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This is a general page about challenge teams. Click here for the Source-a-Thon Teams.

Teams are a way for members with similar interests to work together to improve profiles on WikiTree via the various challenges we host. There are several challenges each month, and all teams have different goals and approaches. Teams are especially important during the Source-a-Thon and Clean-a-Thon.


Why teams?

Teams keep things fun!

Challenge teams are a bit like marathon training teams. Marathon teams don't have much of a practical purpose in the game itself; marathons aren't a team sport. They add camaraderie and make it easier for new participants to get started. Team members can encourage and help each other.

What do teams do when there isn't a "Thon"?

Teams have so much fun during Thons and accomplish so much by focusing on things together, that they have value all throughout the year. Unlike Projects, challenge teams specifically work on the many challenges around WikiTree, taking what their team focus is and translating it into helping each other accomplish great things in the chosen challenge, whether sourcing, connecting, writing biographies, or correcting errors.

How do I join a team?

Any participant can join any existing team. (We're asking that all teams welcome any members who are interested.)

There isn't a limit on the size of a team, but if a team gets too large for any specific event (like Thons), it could be divided into smaller teams, in order to keep team stats relatively fair.

If there isn't a team that matches your interest, start your own!

To sign up for a Source-a-Thon team, please mention the team you want to join in your answer to the Source-a-Thon registration answer. There is no need to "sign up" for it anywhere else.

Starting a challenge team

It's easy to start a team-just make sure there isn't already one that covers your topic, then create a free-space page for the team, something like with the form like Team Topic, for example Team Iowa, Team 845 Errors, Team Fantastic Beasts. Then, if it isn't a Thon, you can recruit with a G2G post.

During Thons, team recruiting should happen only on the Source-a-Thon registration posts. Simply ask the registrant if they'd like to join your team in a comment below their registration answer. Do not start a separate G2G recruiting post! It gets too confusing and people end up signing up for more than one team.


For any Thon participation, a team must be chosen by the day before the event, or you will be placed on a team by the WikiTree Team.

Some of these teams may need new team leaders since the last thon. If you're interested, just get in touch with whoever is listed as the current leader and ask about it.

Location Based

United States Teams

"Suggestions" Based

(These teams are for participation in the Clean-a-Thon only)

Projects Based


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