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Genealogists contribute to WikiTree because of our shared mission to connect the human family on one tree. It's not about scoring points.

Nevertheless, badges add a little fun to our community. Some WikiTreers call them "profile bling." Practically speaking, they're also a quick way for other members to see what aspects of the community you're involved in, and how experienced you are.


Membership Badges

Each member type has a badge.

guest.gif family-pending.gif family-member.gif wiki-genealogist.gif

Star Badges

Members award star badges to each other. Click a badge below to see who's been given it and why. Consider giving one.

family.gif community.gif superstar.gif generous_red.gif generous_blue.gif generous_green.gif

Achievement Badges

These badges are awarded for doing a certain thing, e.g. GEDCOM Equipped is for uploading a GEDCOM for matching. Click on any badge to see how it's earned.

volunteer.gif genealogist.gif dna_tested.gif triangulator.gif gedcom.gif pre_1500.gif pre_1700.gif big_heart.gif photo_of_week.gif connection_combat.gif connection_challenge.gif cemetery_challenge.gif scavenger_hunt.gif demolition_derby.gif military_challenge.gif data_doctor_winner.gif clean_a_thon_winner.gif clean_a_thon_winner_2018.gif source_a_thon_winner.gif source_a_thon_winner_2017.gif source_a_thon_winner_2018.gif sourcerer_challenge.gif sourcing_sprints.gif project_challenge.gif wikitreer_awards.gif earned_wings.gif g2g6.gif 13_photos.gif 26_photos.gif 52_photos.gif 13_ancestors.gif 26_ancestors.gif 52_ancestors.gif

Topical Project Badges

These are for active participants in projects. The badges for topical projects — projects that cover profiles from a given time period, location, or with a certain historical connection — look alike, except that each one has its own project tag in a unique color. If you join a project, the project leader will add the badge to your profile. Click on any badge here to see the active members of the project.

1776.gif acadia.gif anzacs.gif australia.gif australian_convicts.gif bahamas.gif black_sheep.gif canadian_history.gif czech_roots.gif denmark.gif disasters.gif dutch_cape_colony.gif dutch_roots.gif early_scandinavia.gif england.gif euroaristo.gif filles_du_roi.gif finland.gif french_roots.gif german_roots.gif great_war.gif holocaust.gif huguenot.gif india.gif irish_roots.gif italian_roots.gif jewish_roots.gif latin_america.gif lds.gif louisiana_families.gif magna_carta.gif mayflower.gif mexico.gif michigan.gif military_and_war.gif native_americans.gif new_netherland.gif new_zealand.gif norway.gif notables.gif penn.gif pgm.gif pocahontas.gif poland.gif portugal.gif presidents.gif puerto_rico.gif quakers.gif quebecois.gif roll_of_honor.gif scottish_clans.gif southern_colonies.gif spain.gif sweden.gif switzerland.gif titanic.gif united_kingdom.gif us_civil_war.gif volga_german.gif westward_ho.gif

Activity and Functional Project Badges

These badges say that you do something very specific, e.g. Greeters greet new members. Some of these are the most important badges on WikiTree, proudly worn by small groups of members. Click on a badge for more information.

supervisor.gif coordinator.gif mentor.gif volunteer_coordinator.gif arborist.gif connectors.gif greeter.gif tree_hugger.gif mediator.gif ranger.gif rangers_sunday.gif rangers_monday.gif rangers_tuesday.gif rangers_wednesday.gif rangers_thursday.gif rangers_friday.gif rangers_saturday.gif ambassador.gif moderator.gif integrator.gif adoption_angel.gif cemeteries.gif local_volunteer.gif languages.gif blogger.gif professional.gif society_member.gif sourcerer.gif data_doctor.gif societies.gif help_pages.gif style.gif categorization.gif dna.gif global_outreach.gif one_name_studies.gif one_place_studies.gif multimedia.gif profiles.gif templates.gif enhancements.gif source_a_thon.gif source_a_thon_2017.gif source_a_thon_2018.gif clean_a_thon.gif clean_a_thon_2018.gif scan_a_thon_2019.gif 52_photos_2019.gif 52_ancestors_2019.gif emeritus.gif

Contribution Counts and Club Badges

Most edits, additions, and other types of contributions are counted. You can see your current count on your profile or in the pull-down menu at the top of any page under "My WikiTree." Making 100 or more, or 1,000 or more, contributions in a given month (as calculated using GMT) earns a club badge.

