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Mentors are experienced Wiki Genealogists who are happy to help others resolve their WikiTree problems.

To contact a mentor, click on their name, then send them a private message from their profile page.



The following people are currently active Mentors:

Sylvia Benton

I live in North Carolina, however I was raised and can trace most of my lines to Virginia. I constantly joke I am related to 75% of Virginians. Most people are surprised to learn I only began geneology about 3-4 years ago. One branch of my family had never been traced and I eventually realized I would need to dive into non-transcribed, non-translated French archives. That was a huge personal victory and I realized I had a knack for sifting through the small details and determination to break through the thickest of brick walls. My Grandfather and his brother began our family branch in the 60's, two cousins carried on in the 80's and now I continue.

I have worked with several projects on WikiTree, met some amazing people and continue to learn along the way. I am currently working on setting up a sub-project for the Moravian's that migrated to North Carolina and am blessed to live in the center of those early settlements.

I am honored to join the WikiTree Mentors. I enjoy assisting others and am an avid believer that sometimes it simply takes a fresh set of eyes to see the missing key to getting past roadblocks.

Henry Chadwick

I started in genealogy with the records that were left to me by my grandmother, who did a lot of genealogy work in the 1930s. Originally. I did my work with Family Tree Maker and and had a family tree with about 2000 entries. I also worked on the genealogy of my late wife, who had Eastern European ancestors, so that I could create a family tree for my children and grandchildren. When I discovered WikiTree in 2012, I jumped on board with both feet and uploaded my entire family tree. I am still working to edit the profiles that were created at that time from my GEDCOM. If I were to do it over again, I would upload the files in much smaller pieces and correct them as I went along, but I didn’t know any better at the time. By now, I think I am pretty good at editing or creating a decent profile and I think that I could be helpful to others who might have problems with WikiTree.

Susanna de Bruyn - Leader

Hi everyone, I’m not a person of many words. I joined Wiki Tree in Febr 2014. My interest in genealogy started with my own family history and soon developed into nonstop research. I can’t help to remind myself of my struggle when I started here. For this reason I offer help to any WikiTreer in need. These are my mottos: “Education is the key to success” and “Persistence pays off”

Hi almal, ek is nie ‘n mens met baie woorde nie. Ek het by Wiki Tree aangesluit in Februarie 2014. My doel was om my eie familie geskiedenis deeglik neer te pen. Spoedig het die stokpertjie verander in ‘n volskaalse navorsings projek. Daaglik word ek herrinder aan my gesukkel toe ek begin het. My doel is om “WikiTreer” te help. My leuses: “Onderrig is die sleutel tot sukses” en “Aanhouers wen”

Debi Hoag

My roots are in the southeastern United States, primarily North Carolina and Florida but I have lived all over the world including Germany, England, Japan, and Okinawa while it was a US protectorate (Dad was in the US Air Force). I've been in the US full time since 1973 but continue to travel as often as possible. I retired from a county clerk's office now run a small bookkeeping business.

My genealogy journey started in the early 1980s before computers were a thing but I embraced technology as soon as it was available. I found WikiTree in 2015 and am now a co-leader in the Greeters, Quakers, and Profile Improvements projects and facilitate the weekly Saturday Sourcing Sprints and monthly Quakers and Sourcerers' Challenges. I love sourcing and formatting, though some of the early profiles I created are still a work in progress. Getting a profile well sourced and formatted encourages collaboration with other members. I've learned a lot and would be happy to answer questions.

Maryann Hurt

I'm from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, my time zone is AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time. I started researching my family history in January 2014 with a trial at another online genealogy site, quickly became disillusioned, looked for alternatives, found and joined WikiTree a few weeks later. I love the one collaborative tree for one big family concept and am happy to help other people finding their way towards joining their leaves and branches to our tree.

Bob Hvitfeldt

I’ve lived in the mountains of Western North Carolina for the last 19 years—my new world record! Previous homes have been in Germany, Zambia, Wisconsin, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. I began working on my Scandinavian ancestry, my father’s side, about 25 years ago. I used the Mac Reunion program to accumulate over 10,000 entries, but most were poorly sourced in my ignorance. As Coordinator of the Jewish Roots Project, and experienced in Categorization and Sourcing, I’d be pleased to help in any way I can.

Paula J.

I was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA in a little rural area called New Prospect on Lake Bowen. I live in Savannah, GA on Wilmington Island, which is Eastern Standard, or Daylight Time. Feel free to ask me for any type of help and contact me anytime. I have a very demanding full time job but usually answer within 8 hours. EST

Michelle Ladner

I started genealogy when I was 9 years old and I have never stopped. So, for forty years I have been researching branches and twigs. My family were the first setters of the Louisiana and Mississippi Coast in 1699. My specialties include French Louisiana, the Acadian settlers, South Mississippi, as well as West Florida. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, less than an hour from New Orleans. I enjoy helping new members find their way around WikiTree and am always happy to help with any questions. I am a school teacher, so evenings and weekends are the best times to contact me. However, I do not work with DNA on WikiTree.

