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Members must be able to receive email in order to collaborate on WikiTree. We send various email alerts and newsletters, but more importantly, members communicate and collaborate with each other using private messages, merge proposals, etc.

If we are unable deliver email to you — if messages to you continually "bounce" back to us — we will need to close your account. Here is how to make sure that doesn't happen.


Make Sure You Can Receive Email

Confirm that your email address is correct

Click to the edit page of your profile and scroll down to check your email address. Make sure it's correct. If not, update it. (Note that you will need to click twice to save changes because a confirmation message will pop-up to make sure you really want to change your email address.)

Search your email account for mail from WikiTree

Search your email for "wikitree" to see if you have been receiving messages. Make sure that they have not been marked as spam. If they are marked as spam your email provider may block our messages.

If you cannot find the source of the problem, you may need to contact your email provider to make sure WikiTree was not accidentally blocked or placed on a "blacklist."

Actions We Take

First Level

If more than 10 messages to you have bounced and its been more than 14 days since the bounces started, we will do two things:

  1. Change your email settings to reduce the number of email messages you receive. You may still receive private messages, merge proposals, and comments on profiles you manage, if you were receiving them before, but you won't get the weekly and daily update messages. You can adjust your settings yourself at any time.
  2. Post a comment on your profile alerting you to this.

The comment on your profile will include a link to clear yourself from our bounce tracking system. It's important that you do this. If you clear yourself your account won't be at risk of being closed.

Second Level: Account Closure

If you do not clear yourself from the system and five more messages to you bounce and its been more than 120 days since the bounces started, we will close your account.

If you were not very active on WikiTree before your email started bouncing and your profile is not connected to our tree we will "close and delete." If you were active we will "close and anonymize."

Account closure will include deleting any of your family history that is private if there is no other family member to manage the profiles.

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