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WikiTree is entirely free and will always remain so. This means we need to keep costs low. Here are a couple examples of how we do so.

Customer Service

We don't offer one-on-one "customer service" by phone or e-mail from WikiTree Team.

Instead, questions that aren't already in our Help Index are asked and answered in our "G2G" Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Community Forum.

GEDCOM Processing

We can only handle GEDCOMs of 5,000 people or less.

Number of Generations in Trees and Descendant Lists

Most family tree views only include five to seven generations. As you go back, the size of every generation doubles. This means the processing required doubles.

Descendant lists are even more processor-intensive. When you go up a tree, the size doubles with each generation. When you go down, the numbers can be exponential. A person can have a dozen children, each of whom can have a dozen children, etc., etc. Some descendant lists need to load thousands of people.

We wish we could include more generations — it's technically simple — but it puts a huge burden on our servers.

This isn't like on a desktop program where if a report takes a few minutes to process you just need to be patient. If something is taking minutes here, every other WikiTree user may be slowed down.

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