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These are style rules for creating regional categories.


Locations in different languages

WikiTree has parallel category trees in other languages. When a category exists in multiple languages, these categories are linked to each other through the Aka Template so that people can easily find other languages for that category. For example, the top level category in English, Category:Categories, has links at the top of the page to the top level category in other languages. These other language versions should be written in the language for which they are named. For example, the French language version (Category:Catégories) is written in français, while the Danish version (Category:Kategorier (da) is written in dansk.

It is important to note that:

  • It is not necessary for a particular location category to be created in every language.
  • if someone wrote a little text on an Italian page in English because they don't speak Italian, that text shouldn't be deleted. It should be replaced with Italian when possible.

When a location has the same spelling in more than one language, the category name should be followed by the two letter (ISO 639-1) language code in parenthesis. If there isn't a two letter code, use the three letter (ISO 639-2) language code.

For example:

Albanian Danish Dutch Finnish French German Icelandic Italian Serbian Spanish Swedish Turkish
Evropë Europa (da) Europa (nl) Eurooppa Europe (fr) Europa (de) Evrópa Europa (it) Европа Europa (es) Europa (sv) Avrupa

Note: Do not use different languages in the same category name, such as Category:India (भारत). Use Category:India (en).

If you have questions, ask the Categorization Project by posting in G2G using the tag categorization.

Africa's Regional Categories

Mauritius Regional Categories

Mauritius districts are named with the district name, Mauritius. Example: Category:Moka District, Mauritius. Municipalities are named Municipality, District Name. Example: Category:Providence, Moka District.
See: Mauritius Location Categories for more information.

Europe's Regional Categories

Denmark's Regional Categories

See Denmark Categorisation for more information on how to use regional/geographic categories for Denmark and an explanation of the category structure.

England's Regional Categories

See English Place Names for more information on how to use regional/geographic categories for England.

France's Regional Categories

See: Category Structure for Places in France for details on how to categorize places in France.

Germany's Regional Categories

See Germany's category structure and how to use Germany's regional categories or the German version, Struktur und wie man regionale Kategorien benutzen sollte.

Italy's Regional Categories

See: Italy Location Categories for information on how to categorize places in Italy.

Norway's Regional Categories

See: Norwegian Location Category Structure for information on how to categorize places in Norway.

Portugal's Regional Categories

See: Portugal Place Name Categories for information on how to categorize places in Portugal.

Switzerland's Regional Categories

See: Switzerland Cantons and Places Categories for information on how to categorize places in Switzerland.

United Kingdom Regional Categories

Categories for locations in the United Kingdom use a template. If you have questions, please ask in the G2G tagging your question categorization and United Kingdom.

See United Kingdom's Regional Category Conventions for more information.

Wales Regional Categories

See: Wales Categories free-space page for information on how to categorize places in Wales

North America's Regional Categories

Canada's Regional Categories

Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories and are named with just the province or territory name (i.e., Category:Alberta, Category:Nunavut).

City and town categories should always be named in the format "City, Province" (i.e., Category:Toronto, Ontario; Category:Winnipeg, Manitoba; Category:Vancouver, British Columbia). These are subcategories of the provincial categories.

Townships and rural municipalities should be used for categories, rather than the small communities within them. These should be named according to the appropriate time period (i.e., Category:Edmonton, Alberta and Category:Edmonton, North-West Territories).

Note: Where there is a rural municipality with the same name as a city or town, "Rural Municipality of" is added to the beginning of the category to disambiguate them (i.e., Category:Rural Municipality of Roblin, Manitoba).

Each province has a different system of local government which may include upper-tier or rural jurisdiction categories such as counties, municipal districts, regional municipalities, regional districts or regional county municipalities. These categories are then divided into lower-tier or urban jurisdictions such as cities, towns, villages, townships, and parishes.

See Canada's Regional Category Names for more information.

United States of America's Regional Categories

US State and County Categories

US states are named with just the state name, i.e. Category:Ohio. US county categories are named with the county, and the state. For example, Category:Cass County, North Dakota or Category:Acadia Parish, Louisiana. Categories have already been created for all states and counties. If, when linking to one of these, it appears in red after saving there is probably a typo or formatting error in the name.

US Municipalities

US municipality categories should be named in the format [[Category:City, State]] unless there is more than one city/town of that name in that state, in which case [[Category:City, County, State]] is used. This applies equally to places using various designations such as town or village.
An exception occurs in the states of New York and Vermont where it is common to have more than one municipality of the same name within a county. In this case it is permissible to use a modifier in the name of the lesser place by the hierarchy City > Town > Village > Hamlet. For example the town of Otego in Otsego County is Category:Otego, New York and the village of the same name also in Otsego County is Category:Otego (village), New York. This follows the protocol used by Wikipedia in differentiating these same name places.

US Townships

The division of counties into townships in not consistent throughout the country. Many states do not divide counties into townships and among those that do, the importance and usage varies. In general, townships are named with the county name. For example, [[Category:Franklin Township, Drew County, Arkansas]] is correct whereas [[Category:Franklin Township, Arkansas]] is not. This is done for consistency as many, if not most township names are not unique to a state. (There are 16 Franklin Townships in Pennsylvania!) Further, on most official web sites and government documents the county name is usually included when referring to the township. And finally, this again follows the Wikipedia protocol.
There are two exceptions to this. In New Jersey townships are categorized the same as cities or towns and differ only by the form of local government. The charter townships unique to Michigan are also treated the same as other municipalities.

US Unincorporated Places

Unincorporated places are named the same as incorporated cities or towns. Try to avoid creating categories of Census Designated Places (CDP) as the names assigned by the Census Bureau may or may not reflect local usage and understanding of the name and bounds of the place, and are subject to change with every new census.

Indonesia's Regional Categories

See Indonesia's Category Conventions for more information.

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