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Challenges are friendly competitions that make growing our shared tree more social and fun. Join us and give one a try!

See challenges in G2G for open challenges you can participate in.

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Big Annual Events

These two challenges are our community's biggest events.

Source-a-Thon (Oct 6 to Oct 8)

The Source-a-Thon is a 72-hour sourcing marathon with thousands of dollars worth of door prizes donated from around the genealogy community. Our goal: find sources for as many Unsourced Profiles as possible.

The Source-a-Thon takes place the first weekend of October to kick off Family History Month. This year it's October 6 to October 8 — register starting September 1.

Clean-a-Thon (April 21 to April 23)

The goal of the Spring Clean-a-Thon is a 72-hour marathon to clear out as many database suggestions as possible. To make it fun we have teams and compete to see who can clear out the most.

The Clean-a-Thon takes place In April to kick off spring cleaning. This year it's April 21 to April 23 — register starting March 15.

Ongoing Challenges

These are challenges that you can participate in right now.

Data Doctors Challenge

Every week we focus on a different type of problem on our shared tree. It's one that has been identified by Aleš Trtnik through his WikiTree+ deep data analyses — the problems are identified mechanically, but need to be investigated thoughtfully by a genealogist.

See the Data Doctors Challenge page for what we're doing this week, and then join in! Everyone who helps appears in the leaderboard. The participant who does the most that week gets a badge — and we all win with a cleaner shared tree.

Sourcerers Challenge

The Sourcerers Challenge is a friendly competition to see how many profiles we can clear from the Unsourced Profiles category in a month. Everyone who participates get the Sourcerers badge. Those who tally the most by the end of the month get the Sourcerers Challenge Winner badge.

See the Sourcerers Challenge page for a link to the current G2G challenge post or see sourcerers.

Saturday Sourcing Sprint

If it's Saturday, you can also participate in our Saturday Sourcing Sprint. These are mini versions of the Sourcerers Challenge that run for 24 hours.

Bio Builders

It is easy to get in a groove creating profiles, tracing ancestries, adding sources, and making connections on WikiTree, and forget to build profiles to their fullest potential.

Many profiles on WikiTree, even from our best members, have sources but no human substance. What do the sources tell us? What has your research revealed about the person? Who were they? The Biography section of a profile is an opportunity to tell the person's story.

The Bio Builders Challenge is a personal growth challenge to create meaningful biographies.

A new challenge opens every month so there is always one that's open. Join the group now.

Integrators Challenge

The primary goals and tasks of the Integrators Challenge are:

  1. Create profiles from unanswered G2G questions.
  2. Answer unanswered questions. (For the challenge, these need to be from at least two months from the current date and earlier.)
  3. Connect questions to existing WikiTree profiles.

Some months may feature specific tasks to accomplish these. See the Integrators Challenge Project Page for more info.

Periodic Challenges

These challenges may not be open right now, but if not, a new one will be starting soon. Follow challenges or a specific project tag to hear when new challenges open.


The Connectors Challenge is about linking unconnected profiles to our "big tree." A new challenge starts every other month.

Surname Spotlight

Periodically, we post a handful of featured surnames. Participants in the Surname Spotlight Challenge choose one surname and compete as a group with others who are working on that surname: sourcing, connecting, correcting errors, and writing biographies.

Past Challenges and Challenge Ideas

These challenges have been hosted in the past and may be hosted again. Maybe you would be interested in getting one restarted, or creating something similar?

Cemetery Challenge

The Global Cemetery Project has hosted a few unique challenges, such as taking as many headstone photos as possible and creating profiles for them.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a search for profiles that fit the clues. The Notables Project hosted a Scavenger Hunt in 2015 to find notable profiles that weren't connected to the Global Tree.

Brick Wall Demolition Derby

The Holocaust Project hosted a Brick Wall Demolition Derby last year. Who can break down a brick wall first?

Connection Combat

Connection Combat is a head-to-head challenge between profiles. A team for each profile competes to connect it to the Global Tree.

Other Ideas

  • Transcribing and Indexing: A transcription or indexing challenge to encourage members to look at sources and create profiles based on them. The Cemetery Challenges are similar to this.
  • Photos or Images: A photography challenge would ask participants to take photos relevant to the project. Again, there have been Cemetery Challenges like this. There might also be challenges for finding and adding copyright-free images to a project's profiles.
  • Profile Creation: A profile creation challenge specifically prioritizes the creation of new profiles and biographies to fit within a project's guidelines. The Notables Project has hosted Note-vember Project Creation Challenges.

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