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We believe that carefully following written procedures and recording every step is important in an escalating conflict that may ultimately end in account closure. Every step up or down in the conflict level requires one of these forms.

Conflict form output is mostly private but is kept for reference and may someday become public if there is a formal review of an account closure.


Privacy Take-Down Request (PTR)

  WikiTree Team

This has very limited usage. It's for requesting that your own personal information or information about a young child be removed. See Privacy Conflicts.

Mentor Intervention Request (MIR)

  Mediators Private GroupVolunteer Mentor

The Mentor Intervention Request (MIR) is the most commonly-used help request form. An MIR cannot be filed directly. You need to go through the steps in the Problems with Members procedure.

Even Mentors, Mediators Rangers, Leaders, and Team Members should start at Problems with Members rather than going directly to the MIR form. This is true even if the problem has been reported by someone else and they are just helping. The only exception to the PWM-first rule is if there has already been one recent MIR for a person and a Mentor is filing a second MIR because they need another Mentor to take over.

Mediation Request Form (MRF)

  Mediators Private GroupVolunteer Mediator

A Mediation Request Form (MRF) can only be filed after an MIR has been received and either:

  • Mediators decide it is beyond basic mentoring, or
  • the assigned Mentor decides to escalate.

To fill out an MRF, the Mediator or Mentor should go to and replace WikiTree-1 with the WikiTree ID of the member or one of the members in the conflict.

The Mediator or Mentor filling out the form must not be a party to the conflict. If they feel emotionally involved, they should fill out another MIR instead. The Mediators group can then decide whether to fill out an MRF.

One of the reasons a third-party must fill out the MRF is that unlike with MIRs, the form output will go to the member or members in the conflict as part of the Formal Mediation.

Conclusion Report (CR)

  Mediators Private Group

A Conclusion Report (CR) summarizes:

  • Successful mentoring. This can only be filed by a Mentor after an MIR and mentoring. (Unsuccessful mentoring should lead to an MRF instead.)
  • Successful mediation. This can only be filed by a Mediator after an MRF and successful mediation.
  • Unsuccessful mediation. This can only be filed by a Mediator after an MRF and unsuccessful mediation.
  • No response to mentoring or mediation. If a member does not reply for seven days, the assigned Mentor or Mediator should file the report to inform the group.

To fill out a CR, the Mediator or Mentor should go to, replace WikiTree-1 with the WikiTree ID of the member or one of the members in the conflict, and refresh the page. Then fill out the page and submit.

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