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Mentors are experienced Wiki Genealogists who are happy to help others resolve their WikiTree problems.

To contact a mentor, click on their name, then send them a private message from their profile page.



The following people are currently active Mentors:

SJ Baty

Sourcing Duplicates/Merging Styles & Standards
I started out in genealogy about 22 years ago with a desire to know where my ancestors came from. I knew very little, didn't expect much at the time, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to discover. My family and I have been living in Spain for 3 years now so I'll be especially able to help anyone in one of the European time zones. I studied history at university and I feel that I can help out with sourcing, writing biographies, and merging/consolidating data. At Wikitree I'm active in many projects and serve as coordinator for a few as well. I enjoy meeting and chatting with other genealogists on the G2G forum and I like to help out where I see that I can. I am always willing to answer questions and I look forward to helping.

Karen Butler

Duplicates/Merging GEDCompare New Members Sourcing Styles & Standards
I was born and raised in Birmingham, England. I now live on the Isle of Wight. I am a caretaker for my disabled husband. My ancestry is English/Irish. I started working with genealogy 13 years ago. My mild curiosity quickly became an addiction. My main role is as a Greeter, which is very rewarding knowing that I am helping people. My weak point is DNA. I am a member of England project, Irish Roots and Volunteer Coordinators. I am able to deal with all types of people, pleasant or unpleasant. I can relate very well with people who suffer depression.

My one rule in life is: I never take offence at anything, and I like to use humour whenever possible.

Susanna de Bruyn - South African only.

This user can contribute with an advanced level of English.
Hierdie gebruiker se moedertaal is Afrikaans.

Hi everyone, I’m not a person of many words. I joined Wiki Tree in Febr 2014. My interest in genealogy started with my own family history and soon developed into nonstop research. I can’t help to remind myself of my struggle when I started here. For this reason I offer help to any WikiTreer in need. These are my mottos: “Education is the key to success” and “Persistence pays off”

Hi almal, ek is nie ‘n mens met baie woorde nie. Ek het by Wiki Tree aangesluit in Februarie 2014. My doel was om my eie familie geskiedenis deeglik neer te pen. Spoedig het die stokpertjie verander in ‘n volskaalse navorsings projek. Daaglik word ek herrinder aan my gesukkel toe ek begin het. My doel is om “WikiTreer” te help. My leuses: “Onderrig is die sleutel tot sukses” en “Aanhouers wen”

Amy Gilpin

New Members

I was born and raised in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. My ancestors were mainly from Scotland, as well as Ireland and northern England. I am involved with a number of projects on WikiTree, including the Ireland Project, Categorization, Scotland, and Canada Projects, One Name Studies, and One Place Studies. I am a new Leader on WikiTree and I would like to give back to the community that has already given me so much! I look forward to helping other new members begin their WikiTree journey. I work from home most of the time, so I am available a wide range of hours. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Lizzie Griffiths

New Members Sources Collaboration Styles & Standards Pre-1700

I was born in London but I’ve lived, since I was 3 years old, in the Northwest of England. I would describe myself as a fairly competent amateur genealogist who found Wikitree and fell in love with a community that collaborates and supports each other. I work in England and Wales Projects mainly, and also within Global Distasters on The Titanic Project. I like to help anyone, I keep an eye out on G2G when people ask for help, and I’m always happy to help anyone who needs a bit of advice (we all do now and again), trust me no query for help is ever too big or to small.

Paula J.

Collaboration Pre-1500

I was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA in a little rural area called New Prospect on Lake Bowen. I live in Savannah, GA on Wilmington Island, which is Eastern Standard, or Daylight Time. Feel free to ask me for any type of help and contact me anytime. I have a very demanding full time job but usually answer within 8 hours. EST

Robin Lee

Collaboration Sourcing DAR New Members

I live in California in the midst of "Gold Country" on PST. I have worked with many of the pioneer gravestone projects and have access to records which are not yet digitized. I am the leader of the US Presidents Project and love to help people validate their connections to US Presidents . I am also a member of Daughters of the American Revolution and can help with Patriot Ancestors. I am retired, so I do have time to help with new members. I have had a lot of experience with new members. Seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was a new member. So, if you are confused or just need some coaching. Let me know.