Greg Lavoie

I was born and raised in southern New Hampshire, where I currently live. Most of my ancestors lived in French speaking areas, such as Quebec, Acadia, France, and Wallonia (the Francophone portion of Belgium). I'm happy to help guide members in how to effectively research in those areas and to teach others how to get started with WikiTree more generally. EDT

Robin Lee

I live in California in the midst of "Gold Country". I have worked with many of the pioneer gravestone projects and have access to records which are not yet digitized. I an co-leader of the Arborist project, so, I have some great clues on how to find matches and fit your family branch into the big tree. I am retired, so I do have time to help with new members. I have had a lot of experience with new members. Seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was a new member. So, if you are confused or just need some coaching. Let me know. PST

Susie MacLeod

I live in Hertfordshire, on the outskirts of London, England. I've been an avid amateur genealogist for a number of years and am now working towards a Masters in Genealogy, Palaeography and Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. Being on the doorstep of London, I am a regular reader at the British Library and the National Archives in Kew, along with a number of of local archives in Hertfordshire. On WikiTree I lead the England Project, am active in a number of others, as well as leading a Hendy One Name Study, and a One Place Study for Shenley, Hertfordshire, England. I love WikiTree, particularly the collaborative environment and pursuit of excellence. I also love helping people figure out where they fit in to the global tree. So if you're a bit lost, feel free to contact me. GMT.

Michael Maranda

New to mentoring but not new to wikis or genealogy. I lead the Italian Roots project and am helping launch a Slavic Roots project. I'm originally from NY, but now reside in Ann Arbor, MI.

Marlene Marx

Vicky Majewski

Hello everyone! I am originally from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I moved to Australia at the age of 25 and have spent the last 13 years living in and around Darwin. My time zone is UTC +930. My genealogical experience is mainly with US and Irish records, but I am happy to help with anything and everything - please don't hesitate to ask!

Ronel Olivier

Ek is gebore en getoë in sonnige Suid Afrika. My missie is om so veel moontlik Suid Afrikaanse profiele onder, die "South African Roots" projek, 'n plekkie in die son, hier op WikiTree te gee. Ek is slegs deel van WikiTree vanaf 2014 en omdat ek nog goed onthou presies hoe verlore ek in die begin gevoel het bied ek my hulp aan om ander te help en te bemagtig. Vra dus gerus - ek is tot jul diens :-) I was born and bred in sunny South Africa. My goals are to help build a global tree with as many South African profiles as possible. Giving each and every profile a place in the sun, to commemorate there joy and sorrows. If I can assist in any way please don't hesitate to ask.

Carole Partridge

I have roots in New England, so I know a lot about the Puritan Great Migration and Massachusetts in the 1600s. I’m also an arborist who has some recent GEDCOM importing experience. You can usually find me online between 5 and 10 PM Mountain Time. MT

Austin Pérez

Sarah Rojas

Hello! I've been doing genealogy since high school (I'm currently in my late 20s) because of my grandmother and her interest in it. I love genealogy because of the problems I get to solve and the people and stories I find! As well as being a Mentor I am also the leader of the Arborist project, so I am very well versed in the topic of merges, but I can pretty much work my way through the whole site so let me know if I can help in any way. I'm in the Eastern Time zone (I live in Florida) and I always have access to my email, even during my day job! :)

David Selman

Texas born and raised! And, yes, I wear cowboy boots. Located in the CDT / CST time zone. Have been seriously interested in our family’s genealogy for the last ten years. Our parents never shared the story about their ancestors, and, as most, I never thought to ask them until it was too late. I found WikiTree and have not stopped since. Thanks to the help index and other Wiki Leaders, Mentors and Volunteers, I was able to find my way around.

I am a Mentor, Greeter, Project Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Pre-1700 and Pre-1500 certified, and involved in several projects.

I'm honored to be a Mentor. It seems only a short time ago I was a new member. Feel free to ask me for any type of help and contact me anytime. I try to get back to your request for help as soon as possible. Thank you, David

Mindy Silva

I was born and raised on the West Coast, but have lived in Kentucky (EST) since 2014. I started on my own genealogy as a teen, not finding much. Now, with so much online, I've made great headway. I work with New England and Revolutionary records the most, though I'm comfortable with many others. My current projects on WikiTree are PGM, US History, 1776, Data Doctors and a One Place Study (Tiverton, RI). Outside of WikiTree I take photographs for FindAGrave, and help prospective DAR members find records.

I'm honored to be a Mentor, and looking forward to helping others keep WikiTree wonderful.

