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This page is for leaders of challenge teams.


In The Weeks Before Challenge

Set your team up for success

  • Make sure you have the links handy for your tracking spreadsheet, your Discord room, the G2G post for your week, the WikiTree pedigree view of the guest stars tree, and the pedigree view of the comparison tree.
  • Check the WikiTree branches for your guest star. Make sure that all eight of the great-grandparents have profiles, with information and sources matching that of the comparison tree. If any of those profiles aren't open in privacy, let Eowyn or Mindy know.
  • Create a Space page for any documentation supplied by the guest star, photographs, and other research items you want to keep together to help your team members.
  • You can make a list of the brick walls that you see on the comparison tree. This will let you know what assistance your team might need.
  • Mindy will provide you with the link to your G2G post, your spreadsheet, and the 'before' screenshots of your guest stars tree. She will also give you the list of experts that pertain to that guest star.
  • Mindy will give you the email addresses of your team members. You can send a message out a week before to Mindy or a co-captain, and then BCC all the team members. Give them at least a week to start researching and get ready.

Reach out to prior team members

  • You might want to reach out to past team members to make sure they register. For example:
Hello awesome Team Virginia member,
If you haven’t heard yet, there won’t be a January marathon as the Team is starting an exciting new challenge. Unlike other challenges, this won’t be a race to get a lot of sources or creations. This will be one large team that all focuses on improving the genealogy of a guest star, with a new one being showcased each week. You can read more about it on the WikiTree Challenge help page. Team Virginia will be taking the maiden voyage on this journey so we get the additional challenge of working through any issues that crop up the first week. Several Team members are participating (including Chris), so we will have awesome support during the week. Cheryl Hess, a Project Coordinator, will co-captain this momentous event.
It would be delightful if Team Virginia can set a great example of what can be done. I would be honored to have you join me! You can register now by answering the post in the G2G. Lets show everyone that we can rock this!

Days Before Challenge

Email all team members

Hello awesome team members!
The new week of the challenge is getting closer. You can use this time to look at the comparison tree (link) and the WikiTree branches (link) to get an idea of what you want to work on. You can also check the profile tracking sheet to make sure you can edit it (link).
Once the week starts, at 8pm [Day] [Month] go to the profile tracking sheet and note the ancestor you will be working on. If you have questions on an ancestor, or need to post bounty points (link), please add those as a comment under the answer for the great-grandparents in the G2G forum (link). Conversations have been lively in Discord during the week, so be sure to reach out to me if you haven't already joined the Discord Challenge room.
Lets rock this!

During Challenge

  • Help any team members that can't access the profile tracking sheet or Discord.
  • Watch for mentions of duplicates and try to get those merged quickly.
  • Make sure team members aren't working on a profile that is currently being worked.
  • Add to your "interesting facts" doc or server as you go along, so it isn't a large undertaking at the end of your week. Make sure that Mindy has access to it before the wrap-up Livecast is started.
  • Check the G2G post each day (or more) for bounty points. Those need to be added to the "Bounties" tab on your weeks spreadsheet. If you have questions regarding the points, please contact Mindy or a Team member.

Email updates to all team members

Hello team,

We are now [number] hours into the challenge and we are busting down brick walls left and right! [number] new ancestors have been found already on WikiTree, or created. There have been [#] profiles created, [#] profiles edited, with a total of [#] edits so far! You guys are rocking this!

If you have a bounty to claim, make sure to post a comment under the relevant great-grandparent and put the word "bounty" with what you have found. There are a lot of new ancestors to find, so spread out if you see several people working on a set of branches. If you are waiting for a translation or other expert input, put a note in the Research section of the profile so that others know.

Looking for something to work on?

You can reach me, or the other team members, in Discord (link). Remember to post in the spreadsheet which profile you are working on (link). Let's get out there now and find a few more walls to knock down.

Point bounties

Video Chat

Don't forget to mention:

  • What is The WikiTree Challenge?
  • MVP, high scores, and outstanding participants of the previous week.
  • How do you participate?
    • G2G page
    • Google spreadsheet
    • Chat forum (Discord)
    • Reach out to your captain with questions
  • How to register for next month.
  • Introductions - the guest stars likely won't know who everyone is
  • Connection between the two genealogy guest stars

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