDs in the Recipient box. If you enter more than one ID, separate them using commas.

In Step 3 (optional), enter a comment describing the member's interest in the project. This comment will appear on the list of members in the project (i.e. the list of members with the badge) so target your comment at others who are interested in the project and want to see who is participating in it. Don't address your comment to the member themselves.

For example:
  • Jane Doe is working on the profiles of US vice presidents and their families.
  • John is interested in helping to document immigrants from Germany.
Wiki markup does not work in comments.

Finally, be sure to click the Award Badge button, and you're done!

Removing Badges

Removing a badge works the same way as adding a badge except that in Step 1, you will click the down arrow next to Award and choose Remove, instead.

Again, enter one or more WikiTree IDs separated by commas in the Recipient box and click the Award Badge button.

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