Ellen Smith

I got engaged with genealogy as a side effect of taking a 23andMe DNA test in about 2011. I'm now reasonably well-versed in the basics of DNA genealogy. Most of what I know about traditional genealogical research I've learned as a result of my involvement with WikiTree since joining in 2014. I'm in the United States in the Eastern time zone and most of my genealogical experience is in that same time zone, where my ancestors have lived since the 1700s or earlier (New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, particularly the Puritan Great Migration, New Netherland Settlers, and Palatine Migration projects). I have been working and experimenting with the Gedcompare 2.0 process introduced in September 2017, so I am fairly knowledgable about it. I respond to many questions in the G2G forum, which is a great resource for quick answers to many of the questions that newcomers have. If you contact me, please include "Wikitree" and "Mentoring Request" in the subject line so I'll recognize the purpose of your message. My hours of online availability are a bit unpredictable, so I may or may not respond quickly to your message.

Jillaine Smith

Researching my family since 1998. Professionally helped others 2009-2016. Specialties include colonial New England, old German script, merging, source citations, evidence analysis, profile cleanup, myth-busting.

Juha Soini

I'm from Finland and communicate fluently in Finnish and Swedish as well as English.

Doug Straiton

Hi. I am Scottish and living in Singapore (UTC +8) at the moment. I have a keen interest in military history and the period c. 1000 AD to Napoleon particularly. My regional focus is on Scotland and its interests and the HEIC and South East Asia. Scottish Army until the Union and then early British Army units and involvement. I known my way around coat of arms. Like most Scottish families my family tree interests touch most Scottish families at some point. If your interests lie in these areas or you have any questions drop me a note. I know my way around most early years Euroaristo. I'll do what I can to help or lead you in the right direction.

Wendy Sullivan

I was born and raised in East Anglia (Suffolk) but now live in London. When I first found Wikitree and joined, it scared me to death and it took 6 months before I sneaked back in the door. A lovely mentor showed me how to inline when i asked if I was doing things correctly. Between the greeter and mentor I felt so welcome. I am a member of a number of projects here and try to give a little to each every week. I have just become a Leader which is such an honor. I am always happy to try and help and if I can't I try and find someone who can. So glad I can now give something back to say thank you for all i have been given. Time Zone GMT

Adrienne Tomkins

I was born in Louisiana, grew up in Virginia, spent some time in North Carolina, and now I live in California where I’m a stay at home mom to three beautiful (but exhausting) kids. I’ve been casually researching my family history for about 15 years, but I’ve been a professional since 2014. My focus is on Scottish and British Isles migrations, particularly during the American colonial period. I specialize in colonial records in Virginia and Maryland, as well as the post-Revolutionary war migration from Virginia to Kentucky. As a professional, I assist clients in acquiring and compiling their documentation in order to join lineage societies.

I’m currently working towards my credential with the Board for Certification of Genealogists, and I hope to complete my portfolio by early next year. I’ve been a WikiTreer since June 2014, during which time I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects. Most recently, I’ve started the MacFarlane One-Name study, which I hope to expand far enough that it will be useful in my work as official Genealogist for the International Clan MacFarlane Society. In addition to that role, I also hold leadership positions (including official genealogist) for two other clans: MacGregor and Ferguson. I’m heavily involved with volunteer work, including stuff for my kids (Girl Scouts, PTA, etc) and local historical and genealogical societies.

Aleš Trtnik - Team member - Slovenian only

Sem iz Ljubljane, Ukvarjam se z računalništvom in sem član razvojne ekipe WikiTree-ja. Tako da lahko pomagam glede česarkoli na WikiTree-ju.

Amy Utting

I live in Auckland, New Zealand, though I have ancestry predominantly from the British Isles and the rest of Europe. I have been interested in genealogy for several years now, though I only began to consider myself an amateur genealogist once I started to find my feet and figure out where I stood within the spindling branches of our tree. When I first joined WikiTree, I was hardly active—I felt daunted by the experience and knowledge of those around me and within the community. After beginning to reach out to the community, I've started to truly find a home within WikiTree and I do believe that the community of WT is the greatest out of the genealogy websites currently available.

I am a member of a number of projects, and I try to be as active as I can be while juggling school work and my collection of books. I like to think that I'm a helpful and approachable person, and I'm always happy to try and help wherever I can—and if I can't, I try to find someone who can. I've grown a lot since I joined this marvellous community, and much of that is thanks to the brilliant members of it, so I'm thrilled that I'm now able to give back to say thank you for the patience and support I've been given. Living where I do, I'm in GMT+12 (except Daylight Saving), but I'm almost always available.

Cindy Williams Lesure

I joined WikiTree on New Years Eve 2014 and have been addicted ever since. I have always loved mysteries and I can get my mystery fix just by searching for sources! My husband says I hang out with dead people, but I see each profile as a vibrant person just wanting their story told! I am in Florida, so I am in the Eastern time zone.

Since I am a Greeter and Messenger, I am all about helping new WikiTreers in finding all the incredible tools that are available to make our genealogy lives easier. I am a Data Doctor and have some insight and experience with cleaning up confusing profiles. Mostly, I just want to make sure that others can feel the same comfort of our community that I have come to feel and to enhance the genealogy work with collaboration by assisting and ensuring others become part of the community.

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