Lisa Linn

New Members

I was born and raised in San Diego, and lived in Los Angeles for several years. I now live north of San Diego with my husband of 27 years. I did various jobs after I graduated college including selling furniture and being an insurance agent. Then I lost my job, and had to move home. At 30 years old that was difficult, but was something that had to be done. I took another job in the insurance industry, but I was miserable, so I decided I'd better find out what I really wanted to do with my life. I went through some testing and researched and researched and finally, my list was down to one thing, teaching. So, off to graduate school I went. I taught middle school history and English for over 20 years, which, I suppose, is how my love of history was kicked into gear. I think it was dormant from all the travel I'd done throughout my life. From the age or 8 I was an international traveler, and loved it. People always say I couldn't remember those travels, but I do! I got into genealogy in 2008 after my mother died, and have just slowly tumbled down the rabbit hole deeper and deeper ever since. I'm a member of the New Netherlands Settlers Project, and part of the Southern Pioneers Project.

Emma MacBeath

New members duplicates/Merging Suggestions/Data Doctoring DNA Adoption
This user is a native speaker of English.
Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.

I am a west coast, USA girl, born and bred, so if I call you dude (even if you’re not a dude), I apologize in advance.

I am a professional genetic genealogist and published author. The majority of the work I do is finding birth parents for adoptees and other cases of unknown parentage. My favorite feature of WikiTree is the fact it is a one world tree where we all share ancestors and can collaborate on them.

I have been researching my own family for 35 years, but my favorite thing to do is connect people and families. Digging deep into research from over 200 years ago is not my favorite thing, so breaking down old brick walls is not where I can be of use to you. But I love looking at tangled families (when there are look alike people) and untangling them or connecting people to existing family lines. I can help you understand how to use DNA as supporting evidence in your research.

As a greeter, and because I’m involved in so many projects, I have a great deal of knowledge on how to navigate WikiTree and its features.

I am a co-leader of the Adoption Angels project. If you need help setting up your profile as an adoptee or creating a profile for a family member who was adopted, I can help you understand the ins and outs of honoring both birth and adopted family as well as working with privacy issues.

Vicky Majewski

New Members Duplicates Merging GEDCompare GEDcoms

Hello everyone! I am originally from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I moved to Australia at the age of 25 and have spent the last 13 years living in and around Darwin. My time zone is UTC +930. My genealogical experience is mainly with US and Irish records, but I am happy to help with anything and everything - please don't hesitate to ask!

Sondra Marshall

New Members Sourcing

I was born and raised in the Cornhusker State (Nebraska). I have been a genealogist for about 20 years, I work both on my own family tree and enjoy helping others with theirs. My areas of interest/expertise relate to Nebraska History, the early years of the Vietnam War, the American Indian Wars on the High Plains, Civilian U.S. Army Scouts and Frontier Justice. I’m a member of several projects at Wikitree including the Westward Ho, Global Cemeteries (Nebraska Cemeteries), US History (Nebraska) and Military and War (Vietnam War Subproject and US Civil War) Projects.

I have been a Legal Assistant for the last 18 years and the last 8 years have been spent supporting attorneys in the following areas: Estate Planning/Probate, Real Estate, Contracts and Business Entities. My Bachelors degree is in Justice Studies, but I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Public History. The best time to contact me is any day of the week after 5:00 p.m. CST/CDT. I make it my goal to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Doug McCallum

New member help Sourcing DNA Styles & Standards Duplicates/Merging

I’m a retired software engineer and have been working on genealogy for nearly 40 years. I started after asking an aunt about the family history and have been hooked on doing genealogical research ever since. About 10 years ago, i decided to stop doing genealogy and become a genealogist.

I have lived in Colorado for more than 35 years, went to school in Texas but grew up in Massachusetts. New England and Canadian Maritimes are where I have the most experience. I’m currently a Project Coordinator for the Categorization Project and a Team Leader for the Canada Managed Profiles Team.

