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Categories are groups of profiles or pages. For example:

When a profile has a tag such as [[Category:Madisonville, Louisiana]] in its text the profile will appear on the Category:Madisonville, Louisiana page. Here is more about how and why to categorize profiles.


Benefits of Categorization

By grouping profiles that share something in common, categories can:

  • help members organize ongoing research,
  • help those with a special interest find profiles they may want to investigate or collaborate on, and
  • help historians or genealogists researching a particular topic or location.

For example, you might be interested in collaborating with other genealogists whose ancestors served in the same military unit as your ancestor. Or someday a young family member might be interested to see all their ancestors who played baseball or worked on trains.

How to Categorize a Profile

First, research and write the biography. Categories are not a substitute for biographical text and sources, and once a person's story is written it's easier to know how to categorize them.

While in edit mode, look for this category icon on the toolbar above the biography section: category.png

Clicking this icon will open a text box. In this space, begin typing a word that may be in the category name. Existing categories will appear as you type. If you see the one you want, just click it. The category tag will be added to the profile. When you save your changes, the profile will appear on the category page.

Always select the narrowest applicable category. That is, choose the most-specific, lowest-level category you can find. For example, put a profile in Category:Madisonville, Louisiana rather than Category:Louisiana.

To remove a profile from a category, simply remove the tag from the profile's text.

Examples of Ways to Categorize a Profile

Here are some of the ways you can categorize a person.

Profiles can be in multiple categories. This makes them easier to find. However, a profile should never be in more than one category in the same hierarchy.

Adding New Categories

If you would like to use a category but can't find it by searching or browsing use the "Request a New Category" form to contact the Categorization Project about it.

Advanced members can create new categories if they fit within an existing hierarchy and use an agreed-upon category naming scheme. Otherwise use the form to start the conversation.

Advanced Topics

For more information see Categorization Help, especially these pages:

Feel free to ask a question in G2G using the tag categorization. We are a community of members who help each other.

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