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Teams are a way for members with similar interests to work together to improve profiles on WikiTree via the various challenges we host. There are several challenges each month, and all teams have different goals and approaches. Teams are especially important during the Source-a-Thon and Connect-a-Thon.

For the list of teams, see Category:Challenges Teams.

Why Teams?

Teams are fun!

Challenge teams are a bit like marathon training teams. Marathon teams don't have much of a practical purpose in the game itself; marathons aren't a team sport. They add camaraderie and make it easier for new participants to get started. Team members can encourage and help each other.

Even if there isn't a challenge event, teams can help each other throughout the year.

Joining a Team

Any participant can join any existing team. (We ask that all teams welcome any members who are interested.)

There isn't a limit on the size of a team, but we do ask that teams divide themselves if they get too large.

To sign up for a challenge event team, please mention the team you want to join when registering. There is no need to "sign up" for it anywhere else.

Organizing a Team

Would you like to put together a team? It would be a great help! Anyone can.

Teams can be organized around anything. It might be a genealogical research interest or a source you like to use. Or a team can be local. We have participants from all over the world. Coordinating with others from your area can be fun.

You might associate a team with a WikiTree project, such as the US Southern Colonies. Or it could be something completely unrelated to family history, like Mac Users.

Feel free to choose a fun team name. Then create a free-space page for your team.

You're encouraged to recruit for your team. You might review the G2G posts where members have registered to see if anyone mentioned an interest or locality that might fit your team. You could reach out to project e-mail lists or even outside genealogical groups that fit the team's topic. Posting on Facebook would be great. (Tag it @WikiTreers.) Any outreach you do will be helping raise awareness about the Source-a-Thon so it's much appreciated.

During events, team recruiting should happen only on the registration posts. Simply ask the registrant if they'd like to join your team in a comment below their registration answer. Do not start a separate G2G recruiting post! It gets too confusing and people end up signing up for more than one team.

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