1812_club100.gif 1812_club1000.gif 1811_club100.gif 1811_club1000.gif 1810_club100.gif 1810_club1000.gif 1809_club100.gif 1809_club1000.gif 1808_club100.gif 1808_club1000.gif 1807_club100.gif 1807_club1000.gif 1806_club100.gif 1806_club1000.gif 1805_club100.gif 1805_club1000.gif 1804_club100.gif 1804_club1000.gif 1803_club100.gif 1803_club1000.gif 1802_club100.gif 1802_club1000.gif 1801_club100.gif 1801_club1000.gif 1712_club100.gif 1712_club1000.gif 1711_club100.gif 1711_club1000.gif 1710_club100.gif 1710_club1000.gif 1709_club100.gif 1709_club1000.gif 1708_club100.gif 1708_club1000.gif 1707_club100.gif 1707_club1000.gif 1706_club100.gif 1706_club1000.gif 1705_club100.gif 1705_club1000.gif 1704_club100.gif 1704_club1000.gif 1703_club100.gif 1703_club1000.gif 1702_club100.gif 1702_club1000.gif 1701_club100.gif 1701_club1000.gif 1612_club100.gif 1612_club1000.gif 1611_club100.gif 1611_club1000.gif 1610_club100.gif 1610_club1000.gif 1609_club100.gif 1609_club1000.gif 1608_club100.gif 1608_club1000.gif 1607_club100.gif 1607_club1000.gif 1606_club100.gif 1606_club1000.gif 1605_club100.gif 1605_club1000.gif 1604_club100.gif 1604_club1000.gif 1603_club100.gif 1603_club1000.gif 1602_club100.gif 1602_club1000.gif 1601_club100.gif 1601_club1000.gif 1512_club100.gif 1512_club1000.gif 1511_club100.gif 1511_club1000.gif 1510_club100.gif 1510_club1000.gif 1509_club100.gif 1509_club1000.gif 1508_club100.gif 1508_club1000.gif 1507_club100.gif 1507_club1000.gif 1506_club100.gif 1506_club1000.gif 1505_club100.gif 1505_club1000.gif 1504_club100.gif 1504_club1000.gif 1503_club100.gif 1503_club1000.gif 1502_club100.gif 1502_club1000.gif 1501_club100.gif 1501_club1000.gif

For 2010-2014, see the archive.

Contribution counts and club badges shouldn't be taken too seriously.

These counts are not an indication of the value of a member's contributions. Adding a thoughtful, well-written and well-sourced biography is counted once, the same as fixing a little typo.

Changes that affect two profiles are counted twice. For example, when you add a family member the addition of the relationship to the existing person is counted and the creation of the new profile is counted separately. All merge and match actions are counted twice, with the exception of Rejected Matches from FindMatches, which are no longer tracked at all.

To really appreciate the value of a member's contributions, view their contributions feed.

G2G Points and Titles

Contributions in our Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Forum are tracked separately from other WikiTree contributions.

All these actions generate points:

  • Asking a question.
  • Posting an answer.
  • Voting up an answer.
  • Having your question voted up.
  • Having your answer voted up.
  • Having your answer selected as the best.
  • Selecting an answer to your question as the best.

Voting down a question or answer costs points.

The number of points in G2G earns you a title. You start as a G2G Rookie. At 300 points you're G2G Crew. From there, the sky is the limit.

Those who earn 6,000 points are awarded the G2G6 badge.

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