Greta Moody

New Member Help Collaboration

I have been interested and researching genealogy since my teens in the 1990's. I love genealogy, DNA, going to cemeteries to see where ancestors are buried, and ancient ancestry. I also enjoy finding cousins and ancestors especially on WikiTree and through DNA. I was once a new member and I feel like I have made a lot of progress from when I first joined WikiTree. I love WikiTree! I live in the state of Tennessee in the United States and my time zone is Eastern Standard Time. I'm a Team Leader of the Tennessee Cemeteries Team which is a team of the Global Cemeteries Project. I run the Hodge/Hodges One Name Study. I'm a Greeter, Ranger, and Mentor. I can help new members and I'm available for collaborating. If you contact me, please include "Mentoring Request" in the subject line so I'll recognize your message. My hours of online availability are Mondays through Fridays, so I may or may not respond quickly to your message. If you message me on Saturday or Sunday, I won't reply until Monday.

Ronel Olivier (South Africa / Afrikaans Only)

Hierdie gebruiker se moedertaal is Afrikaans.
This user can contribute with an intermediate level of English.
Deze gebruiker heeft basis kennis van de Nederlandse taal.

Ek is gebore en getoë in sonnige Suid Afrika. My missie is om so veel moontlik Suid Afrikaanse profiele onder, die "South African Roots" projek, 'n plekkie in die son te gee. Ek is deel van WikiTree vanaf 2014 en omdat ek nog goed onthou presies hoe verlore ek in die begin gevoel het, bied ek my hulp aan om ander te help en te bemagtig. Vra dus gerus - ek is tot jul diens :-)

Ronel is beskikbaar om alle lede van Suid-Afrika te help asook diegene wat meer gemaklik voel in ons moedertaal, Afrikaans.

I was born and bred in sunny South Africa. My goals are to help build a global tree with as many South African profiles as possible. Giving each and every profile a place in the sun, to commemorate there joy and sorrows. If I can assist in any way please don't hesitate to ask.

Ronel is available to help all members from South Africa and also those who feel more comfortable speaking Afrikaans.

Austin Pérez (Spanish Only)

Este usuario tiene el español como lengua materna.
This user can contribute with an intermediate level of English.

Linda Peterson

New Members Sourcing Duplicates/Merging Styles & Standards Suggestions/Data Doctoring
I am from Northeast United States, Connecticut specifically. I got interested in researching my genealogy about 30 years ago. We had a family reunion with my father’s family and my uncle put up a big family tree chart, which got me ‘hooked’. I got whatever information he had for my father’s family. My brother-in-law had some of my husband’s family information. My son-in-law and daughter-in-law each had some information, so I am trying to work on all of the ‘parts’ of our family tree at times. I have used Brother’s Keeper to store my genealogy information on my computer. It is a shareware software and has lots of reports to be used. I have uploaded some family tree to ancestry, but I don’t keep an active subscription with them. I like wiki tree since it is free and everyone is helping to grow each other’s trees. I am slowly adding my own family profiles, deciding to not upload a gedcom, so I can be sure of fewer duplicate and better sourcing than I previously did. I have learned a lot on wiki tree by going through different errors on Data Doctor, working mainly on Connecticut and Massachusetts errors, which is where the majority of my relatives are from. I have helped others along the way, trying to understand some of the errors and how to fix them.

I enjoy helping others that have duplicated families, which have duplicated profiles between the families. I am also an 'Arborist' on WikiTree.

I am willing to help anyone. We can all learn by helping each other!!

Isabelle Rassinot (French only)

Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
This user can contribute with an advanced level of English.

Le français est ma langue maternelle (je suis française et vis en banlieue parisienne), contacte-moi si vous avez des questions et que vous êtes plus à l'aise pour discuter en français.

New to mentoring and here to provide help for French-speaking members who struggle with English.

