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What's a Degree?

Our Connection Finder finds connections between people by looking in all directions: parents, siblings, children and spouses. Because it includes relationships through marriage it is not a genealogical cousin calculator. For blood relations (common ancestors) we have our Relationship Finder.

We call each step in a connection — each parent, sibling, child, or spouse in a chain of relationships that connects two people — a "degree of separation."

Connection Anchors

The Connection Finder is optimized to work for three individuals at a time:

  1. King Henry VIII.
  2. The Profile of the Week, a featured profile.
  3. The Member of the Week, a featured member.

We call these our "Connection Anchors." For these anchors, the Connection Finder will instantly generate the closest connection within 100 degrees.

The choice of Henry VIII as a semi-permanent anchor is fairly arbitrary. It could be anyone. Originally we used Kevin Bacon, as a play on the old "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game. Later we used Queen Elizabeth II.

WikiTree+ for Any Connection

The Connection Finder will work for any two people on WikiTree, but it will only find the connection if they're within 10 degrees of each other. We need this unfortunate limitation to conserve processing resources.

WikiTree+ stepped up to fill the void. Click here and enter any two WikiTree IDs in the left panel.

New Connections Found Tomorrow

If you add a new connection today, it will appear in the Connection Finder tomorrow.

In order to provide instant results out to 100 degrees for the individuals mentioned above, we build a special database once a day. It's rebuilt late at night.

The Unconnected

Who in your Watchlist is not connected? Click here to find out. See Unconnected for more information.

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