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A profile can have an image tiled like wallpaper in the otherwise-grey margins. Experiment with one to see how it looks.


Adding a Background Image

Selecting an existing image

You can select any image on WikiTree as the background of a profile. For example, you could choose a seamless wallpaper or a Scottish clan tartans. Browse Category:Background Images for more.

When you've chosen an image, click to the image's details page and look in the lower-right column for "Set as Background Image". This will tell you the image name. It is X in "To make this the background image for any profile, click to the profile's edit page and enter X under 'Background Image'."

Copy X and paste it into the "Background Image" section of a profile's edit page.

Uploading a new image

If the image isn't already on WikiTree, you'll need to first upload it to a profile.

If the image isn't related to a profile (if it isn't a photo or source image for a person, or for something already profiled with a free-space profile) you can create a new free-space profile. If other members might want to use the image on other profiles, see "Would you like to create a gallery of background images for profiles?"

Removing a Background Image

To remove a background image, simply click to the profile's edit page and look for the removal link in the "Background Image" section.

Background Images When Using Mobile Devices

Background images are not visible for smart phone users.

Up until July 2019 they were included, but usually not visible. This was causing loading delays and usability problems, so they have now been removed completely.

Privacy Restrictions

It's best not to use a private image as a background. You can tell if an image is private by the lock icon in the upper-right corner of the image details page. If it's a red lock it's private.

If a background image is private, the background will not appear for anyone outside the Trusted Lists of the profiles associated with the image. Since you're on the Trusted List you will see it but others may not. This won't matter if the profile is Private or Unlisted since you have to be on the Trusted List to see any content.

See Photo Privacy for more information.

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