David Selman

New Members Sourcing Duplicates/Merging Styles & Standards Collaboration Pre-1700 Pre-1500 Suggestions/Data Doctoring
Texas born and raised! Located in the CDT / CST time zone. Have been seriously interested in our family’s genealogy for the last 25 years. Our parents never shared the story about their ancestors, and, as most, I never thought to ask them until it was too late. I found WikiTree and have not stopped since. Thanks to the help index and other Wiki Leaders, Mentors and Volunteers, I was able to find my way around. I am a WikiTree Project Leader, Co-Leader of the Mentors/Mediators and G2G Integrators Projects, Greeter, Ranger, G2G Moderator, Pre-1700 Greeter, Project Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Pre-1700 and Pre-1500 certified, and involved in several projects. I'm honored to be a Mentor. It seems only a short time ago I was a new member. Feel free to ask me for any type of help and contact me anytime. I try to get back to your request for help as soon as possible. Thank you, David

Mindy Silva

New Members Sourcing Duplicates/Merging Collaboration DNA GEDCompare GEDcoms Pre-1500 Styles & Standards Pre-1700 Multilingual
This user is a native speaker of English.
Este usuário/utilizador pode contribuir com um nível avançado de português.
Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel intermedio de español.

I was born and raised on the West Coast, but have lived in Kentucky (EST) since 2014. I started on my own genealogy as a teen, not finding much. Now, with so much online, I've made great headway. My training is in New England and Revolutionary records the most though I'm comfortable and experienced with many others. I'm experienced in locating Portuguese records and translations as well as basic DNA help. My current projects on WikiTree are PGM, US History, 1776, Data Doctors and a One-Place Study (Tiverton, RI). I Lead the Portugal Project and several others. Outside of WikiTree I take photographs for FindAGrave and help prospective DAR members find records.

I'm honored to be a Mentor and looking forward to helping others keep WikiTree wonderful.

Ellen Smith

Collaboration GEDCompare DNA
I got engaged with genealogy as a side effect of taking a 23andMe DNA test in about 2011. I'm now reasonably well-versed in the basics of DNA genealogy. Most of what I know about traditional genealogical research I've learned as a result of my involvement with WikiTree since joining in 2014. I'm in the United States in the Eastern time zone and most of my genealogical experience is in that same time zone, where my ancestors have lived since the 1700s or earlier (New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, particularly the Puritan Great Migration, New Netherland Settlers, and Palatine Migration projects). I have been working and experimenting with the Gedcompare 2.0 process since it was introduced in September 2017, so I am fairly knowledgable about it. I respond to many questions in the G2G forum, which is a great resource for quick answers to many of the questions that newcomers have. If you contact me, please include "Wikitree" and "Mentoring Request" in the subject line so I'll recognize the purpose of your message. My hours of online availability are a bit unpredictable, so I may or may not respond quickly to your message.

Juha Soini (Finnish & Swedish members only)

New Members Collaboration Pre-1500 Styles & Standards
This user is a native speaker of English.
Tämä käyttäjä puhuu suomea äidinkielenään.
Den här användaren talar svenska som modersmål.

I'm from Finland and communicate fluently in Finnish and Swedish as well as English.

T. Stanton

New Members Sourcing Duplicates/Merging
My interest in genealogy started in my teens and then took a hiatus for a few decades. After those decades the discovery in family records of an 1885 manuscript on my paternal grandmother’s Bond family with the earliest parts turning out to be from 1750 and earlier rekindled my interest. Having retired from a job that had me traveling much of the globe for many years it fascinates me to now trace the origins of so many ancestors. Having lived, worked or temporarily stayed sometimes within the same villages or towns where some ancestors lived how I wish I had known of them when I was traveling. Sounds like a great excuse for more travel (after my second retirement, of course).

Traci Thiessen

Sourcing Pre-1500 Pre-1700 Styles & StandardsSuggestions/Data Doctoring

I'm a Chicago native but have lived near Asheville, North Carolina (EST), for about 15 years. In 2005, genealogy became my full-time "job" and I created a family tree on with 6,000+ family members. I discovered WikiTree in 2013 and used it as a research tool for a few years before I decided to work on WikiTree exclusively. Now I'm a daily contributor and I love it! I regularly work with Biography Builders, Sourcerers, Data Doctors, Connectors, and Arborists. I'm co-manager of the Perkins Name Study and I'm involved with several projects, currently focusing my efforts on the Magna Carta Project as coordinator of their 5-Star Profile team, but I also love doing work with the England Project and Puritan Great Migration Project.

