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Here's how to add people to WikiTree.

Adding Family Members

To add a family member, click to add a child, spouse, sibling, or parent from an existing family member's profile or edit page.

For example, to add your uncle, go to your parent's profile (links to all your family members' profiles are on your Watchlist) and click the "add sibling" link.

This ensures that family members are linked in the family tree. Here's more on Person Profiles and Adding Family.

Adding Anyone Else

To add a close friend who is unrelated to you, a family member when you're uncertain of the relationship, a person from history, or anyone else click here.

People created in this manner won't be linked in any family tree but they will be in your Watchlist and can be connected through a family relationship later.

Adding Anything Else

You can create a "Free-Space Profile" for a pet, place, event, family heirloom, or anything other than a person. Click here to create one.

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