I have a background in law which might explain why I enjoy doing research and am a stickler for the proper use of sources. I'm happy to help WikiTreers find/add sources to their profiles, write biographies, complete merges, fix errors ... etc.

Natalie Trott

New Members Sourcing Styles & Standards Categorization Collaboration Copyright Categories pre-1700 Cemeteries Suggestions/Data Doctoring
I grew up in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio (we moved some), then spent seven years in the United States Navy. I'm married to a retired USAF officer (yes, more moving.) We live in Central Massachusetts, with our youngest child, who's in college, and our kitty, Zelda. I'm pleased to say that we've stayed put here for 19 years. My ancestry is "American Mutt," with lines stemming from France, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Canada. I've been researching the family lines since 2011, and a member of WikiTree since March 2016. I co-lead the Categorization Project, do pre-1700 Greeting, participate in the Durbin Name Study and Global Cemeteries, and still get in some data doctoring and sourcing now and then. I like to help other WikiTreers and look forward to helping mentor those who need it. I am in the eastern US Time Zone. Feel free to contact me and please mention "Mentoring" in the subject line so I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :-)

David Urquhart

New Members Sourcing DNA GEDCOMs Styles & Standards Multilingual
This user is a native speaker of English.
Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.
Hic usor simplici latinitate contribuere potest.

I was born and raised on Sugar Cane farm in North Queensland, Australia. I first started researching my Genealogy forty years ago before computers and certificate by certificate was the way to go. Twenty years ago I bought my first computer and entered every bit of information into Family Tree Maker. This then led me to Ancestry. Big mistake. I eventually found Wikitree in 2013 and uploaded a small gedcom. Around this time my father became ill and eventually passed away in 2016. During the time he was ill, I concentrated on Urquhart family research and spent many days researching the whole Urquhart family and showing my father. I have also started an Access database of my research. My paternal side is all Scotland and my maternal side is all England so I have joined the appropriate areas to help where I can. I have also joined the Australia Project to help there as I have thousands of relatives in New South Wales as well. I enjoy wikitree a lot and have worked my way around quite a bit of it over the past year, so I am always happy to help and answer questions about anything that I know. Seeing a well sourced profile full of interesting information is always a pleasure to see not to mention the little skeletons that spring out.

Amy Utting

New Members Sources
I live in Auckland, New Zealand, though I have ancestry predominantly from the British Isles and the rest of Europe. I have been interested in genealogy for several years now, though I only began to consider myself an amateur genealogist once I started to find my feet and figure out where I stood within the spindling branches of our tree. When I first joined WikiTree, I was hardly active—I felt daunted by the experience and knowledge of those around me and within the community. After beginning to reach out to the community, I've started to truly find a home within WikiTree and I do believe that the community of WT is the greatest out of the genealogy websites currently available.

I am a member of a number of projects, and I try to be as active as I can be while juggling school work and my collection of books. I like to think that I'm a helpful and approachable person, and I'm always happy to try and help wherever I can—and if I can't, I try to find someone who can. I've grown a lot since I joined this marvellous community, and much of that is thanks to the brilliant members of it, so I'm thrilled that I'm now able to give back to say thank you for the patience and support I've been given. Living where I do, I'm in GMT+12 (except Daylight Saving), but I'm almost always available.

Joan Whitaker

New Members Sourcing Styles & Standards Duplicates/Merging Pre-1700

I have lived in Yorkshire, England all my life. I have been researching my family for over 30 years, spending many hours trawling through information in record offices in the early days. My family never left England, so that is where all my research is located. I joined WikiTree in February 2017, and have become totally addicted to it. I love sharing my research and helping with others with theirs. I work mainly in the England Project and the Disasters Project. Many of my ancestors were coal miners and I have developed an interest in coal mining disasters, especially those that occurred where my family were. Its a privilege to be a WikiTree mentor and I hope I can help.

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